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Thursday June 30th 2016

Ah, it’s been a trying week for at least 48% of us Brits. Especially, thanks to Joe 'Dandruff' Hart, us English Brits - which, here at Norman Records, means it's been a terrible week for everyone apart from Ant. Economic meltdown. Laughable football team. That Last Shadows Puppets video clip. But what's done is done, and so we'll stiffen our lips, drink some warm beer, await the soothing sound of leather on willow, cycle to work with a cheery smile for passing vicar, and carry on. If anyone from the EU is reading, nobody here wanted us to leave. In fact, can we declare ourselves the People’s Republic of Norman and come with you?

Luckily there are some quite good records this week to help us forget so let’s take a look shall we?

New Records

These are new for the tarnished brand that is "2016".

  • A collaborative record on Clay Pipe from wandering folk minstrels Alastair Roberts and James Green.
  • Stephen Steinbrink makes charming mid fi Real Estate-ish pop again.
  • Thee Oh Sees played their garage rawk in front of stoned hopefuls and someone recorded it.
  • Fuzzed out rawwwk from Goggs featuring really busy man Ty Segall.
  • The Flexibles are the new band from Richard Youngs’ pre-teen son Sorley.
  • You’d better buy Emmett Kelly of Cairo Gang and Jim White of Dirty Three’s new album at The Double.
  • The history of psych has been compressed into one album by Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve.
  • Ex Big Star dude makes up half of pretty poppers Those Pretty Wrongs.
  • Remember when it was all about squelchy synth patterns and discofied pop with Metronomy.
  • Who is the best Terry... Wogan? Venables? Riley? Or simply Terry.
  • Funny-haired vintage power poppers The Posies show that they still have the chops.
  • Gothy twisting pop from Francesca Lago.
  • Beach Boys facsimiles The Explorers Club give me the creeps.
  • Rural psych in the vein of MV+EE from the brilliantly named Rafi Bookstaber.
  • Lola Colt’s singer is called Gun.
  • Weeping theatrics from dead serious singing lady Bat For Lashes.
  • West Coast fuzz-filled pop-punk from White Night.
  • New stuff on Castleface from Male Gaze, ORB and that Thee Oh Sees live record.

Loads more too - have a look at our New In page….


Loads of them this week so here they are in their own bit.

  • Paul Zaza’s soundtrack from ‘81 era horror flick My Bloody Valentine has nothing to with Kev Shields and pals.
  • Heartwork Highways soundtracks when radical country artists grappled the genre back from it’s baubly shininess.
  • Angola Soundtrack 2 tells the story of it’s short-lived music industry.
  • Soundtracking 80s childhood happiness is Vince DiCola’s ‘Transformers’ soundtrack.

The Old News:

Records from the good old days…

  • The Cosmic Dead’s ‘Rainbowhead’ is back in on red/green twisted stripe vinyl.
  • Is there a the Melvins re-issue this week? Probably.
  • Arthur Verocai’s self titled Brazilian pop masterpiece gets a nice re-issue in time for what we are told is summer.
  • Betty Davis was Miles Davis’s wife, Lights in the Attic have just put this important compilation.
  • Another one from vintage australian synth experts Severed Heads.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup

He’s in his cul de sac, headphones glued to ears.

  • Highly potent, reality obliterating 2LP of electroacoustic/ acousmatic sound from Valerio Tricoli on PAN.
  • Phantasmagorical EP of intricately melodic techno joy from Personable aka M. Geddes Gengras on Black Opal. Imagine his ‘Two Variations’ tape with added beats.
  • Container brings a rugged, vicious techno assault to Diagonal.
  • Kaumwald back on Opal Tapes for an LP of ‘noisy electroacoustic destructery’ according to our man Laurie.
  • Got my arse into gear to review that James Ferraro ‘Rerex’ 2LP. Proper brain melter.
  • 4-track EP from the under appreciated Dead Fader taking in IDM, techno and industrial with a wee melodic synth drizzling here and there.
  • Heavyweight throbbing low end and slow stomp from KETEV aka Yair Elazar Glotman. 300 copies in screen-printed sleeve.
  • Upsidedownland electronic hero’s Severed Heads 1985 LP ‘Stretcher’ reissued via Medical Records.
  • All star cast of modular synth wizards remix Wrangler inc. Abul Mogard, Daniel Miller, Chris Carter, Scanner, Alessandro Cortini, Steve Moore, David Burraston, Benge etc.
  • Cuts from Helm's Olympic Mess gets remixed by N1L and Beatrice Dillon.
  • Belarisk LP on Type sounds tasty... RIYL: Tim Hecker, M.E.S.H., Oneohtrix Point Never etc.
  • Edition of 150 copies Derek Piotr droner disc LINE.
  • A fine trio on The Helen Scarsdale Agency with a drone doozy LP from Ekin Fil, electroacoustic action from Francisco Meirino and a fancy thing from Fossil Aerosol Mining Project.
  • First pressing of Huerco S ambient opus will be a goner by the time you read this. Look out for the repress though...
  • Radioactive Man back in dub mode with Vol. 2 of his Dub Vault series.
  • Hieroglyphic Being ‘Cosmic Bebop’ compilation 2x12” plus Angel Race (aka Jamal Moss and Deviere) 12” both on Jamal’s Mathematics Imprint.
  • Lemme Kno 10” in screen printed sleeve on Unthank aka Max D and DJ Isle O’ Man (LOL).
  • 45 ACP returns to L.I.E.S. and we’ve scored more copies of the Mr Fingers remixes of Simoncino also on the label if you missed out first time.
  • Stuttering electronics from Japan’s YPY on EM Records.
  • Makam 12” plus Randomer stomper, both on Dekmantel.
  • Hunee gets the remix treatment from Mick Wills and DJ Fettburger.
  • +++ a veritable bounty of 12”s from Prosopo, Vaghe Stelle, The Analog Session feat. Alexander Robotnick & Ludus Pinsky, Tin Man, Jozef K & Winter Son, Jeff Mills, Planetary Assault Systems, Terror Danjah feat. Jamakabi, Inigo Kennedy, Omar S etc.

