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September Brings the Autumn Dawn... as someone once mumbled. And yes, it’s here already; the nights are drawing in, transfer deadline day has passed and we are preparing to hibernate for the next six months. Before we do though we are getting ready for our second show of the year as we welcome chamber doom behemoths Mohammad, Sophie Cooper and our very own Dundas to Bradford Fuse Art Space tomorrow. Tickets still available here. ‘Fun’ starts at 8pm. Be there or be Ian.

New Brands:

New round things for a brand new month...

  • Littlebow have made the best album of this or any other week with this woody folk opus.
  • Angel Olsen drops the big one that will make more people than just Robin like her.
  • Indie veterans Wedding Present sound as young as their hair on what is possibly their final outing.
  • The Hecks remind us how good it was when Women were around.
  • Eyebrow permanently arched orch pop masters the Divine Comedy unleash a new opus.
  • Best named band of the week? Goblin Cock.
  • Nathan Bowles. No relation to the late Peter Bowles. Actually no, he’s still alive.
  • King Creosote plays nice songs inspired by kilts, haggis and electrified sporrans.
  • Ornate and bewitching post-rock ambience from Eluvium. Please get excited.
  • Candy floss haired Twitter person Tim Burgess hooks up with New York veteran Peter Gordon.
  • Beach Baby play tough indie pop inspired by actual good bands.
  • Chook Race are the latest ones to do Flying Nun/Antipodean lo-fi jangle pop. Chook means chicken in Australian, mansplains Ian.
  • Check out this lovely Solo Acoustic series on Vin Du Select Qualitite. Delicious folk guitar extravaganzas.
  • De La Soul is in at last just one week after we said it would be in.
  • Beautumn make beautiful ambience surrounded by someone tinkering with an old Ford Capri.
  • “An annoying man who likes to whisper”. Robin on Warhaus.
  • Explosions In The Sky with David Wingo have created some really shimmering atmospheres.
  • Cool Ghouls are garage rockers who go all over the place.
  • James Blake’s new one is out on vinyl. Sadly there’s no limited edition with fewer songs.
  • Popular rap rock dude Jamie T is back.
  • ‘80s and ‘90s and strange and wonderful avant pop curated on Midnite Spares.
  • ‘90s noisy people Urusei Yatsura get a compilation of stuff out.

Not getting their own bullet points this week are electrified experimentalist Tobacco, ill-named scrat punkers Sex Stains, useless ‘90s lot Dodgy, clever clogs folksters Me and My Friends, and my dad’s favourites Family of the Year.


Oh when will those glory days return?

  • Celer get their hauntingly titled I Love You So Much I Can’t Even Title This. Re-issued on vinyl. Still can’t title it.
  • The Chills ‘Kaleidoscope World’ is one of those must buys. Contains all their early and best bits.
  • Loads of Pearl Jam stuff including 7” re-issues.
  • Now back on his native saturn Sun Ra is still getting his records re-issued.
  • There are so many Cure vinyl re-issues we had to put them in a promo.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

Electronica for the school run. 2016/17 style.

  • After a 5 year wait the Zwischenwelt LP eventually comes out on vinyl on Clone Aqualung Series aka Gerald Donald (Drexciya, Dopplereffekt, Arpanet, Der Zyklus), and Penelope Martin, Susana Correia and Beta Evers.
  • Not Waving’s raw machine music ‘Redacted’ tape gets vinylized on the man’s Ecstatic label.
  • My Disco’s compulsive, minimalist rock get remixes by both techno lord Regis and dark ambient master Lustmord on Downwards. Lush.
  • Budapest producer S Olbricht follows releases on Opal Tapes, Lobster Theremin etc. with a plate of woozy ambient techno on Lee Gamble’s UIQ imprint.
  • Twitter gob Zomby has a new album. Like you didn’t already know.
  • Longform, sculpted sonic drama from the ever reliable Dutchman Machinfabriek joined by Anne Bakker and Edita Karkoschka contributing vocals/violin.
  • Latest vinyl offering from 1080p comes from UMFANG with some banging squelchers.
  • Buckfast techno/house from Bryan Kessler on Glasgow’s Numbers.
  • Tasty pair on iDEAL Recordings from Schimpfluch fellow Joke Lanz aka Sudden Infant and microtonal drone action Christer Bothén. Both editions of 300 copies.
  • Nu smooth electro funk from Bibio.
  • Percussive UK techno from Randomer and Hodge on Livity Sound’s backwards label I can never spell. Dnous Ytivil… arghhh!
  • Mark Pritchard’s’ ‘Beautiful People’ feat. Thom Yorke fell off his album and landed on 12”.
  • Deep, dark and trippy Donato Dozzy and Marcus Henriksson remixes of Italian techno legend Leo Anibaldi.
  • Colorful electro fun DMX Krew ‘Min-Owner’ EP job on Shiprec.
  • Tape of mangled/ plundered Summery electro-funk from Phono Ghosts aka Neil Scrivin aka Meatbingo (Skam). Wax to follow...
  • Nick Klein drops some tech-noise on Alter.
  • Masters of repetition Nisennenmondai get the remix treatment from Throbbing Gristler Chris Carter.
  • Ancestral Voices 12” on Samurai Horo with darkside mixes from Samuel Kerridge and Pact Infernal.
  • Last handful of Levon Vincent ‘NS-14’ 12”s then tiz a goner
  • Alluring LP from King Midas Sound/ Black Chow lady Kiki Hitomi - a trippy hybrid of Japanese pop and reggae, produced by Jahtari boss Disrupt.
  • Aphex Twin and µ-Ziq’s 90’s collaboration as Mike & Rich gets a remastered reboot with bonus gubbins on Planet Mu.

