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Weekly Update Alan Parker, Piano Magic, J Dilla, Helen Love, Metrist, and more...

Thursday May 19th 2016

  • New on Public House Recordings: finally, a vinyl re-press of Piano Magic’s gorgeous soundtrack to ‘Son De Mar’. First time on vinyl, officially licensed from 4AD. Exclusive to us. For fans of Max Richter, Rachels and the sound of the sea.
  • Also check out the new Public House Recordings website. Swish.
  • Record of the Week. 10% off til the clock picks at midnight tonight.

This time last week I was on holiday and busy looking at a heron. This week I’m plunged back in the dangerous world of rock and roll where there’s a new Public House record in town by none other than Piano Magic and we have lots of other round things for your fancy. Busy week as usual so let’s get shut me up and get started.

New Music: Things that are about to happen.

  • Ever wondered what Talk Talk backing Billie Holiday might sound like? Try Melanie de Biasio.
  • 18+ sing about sins of the flesh. A subject us middle aged record store guys know very little about.
  • Marissa Nadler sings songs that pull up a chair, sit you down and points you at an impressive cornice.
  • Fews make post punk sound playful. Happy lads.
  • Thank the lord that in these days of Blossoms someone is still preposterous. Hello Adult Jazz.
  • Thick-as-mud sludge, and soulless vocal howls. It’s Deadsmoke’s idea of fun.
  • Who wants a 59 track Grateful Dead tribute featuring Mumford and Sons? The National and perhaps you.
  • I’d put the Kate Jackson LP on the wall. Possibly not on the record player.
  • Young Magic are like a goth synth snowflake.
  • On Dead Waves is a collaboration between Polly Scattergood and professional leaking gas pipe impersonator Maps.
  • Just trying to work out which is best. Animal Collective ‘Merriweather Post Pavillion’ or the new Richard Ashcroft LP.
  • Oh here he comes. One part duck, one part human it’s Mister Bob Dylan.
  • Highly vintage, old-school synthesizers and still drone on the Sarah Davachi album.
  • Pitchfork approved dreamy guy Mutual Benefit is back sounding like he’s tumbling down a waterfall..
  • The latest Rail Cables is a four way split between worriesaboutsatan, Adam Betts (Three Trapped Tigers), Negra Branca (Gnod) and Orcer.
  • Smash Hits would never have adorned their mag with anyone this old. Hello Helen Love.
  • Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation/Gnoomes split an LP. Weirdly the best tracks are where they remix each other.
  • New things on John Dwyer’s Castle Face by Zig Zags and Mountains and Rainbows.

It’s about this time of the update that we get an inkling you are sick of bullet points.

Also in: new 4AD angst pop guy Methyl Ethel (not his real name), torch song psych recorded in an airport from Gemma Ray, Near the Parenthesis make like Nils Frahm having a go at being Emeralds, more dark, reflective homespun music from Bradford artist Val Denham on Vanity Case, Christine Ott prepares pieces for her signature Ondes Martenot (an old piano with its very own desk draws).


Reissues. Already happened - now re-juiced.

  • Peace aren’t the rubbish modern day band but mid ‘70s groovy psychedelicists,
  • The complete recorded work of Angry Angles (aka Alix Brown and Jay Reatard) has been squeezed onto a CD/record.
  • Two nice vinyl re-issues from impossi-say Tom and Christine Carter creation Charalambides.
  • Ignored at the time ‘80s kraut guys Circles get their music re-issued now that it is acceptable.
  • If you like the days of early Factory Records when music was forward thinking you should check out this the Lines re-issue.
  • The Bluetones ‘Expecting to Fly’ has been re-issued. Probably sounds ok now that the Stone Roses have lowered the bar even further.
  • Visitors were a post punk gang funded by none other than Sir John Peel. They are scratchy and angry and should not have been forgotten.
  • A collection of now music journalist Vivien Goldman’s post punk creations. Music journalists make music? Wow.
  • More Dilla.
  • Thought this the Little Flames re-issue might be interesting until I saw the name Miles Kane on the sleeve.
  • Incredibly, improbably, some of you like Manic Street Preachers. You’ll be delighted to learn that ‘Everything Must Go’ has been re-issued.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

