Weekly Update Ross 154, Endgame, John Roberts, Hideous Towns, Airhead, and more...


Oh these slow days of summertime when the living is easy. Phil is jumping and Laurie is high. Nobody’s rich and no-one’s good looking. So we’re just going to sit here and cry.

Thanks for reading this far then. Hope you are all keeping well. Welcome to another one of our updates which will hopefully tempt you to buy something from our vast collection of records. Help save Phil’s sanity by getting yourself a vinyl shaped treat for the weekend.

New Records

Fresh as that summer breeze that drifts off the ring road...

  • Punks Cheena play funtime punk music on Sacred Bones.
  • Mallet wielding Ex Easter Island Head show us that they have twenty two strings to their bow.
  • Psych tinged stoner rock from Monarch.
  • Late ‘80s house flashbacks on New Order’s latest remix 12”. Listen to the original for full comedy value.
  • Two grizzled Sonic Youth types turn up on Kino Kimino’s ‘90s alt rock.
  • Plantman make slow moving acoustic compositions.
  • The Districts are really young but they make Mellencamp meets the Strokes type American driver rock.
  • DM Stith have carefully coagulated electronics and voice. Perhaps one for Bon Iver fans.
  • Johnny Foreigner (or Jo-Fo as Robin likes to call them) make skeletal emo with whinging.
  • Folklore Tapes continue their run of weird and beautiful releases based on near indecipherable rhetoric, this latest 10” combining Ian Humberstone and David Chatton Barker.

Fluff Records Special

You remember Fluff Records right? They launched the ‘careers’ of the likes Hood, Boyracer and um Liechtenstein Girl. Anyway they are back with some severely limited new vinyl releases in editions exclusive to us…..

  • Soda Eves are kind of the quieter Sparklehorse meets Dirty Three and speak in a hoarse whisper.
  • Emily Edrosa is the singer from Flying Nun pop people Street Chant and has appeared herewith some tattered and splintered solo ramblings.
  • The magnificently monikered Hideous Towns are from Australia but make post punk that could soundtrack a drizzling stumble down Bury New Road.

The Old News:

Records were gigantic….when we were kids.

  • Modest Mouse’s confusing ‘Night on the Moon’ gets a re-issue.
  • Allegedly able to fund a career after winning compensation off a council after falling down a manhole it’s the Bevis Frond!
  • The world’s second best Dustin after Dustin Gee’s the piano man Dustin O’ Halloran.
  • Suicide’s remarkable self titled debut is back out on a big round thing.
  • Delia Derbyshire and Elsa Stansfield - Circle Of Light – Original Electronic Soundtrack. Limited LP on Trunk. Nuff said.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup

The sound of heavy underground techno is drowning out the pleasant buzz of suburban strimmers on his cul de sac.

  • Mind boggling, disorientating, complex network of bleeping, twisted electronic spaghetti and processed vocals from Matt Carlson - like R2-D2 meets Robert Ashley.
  • Zapping sci-fi electronix and ricocheting beats from Lanark Artefax on Lee Gamble’s UIQ imprint.
  • Badass, rump shakin’ 21st Century Dancehall mutations on Demdike Stare’s label from Jamaica’s Equiknoxx crew.
  • Pair of plates on The Trilogy Tapes from Rezzett and Bored Young Adults (aka Blawan) Plus CO/R (aka Joy Orbison and Herron) on Hinge Finger.
  • Shackleton with Ernesto Tomasini sounding like Coil meets Congotronics.
  • Scribe Angus Finlayson returns to Whities as Minor Science with some trippy, bleepy electro/ techno.
  • 12” of mystical house/ acid/ ambient techno from Jamal Moss AKA Hieroglyphic Being on Rush Hour’s No ‘Label’.
  • Represses of Clone reissued early Drexciyan productions; L.A.M. and Glass Domain. Both essential.
  • Brothers Truss and Tessela join forces as Overmono on XL Recordings.
  • Much needed repress of Ross 154 ‘Until My heart Stops’ > sought after 2004 production from Dutch techno veteran Jochem Peteri aka Newworldaquarium.
  • Super tasty Ma Spaventi album of deep house/ lush dreamy techno on M>O>S Recordings.
  • Florian Kupfer bangs his hardware on Technicolour.
  • Coupla ‘Live At Berlin Atonal’ LP’s from Peder Mannerfelt and Max Loderbauer + Jacek Sienkiewicz.
  • DJ Marfox compilation 2LP of beats from the Portuguese Underground circa 2005-2008.
  • Vintage ambient gear from K. Leimer remastered + expanded.
  • Sold out at source Airhead plate with Mumdance on the remix.
  • LP of droning electro-acoustic sound from Italian lady Teresa Rampazzi - finally in stock!
  • 200 copies hand-stamped white label job from Best Available Technology.
  • Lush third album from NYC’s John Roberts. He’s bloody good this fellow.
  • 12”s from Tobias on Ostgut Ton, Ploy on Timedance, Orphan Swords on Clan Destine, Endgame on Hyperdub, Yaws on Purely Physical, Sky H1 on Pan x Codes.

