Weekly Update Jameszoo, Lamont, The Parrots, Sabla, Faun Fables, and more...


Hot…..and busy. This week’s buzz words. Thanks to all those who ‘took part’ in our sale. Hope you got some nice bargainous treats. Remember, our permanent sale is always there if you need a fix of cheap stuff. Anyway let’s take a look at all the new and not so new things that have arrived this week.

New Records

Brand new recordings. Fresh as a daisy….unlike our office.

  • Let’s celebrate twenty years of Air with a super deluxe best of.
  • Yeesh isn’t the name of Kanye’s next LP, it’s a Chicago based indie band with stomping riffs and wailing vocals.
  • The Doozer are an oddly named psych folk collective from Cambridge referencing Barrett and the Byrds.
  • Ben Seretan goes all over the shop from emo-tinged folk to post rock on debut for the marvellously named Love Boat Records & Buttons.
  • Lamb lady Lou Rhodes makes ‘60s influenced folk pop that’s waaaay better than our air conditioning.
  • Asuna from way out in Japan makes magnificent stretched out acoustic guitar compositions. A delight.
  • Faun Fables contain Bonnie Prince Billy friendly folkstress Dawn McCarthy.
  • The Amazing are what you would have got had Mark Kozelek become pals with the War on Drugs. i.e emotional slow-core with beer commercial solos.
  • Real folk duo Josienne Clark and Ben Walker get ready for their much anticipated debut with a 10” teaser.
  • Talvihorros dude Ben Chatwin unleashes his second LP of solo recordings.
  • Amp worshippers The Cult of Dom Keller make low-end sludgy psych rock for filthy basements.
  • Double DVD package from The Chills and their leader Martin Phillips. The documentary looks especially fascinating.
  • “I am livin’ on Channel D!” Enough already. Interesting collection of songs that seem to do the impossible and match Smog with Bowie.
  • Twin happy bands Endless Melancholy and Desolate Horizons soundtrack the sea and shove it in a hardbook sleeve.
  • Ooph! I see Admirals Hard.

The Old News:

Records were gigantic….when we were kids.

  • No, no they couldn’t have planned it. Re-issue of Suicide’s second LP which title doubles as a band members list.

And that’s it - that’s actually it.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup

Just back from checking out the Fuerteventura underground techno scene…..

  • Final ever (they said that last time) Pan Sonic album soundtracks a documentary about building a nuclear power plant.
  • Cassette from modern synth pioneer NYZ on Computer Club aka Dave Noyze veering from serious boffin music to pure hilarious fun!
  • Our Ian thought the Silver Waves 12” on Portals Editions/ Howling Owl was like “awake brain surgery”. Hehehe
  • Floating Points has cobbled together a full band to lend him a hand.
  • Space Dimension Controller’s first album made in his bedroom when he was 18 sees the light of day via Ninja Tune. Warning: contains samples of spacemen.
  • Ambient triplet from Dutch imprint Shimmering Moods from Unidentified, Cynthia, Aleks all limited, numbered in fancy packaging, blah, blah, blah.
  • Celer man Will Long lands on Seattle's’ Further Records as Mogador so you can throw those sleeping pills in the bin.
  • Umpteenth album of delightful electronica from one of our Clint’s favourite electronical groups Sinner DC.
  • Daniel Thomas Freeman explores the fathomless mysteries of the divine in the painstakingly constructed, cinematic ‘The Infinite and the Unknowable’. Includes beautiful 48-page book of photos and poetry.
  • Sabla 12” on Gang of Ducks (with Ital Remix) / Ital 12” on Gang of Ducks (without Sabla Remix).
  • Reissue of mind snapping electroacoustic innovations from Lord Iannis Xenakis.
  • Dark Entries reissue/ new shit motherlode from Space Art, Series-A, Philippe Chany, Cute Heels, Phantom Forth.
  • ISAN, A New Line (Related), R.Elizabeth and Paco Sala did a gig and also made their own soundtrack. Self sufficient.
  • Possibly the second best Cliff after ummm...Richard? Cliff Martinez provides dark neon synth-work for flick Neon Demon.
  • Go prog/jazz/fusion tastic with Jameszoo on Brainfeeder. Fans of Fly Lo/Kam Wash take note.
  • Slew of 12” dancefloor fillers/ emptiers from 214 on CPU, Pessimist on A14, Kassem Mosse on Honest Jon’s, Mark Ernestus' Ndagga Rhythm Force, Lamont on 81, Audion on !K7, Planetary Assault Systems on Mote Evolver, Eclair Fifi presents Mickey Oliver on LuckyMe, Beppe Loda on Oscillator, Todd Terje on Olsen.

7”... News:

Stick in your thumb and pull out a plum…..

  • Loadsa Studio 1 7”s courtesy of Soul Jazz.
  • The last time I reviewed a the Parrots record I pulled out that paracetemol gag. Not this time, nope not this time.
  • Hard Left are middled aged people who are really really angry.
  • Sterling Roswell inserts the word ‘rock!’ into ‘Atom Brain Monster’. Presumably because it rocks.
  • Night Flowers new single ‘Glow In the Dark’ comes on ‘Glow in the Dark’ vinyl. Now that is marketing.
  • Black Crack are really sleazy apparently.
  • I’ve written the word ‘casi’. If anyone knows what I’m referring to then answers on a postcard please.

We’re just off to hose ourselves down and stick our faces in the fan in that order...

Words by Clint with Ant and bits stolen from Robin.

The Normanites this week were Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Ian and his mini-rascal Laurie.


Customer Compliment of the Week: .

“Ultra super!!”

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Mark Ernestus' Ndagga Rhythm Force
Night Flowers
Iannis Xenakis
Daniel Thomas Freeman
Kassem Mosse
Desolate Horizons / Endless Melancholy
Black Crack
The Parrots
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Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker
Channel D
Admirals Hard
Todd Terje
Lou Rhodes
Cliff Martinez
The Amazing
Eclair Fifi Presents Mickey Oliver
Faun Fables
Space Dimension Controller
Space Art
Philippe Chany
Phantom Forth
Sinner DC
Silver Waves
ISAN + Paco Sala + R Elizabeth + A New Line (Related)
The Chills / Martin Phillipps
Hard Left
The Cult Of Dom Keller
Pan Sonic
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Planetary Assault Systems
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