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Weekly Update Variant, Evans The Death, Driftmachine, Proto Idiot, Loren Connors, and more...

Breaking News:

Office News:

Generally it all revolves around sneezing, the affliction that felled one of our best and brightest on Wednesday. We also went viral-ish with our Aphex Twin tweet…and there we were thinking we’d end up on Pitchfork only after doing something really terrible.

A load of records in this week - my box overfloweth.

The New News (Contd.):

Rather than fight over ‘Father’s Day’ vinyl at Tesco, why not buy something new?

  • Jon Mueller makes his scary music with his tongue.
  • Geoff Barrow’s Beak unleash their ‘Couple in a Hole’ soundtrack and it is excellent.
  • Globelamp is a really ramshackle folk lady.
  • Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor has made an album of him playing the piano and singing. Hands up who asked for this?
  • Now all safely over the age of consent, Big Deal make shouty grunge.
  • Weird Dreams plays psych-pop using soft as velvet ‘no more tears’ synths,
  • Throws is the new name for the thing the Tunng guys do when they get together.
  • Loren Connors twiddles.
  • Charlie Ulyatt makes evocative instrumental music influenced by the Lincolnshire flats.
  • Basement-ready emo and plaintive grunge pop from Yung.
  • International psychedelic explorers Flamingods unleash their third.
  • Fried psychedelic racket from Cleveland (Ohio) lot Terminal Lovers.
  • Crazily inventive indie rock from Bart.
  • Freshly arrived psych rock riffs from Glitter Wizard on Cardinal Fuzz.
  • The Dead C’s Bruce Russell fiddles with his amp.
  • Can’t say enough about the Bracken record. Read Ant’s review here.
  • New Sub Poppers The Gotobeds can’t decide what they like best, blood, sugar, secs, or traffic.
  • Bad music corner: Peter Bjorn and John are just trying to be bad, surely?
  • The ‘90s popped in and dropped off a new Garbage LP.

Just because they aren’t bullet pointed, it doesn’t mean they are less important. Shouty snarly indie from Evans For Death, Wesley Fuller makes power pop with curly hair, Icelandic trio Samaris are kind of like a smooth Bjork, Proto Idiot are madcap psych punk funsters and Girl Sweat are garage-rock dudes.

The Old News

Re-issued records. Not new. I repeat the music on the following records is not new.

  • Rusalnaia is the lovely early collaboration between Sharron Krauss and Gillian Chadwick.
  • Elysia Crampton’s previous Bandcamp only The Light That You Gave Me To See You gets a vinyl re-issue.
  • The early work of Michel Banabila is a mixed bag with sounds like Woo or Brian Eno.
  • The Tempest yelp like all good punk/funk ‘80s bands should.
  • Roger Miller (not the whistling guy nor the Cameroon ‘86 World Cup hero but the Mission of Burma fellow) ‘88 era solo weirdness is back out on Feeding Tube.
  • The Beach Boys ‘Pet Sounds’ gets re-issued for the 388865th time. The Box Set contains a bonus dog barking session.
  • Loads of Quasi records re-issued by Domino.
  • The Associates mad-as-a horse big moment ‘Sulk’ has been re-issued on vinyl.
  • Oh ‘Steve McQueen by Prefab Sprout. Take me into your wonderful world. Back in on vinyl.
  • Ever wonder what the year after C86 sounded like? Try C87.
  • Semi-abstract suite of drones, folk, jazz, and whatever from Af Ursin on Blackest Ever Black.
  • West African synth grooves on Space Echo: The Mystery Behind The Cosmic Sound of Cabo Verde

Ant’s Electronic Roundup

Soundtracked by the sound of acid squelsh on the school run, he’s back with his biggest update ever.