+++ imminent arrivals include J Albert 12” on 1080p, Peter Michael Hamel - Colours of Time (Re-Interpreted by Wolfgang Voigt & Deepchord) LP, Paranoid London 12”, Frak 2x12”, Moon B LP, Cottam 2 repress.

Tape Corner

We used to have a name for Tape Corner - something like Back to Spool or Tape That but as it’s such a rare event we’ve forgotten what it is. For some unfathomable reason though, there are loads out this week so we better fast forward through them…..

Loads more too. Check out all our tapes here.

7”... News:

They are little teapots short and stout….

  • Psychedelic Indie-rock band Night Beats unleash a small one on Heavenly.
  • Indie-pop fun from Wales via Seazoo.
  • Summer-ready anthemic indie rock Shallows

Words by Clint with Ant and bits stolen from Robin.

The Normanites this week were minimal: Phil, Kim, Jamie and Ian, feat. a Moby rework on the flip.

Customer Compliment of the Week:

“Faster than a shake of the tail feather!”

Don’t believe it? Then read our Feefo reviews.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

Songs Of Forgiveness

9/10 from Robin

Two Jefre Cantu-Ledesma pressings! Count them: one, and then, subsequently, two! So similar in name are these two records, both songs of something, that the pressings have on »

Brett Naucke

Executable Dreamtime

9/10 from Robin

Umor Rex bingo: does the press release have “modular synthesis” in it? You sunk my battleship. We love it though: the label has been going from strength to on »


Life's Rich Pageant

9/10 from Clinton

Right, people listen up. R.E.M were fucking amazing. Let's just take what they did in the '80s on it's own and we have an incredible body of work. 'Lifes Rich Pageant' was on »


ALG 118B

9/10 from Ant

Since early releases for Tom Ellard’s (Severed Heads) Sevcom label, Cataclyst and more recently Taiga, Alku (with Russell Haswell), .MEDS, and Important Records on »

Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus

Promised Land Sounds

9/10 from Ant

Fantastic reissue of this LP from 1980 originally issued on Canadian label Lion’s Gate Records and now on Mark Ainley and Mark Ernestus (Basic Channel, Rhythm & on »


Bird Sound Power

9/10 from Ant

Jon K and Demdike Stare have curated and compiled a badass compilation of old and new tracks from Jamaica’s Equiknoxx collective. Twelve cuts strong of rump shakin& on »

Matt Carlson

The View From Nowhere

9/10 from Ant

My goodness what is happening here? Sounds like R2-D2 and his crew of merry modular synthesizer droids has remade Robert Ashley’s 'In Sara, Mencken, Christ And on »

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

Songs Of Remembrance

8/10 from Jamie

OK one, no two -- no, three things first. Firstly, and most importantly, there was a mis-press so this is ‘Songs of Remembrance’ and not ‘Songs of on »

Gultskra Artikler


8/10 from Jamie

Yes, this is what I like! 2- 3- and 4- minute electro / techno jams are the way forward and this latest Opal Tape has them in spades. ‘Distortion’ opens this tape on »


Absolute Delay

8/10 from Robin

The line-connecting name Maar belongs to two electronic folks who make cold, minimalist music that booms out of your speakers and into your refrigerated heart. It could only on »

K. Leimer

Closed System Potentials

8/10 from Robin

Longtime synth experimentalist K. Leimer goes all archive on himself here, repressing his electronic hammock record ‘Closed System Potentials’. Recorded way back on »



8/10 from Clinton

It is indeed a compilation as Jack notes in his review below and perhaps doesn't flow as well as their albums but this was my introduction to R.E.M when I was nobbut a youth on »