When techno reached the ‘burbs…

  • WANDA GROUP returns to Opal Tapes for a second helping of WTF? Plus a 12” on the label from Metrist.
  • Album of gnarly, mystical acid and tough jack trax from Jamal Moss and cousin Noleian Reusse as Africans With Mainframes.
  • Explosion of inventive/ introspective electronic art pop from Elon Katz on Diagonal.
  • Nipper Sam Gellaitry drops some booming trap/ hip hop/ dancehall hybrids.
  • 80’s fantasy synth soundtrack time with Pentagram Home Video. Don’t forget to rewind before you take it back to the shop.
  • Heavyweight, dark bass skankers from Truth on Mala’s DEEP MEDi MUSIK.
  • Karen Gwyer / Raven Cru / Dukwa / Lily share a 12” on Don’t Be Afraid.
  • House music from Ametsub on FaltyDL’s Blueberry label inc. a mix by the man himself.
  • Grime Time: Slackk 12” on R&S.
  • Reissue of Caroline K’s Philip K. Dick inspired 1985 synth tear jerker ‘Now Wait For Last Year’ via Blackest Ever Black.
  • Out of the blue 12” from Factory Floor. Surprise, surprise.
  • New music from olde Tangerine Dream member / Conrad Schnitzler, Cluster, Roedelius producer Peter Baumann.
  • New LP from German techno auteur Pantha Du Prince. Well twinkly and lush.
  • I am contractually obliged to write James Blake.
  • Whitehouse have released a family friendly chart bustin’ best of with newly mastered audio.
  • ++ Petar Dundov album on Music Man, dodgy Karl Bartos 7”, Weightausend 12” doomer, Atlas 12” on Keysound and Philippe Petit CD on Glacial Movements.


Stick your finger in the middle of one and pull out a plum.

  • The Royal Sitars make something you’ve all been waiting for. A sitar tribute to Royal Headache.
  • Here’s that Alan Parker 7” that was late for Record Store Day (remember that?)
  • Two popular groups when on tour and commemorated it all on a 7” record Ultimate Painting and Woods fight it out to see who is best.
  • CTMF is Billy Childish and pals doing a tribute song to the curly one out of Neighbours.
  • Darren Hayman collabs with Papernut Cambridge on some old-ish songs.
  • Soon-to-be-popular young London people The Big Moon release actually-quite-good new single.

Tape That:

They are definitely a bit old spool aren’t they? Anyway, blink and you’ll miss the self-released Thought Broadcast ‘Voided’ tape plus second edition of the awesome ‘Social Acid’ tape released on Raspberry Bulbs/ Bone Awl dude’s Personnel label.

Ok we’re done. My typing finger has been worn down to a stump so it’s time to say goodbye for another week. Weekend outlook: wavering.

Words by Clint and Ant, with a few noises nicked off Robin.

The Normanites this week were Kim, Phil, Jamie, Nathon, Ian & Laurie.


Customer Compliment of the Week:

“nearly wet myself when they threw in about twenty stickers and a Parquet Courts badge”

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Piano Magic

Son De Mar

9/10 from Clinton

Glen Johnson's shape-shifting collective released some of their most evocative work with this soundtrack for the Bigas Luna film 'Son De Mar' ('Sound of the Sea'). The soundt...read on »


(For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly

9/10 from Jamie

Antonymes -- musician/photographer/designer Ian M. Hazeldine -- strange and fantastic music to reflect strange and fantastic surroundings. He begins at the piano, playing and ...read on »

Suso Saiz


9/10 from Jamie

Spanish musician Suso Sáiz was, apparently, a prolific producer at the forefront of Spain’s experimental music scene from the late 1970s, who recorded with many p...read on »

Sarah Davachi


9/10 from Robin

“Nothing worse than half-arsed drone” -- Kim, 2016 Sarah Davachi’s 2015 record, ‘Baron’s Court’, may well have been the most quintessentia...read on »

Marissa Nadler


9/10 from Robin

I’m unfamiliar with Marissa Nadler, but in her world, it doesn’t seem to matter. ‘Strangers’ is the kind of record that immediately prepares a table fo...read on »

Sam Gellaitry

Escapism EP

9/10 from Laurie

This guy is about 5 years old and makes beats heavier than all the food he’s eaten in his life. Clint says that XL probably need some fresh meat to replace Jamie XX; the...read on »


Central Heating

9/10 from Ant

Louis Johnstone’s second LP for Opal Tapes arrives some four years after his well received ‘Piss Fell Out Like Sunlight’ album from the label. During the tim...read on »


Shapeshifter LP

8/10 from Clinton

I've been meaning to review this album for far too long now. What perhaps has stopped me is in thinking how to get across it's almost genre-less structure. The album was put t...read on »

