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Weekly Update Rian Treanor, Oppenheimer MKII, Death Grips, Sunny Day Real Estate, Arab Strap, and more...

  • PRE-ORDER ALERT! Kandodo/McBain. Members of the Heads and Monster Magnet collide.

Well we did it. Or should I say Robin did it. The Ian William Craig show was a raging success, next up for our very own Harvey Goldsmith is Mohammad at the Fuse in Bradford on Friday September 2nd. Tickets here….

Elsewhere it’s been a reasonably busy week with lots of Thee Oh Sees albums shipping out and you may be excited by this Arab Strap compilation which is coming out in September. Without further messing though let’s take a look at the records we think you might like this week.

New Records

New records which by the looks of it are usually made by old people.

  • Australian nut jobs the Moles are back with a scratty new LP of odd-pop mayhem.
  • Those Thee Oh Sees have been winning all sorts of plaudits for their new one. We agree.
  • Madcap psych guys Of Montreal show no sign of normalizing.
  • Really really old lads the Monkees make a surprisingly good swan song.
  • The Hairs make sort of weird guitar lunacy.
  • Rattle are like the Slits without any guitars (or bass).
  • France have a line up of bass, drums and (wait for it) amplified, hurdy-gurdy.
  • Nice compilation of gentle evocations about British cold war nuclear retreats in The Quietened Bunker.
  • Blind Pilot make more sad songs for already sad fans of the likes of Andrew Bird, Sufan Stevens.
  • Anxiety make proper hard hardcore and we have filed them under A Record That Has Actually Had Robin Excited This Year.
  • Take the Plunge with Su Pollard.
  • The internet band who like to shout a lot Death Grips make music to wade through.
  • Still at it, J Dilla has just unleashed an album of tight simple beatery. How many albums did you make after you died?
  • CC Dust pretend they are from West Germany in 1982 and have discovered synths.
  • DW Robertson (aka Ergo Phizmiz) makes oddball music to play at macabre funfairs.
  • CD re-issues of Leeds lo-fi poppers City Yelps and that Polytechnic Youth singles compilation on Emotional Response.
  • Do please pick up this excellent compilation of all the out of print singles on the Box Bedroom Rebels label.
  • Just in is the new album from the Dead C. Not had chance to listen yet but i think you know what to do.

The Old News:

Old records made by old/dead people.

  • Oh go and play with a Star War.
  • Pelican’s ‘City of Echoes’ has been re-issued and you can be sure that it’s on beak quality vinyl.
  • We all love a bit of Steve Reich in the afternoon.
  • Guitar tangler Bert Jansch recorded a sweet album with his future wife Loren Auerbach.
  • Loads of Italian library music in again the highlight being the weird and psychedelic Green Birds.
  • Emo legends Sunny Day Real Estate get their grab bag classic ‘How It Feels to Be Something On’ revamped.
  • Instant Automatons are lo-fi post punk DIY group from the early ‘80s with their stuff collected.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup

Currently recovering from a family weekend away to see Casual Nun.

  • Black Dice pop up on L.I.E.S. for a 12” of genius/lunacy.
  • Vintage style modern psychedelic electronics Bear Bones, Lay Low EP on No ‘Label’ finally here. I can see the music. Whoa.
  • XL score a tidy EP of lush, haunting hip-hop infused electronix from Gorgeous Children beat-smith GILA.
  • Limited L.I.E.S. Black Label Series 12” of pro DJ tools from Faster Action aka the man Interstellar Funk from the land of clogs and windmills.
  • Kaiju returns to Mala’s Deep Medi Musik with a 2LP to blow up yer Dad’s bassbins.
  • Forest Swords dips his toes in the avant-garde with ‘Shrine (Original Dance Score)’ Limited copies on electric blue wax.
  • Proper bonkers LP like sonic open brain surgery on Nashazphone from Opera Mort person Èlg.
  • Precision tooled beat science from Rian Treanor.
  • Oppenheimer Analysis were amazing. Not so sure about Oppenheimer MKII.
  • Class breakbeat house action from J. Albert on 1080p.
  • Limited one-sided John T. Gast 12” on Apron utilizing Angus MacLise ‘Universal Solar Calendar’ vocal over techno beats.
  • Henry Caravan tape on Reckno aka WANDA GROUP!
  • Electronic tomb raiders Music From Memory exhume 1983 lost electro-synth-pop gem from The System.
  • LP of emotional synth pop dreamers from Shy Layers. Do people still say Chillwave?
  • Neu!, Wolfgang Flür, DAF, Wolfgang Riechmann all feature on this excellent Electri_city 2 compilation showcasing the Dusseldorf electronic scene from the 70s and 80s.

Tape Corner

Stick one in your car dash….

  • Soundtrack of a year in the life of some 1800s settlers from Mumbles.

Check out all our tapes here.

7”... News:

Guaranteed not to work in your in car stereo system.