7”... News:

From now on those Brussels bureaucrats won’t be messing with our 7”s. You tell ‘em Nigel.

  • Richard Skinner airplay is perhaps imminent for Diane and the Gentle Men.
  • Underwater techno vibes from Cologne resident Senking.
  • Sonic Jesus played live in Rome back when they could freely travel in the EU.
  • Hologram Teen feature ex Stereolab folks and play motorik kraut and disco.
  • Spring King sing about this thing called ‘The Summer’. Nope, not a clue.
  • Manchester’s worst band The Stone Roses release a new single. Keep plugging away lads!

That’s all for us now. Hope we have proved that there’s still stuff to enjoy in life. Like crisps.

Words by Clint with Ant and bits stolen from the missing-in-action Robin.

The Normanites this week were Kim, Nathon, Phil, Jamie, Ian & his work bairn Laurie.


Customer compliment of the week

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Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Silver Apples

Silver Apples

9/10 from Clinton

The album that started everything, You know those wobbly synth sounds you like? Or that scattershot Jaki Liebezeit rhythms? Or the kind of vintage pop Broadcast made on »

Stephen Steinbrink


9/10 from Clinton

You’d need an abacus to work out the amount of time I’ve spent with Stephen Steinbrink’s previous record ‘Arranged Waves’. I’ve done 10K on »

James Ferraro


9/10 from Ant

Whopping triple LP set clocking in at almost 3 hours which compiles a coupla 2009 CDr’s originally released on the artists Muscleworks Inc. label he ran alongside New on »



9/10 from Ant

I’ve loads of time for the work of M. Geddes Gengras - whether under his own name or his more techno alias Personable. Both LP’s he did on Peak Oil were pretty on »

Valerio Tricoli

Clonic Earth

9/10 from Ant

I’m pretty lucky in the sense that I don’t need to go out at the weekend and get wrecked off my face to escape from reality because these days quite often my work on »

Brian Case

Tense Nature

8/10 from Laurie

Ian incessantly insists that this guy is called ‘Brain Case’, so I’ve resolved to call him Ain from now on in retaliation. Ain is such a head case. Anyway, on »

Francisco Meirino

Surrender, Render, End

8/10 from Robin

The Helen Scarsdale Agency are your Year 9 geography school trip. Their releases are the moments when it rained, where you clambered over rocks and got mud stuck, quite on »

Ekin Fil

Being Near

8/10 from Robin

A drone doozy, here. An alum of Students of Decay, Root Strata and many other ambient chums, Ekin Fil has offered up the perfect record for summer goths, offering a sample of on »

Shinichi Atobe


8/10 from Jamie

Glitchy, dreamy, dubby… all adjectives which have been used to describe the musical output of Japan’s Shinichi Atobe. I’m surprised I haven’t said & on »

Bartosz Kruczynski

Baltic Beat

8/10 from Jamie

The A-side of the record contains the twenty-minute opus and title track ‘Baltic Beat’, a slightly more watery but equally peaceful cousin to the Balearic on »


Whities 007

8/10 from Clinton

No beats. That's the distinctive thing about the opener here ‘Cylinders’ which is just four minutes of tumbling synths that sound like they are cascading down a on »

Tin Man, Jozef K & Winter Son

Acid Test 11

8/10 from Clinton

This is a collaboration between these three Manchester hotshots who contrive to make some rather glistening late night techno which could perfectly soundtrack the times you' on »

Beyond The Wizards Sleeve

The Soft Bounce

8/10 from Clinton

James Yorkston once wrote about what was ‘Just Beyond the River’, now several years later we are about to find out what is ‘Beyond the Wizards Sleeve’ on »

Dead Fader

It Works 1

8/10 from Laurie

It works. Or does it? This release sees masked man John Cohen tell you that his music works. Or perhaps it’s a statement of fact, IT works, works created through the on »


Rapa Nui Clan

8/10 from Laurie

A new LP on Opal Tapes can only spell more weirdness for your already warped ears and mind. This time, it’s from a patient duo hailing from France, Ernest Bergez and on »

Alasdair Roberts and James Green

Plaint of Lapwing

8/10 from Clinton

Fuck art, let’s folk. Alasdair Roberts has progressed from his marvellous unappreciated band Appendix Out through to being a folk singer of note with several acclaimed on »


Vegetation EP

8/10 from Ant

If you’re flagging, instead of guzzling down coffee you can always wham a piece of Container vinyl on the turntable and it’s like a shot of pure adrenalin. His on »

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