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Record Of The Week

Record Store Day - the aftermath

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  • In summary: decide which items you want beforehand, get your account and shipping addresses ready, know your technology, know the rules, and generally just don't muck about.
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Also this week: New records that you can buy anytime. Let’s take a peek…..

The General Round-up Of Good New Sound

A round-up of (generally) round non-RSD things:

  • Sunny side up folk rockers Woods get a little bit Trojan on their new LP of summery pop.
  • This Western Skies Motel album is truly glorious finger-picking beauty. That’s all.
  • Also great ...Matt Elliott has made his best album of dark folk with ‘The Calm Before’.
  • This week’s GbV news flash: There’s a Robert Pollard solo LP (ok-ish) and a new Guided By Voices LP (very, very bad).
  • Instead Leeds brings us some proper lo-fi garage rock in the form of City Yelps.
  • Sophia are back after a while making the sort of emotional sad-rock it’s ok to like.
  • Post punk elders Wire enjoy releasing an album of stuff leftover from their previous LP.
  • Spiritual, sweeping music from Suzanna (no Magic Orchestra in tow).
  • A Mac De Marco backing guy takes a break from staring at the back of a filthy dungaree with his Homeshake LP
  • Anton Newcombe watch out! There’s a new the Dandy Warhols record in town.
  • Neurosis and Buried at Sea folks collide as Mirrors for Psychic Warfare.
  • RM Hubbert adds a lot of lady friends to his new LP.
  • Brisbane based garage rock and rollers Kitchen Floor get unhinged.

The Round Up Of Old Sound Renewed:

Old things. Re-hashed. Re-cashed. Nothing to do with Record Store Day.

  • Prix were a mid ‘70s band one part Big Star, one part squeaky voiced Black Sabbath or something.
  • We’ve got more copies of Mac DeMarco’s ‘2’ in stock.
  • The Traditional Fools are/were the old band of Ty Segall. In the Red have bundled the fun they had.
  • The Family Of Apostolic took ‘60s folk rock and stretched it into unfathomable places.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

There’s a new daddy in town...a discotheque daddy.

  • Classic Colin Potter 1981 post-punk/ warped synth pop tape ‘The Scythe’ reissued on expanded 2LP.
  • Model 500 eternal Detroit techno/ electro classics ‘Night Drive’ and ‘The Chase’ represses on Metroplex.
  • Hypnotic trippy techno from Italian Stallions Voices From The Lake
  • Celer checking in on tranquil duties.
  • Com Truise doing like an 80’s NYC Freestyle flavoured thang.
  • OKZhap and Samari 12” on Keysound Recordings - bunch of MC’s riding the ‘Gated’ riddim.
  • Mr. Fingers latest 12” ‘Outer Acid’ EP back in stock!
  • Sounds like Andy Stott’s been guzzling the codeine.
  • Precision German house from Lawrence.
  • Moss Side hip-hop beats/ downbeat from Tom Boogizm in recycled screen-printed sleeves on Ono.
  • Sand Circles - Motor City Remixes 12” on Posh Isolation inc. Yen Towers, Abdullah Rashim, Quiltland and 1991 remixes.

That’s yer lot. The electric’s gone out and I don’t have 50p for the meter.


Spin them round (a bit like a record baby).....


Do you like tapes? We have a few in including this wondrous Sontag Shogun semi live piece of pulsating rhythmic bliss, intoxicating 4 track lo-fi from Whitney K and an amazing collaboration between AJ Cornell and Tim Darcy (Ought)

That is all for now, we’ll let those that have to be near a computer at 00:00:01 in the early hours of Saturday morning have a short break from looking at things on screens.

Words by Clint and Ant. Some words lifted from text originally scribed by Robin.

The Normanites this week were Kim, Phil, Jamie, Nathon, Ian & his work slave-ette Laurie.


