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Weekly Update Vaperror, Hieroglyphic Being, Steve Jansen, Shima33, Haley Bonar, and more...

Thursday Aug 4th 2016


Last (update) call! Ian William Craig on Monday in Bradford. Get yer tickets here. Selling swiftly.

Hints of autumn in the air and we start to see the first busy week of releases for a long while slowly preparing us for the onslaught that is to come when the nights get darker. To excite you for the future we suggest you look at our Top 50 Pre-orders list but for now let’s do a rundown of what is out this week.

New Records

Hot as a crumpet….cold as a mivvi.

  • VW Golf driving guitar slinger J Mascis and his Dinosaur Jr pals re-live the glory days.
  • Boys Forever match getting all upset about being dumped to stumbling C86 melodies.
  • Cult of Free Love go all eastern and mystical on our asses. From Rhyl.
  • Health&Beauty (their annoying spacing) are Ryley Walker’s backing band making weird Dirty Projectors-ish music when on their own.
  • Syd Barrett ish collective Octopus Syng make wild psych as if they were on Elefant 6.
  • Dirgey, lo-fi and slightly punked-up twee pop from Fir Cone Children.
  • Messy psych fuzz pop guys Soft Gang make their teacher Robin very proud.
  • Lowtide sound like Slowdive in both name and music.
  • Post rock metallers Russian Circles get Robin wittering about polar bears
  • Psych rock is so repetitive we couldn’t work out if RMFTM’s new one had been out before. It hadn’t but it is part of a trilogy. That explains.
  • Trust Punks are what you do when you realise the Preoccupations record favours synths.
  • Minnesota songstress Haley Bonar writes a really really good song and some other good ones too.
  • Post-rockers 65daysofstatic make supplementary music for No Man’s Sky.
  • Steve Jansen was in the group Japan and his new record borrows from big bro David Sylvian’s sense of mood.
  • Michael Chapman’s homages to his fellow guitar pickers are just heartwarming.
  • There’s a new Wild Beasts album we’d rather forget.
  • Baltimore post rockers Sonna have all their B sides collated. They like snow.
  • Hoary old blues done properly from Blues Pills.
  • Margaret Glaspy has a whiskey soaked croak and sings quirky songs on ‘Emotions and Math’. No idea where the ‘s’ went to.
  • I’ve rechristened Kid Canaveral the Twilight Happy. Does that describe them ok?
  • Blossoms are like a local radio programmers wet dream.
  • David West really really annoyed me the other day but then everything did.
  • If you are a fan of the 70s kraut thump of the likes of Neu and early Kraftwerk then Camera could well be the band for you.

The Old News:

Re-ironed, re-washed and re-sold.

  • Expensive but nice Beck reissues of ‘Odelay’ and ‘Mellow Gold’.
  • Nice but expensive Elliott Smith re-issues of ‘XO’ and ‘Figure 8’.
  • Couple of Damien Jurado re-issues.
  • Lo-fi shoegazers Star get their ‘classic’ ‘Devastator’ record re-burned on shoegaze hobby horse Saint Marie.
  • Taman Shud were Australians who liked surf and hard garage rock jams.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup

Bludgeoning beats amongst the winter cabbages…..

  • A cracking bunch of party tracks from NHK yx Koyxen aka Kouhei Matunaga on Diagonal - some proper bangers and grubby sluggish stompers.
  • Repress of Zomby’s ‘Where Were you in ‘92’ tribute to halcyon days of raving/ hardcore.
  • Flipside of the new Pearson Sound 12” sounds pretty tidy.
  • Smart tape of advanced electronix on Conditional from Tokyo-based artist Moxus.
  • Zillionth album of minimal/ ambient/ drone from the ever reliable Celer.
  • Ambient bliss-outs from Porya Hatami & Arovane on Time Release Sound. Digipak or ultra-lush handmade Art Edition of 75 copies.
  • Bright and colourful, tuneful electronica 12" EP from Rival Consoles.
  • Cavernous, darkside gear from Simon Shreeve (Kryptic Minds/Mønic) with his second plate for Downwards.
  • Quick get the hosepipe cuz Jamal Moss is on fire! Hieroglyphic Being - The Disco's Of Imhotep, world healing album on Technicolour.
  • unique cover art from Matthew Atkins.
  • Vatican Shadow flavoured techno from Lust For Youth’s Norin and Varg’s ‘Star Alliance’ tape box set gets trimmed down and vinylized. Both on Posh Isolation.
  • Mark Leckey’s ‘Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore’ is back in print - sockin’ it to the Discogs flipper dreaming of getting fifty big ones for it.
  • Luke Slater’s hugely under-rated The 7th Plain 90’s ambient techno productions on GPR have been remastered alongside some previously unreleased cuts for Osgut Ton’s new ambient sister label A-TON.
  • Pair of wax reissues on Bureau B from Berliner Schule man Rolf Trostel . Well German.
  • TheFreqDesign lathe-cut on Polytechnic Youth. A couple remaining at time of writing.
  • Ton of gear on Dream Catalogue from Shima33, DJ Alina, wosX, Yoshimi, LILLITH双生, Ruf Dug, Winter Sleep, Vaperror, COCAINEJESUS, チェスマスター.
  • Limited hand-stamped white label 12" on La Beaute Du Negatif. Featuring Donato Dozzy & Neel under the guise of C.C.C plus Cosimo Damiano / Commodity Place. Edition of 250 copies.
  • Some good old fashioned mind snapping Japanoise from K2 with .es on Sachiko’s Musik Atlach imprint.
  • DJ Stingray ‘Cognition’ 12” finally repressed.
  • Matthew Atkins limited edition of 15 handmade, hand-stamped and numbered CDRs each with unique cover art.