  • Chicago jangle pop guys The Luck of Eden Hall make great hazy 60s melancholy.
  • Vincent Vocoder Voice sounds nothing like his name with some gloom rock a la Nick Cave, Gallon Drunk on Too Pure Singles Club.
  • Hefner ideas man Darren Hayman releases a lovely looking picture disc (and CD) of ‘Train Songs’.
  • Uncle Acid keep the flame burning for ‘70s heavy metal.

That’s it for us. As vinyl buyers are lonely, middle-aged introverts, according to new study, we’re off to snort some cocaine off the lap of a dwarf. As a result I’ll be off next week so you’ll be in the capable hands of Robin. Be nice, he’s emo.

Words by Clint with Ant and bits stolen from Robin.

The Normanites this week were all killer no filler: Phil, Kim, Nathon, Ian and back after getting lost in a hedgerow after chasing a chaffinch is Laurie.

Customer Compliment of the Week:

“Helpful on telephone….”

Don’t believe it? Then read our Feefo reviews.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Huerco S.

For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have)

9/10 from Clinton

Huerco S. has pretty much hit pay dirt on his second full-lengthh album and a string of well received 12" releases which showcased his talent for twisting house and techno mus...read on »



9/10 from Robin

Wheee! This is the hardcore you want: feeling and furious. Glasgow team Anxiety have made a garage-fucked s/t that will appeal, quite impressively, to both those who want a no...read on »

Overtone Ensemble

Overtone Ensemble

9/10 from Laurie

Exactly what it says on the tin. An ensemble that coaxes out the overtones from everyday or ‘non-musical’ objects. It’s all music really. Overtone (pretty mu...read on »


For Friends

9/10 from Clinton

Box Bedroom Rebels is one of the best labels to crank up in recent years unleashing a series of marvellously packaged 7"s in limited runs which before you know it you'll ...read on »

Elliott Smith

Figure 8

8/10 from Clinton

They tried to make him look younger on the sleeve by sticking him in a cardigan and airbrushing his face and that pretty sums up this record by the renowned songsmith. Where e...read on »

J. Albert

Strictly J

8/10 from Clinton

Enemy to our filing system J. Albert releases another four track romp through the back lanes of scruffy, home produced house music. The opening 'Pangs' delivers on busy tech h...read on »


Phantom Of Liberty

8/10 from Robin

Now here’s a proposition I can get on board with: krautrock that’s, like, intense? Camera borrow from the sonic patio laid down by old-school German rock bands so ...read on »

Thee Oh Sees

A Weird Exits

8/10 from Robin

“Two drummers!!!” is pretty much my favourite thing to say ever. Everyone’s impressed: not only one loud thing that neighbours complain about, but two. Two! ...read on »

Darren Hayman

Train Songs (Class 108 Diesel Multiple Unit)

8/10 from Clinton

Let's be honest. Trains are fucking hopeless. They stink, they are invariably late if they even bother to turn up at all and are usually full of very annoyed people due to tho...read on »

J Dilla

The King Of Beats II

8/10 from Clinton

The late beat maker has been churning records out in the last few years at a rate that should make people who are actually alive take a long hard look at themselves. This is p...read on »

A Grave With No Name

Wooden Mask

8/10 from Robin

Alexander Shields makes meek but massive music, a Mount Eerie lite in his approach to music that sounds like it shares the twin recording settings of a bedroom and a cavern. O...read on »


The Quietened Bunker

8/10 from Laurie

A Year in the Country continue to simultaneously dig up Britain’s physical and musical undergrounds with their latest compilation The Quietened Bunker, this time investi...read on »

Vincent Vocoder Voice

500,000 Hymnals

8/10 from Clinton

Once in a while Too Pure put in their thumb and pull out a plumb as has happened here with confusingly named outfit who have absolutely nothing ti do with vocoders and instead...read on »

Instant Automatons

Sincerely Making A Noise

8/10 from Clinton

For those folks whose primary music experience was listening to John Peel under the bed clothes in the early '80s the recent splurge of re-issues of lost bands from the post p...read on »


Do Den Haag Church

8/10 from Clinton

Well when I read that the line up of this band was bass, drums and an amplified hurdy-gurdy then I knew I just had to listen to them and I'm glad I did. There's just two trac...read on »

Rian Treanor

Pattern Damage

8/10 from Ant

Northern England's Rian Treanor returns to The Death of Rave for a second EP blurring the lines between computer music, sound art and the dancefloor. Each copy comes in a slee...read on »

Black Dice

Big Deal

8/10 from Ant

After an EP and LP for L.I.E.S. Eric Copeland now pops up on the label with the full Providence hailing / Brooklyn dwelling Black Dice squad in full effect for a couple of tra...read on »



8/10 from Laurie

XL continue on their streak of hyper-hi-fi modern electronic production with this one called Gila, this possibly being his debut. I’ve only got the lead track ‘Tuf...read on »

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