Daniel W J Mackenzie

Glass Permanent

8/10 from Jamie

Daniel W J Mackenzie has worked under the alias Ekca Liena. Here, Daniel has composed six atmospheric soundscapes to restful and cinematic effect. His sound design credentials...read on »

Adam Betts / worriedaboutsatan / Negra Branca / Orcer

Rail Cables - Autumn Selection 2015

8/10 from Jamie

Here we have the 4th (and final?) instalment in the Rail Cables series, all containing new music inspired by modern railways. Because, I don’t know about you, but travel...read on »

The Lines

Hull Down

8/10 from Clinton

The lines were that most extraordinary of things  - a below the radar post punk group that made stunning futuristic music that nobody actually ever heard. Though the...read on »


Summer Wasn’t There / Winter Doesn’t Care

8/10 from Clinton

Well this is something to get me rather excited on this rain lashed day.  Brent Rademaker from Beachwood Sparks teams up with other LA luminaries Matt Piucci from Rain Pa...read on »

Christine Ott

Only Silence Remains

8/10 from Robin

Here’s one Christine Ott, lying about how ‘Only Silence Remains’ when actually music is totally on the cards. A member of Yann Tiersen’s touring band b...read on »

Adult Jazz

Earrings Off!

8/10 from Robin

If I had to explain Adult Jazz, hereby referred to as Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhdult Jazz!!???!?!?!?, I would say this: they do a lot of things in a nice room. Their stunning and will...read on »

David Coulter & Seb Rochford

Good Friday

8/10 from Robin

Norman Records Sitcom Idea 45: a man with a mouth harp moves in with a guy who plays the drums and they accidentally get booked at the arena gigs that Muse are supposed to be ...read on »

Near The Parenthesis


8/10 from Robin

I’m banishing myself into the corner with the hope I may visit upon yet another drone netherworld. Here lies the new record from well-rested busybee Tim Arndt, going und...read on »


Structures: Unreleased Material 1985-1989

8/10 from Robin

These are the kind of sounds I would take with me to a marine trench. I’m not going to visit one, because I’m not a marine biologist, but Circles music makes me th...read on »


Strangle The Wretched Heavens

8/10 from Robin

The Charalambides moniker contains two musical naysayers, both of whom now make their own kinda weirdness elsewhere. Christina Carter finds new ways to unfold her guitar while...read on »


Glowing Raw

8/10 from Robin

The second in a twin reissue of Charalambides records, ‘Glowing Raw’ sees psychedelic duo Tom and Christina Carter using their teamwork for a similarly unwinding, ...read on »

Melanie de Biasio

Blackened Cities

8/10 from Clinton

The sleeve is a black and white shot of an industrial area…say Middlesborough. On a yellow post it note the words ‘IAN WANTS PROMO’ scream out at ...read on »


War Of The Minds

8/10 from Laurie

Mala’s Deep Medi continue their conquest of the dubstep and grime spheres with a new 12" from NZ wobblers Truth. Discogs tells me that they did a split with someone call...read on »

Pentagram Home Video

Who's Out There?

8/10 from Laurie

Ooo, is it 80s synth soundtrack time already? To maintain the truest sense of a ‘found film’, the creators, or those cheeky folks at Death Waltz, have put the orig...read on »



8/10 from Laurie

At the risk of getting fired due to being too positive towards music in reviews, I’m gonna give this some mildly glowing praise too. That’s the fourth thing today....read on »

Africans With Mainframes


8/10 from Ant

Slammin’ debut album from Jamal Moss and cuz Noleian Reusse as Africans With Mainframes. Long overdue after 12”s for Mathematics, Creme Organization and Bio Rhythm...read on »

Mutual Benefit

Skip a Sinking Stone

8/10 from Clinton

Mutual Benefit (aka Jordan Lee) got thrust kicking and screaming into the mainstream when his previous album 'Love's Crushing Diamond' became the first Bandcamp only release t...read on »

Elon Katz

The Human Pet

8/10 from Ant

I wasn’t quite sure what I thought of this record at first but it’s really growing on me. Elon Katz if you don’t know has worked under a few aliases; Aeylen ...read on »

The Big Moon


8/10 from Clinton

There I am watching the video. Dreaming up a million ways I can say this is rubbish when I realise...to my horror....it is rather good.  The Big Moon are a London quarte...read on »

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Val Denham
Sarah Davachi
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Karen Gwyer / Raven Cru / Dukwa / Lily
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Adam Betts / worriedaboutsatan / Negra Branca / Orcer
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James Blake
Angry Angles
Thought Broadcast
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Caroline K
On Dead Waves
Young Magic
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