Tape Corner

Spool as a cucumber….

  • Brilliant tape from David Tanner and Alison Cotton which is a must buy if you love gorgeous melodic ambience with strings.
  • Jangling synths (is such as thing possible?) from Japanese artist Moxus.

Loads more too. Check out all our tapes here.

7”... News:

Like donuts, only thinner...and they play music….and you can’t eat them.

That’s yer lot. We’re off to writhe on the ring road. Come to our gig on Monday if you are local. You know we’d love to see you.

Words by Clint with Ant and bits stolen from Robin.

The Normanites this week were part human: Phil, Kim, Nathon, Jamie and Ian. Missing cat: Laurie. If seen, please return him to us.

Customer Compliment of the Week:

“The most human shop on the interweb”.

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...



9/10 from Robin

Maybe we’d be speculating more on mystery producer Rezzett if their music didn’t affect and stirr on such a visceral fucking level. I know visceral is a lazy ...read on »

Michael Chapman

Solo Acoustic Vol. 11 - Homages

9/10 from Clinton

Michael Chapman is by far and away my favourite guitarist. The picker from Otley has a remarkable rolling style and an insatiable quest for pushing forward that shows no sign ...read on »

Rival Consoles

Night Melody

9/10 from Clinton

We’ve all been there.... relationship break up, in the house on your own in the dark, nothing going on, phone never ringing, no emails. Rather than wallow in a pit of de...read on »

NHK yx Koyxen

Doom Steppy Reverb

9/10 from Ant

Kouhei Matsunaga returns to Diagonal with ‘Doom Steppy Reverb’ following up his ‘Hallucinogenic Doom Steppy Verbs’ 12” for the label, via a quick...read on »

Porya Hatami & Arovane


9/10 from Jamie

The piano. Born two centuries ago in Italy, it has been stroked and bashed by just about everyone since. It can sound beautiful, harsh or indifferent. It has been modified, cu...read on »

Moon B


8/10 from Robin

Sunglassed cartoon character Moon B returns with a record on his own gosh darn imprint here, packing up all the stuff he’d stored in the 1080p office back when ‘Li...read on »

Trust Punks

Double Bind

8/10 from Robin

We’ve only heard those first two tracks, but it’s sounding worryingly like Preoccupations might be failing to follow through on their one job -- to have the best g...read on »

Ruf Dug

Treatment 32

8/10 from Jamie

Dream Catalogue have teamed up with VIRTUALIFE to bring you -- FINALLY! -- Ruf Dug’s first full album for the imprint, and their latest spa treatment in cassette tape fo...read on »

Minor Science

WHYT 008

8/10 from Clinton

You should hear the bass on this bugger. A massive squelching sounds that sounds like a slug falling down the drain. It sits beneath some beats and off kilter synth squiggles ...read on »


(SEASON_0) Hazard Garden

8/10 from Jamie

In a listening experience akin to a more chaotic and deranged Oneohtrix Point Never, LILLITH双生 has brought the neon-glowing, fizzing and spitting digital ghosts out of the...read on »

Peter Michael Hamel

Colours of Time re-interpreted by Wolfgang Voigt & Deepchord

8/10 from Robin

Everyone thought it’d be a good idea for us to have a communal office listen to this, so this review will mostly be a rundown of the reasons that’s a bad idea. It&...read on »



8/10 from Jamie

Shimmering, spacey and subtle electronic music now that engages with you emotionally, from Shima33 on his latest cassette-tape-opus for the technicolour Catalogue of Dreams. M...read on »

Kid Canaveral

Faulty Inner Dialogue

8/10 from Clinton

First up the vinyl is an amazing shade of yellow. It’s like a lemon sorbet. Even though this music is produced with a pricey pop sheen I’ve just been listening t...read on »

Michael Tanner & Alison Cotton


8/10 from Jamie

Michael Tanner -- psaltery, dulcimer, etc. -- makes the drones which form the backdrop to something achingly sombre here, yet yearningly evocative. Pervading this early-mornin...read on »

Simon Shreeve

Lust Product EP

8/10 from Clinton

This is excellent and cavernous and is what I’d image they’d call ‘bass music’ with four tracks of speaker battering low end using gassy synths and thu...read on »

Soft Gang

Soft Gang

8/10 from Robin

For those who like their psych rock as the overture for a cartoon villain, Soft Gang have got you: “Beautiful Human” opens up their new record with some sharp, fas...read on »

Octopus Syng

Hollow Ghost / Rochelle Salt

8/10 from Clinton

Syd Barrett has a lot to answer for. Actually no he doesn’t as without his whimsical meanderings we wouldn’t see records like this coming out in 2016.  It gen...read on »



8/10 from Robin

In this particular incarnation of their usually ramshackle assembly, Health & Beauty served as Ryler Walker’s backing band on his lounging jazz folk opus ‘Prim...read on »

Featured albums

K2 with .es
Michael Tanner & Alison Cotton
Fir Cone Children
Pearson Sound
Simon Shreeve
NHK yx Koyxen
C.C.C / Cosimo Damiano / Commodity Place
Porya Hatami & Arovane
Kid Canaveral
Ruf Dug
Winter Sleep
Soft Gang
Matthew Atkins
Michael Chapman
Tamam Shud
The 7th Plain
Margaret Glaspy
Haley Bonar
Blues Pills
Hieroglyphic Being
Rival Consoles
Sidewalk Society
Trust Punks
Steve Jansen
David West
Boys Forever
Beds In Parks / Cabbage
Wild Beasts
Ian William Craig
Dinosaur Jr.
Cult of Free Love
Octopus Syng
DJ Stingray 313
Mark Leckey