  • Dank, tension filled, slow creeping dark futurism from Raime on new album everyone’s creaming over.
  • Good to hear Plaid back at it on Warp.
  • Abul Mogard recreates the sounds of his former employment in a Serbian Factory.
  • Second tape on NCA from JMS Khosah / Brassfoot (Apron). Couple left then tiz a goner.
  • Double whammy of celestial dubby ambient from echospace [detroit] with a 2CD set from Variant and Echospace / Michael Mantra.
  • ‘50 Locked Grooves’ polyrhythmic techno DJ weapon 2x12” from Truss.
  • LP of experimental electronics from Portuguese duo Tropa Macaca LP on The Trilogy Tapes.
  • Kane Ikin follows up his album for Type with a class 12” of dubby smudged organic sounding electronica. He’s bloody good that guy.
  • Pair of represses of sought after gear: House of Doors ‘The Dolphin Hotel Affair Vol. 1’ on Mood Hut and Bluntman Deejay 12” on All Caps.
  • DVA Damas do techno/ EBM/ synthwave on Downwards.
  • Top notch four track acid house EP from Detroit acid wizard Jared Wilson on Glasgow’s Dixon Avenue Basement Jams.
  • EDMX = DMX Krew arse ripper on Power Vacuum.
  • Cosmic kraut disco synth dub LP from Sordid Soundsystem.
  • Tidy house on John Talabot’s Hivern Discs from JMII, previously spotted on 100% Silk.
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen vinyl reissues in da hausen.
  • Cinematic ambient/ drone from Morgen Wurde on Time Released Sound - limited art edition/ standard digipak copies both available.
  • Telepathic electronic improv from London duo Beattie Cobell courtesy of More Than Human.
  • AFX ‘P-String’ on wax via Nina Kraviz compilation.
  • Alex Menzies (no relation to John) automata themed LP.
  • Old Apparatus fellow Asher Levitas has been hoovered up by Planet Mu.
  • Microlith - like Monolith but smaller.
  • Madteo christens his new label with a 'Voracious Culturilizer Disco Mix'.
  • Limited repress of Objekt’s incognito ‘The Stitch-Up’ one-sider.
  • Ambient bliss-outs on Shimmering Moods from Delilah Gutman, Drawing Virtual Gardens and Adzuki.
  • Notwist folks make record as You + Your D. Metal Friend.
  • Acousmatic modular synthesizer twiddlers from Richard Scott on Cusp.
  • Plus the likes of Vapauteen on L.I.E.S, DJ Zozi on 1080p, Shit Robot on DFA, Weval on Kompakt, Marquis Hawkes debut album on Houndstooth, Project Pablo, Driftmachine repress on Umor-Rex, Seekers International 7”s, Coupla 12”s on Dekmantel from Central, 12" EP on Texas Recordings Underground inc. Cygnus, E.R.P etc. Palms Trax repress on Lobster Theremin Levon Vincent 12” sold out on pre-order, soz.

7”... News:

Loads of the little buggers…..here’s the best.

  • Wall are New Yorkers who have studied at the teat of Sonic Youth and Glenn Branca.
  • Tiny Ruins makes a lovely little Red House Painters sounding song and have David Lynch produce it.
  • Sheffield spook psych surfers Sievehead unleash their 2nd 7”.
  • Efialtis do punk like the punks used to in the 80’s.
  • Just arrived this microsecond is the new Beautify Junkyards 7” on Ghost Box’s ‘Other Voices’ series.

That is it for us for now. Remember, the Euros might be on but you are going to need something to help soak up the despair. We find that beer and records can help.

Next week: New Swans and Radiohead shipping. Be prepared.

Words by Clint with Ant and bits stolen from Robin.

The Normanites this week were Kim, Jamie, Nathon, Phil, Ian & cool little dude Laurie.

Customer Compliment of the Week:

“Great smell”

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Loren Connors


9/10 from Robin

Lovely Loren. He used to be a janitor, bemused an academic with his microscopic blues vignettes, and here he is now, about five thousand records deep into a reissue renaissanc...read on »


Couple In A Hole Soundtrack

9/10 from Jamie

Geoff Barrow has done this film-soundtracking lark before, hasn’t he? He did ‘Ex-Machina’, it says here, and ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’, which ...read on »

You + Your D. Metal Friend


9/10 from Jamie

Cico Beck and Markus Acher of the Notwist have teamed up as You + Your D. Metal Friend to create something of consistent, delicate beauty, in “Sonnier”. Tickled an...read on »

Alex Menzies

Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams

9/10 from Jamie

‘Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams’ is the soundtrack to the BBC4 documentary of the same name, composed and produced by Alex Menzies aka techno wunderkind Alex...read on »

Jared Wilson

Communing With Ghosts EP

9/10 from Ant

Top notch four track EP from Detroit acid wizard Jared Wilson via Glasgow’s excellent Dixon Avenue Basement Jams label. Wilson was responsible for the inaugural release...read on »


Infrastructure Facticity

9/10 from Ant

Infrastructure New York emerged in 1998, initially as a vehicle for the productions of label owner David Sumner aka Function and is now co-ran with Ed Davenport aka Inland. It...read on »

Kane Ikin

Basalt Crush

9/10 from Ant

Hot on the heels of his ‘Modern Pressure’ long player for Type, Melbourne based producer Kane Ikin joins ranks alongside Madteo, Joey Anderson, Innerspace Halflife...read on »


High Passes

9/10 from Ant

‘High Passes’ is the fourth long player (not counting ‘Remixes’) from Yorkshire artist Chris Adams. For many of our readers an artist who requires no i...read on »