Johnny Foreigner

Mono No Aware

8/10 from Robin

Long-time emos Johnny Foreigner have been mining their personal style in the corner of the room while everyone pays attention to the bands reviving the same sound they play on »


U S S R (Ur Social Status Resistance)

8/10 from Jamie

U S S R (Ur Social Status Resistance) collects together the work of a few of Russia and Ukraine’s contemporary electronic music producers and experimenters, compiled by on »

Siavash Amini & Matt Finney

Familial Rot

8/10 from Robin

After listening to his gorgeous, forest-wading drone record ‘What The Wind Whispered to the Trees’, it’s kinda hard to ever envision a version of Siavash on »

Kink Gong

Erhai Floating Sound

8/10 from Jamie

‘Erhai Floating Sound’ is a recording of a live performance which took place on Erhai lake in Yunnan, China in 2010. Kink Gong -- Laurent Jeanneau -- and Julien on »


Happy Ending

8/10 from Clinton

This sounds interesting. Certainly much more interesting than the endless wailing man solos that pass for music in the office this morning. It's a collection of cut and on »

Sad City

Shapes In Formation

8/10 from Clinton

I'm enjoying this. It seems that Sad City guy Gary Cureth has a wide range of sounds at his disposal. It's like he's fished things out from all over the place to make his on »

Building Instrument

Kem Som Kan A Leve

8/10 from Clinton

Right, people this is going to appeal to you. yes YOU! The group use hand instruments such as bells, shakers and all manner of percussion to build up sweet tronica and on ' on »

Repeated Viewing

Art Imitates

8/10 from Jamie

Repeated Viewing is film score composer Alan Sinclair. Alan’s synth and organ sounds create a suitably atmospheric opening to this electronic soundtrack to the film & on »


Spend The Night With...

8/10 from Robin

Look at these dang punks. Leaning on a slab of concrete. Reclining, if you will, in the dark of night. Yep, Cheena are a right bunch of whippersnappers; when they’re on »

Hideous Towns


8/10 from Clinton

The some might say legendary label Fluff (of Loughborough) had a reputation for putting out ace noise pop in the '90s (Hood, Boyracer, Liechenstein Girl) they then slinked on »

Emily Edrosa


8/10 from Clinton

Emily Edrosa is also the vocalist in Street Chant who have covered themselves in the glory with releases on Flying Nun of late. This solo work is different to the on »

Soda Eaves

Murray, Darling

8/10 from Clinton

Like the Pink Panther in that episode where he battled with the hairdryer I'm all Fluffed out this morning. This is the third LP on the reconstituted Fluff label that has on »

Ex-Easter Island Head

Twenty-Two Strings

8/10 from Robin

The trio known for banging guitars with mallets and generally doing the band thing wrong (but so right) are back here with an album for the experimental music fan cursed with on »

Lanark Artefax

Glasz EP

8/10 from Ant

Imagine you’re a steel ball bearing travelling through a pinball machine, rebounding and clattering until you disintegrate and evaporate, and you could be in Lanark on »



8/10 from Ant

4-track EP from Peter O'Grady (AKA Joy Orbison) and Sam Lewis (AKA Herron/ co-founder of Meandyou) on Hinge Finger - the label ran by Joy O and The Trilogy Tapes bossman Will on »

Featured albums

Bored Young Adults
David Chatton Barker & Ian Humberstone
Minor Science
Best Available Technology
Matt Carlson
Delia Derbyshire and Elsa Stansfield
Lanark Artefax
Repeated Viewing
Siavash Amini & Matt Finney
Alexandre Bazin
K. Leimer
Brett Naucke
Moon B
Shackleton with Ernesto Tomasini
Lay Llamas/ Tetuan
Kink Gong
DJ Marfox
Ex-Easter Island Head
Peter Michael Hamel
J. Albert
New Order
Modest Mouse
Florian Kupfer
Jamal Moss
The Districts
Peder Mannerfelt
Max Loderbauer + Jacek Sienkiewicz
Johnny Foreigner
John Roberts
Ma Spaventi
Kino Kimino
Paranoid London
Teresa Rampazzi
Night Beats
Gultskra Artikler
Pierrot Lunaire
Orphan Swords
DM Stith
Ross 154
Emily Edrosa
Soda Eaves
Hideous Towns
Dustin O Halloran