Weekly Update Konstruktivists, Mercury Rev, "A" Trio with Alan Bishop, PJ Harvey, Whitney, and more...

Breaking News:

Office News:

What a week at the Norman Towers. Nathon brought in his adorable dog in the name of office morale; Clint sliced a banana in half in the name of science; Ian wore a checkered shirt in the name of nothing. It’s been a big one. We’ve got that summer feeling. We’ve also got records, which you might argue is fitting for what is ostensibly a record store. I guess you’d be right. Let’s have a look in at all the sound-affected things that happened this week, shall we?

The News (Contd.):

They’re the musical equivalent of the comedic “and finally...!” bit:

  • This delightfully tiny CD somehow contains the bold trombone drone of Sophie Cooper.
  • Psychic Ills get corny and attempt to legitimise the new genre Harmonica Psych.
  • It’s true: there’s a new Cat’s Eyes record.
  • Ilyas Ahmed and Golden Retriever set sail as ambient tour-de-thing Dreamboat.
  • Hendrix-worshipping astronauts Rhyton release a snoozy but plenty-soloed 12”.
  • Xeno & Oaklander play synths as if they were spic-and-span teaplates.
  • Someone has let Sean Lennon make another record. This time as the Claypool Lennon Delirium.
  • Amber Arcades glisten like Real Estate on candy floss.
  • Palace Winter do drive time War on Drugs/Metronomy pop.
  • Oh Fear of Men. Wh’appen?
  • Steve Gunn channels his inner lower-league player/manager on his new album.
  • Minor Victories are a supergroup/intervention for Mark Kozelek, and they’re alright.
  • The Melvins have six bassists, Phil has six hairs. A fine ratio.
  • I still don’t really know who Darren Hayman is. Don’t tell.
  • Clint was rude about this new Kills record. He’s often quite rude.
  • William Tyler makes soothing alt-country for the next time a bully takes your lunch money.
  • Will this Spain record ever end?
  • One man horror-flick Umberto transposes the word “boo!” for music.
  • Whitney are the latest high voiced country guys on the block.
  • Alan Bishop, brother of illegitimate knight Richard, makes sound soup with “A” Trio.
  • Mourn fail to laugh but make decent garage pop.
  • Former Spacemen 3 dude Pete Bassman is the walrus as Tross.
  • Nico Yaryan does his bit for general purpose indie rock.
  • The Strokes try to give a shit, but ultimately don’t.

Flowing gently into this section’s prosaic stream are entries from dulcimer dreamteam Coypu, psychedelic layabouts Lay Llamas (who sleepily release their first ever tape) and post-picnic psych rockers Qujaku. There are promising sounds on this Kib Elektra tape and indecisive art pops Wild Palms finally made a new album. Good work everybody.

Reissues (working title: Reissnews):

The old newspaper you used when you paper mached that shitty volcano you made in Year 4… but as a nostalgic photograph, aw, bless:

  • For one millisecond back in ‘98 we swooned to Mercury Rev ‘Deserter’s Songs’.
  • Birgé Gorgé’s free noise confuses our considerably befuzzled Laurie.
  • For a while the Brilliant Corners were the ‘80s best pop group. There I said it. Big compendium out.
  • The Horrors had insane amounts of hair circa ‘Strange House’.
  • Industrial gang Konstruktivists get their early work re-issued on Dark Entries.
  • Lights in the Attic re-issue Bernard Purdie’s Lialeh Soundtrack. These are literally porn grooves.
  • Phil once promoted a show by Tarentel. They now have their ‘classic’ ‘From Bone to Satellite’ deluxe expanded. Nothing about Phil is deluxe, much of him has expanded.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup, which counts as news, don’t argue:

His quaint village home is a delorean of 130BPM crockery.

  • Belbury Poly back on Ghost Box, dishing out krautrock, folk and glam - complete with flutes. Blimey!
  • LP of occult/ new age/ meditation collaged samples ripped from YouTube from the mysterious Tongues of Light on Demdike Stare and Andy Votel’s label.
  • Gate does disco on a smashing LP from The Dead C’s Michael Morley.
  • Coupla LP’s from COIL chums Black Sun Productions including... erm.. ‘Toilet Chant’. Plus guitar botherer Norman Westberg drones out on Hallow Ground.
  • Necro Deathmort bring some bass filth and heavy electronic doom on an album for Rocket.
  • Gloomy, tricky electronica from Yen Towers aka Age Coin’s Simon Formann and a slab from supergroup Body Sculptures feat. Puce Mary, Varg, Loke Rahbek, Erik Enocksson - both on Copenhagen’s Posh Isolation.
  • Classy techno/ house/ acid from Russell E. L. Butler on Opal tapes sister label Black Opal.
  • Umberto’s dark fantasy soundtrack ‘Alienation’ LP on Not Not Fun.
  • Xeno & Oaklander LP of modern electro-pop - their second for Ghostly.
  • Demdike Stare Testpressing #005 and #006 repressed.
  • Naples producer NPLGNN has an album of grubby distorted electronics out on cassette.
  • Future Sound Of London get to grips with the EMS Synthi AKS as Synthi A.
  • Dag Rosenquist aka Jasper TX ‘elephant’ ambient disc in posh sleeve. 300 copies.
  • Second album from Machinedrum and Braille’s Sepalcure project on Scuba’s Hotflush.

