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Weekly Update Sonic Jesus, Greg Beato, Members of the House, Object Agency, David Newlyn, and more...


We’ve spent the week trying to gloss over the fact that this has been the quietest week since Phil used to get thrown out of Crash Records for trying to buy Marion records on the cheap in order to sell at inflated prices in the grubby back pages of Record Collector. Gone are those bleak, bleak days but we’re not used to not having anything to tell you about. Still we’ve found these under the cracks.

New Records

A smattering of brand new things that have crawled out this week.

  • Soulful UK singer songwriter Michael Kiwanuka still channels the ghosts of Bill Withers and those other laid back ‘70s guys.
  • Electronic whizkid Clams Casino unleashes his ‘star studded’ debut LP.
  • Cinematic Tindersticks-like people Palm Springs have carved some quality bookish pop.
  • Home DIY experts and kraut pop strummers Cosines have made a new record to soundtrack their unblocked sink.
  • LA beatmaker Nobody releases the smooth and suave ‘Prodigal Son’.
  • Great compilation of all your neo-classical treats on the 11 into 15 compilation.
  • Two good comps this week when you add in this Sky Girl comp of lost lo-fi treats.
  • MJ Guider delivers one of the best albums of the week for fans of Grouper and Cocteau Twins.
  • Sonic Jesus inspire Robin to re-tell his puddle/football anecdote.
  • TTNG used to be called This Town Needs Guns but still get showy and sinewy in the riffage department.
  • The Car Seat Headrest LP that was unfortunately Ocasek’d earlier in the year is now available.
  • Jherek Bischoff clambered into an empty two million gallon water vat in Washington state in order to improvise the pieces that have become 'Cistern'.
  • Heavy Birds sound kinda like Velvet Underground, Spacemen 3 and have a really great cello.
  • Big Naturals & Anthroprophh team up for some drone rock on Cardinal Fuzz.
  • Yes! Robin really liked the Roisin Murphy album. Result!
  • Grunge-affiliated writer and poet Jesse Bernstein gets the documentary treatment.
  • Not satisfied with the original and the stringed version Bjork now releases ‘Vulnicura Live’.
  • Best named band of the week? Let us introduce you to Leather Towel.
  • Bright Light Bright Light so bad they had to name them twice.
  • We told you it was a quiet week. We have a solo album by Michele Stodart...one of the Magic Numbers.

The Old News:

In lieu of no new music….some old stuff.

  • Those latter day Sonic Youth LPs have been re-released on vinyl.
  • I picked up both the early pre-fame the Human League LPs for a pound each a few years ago. Here they are again selling for more pounds.
  • ‘Ku Klux Glam’ the awful-pun cross generational collab from Ariel Pink and R.Stevie Moore is back out.
  • ‘90s indie rock gang Belly get their ‘Star’ high water mark specially re-issued.
  • Fans of The Band Whose Name is a Symbol this is your lucky day as we have three re-issues of their early out of print work.
  • Wallpaper. You just kinda know an album called ‘Domestic Landscape Activities’ is gonna be Pavement-y good.

Ant and Clint’s Electronic Roundup

He’s so dedicated to the cause that he wrote half of it while packing his suitcase. But now he’s on holiday, the rest has been finished off by Clint who knows ‘nothing’ about electronic music.