Necro Deathmort

The Capsule

8/10 from Jamie

Necro Deathmort, then: you know how they do. The heaviness of metal percolating through the electronic milieu. Matthew Rozeik and AJ Cookson’s seventh album as Necro Dea...read on »

Charlie Ulyatt

Dead Birds

8/10 from Jamie

‘Dead Birds’ is a work which reflects the psychogeography of the surroundings in which Charlie Ulyatt found himself in composing the music. The bleak, flat, featur...read on »

Jon Mueller


8/10 from Robin

The scary man is back and under his arm is a scary record with a scary front cover. After hearing Jon Mueller’s drone rock completism on the unbelievably epic ‘Ens...read on »

Richard Scott

Several Circles

8/10 from Laurie

I still maintain that ‘Acousmatic’ is a nonsense word. Charismatic acoustics? No, can’t be. Automatic acoustics? Are all acoustics automatic? Are none?? Rich...read on »


Light Upon The Lake

8/10 from Clinton

Whitney are the latest relaxed guys on the block and make me wonder yet again why I am so uptight and also whether if I moved to America I could be a little less uptight. &nb...read on »


Featuring "Birds"

8/10 from Clinton

Domino have this week re-issued pretty much all the Quasi albums but I’ll write a few words on this one as a) it’s the most familiar to me and b) it’s probab...read on »


The Digging Remedy

8/10 from Laurie

Plaid. The one electronic producer whose name I will not say out loud, cos I refuse to give Ian the smug satisfaction of knowing the correct pronunciation all along. That smug...read on »

Michel Banabila

Early Works : Things Popping Up From The Past

8/10 from Clinton

You honestly don’t want to work in our office. The rubbish.... the….tripe we have to listen to. I’ve just escaped from half an hour of someone goi...read on »

Emily Jane White

They Moved In Shadow All Together

8/10 from Clinton

Right, I think she's finally nailed it. Emily Jane White has been making music for some time now veering from early PJ Harvey type material, edging towards the crystalline, e...read on »

Bluntman Deejay

Esoteric (Real) EP

8/10 from Ant

Much needed repress of this 2014 12” on the collectable All Caps label. Copies of the original pressing have been changing hands for stupid wonga - so now’s your c...read on »

Donato Dozzy

That Fab

8/10 from Ant

Donato Dozzy goes solo for the second releases on his Spazio Disponibile label - following the superb debut release on the label where he was joined with Neel as Voices F...read on »

DVA Damas

Clear Cut

8/10 from Ant

DVA Damas have shed most of (but not entirely) the Rock & Roll/ Post-Punk/ New Wave sound of their debut self titled 10” EP and ‘Nightshade’ LP for Downw...read on »



8/10 from Ant

Am I the only person on the planet that’s not been soiling their pants with excitement about this record? Don’t get me wrong I like Raime and that, but the way som...read on »



8/10 from Clinton

Right, this is a gorgeous re-issue of a much unheard collaboration between Sharron Kraus and Gillian Chadwick originally released on the late great Tony Dale’s Camera Ob...read on »

The Gotobeds

Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic

8/10 from Robin

That title, though. That title. Is it good or bad? How good or bad is a piece of string? Worse than the Gotobeds, who make pleasant angry music under the guise of jagged guita...read on »

Ben Lukas Boysen


8/10 from Robin

“Oh man, he’s the new Nils Frahm” seems to be Norman Reviews editor Clint’s catchphrase, these days. A new Frahm is born unto us every day and a new pi...read on »



8/10 from Robin

This record is by a band called Bart but features saxophones so what the fuck is going on, Lisa? I dunno how we’re gonna get out of this mess but it won’t  be...read on »

Useless Eaters

Relaxing Death

8/10 from Robin

Kind of like Thee Oh Sees if they were really fucking unhappy with the state of everything, Useless Eaters make a propulsive but I guess ultimately pretty nihilistic garage ro...read on »

Featured albums

Ian William Craig
Morgen Wurde
The Associates
Tiny Ruins
Kane Ikin
Beautify Junkyards
Tropa Macaca
Richard Scott
Abul Mogard
Charlie Ulyatt
DVA Damas
Palms Trax
You + Your D. Metal Friend
Jon Mueller
Beattie Cobell
Levon Vincent
Glitter Wizard
Michel Banabila
DJ Zozi
Shit Robot
Prefab Sprout
Various (AFX, Bjarki, Nina Kraviz, Biogen)
Delilah Gutman, Drawing Virtual Gardens
Peter, Bjorn and John
Sordid Sound System
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Marquis Hawkes
J M S Khosah / Brassfoot
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Evans The Death
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