Weekly Update Dead Can Dance, Aphex Twin, Sports, Ü, Pixies, and more...

Breaking news

Hello people. It’s been a really busy week with lots of quality releases so let’s say absolutely no more and get straight on with the task of wading through it all.

New Records

The cream of actual new things…..

  • I W Craig. We’re so sick of saying his name we’ve abbreviated but he’s dropped the big one this week and you know we’re putting a gig on for him don’t you? Grab your ticket here.
  • Sigur Ros collab guy Alex Somers has made a really nice soundtrack for ‘Captain Fantastic’.
  • Omni is this week’s must listen record record for fans of Women, Deerhunter.
  • You wait 16 years for a the Avalanches record and one comes along at once.
  • Here’s a seething baroque pop opera from ol’ time Norman face Ela Orleans.
  • Yet Kathleen Hanna’s new pop-punk band the Julie Ruin are on album two already.
  • Nils Frahm and Woodkid collab on a soundtrack to Ellis.
  • Widescreen punk hardcore from Frameworks. ‘Not too gnarly’ assures Robin.
  • On ‘piss’ coloured vinyl is the final release on Tuff Enuff (weep) by As Ondas.
  • Manchester chanteuse Jane Weaver unleashes her ‘The Amber Light’ on vinyl.
  • Yikes. Deconstructionist rock racket from Hedvig Mollestad Trio.
  • Canadian capital letter enthusiasts BADBADNOTGOOD have made a star studded record for Robin to enjoy.
  • Martha play dog-friendly pop punk from the Durham coalfields with good guitar bits.
  • More Ty Segall related stuff from Goggs.
  • Anyone want a Nirvana ‘Bleach’ tribute record starring Beach Slang, This Will Destroy You and others?
  • Not in stock but Phil has mentioned that there’s a Jimmy Sommerville live album coming out.
  • Grandiose quiver-voiced emotional rock from Wymond Miles on Sacred Bones (with free sampler!)
  • Cheery Vatican Shadow-approved post rock metallers Sannhet regale us with their ‘Young Death’.
  • Bess Atwell is a lady who sings nicely folky songs that will go with the cushions.
  • Lovely late night jazzy weeptronica from Jamie Isaac whose mum will be fuming at the state of his flat.
  • Earring make drizzly droning fuzzy guitar workouts with mumbling singing.
  • Jazz, electronica, post-rock, electro-acoustic improvisation from high-brow supergroup Tangents.

Into Division 1

A few more that don’t get their own bullet points….

If you’ve ever fancied listening to Alanis Morrisette play punk rock try Sports, then there’s the the Sun Days…..I’m thinking of Frente, shouty guitar rock from LA's Big Business, Saqqara Mastabas is the lunatic duo of Matthew Friedberger (Fiery Furnaces) and Bob D’Amico ( Sebadoh), countrified indie folk from Moon Bros, heavy blues stoners Left Lane Cruiser get it together enough to release a compilation while Beef Jerk sound nothing like the sleek, clean kitchen units on their sleeve.

Loads more too - have a look at our New In page….

The Old News:

Long, long ago people made records.

  • Modest Mouse and 764-Hero played some songs together in the ‘90s probably never envisioning that someone would re-release them many years later.
  • 70s era cutting edge electroacoustics from Daniela Casa.
  • Dead Can Dance debut gets a re-press on 4AD.
  • Can you believe it’s been 20 years since Jay-Jay Johanson’s ‘Whiskey’. Sheesh time flies when you can’t remember the original coming out. Jay Jay
  • MF Doom gets his previously unfindable ‘Special Blends 1 and 2’ re-vamped in burlap sleeve.
  • 28 years ago Occasionally David tried to play Love’s ‘Forever Changes’ in its entirety. What happened next will astonish you.
  • Boris’s ‘Pink’ has been deluxed and expanded.
  • Late 00’s post punkers Soviet Soviet have a couple of their records re-whisked.
  • The Paul Gascoigne of rap, Eminem has two of his early records revamped.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup

He’s off on his jollies next week, so make the most of this week's missive. Do they have techno in Aberystwyth? Can you dance with a knotted hanky on your head?

  • Discogs is about to crash in mass Aphex Twin tape flipper frenzy. Stoned acid house like slowed down Baby Ford trax. Try whipping it up to 45rpm.
  • Tape of mind boggling improvised digital modular experiments for laptop/ tranquil ambient from Sanjuro77.
  • Ø (Mika Vainio) 'Kantamoinen' ambient doozy from 2005 has been vinylized.
  • 90’s UK ambient techno heroes B12 (well one of ‘em) return with a new label and a turquoise wax 12”.
  • Raw genre-hopping debut album from Steven Julien aka Funkineven - looking well gangsta on the sleeve.
  • U plunders a stack of Viennese classical LP’s on Where to Now?
  • Shit & Shine EP sampling redneck trucker drug dealers.
  • Optimo Trax triple whammy: Trikk, Underspreche and a repress of the Muslimgauze / Underspreche split 12”.
  • Glasgow purveyors of the finest real ‘Hoose’ music; Dixon Avenue Basement Jams assemble their Allstars for a third volume with O.D.D., Modini and Casio Royale bangin the boxes.
  • Objekt mix CD for Tresor’s Kern series plus selections split across two waxes.
  • Dubstep classics from Digital Mystikz, Loefah, DQ1, Skream, Distance, MRK1 etc. ‘Tectonic Plates Vol. 1’ reissued on 2x12” + mix CD.
  • Perc & Passarella Death Squad gothy zinger from 2010 gets a new lease of life on red wax.
  • Get your zimmer frames out as J. Albert invites us to ‘Dance Slow’.
  • Rush your tits off in the comfort of your own home with a rave nostalgic, euphoric ambient wash on Planet Mu from Konx-om-Pax.
  • Amazingly packaged art edition benefit CD of industrial ambient on Time Released Sound from Kösmonaut.
  • Twelve inches of pleasure: Fabric on meandyou, Bezier on HNYTRX, Cienfuegos on BANK Records, Gonno & Nick Hoppner on Ostgut Ton, Lindstrom on Smalltown Supersound.