7”... News:

I’m not gonna lie, this update got a little high-concept and I ran out of header ideas. It’s no frills from here on out.

  • PJ Harvey… 7”... music… and so on.
  • I don’t recommend 7” as drone format of choice, but I do recommend Benoit Pioulard.
  • Woah now: two new tunes by Dischord dads Dag Nasty.
  • Darren Hayman? Yeah he’s that guy who… does the thing, right?
  • Veronica Falls frontwoman shows Patience.

Next week Phil is back, so consider us told off for everything we did.

Words by Robin and Clint (the Pollard/Sprout of weekly updates) as Clueless Lodging Maze Eats Our Airplane.

The Normanites this week were Kim, Lulu, Jamie, Nathon, Ian & wandering boy poet Laurie.

Customer Compliment of the Week:

“Still impressed by the lack of gristle”

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Xeno & Oaklander


9/10 from Jamie

What have we here? A treat for a midweek morning, that’s what. Highly polished electro-pop from Xeno & Oaklander -- Sean McBride and Liz Wendelbo -- on their fifth on »

Richard Neale


9/10 from Jamie

Richard Neale is back with his second full-length album, following his immersive duo of ‘Deep Blue’ EPs. The record comprises four tracks, each formed from a on »


Saturday Night Fever

9/10 from Ant

What is this? An LP by Michael Morley’s (of New Zealand avant skronk legends The Dead C)  long running solo project Gate, entitled ‘Saturday Night Fever& on »



8/10 from Robin

MIE offer up a great big heartswell of a record here, requesting the sonic matrimony of Ilyas “There Is An Angel On Earth” Ahmed and duo Golden Retriever, who do on »

Birge Gorge

Avant Toute

8/10 from Laurie

Birge Gorge is the musical argy bargy of Jean-Jacques Birge and Francis Gorge from that '70s time when noodly widdle was not only ok, but fashionable. I guess these 2016 on »

Sophie Cooper

Count The Days

8/10 from Laurie

My introduction to Sophie Cooper was a slightly hungover trip down to a big church in Leeds where, upon entering, we were encased in a singular wall of texture conjured by on »

Cat's Eyes

Treasure House

8/10 from Jamie

Yes, it’s true! Rachel Zeffira and Faris Badwan are back in their Cat’s Eyes guise, and with new music! I could scarcely have dreamt of something better happening on »

Kib Elektra

Blemishes EP

8/10 from Jamie

I’ve just been presented with the latest in a long line of really good reasons to own a good pair of headphones; namely, Kib Elektra’s debut EP, Blemishes. is now on »

Palace Winter

Waiting For The World To Turn

8/10 from Clinton

Will people stop calling bands with the ‘Palace’ moniker? Every time it happens I think it’s a new Will Oldham alias. It’s daft, just plain daft. on »

Amber Arcades

Fading Lines

8/10 from Clinton

Probably not sounding all that much like Beach House despite the press release reference, the dreamy sound and that title is Amber Arcades who is one lady, Annelotte de on »

William Tyler

Modern Country

8/10 from Robin

His full name sounds kinda like two American schoolkids who beat you up at lunchtime because you don’t know them in a sport team context, but William Tyler actually isn& on »

"A" Trio with Alan Bishop

Burj Al Iman

8/10 from Robin

Sometimes it kinda feels like I’m writing about the same five musicians every week, each leading a separate life that connects like an episode of LOST in my review on »

Tongues Of Light

Channeled Messages At The End Of History

8/10 from Ant

One of the great unanswered questions is what is the source of creativity? Are we channeling sounds, voices and so on from some higher forces, perhaps another dimension? This on »

Benoît Pioulard

Seize / Marre

8/10 from Clinton

I can just imagine how long Benoit Pioulard spends messing around with tapes. His music always sounds like it has been fed through some wheezing dusty old machine only to on »

Homeboy Sandman

Kindness for Weakness

8/10 from Clinton

I’ve been poised to review this Homeboy Sandman record for weeks and it blimmin’ well comes in the week I’m attempting to fill in for our absent leader. on »

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