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Weekly Update Youth Code, Benoît and the Mandelbrots, The Durutti Column, Wavves / Cloud Nothings, Some Bizarre, and more...

Thursday May 5th 2016

It’s been a really busy week here. First up we opened a window for the first time this year. Second, we found a CD player that actually works and third we collected a pallet of the very new Public House record which you won’t find out about until a week after next. This is known as a tease. We learnt that off Radiohead.

Oh and there are loads of things in this week and some of them are very good indeed. Shall we take a look? It’s a bumper week - so grab a mivvi and enjoy.

The General Round-up Of Good New Sound

Top new sounds for your turntable…..not re-issues. This is new music that you haven’t heard before.

  • The Anohni record is good. Very, very, good. Read my report.
  • Field Mice fans should really check out the new Lightning in a Twilight Hour record. Bob Wratten and crew have made something as good as anything in their back catalogue.
  • Good to see Yoni Wolf (aka Why?) back alongside Serengeti as Yoni and Geti (natch).
  • Psychic Temple were a man who is now a band and he/they does a take on that Laurel Canyon sound.
  • Klaus Johann Grobe is a band, not a man. These people make summer dream-pop. Have an ice cream.
  • Imagine living in a cloud. Hakobune would make the soundtrack.
  • Mamiffer make drone that’s just woken up. Like a big animal.
  • Loose pop vignettes from Manchester crate diggers Whyte Horses.
  • J Dilla. A ‘new’ album. This is the one you might have bought on Record Store Day.
  • Winner of record title and band name of the week is ‘Pile’ by A Giant Dog.
  • Loads of Cohen’s in stock this week, first up complica-pop guy Chris Cohen and secondly ex Peaches Geldof hubby Thomas Cohen.
  • Have a look outside. It’s sunny. Therefore Beverly’s sunshine guitar pop is perfect.
  • OOFJ. That’s not an exclamation, it’s a band name.
  • The Liminanas are a French band. They make music. (Put the cheque in the post as promised Liminanas press guys...yeah?)
  • Jaye Bartell seems a fun guy on his record cover. His music is Leonard Cohen bleak though.
  • Orchestral pop combo Left With Pictures draft in vintage tape enthusiast Richard Formby for their third record.
  • The Duke Spirit make big music for big venues that has a plaintive subtlety to it.
  • Former indie punks White Lung make Robin howl from his corner of the office.
  • Julianna Barwick makes looped and non-looped vocal songs with synth and piano.
  • Acoustic bedroom emo balladeer Into It. Over It get Robin misty eyed about when emo had a purpose.
  • Bad record corner: Former Wu Lyf screechers LUH, big music indie folkster RY X. Neither of whose name you’ll remember in one second - despite them being written in shouty capitals.

Enough for you? Ok then you could try records by industrial hardcore lot Youth Code, melancholy post punkers Alaric, cold punkers Synthetic ID, indie electro-pop friend to the stars Little Scream, grown up Americana starlet Joana Serrat, unstoppable electric guitar wizard Loren Connors, polished dream poppers Memory House.

The Round Up Of Old Sound Renewed:

Skip to here if you don’t want new things. These are old and have the familiarity of a rather wonderful old cushion.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

Wharfedale’s actually biggest techno head takes you on an electronic journey...

Tape That:

What a ‘spool’ believes...

  • Pregnant sound like Animal Collective smashed to smithereens. Something some of us would be happy to do after that last LP.
  • We’ve told you once, we’ve told you twice and we are now telling you three times that this collaboration between Ought’s Tim Darcy and AJ Cornell is rather ace.


Albums too long for you? Try one of these little things.

  • The B52’s Kate Pierson (now 237) releases her first solo 7” on Third Man of all places.
  • In information that could burst the internet Wavves have teamed up with Cloud Nothings.
  • Members of Echobelly give old-time London tunes a bawdy new electrified spin as the Blood Tub Orchestra.

And it’s all over. I’ll be off next week (please don’t celebrate so enthusiastically) so you’ll be in Robin’s capable hands. Weather update: hot. Don’t spend all your record money on ice cream.

Words by Clint and Ant. Some words lifted from text originally scribed by Robin.

The Normanites this week were Kim, Phil, Jamie, Nathon, Ian & his little lad Laurie.

Customer Compliment of the Week:

“Fandabidozi stormin’ Norman”

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Julianna Barwick


9/10 from Jamie

I am only into the third track on 'Will', Julianna Barwick's fourth full album to date -- wait, only her fourth? That's what I thought, but yes it's true -- and I am utterly s...read on »

AJ Cornell & Tim Darcy

Too Significant To Ignore

9/10 from Robin

Commutes are weird. Every day my brain is running way too fast for how long I’ve been awake, as if it were making up for the lost time I spent having a shitty dream abou...read on »

Lightning In A Twilight Hour

And All The Ships At Sea

9/10 from Clinton

I’ve been ranting internally all week about what has happened to everything. How everyone seems to be het up about nothing. About how everything is designed just to...read on »



9/10 from Clinton

Forget everything you know. If you didn’t like Antony and the Johnsons then please don’t worry about it. If you did then this really shouldn’t be too far aw...read on »


Colliding Contours

9/10 from Laurie

This piece of electronic blippery was handed to me by Clint with the words “it’s not very dark”, shortly before Robin walked up to me and said “it soun...read on »

Lucifer (Mort Garson)

Black Mass

8/10 from Jamie

Well, if the words: "Mort Garson -- 1971 -- Modular synth -- official -- reissue -- limited edition of 500" aren't enough to excite you, how about this: "UK -- exclusive!" Piq...read on »


The World Unseen

8/10 from Robin

I like Mamiffer. Some droners are cosying up for a long hibernation; this duo are the animal that just woke up from it. Some records wanna cover you over like a big fuzzy duve...read on »


The Blue Swell

8/10 from Clinton

Beverly was initially a collaboration between Drew Citron and Frankie Rose but Rose up and left upon release of their previous ‘Careers ’so Citron has been left ho...read on »

Into It. Over It.


8/10 from Robin

Emo was having a revival a couple of years ago; now it’s just here, mulling about, waiting for a bus to write a lyric about. Psych rock knows how that feels; ambient has...read on »

Klaus Johann Grobe

Spagat der Liebe

8/10 from Robin

Summer dream pop: because we are dreaming about the possibility of summer. It could happen! You never know! In the interim, I’ll be typing as a way of keeping my hands w...read on »

Yoni & Geti


8/10 from Clinton

Hi Yoni. Been a while. Hi Geti  - been about 5 seconds. Whereas Serengeti has been everywhere of late, we’ve not heard a squeak from Yoni Wolf (aka Why?) for some ...read on »

Sweet Valley

So Serene

8/10 from Laurie

Less than 1 minute into this 27 minute long song and I’m already overwhelmed. That is one intense, saturated echo. Nathan Williams of the band Wavves joins forces with h...read on »

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Into It. Over It.
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