That's it. A big temporary goodbye to Kim who is getting a foot lopped off (or something) and won’t be back for a few weeks. Now who will we get to empty the dishwasher? Ian. Ian will talk it empty.

Next week’s teaser: Twin Peaks.

Words by Clint and Ant with some Robin pilfering going on.

The Normanites this week were Phil, Kim, Laurie, Nathon, Jamie and the wisdom of Ian.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...



10/10 from Ant

To mark the 20th anniversary since its inception, Wolfgang Voigt's revered GAS output finally gets the super deluxe reissue treatment fans of the work have desperately longed on »

Pye Corner Audio


9/10 from Phil

Absolutely bleeding wondersauce is this record! We all know Pye Corner Audio has been making great synthy sounds for a while... and I really like pies too so that's a bonus! on »



9/10 from Clinton

Littlebow's previous album 'Pi Magpie' was an unusual concoction of flute led melodies that had a dislocated feel as if the band were just unable to settle on something on »

Angel Olsen

My Woman

9/10 from Robin

Yes. Angel Olsen. She’s good. I realise I have to say a thing or two of substance with regards to her music, but weaving a narrative about it is hard: it’s witty on »

The Hecks

The Hecks

9/10 from Robin

Top three fake-out swearwords: darn, goodness, heck. You’d think this band of Sonic Youth ripping naysayers would go straight to the source and say one of the big ones, on »

Mark Pritchard

Beautiful People feat. Thom Yorke

9/10 from Clinton

Hello. I'm the guy who doesn't like Thom Yorke yet I like this so hopefully that means that if you like Thom Yorke you will really really like this.  Or maybe you won't? on »



9/10 from Laurie

Prolific constructor and serial collaborator Machinefabriek has produced for you another opus in the form of Crumble, a 34 minute excursion into a fractured world of on »

Pigeon Laundry

Pigeon Laundry

8/10 from Jamie

It seems a ‘Pigeon Laundry’ is not Richard Branson’s latest enterprise, but an Aussie improv duo with their debut self-titled CD. Violinist Shenzo Gregorio on »


False Readings On

8/10 from Robin

Some of us are just trusty. Reliable, but little more; never change, but see you never. I feel that Matthew Cooper, many years into his career of ornate and bewitching on »



8/10 from Clinton

Usually I’m willing to fob the modern day music off on the young people here whilst I concentrate on elderly peoples sounds but I’ve nagged Laurie a bit too much on »

Phono Ghosts

Solar Dream Reel

8/10 from Laurie

With a name like ‘Solar Dream Reel’ and that enigmatic '80s new age cover, my guess is that this sounds like Boards of Canada covering a vaporwave EP. Phono on »

Christer Bothén

Ljudskulptur För 5

8/10 from Robin

Had to be me, apparently, did this review. Why? Because it’s drone with reeds, which is one thing half our office is tired of and another thing that half our office on »

Urusei Yatsura

You Are My Urusei Yatsura

8/10 from Robin

It’s that time of week we like to call Robin Wasn’t Born Yet. In actual fact, ‘We Are Urusei Yatsura’ was released when I was three and being on »

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