  • Ukrainian producer Vakula drops his fourth album, Voiski want to be your Maple Pecan and the second installment in Detroit minimal techno Godfather Robert Hood’s Paradgym Shift’ series all on Amsterdam’s Dekmantel.
  • Underground Resistance ye olde Members of the House ‘Summer Nites’ cut limited one-sided Kornel Kovacs Remix. 300 copies on Numbers.
  • Paul Woolford’s Special Request ‘Modern Warfare’ ‘ardcore tracks remixed by Head High (Shed) and Detboi. Rave on.
  • Greg Beato bangin’ it once again on L.I.E.S.... move quick.
  • Grime-tronix from New Orleans’ Mistress on Rabit’s Halcyon Veil. 300 hand-stamped copies.
  • Music From Memory have unearthed Michal Turtle’s funky ambient jazzer ‘Phantoms of Dreamland’.
  • Whirling Hall of Knives make seriously experimental music which will re-arrange your mind.
  • Synkro follow up last years excellent ‘Changes’ with a remix EP featuring Legowelt and others.
  • A$AP FERG returns with 18 tracks of trap anthems for 2016. I don’t understand these words so I just cutted and pasted.
  • Cutting-edge producers, Rrose and Orphx meet for a pair of beat pieces.
  • Jason Campbell, the mind behind Stitched Vision is all about the rhythms these days as Collector.
  • Object Agency on Kit release a tape of slo-mo Boards of Canada and Laurie Spiegel synth drone.
  • Pieces for solo piano and synthesiser compositions from David Newlyn on very limited CD.
  • Glaswegian clubbers Inkke bring their hard and brash sound to Scots and non Scots alike.
  • UK grime...but with a twist... it’s from New Orleans. Please say hello to Mistress.
  • Early jungle activity - all the breaks, wavy old school sampled synth lines, subtle reggae touches from The Criminal Minds re-issued.

7” news:

Like the mini-pops only less creepy.

  • Dream Wife (early Penelope Wilton, please) release their debut EP of Transvision Vamp guitar pop.
  • Ferocious pop punk blues it says here from The Computers.
  • Transvision Vamp enthusiasts Dream Wife keep the rock dream alive.

That’s it from us. Next week will be better we reckon but for now enjoy the sun/rain/cloud (delete where appropriate).

Words by Clint with contributions from the holidaying Ant and bits stolen from Robin.

The Normanites this week were Kim, Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Ian and his office imp Laurie.

Customer Compliment of the Week:

“As reliable as your favourite old scarf on a cold windy day”

Don’t believe it? Then read our Feefo reviews.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


Sky Girl

9/10 from Clinton

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The Human League


8/10 from Clinton

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Object Agency

A Revolution in Customer Service

8/10 from Robin

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Oddments Of The Gamble

8/10 from Jamie

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Wymond Miles

Call By Night

8/10 from Jamie

This is Wymond Miles’ third solo album for the esteemed Sacred Bones (oh and by the way, there is a free label sampler CD included with this record!) and it finds him pa...read on »

MJ Guider

Precious Systems

8/10 from Jamie

MJ Guider is Melissa Guion’s hazy, pastoral electronica project. ‘Precious Systems’, she states, is “inspired and influenced by the landscape in and ne...read on »


Eleven into Fifteen: a 130701 Compilation

8/10 from Jamie

It was fifteen years ago today -- well, it will be tomorrow, at time of writing -- that FatCat launched their classical spinoff imprint, 130701, unto an unsuspecting but thank...read on »


Prodigal Son

8/10 from Clinton

It's slightly depressing when I hear artists who I think of as fairly contemporary being described as 'veterans' but indeed LA beatmaker Nobody has been around since the '90s ...read on »


Disappointment Island

8/10 from Robin

Math rockers can sigh too. I don’t remember exactly the point at which fiddly guitar theatrics became submerged with the wide-eyed super-caring of emo (n.b. it was a lon...read on »

Roisin Murphy

Take Her Up To Monto

8/10 from Robin

Wowee. This is my first encounter with Roisin Murphy (full disclosure is just as valuable as journalistic insight… question mark?) and I am overwhelmed. This record ope...read on »


Triple Crown

8/10 from Laurie

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The Criminal Minds

The Criminal EP

8/10 from Laurie

Well this is a real dance music relic here, but not one of those relics like Paul Oakenfold that keeps popping up when you least expect / never want him. This is actually most...read on »

Jherek Bischoff


8/10 from Clinton

Jherek Bischoff is a composer who has helped do all those Bowie tribute things in New York of late which means he must be something dead special. He also recently clambered in...read on »

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