Weekly Update Glass Animals, Kornél Kovács, Brandon Vare, Cass McCombs, Levon Vincent, and more...

First up:

This week none of us have been Phil. So if you were expecting a Phil, he’s not here. Instead we’ve had a dog in the office for two days and a Clint here for a record-breaking five days. Time for a lie down, we think, but before we do that let’s have a look at everything that is new. Soundtracked by the rain tip tapping at the window pane.

New Brands:

So new we haven’t taken the tag off yet.

  • Gentle post-rock like 2005 never happened. Reacquaint yourselves with the glistening sounds of The Album Leaf.
  • Motion Graphics makes clever electronic pop that lollops.
  • Hoops make ace jangle pop to jump through sprinklers to.
  • Organ-wielding Quasi guy Sam Coomes asks us to ‘Bugger Me’.
  • Slushy Guts would never use the word “fidelity” in a game of scrabble.
  • It was a sunny day once. Morgan Delt knows.
  • Glass Animals teach us how to live through grand pop tribulations.
  • Cass McCombs continues to poke at folk music with a stick.
  • Band of psychedelic men The Parrots are the ‘70s.
  • LA Salami does lots under troubadour guise on new LP.
  • Puppy dog happy psych rock from NZ dreamers Ghost Wave.
  • Vinyl Williams make wandering dream pop like their label boss Toro Y Moi.
  • Brutalist bludgeoning hardcore from Lies.
  • In one of the worst ideas ever, Paul Banks (Interpol) has hooked up with RZA (Wu-Tang) for an album of the inexplicable as Banks and Steelz.
  • JUST IN! Day of the Dead limited charidee 12” starring Bonnie Prince Billy, Lee Ranaldo and the National folks.


Things from the past re-coagulated.... just like the all new ‘Are You Being Served’.

  • William Burroughs cut-up, Throbbing Gristle curated comp ‘Nothing Here But the Music’ gets a re-issue.
  • Prime BBC Radiophonic Workshop action on Elizabeth Parker’s ‘The Living Planet’ soundtrack.
  • Cheeky chappy cockneys Blur get their ‘Leisure’ reissued
  • Reissues of all them sweet-hearted Kyuss slow jams.
  • Really big and really serious synth lads Depeche Mode have loads of dead gloomy albums reissued on vinyl.
  • As I wasn’t here last week I’m just going to remind you of the Prophet Hens and that their ‘Popular People Do Popular People’ LP re-issue is the sort of thing you should be buying.
  • Dr Hooker are not Dr Hook. Let’s make that clear.
  • Fire. Let’s revisit Phil’s review of Mats Gustaffson’s jazzers... "not my f*cking tempo"
  • Last but not least re-listen to the time Pink Floyd drove each other up ‘The Wall’.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

He's just finished up his jigsaw puzzle of Anglesey techno.

7” Corner

Pick the best Smedley’s do.

That’s it from us. Remember that Monday is a Bank Holiday in the UK so we’ll be sleeping. See you Tuesday I suppose.

Words by Robin, Clint and Ant.

The Normanites this week were Kim, Laurie, Office Nathon, Jamie and Ian.

Dog of the week was Lulu.

Customer Compliment of the Week:

I simply won't deal with any other on-line supplier.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


Hoops EP

9/10 from Clinton

My week off taught me that it is possible to live while only listening to music you like. The first Monday back was therefore a shock to the system especially when the How To on »

Kate Carr

I Had Myself A Nuclear Spring

9/10 from Laurie

For this one, Kate Carr retreats to possibly the most depressing French town ever, where the river frequently floods, no shops or cafes exist, no one is there, and the on »

David Allred


8/10 from Jamie

The human voice: making music since forever. Long before recording technology came about, anyway. When it works, it really works. Am I right? When used in combination with on »

Morgan Delt

Phase Zero

8/10 from Robin

Hell hath no fury like a chilled out psych rock album. Or... hell just hath no fury. There’s no fury. As far as escapism goes, Morgan Delt makes ‘Phase Zero’ on »

Ghost Wave

Radio Norfolk

8/10 from Clinton

Despite naming their album after a very close wireless affiliate of Alan Partridges Radio Norwich, Ghost Wave hail actually from New Zealand and appear on that country’ on »

The Album Leaf

Between Waves

8/10 from Jamie

Jimmy LaValle has been working consistently on his solo ambient project since 1999, although ‘Between Waves’ is the first full-length record we’ve heard on »

Sam Grant / Joseph Curwen / Daniel Rejmer / Stanier Black-Five


8/10 from Jamie

Great news, for Rail Cables have released their 2016 collection! It follows a set of four compilations -- one for each season -- that gratified our ears last year here at NR, on »

Kemper Norton


8/10 from Jamie

When Clint handed me this CD to review, I immediately sensed he was affording me the chance to learn about my ancestral roots -- although I’ve only been to Cornwall on »

Shit & Shine


8/10 from Robin

The noncompliant jukebox that is Shit & Shine once again malfunctions on your attempt to put in 50p and a request for like, I don’t know, the Stones. Having made on »

Brandon Vare

Music for Film

8/10 from Robin

Talk to me about the imaginary soundtrack. There are a lot of musicians making them, so ratio me this: where are the directors making films for imaginary musics? This on »

Cara & Mike Gangloff with the Great American Drone Orchestra

Knock on Life's Door

8/10 from Robin

There’s a Great American Drone Orchestra? Cool. Can I join? Please take me with you. If ever this crew of psychedelic instrumentalists could make an opus, it may just on »

Saturn and the Sun

Focus On the Centre Of Your Skull

8/10 from Laurie

The second album from psych power-synth group Saturn and the Sun once again promises to invade your cranium, and that’s just the title of the LP. This is my head, my on »

Elizabeth Parker at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

The Living Planet

8/10 from Laurie

It’s now time to ask the all-important question: what music did the Radiophonic Workshop members not make? It seems we’re snowed in by the number of nostalgic on »



8/10 from Robin

In which Stephen O’Malley screams “we have to go deeper” and continues to dive into the metalception netherworld. Once again enlisting his buds in on »

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