7”... News:

A couple of tiddlers…

  • Like us, Joanna Gruesome are ‘Pretty Fecking Sick of it All’ but unlike us they’ve pressed their anger onto 7” vinyl.
  • People from JC Flowers, Toy and The Horrors have come together for a whole new band called Pink Flames.

That’s all from us, we’ll get back to you soon. Hoping to stroke a dog later, hope your weekend is equally thrilling.

Words by Clint with Ant and bits stolen from Robin.

The Normanites this week were Kim, Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Ian his little workette Laurie.

Customer Compliment of the Week:


Don’t believe it? Then read our Feefo reviews.

Can anyone please explain this?

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Ian William Craig


9/10 from Robin

Bursting with narrative, seeking out clarity in reprises, smoothing over existentialism with feedback, ruining pop songs that feel too standard to be the truth… this on »



9/10 from Robin


Ø (Mika Vainio)


9/10 from Ant

The original CD edition of ‘Kantamoinen’ on Sahko is long out of print and was never released on vinyl so this new edition on wax is most welcome. But then maybe on »


Master Generator

9/10 from Laurie

Time Released Sound have really outdone themselves on their packaging here. Instead of wrapping their CD in a cute bit of old newspaper, they’ve only produced a superb on »

Inter Arma

Paradise Gallows

8/10 from Robin

Ah yes, being epic. It’s fun. People like doing it. Artists like playing mountainous riffs, reviewers like saying “grandiose”, people like to post Facebook on »


BBC Late Junction Sessions: Unpopular Music

8/10 from Jamie

Co-curated by that stalwart of all things BBC Radio Three Late Junction and Darrel Sheinman, the record culls a choice selection of performances from the well-known sessions. on »



8/10 from Clinton

When a friend pleaded with me to go and see Women at the Brudenell Social Club a fews years ago I could have not had any inkling of the breadth of influence their short-lived on »

Occasionally David

Forever Changes

8/10 from Clinton

28 years ago and for reasons surely only known to themselves two people known as Occasionally David recorded a random version of the Love album ‘Forever Changes’ on »

Jamie Isaac

Couch Baby

8/10 from Clinton

I really really enjoyed Jamie Isaac’s earlier two EPs ‘I Will Be Cold Soon’ and ‘Blue Break’ but I’m alarmed at his living space on the on »


Terra Nova

8/10 from Jamie

Dr William Clark Souter travelled to Antarctica at the turn of the twentieth century on the Terra Nova ship, their mission was to rescue Captain Scott’s ice-stricken on »

Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra

Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra

8/10 from Jamie

Composed classical-electronic music from Kate Simko and her all-female string ensemble London Electronic Orchestra have released an album! ‘Finally!’, I hear you on »


Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart

8/10 from Robin

Lovely Martha are basically a pop-punk supergroup to the stars. 50% folk-shouting duo ONSIND, 25% raw power poppers No Ditching and 25% prolific songwriter and ex Discount on »

Ela Orleans

Circles Of Upper and Lower Hell

8/10 from Robin

This is a record so monolithic and burdened by context that I’m afraid the google doc I’m typing into is going to become my purgatory. Ela Orleans is a Norman on »

The Julie Ruin

Hit Reset

8/10 from Robin

Kathleen Hanna’s new pop-punk band are on album two, and though it’s called ‘Hit Reset’ I would probably subtitle it ‘Keep Doing The Good Stuff on »

As Ondas


8/10 from Robin

And so we bid a fond farewell to Tuff Enuff, the label that could boast the most stuff. The label’s been responsible for numerous lo-fi pop love affairs, so it seems on »



8/10 from Robin

Deathwish, the Jacob Bannon fawning, indie rocker’s hardcore label (disclaimer: those things describe me), are on the widescreen stuff here. Frameworks initially sound on »



8/10 from Laurie

Remember that time you dropped a banging gurner and spent the next six hours munching your face off and talking shit? Even if it did happen to you, you probably won’t on »

Steven Julien (FunkinEven)


8/10 from Clinton

Probably best known for his Funkineven collaboration with Kyle Hall, here is Steven Julien’s debut which shows him on the rear sleeve with arm dangling down from a BMW on »

Alex Somers

Captain Fantastic - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

8/10 from Clinton

I’ve already played two records at the wrong speed this morning (can there be a law that states that records have to legally state the speed they run at?) and naturally on »

Damian Valles


8/10 from Ant

Canadian artist Damian Valles has been busy over the past six years or so transmitting his sounds via Under The Spire, Experimedia, Hibernate, Textura, Drifting Falling etc. on »



8/10 from Ant

This ‘errorprone’ limited edition cassette self released by the artist is the debut album from Manchester's Sanjuro77 -- but this guy is no newcomer to on »


Young Death

8/10 from Robin

From the Flenser to Hospital Productions in the second most pleasant move of all time (right after a dog jumping through a loop at Crufts), Sannhet’s metal proves on »

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