Customer Compliment of the Week:

“These guys are bong-ripping bad boys and I will use them again and again”.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Model 500

Night Drive

10/10 from Ant

True story: I wanted to call my first child Metroplex but my wife was having none of it... This is, in my opinion, among one of thee finest records any human being could ever...read on »

Matt Elliott

The Calm Before

9/10 from Clinton

Matt Elliott’s move from drum’n’ bass ’n’ noise troubadour with Third Eye Foundation to dark folkster could never have been predicted but on this...read on »

Mr. Fingers

Outer Acid

9/10 from Ant

These are the first Mr. Fingers productions from Chicago house music Godfather Larry Heard in over ten years. His recent return to the alias has also seen him remixing Simonci...read on »

Colin Potter

The Scythe

9/10 from Ant

Originally issued in 1981 on cassette; ‘The Scythe’ was Colin Potter’s fifth album. Part of an incredible run of albums spanning 1980-1982 (recently reissued...read on »


Rabbit Eclipse

9/10 from Ant

Two of the Polish people that I’ve known over the years have been right hard bastards. One of them used to have half a dead cow hanging in his garage - off of which he&r...read on »

Sontag Shogun

2015, NYC

9/10 from Robin

Hm. I’m acutely aware that I might be listening to something good. This might be a problem; I’ve been lying about bad music so long that I’ve forgotten how t...read on »

Vanessa Amara

You're Welcome Here

9/10 from Robin

Posh Isolation may well be home to the grouchy young punx and noisemakers a la Communions, Damien Dubrovnik, Marching Church and that, but I like it best when they do the dron...read on »

Western Skies Motel


9/10 from Clinton

Oh this is just lovely. Western Skies Motel is Danish guitar maestro René Gonzàlez Schelbeck who has managed to concoct one of those albums which from the very o...read on »

Oren Ambarchi / Stefano Pilia / Massimo Pupillo


8/10 from Jamie

'Aithein' finds the ever-prolific Oren Ambarchi on droney guitar and drum duties in collaboration with friends Stefano Pilia (guitar) and Massimo Pipilllo (Zu, bass) on a two ...read on »

City Yelps

The City Yelps Half Hour

8/10 from Clinton

With what we suspect to be an awful Guided By Voices album in the offing this week, we could do with some proper lo-fi fuzz pop to get us through the mire. Leeds' City Ye...read on »


A Book Of Flying

8/10 from Jamie

Jian Kellett Liew, aka Kyson, has set his delicate vocals to elegantly picked guitar and softly fluttering electronics to create an effect not unlike an electronic Jose Gonzal...read on »

Henning Christiansen

Requiem of Art fluxorum organum II Opus 50

8/10 from Jamie

First issued in 1973 ‎alongside his Scottish Symphony, the collaborative work with artist Joseph Beuys, ‘Requiem of Art Fluxorum organum II Opus 50’ is literal...read on »

OKZharp and Samrai

Gated EP

8/10 from Laurie

Some bouncy business here. Keysound are always good at supplying melodic, hazy offshoots of reputable bass-heavy styles of dance - sideways garage, leftfield jungle, and right...read on »

Andy Stott

Too Many Voices

8/10 from Laurie

It’s the man Andy Stott making that electronic music thing again. Music from another planet, robots, the future, an alternate universe, or just Garageband. In a world of...read on »


As We Make Our Way (Unknown Harbours)

8/10 from Clinton

Hi Sophia, been awhile. My friends child who was named after the band is now five or something which I think is roughly the number of years since the last Sophia alb...read on »

Voices From The Lake

Secondo Tempo

8/10 from Clinton

Fresh from twanging a mouth harp at you for an hour, Donato Dozzy re-unites with Neel to produce more of their elegant techno as Voices from the Lake. Here we have three trac...read on »



8/10 from Ant

After a slew of 12”s for Mord, South London Analogue Material, Perc Trax, Mindcut, THEM etc. Kieran Whitefield unleashes an absolutely crushing, deadly debut album of &l...read on »


Requiescat In Plavem

8/10 from Robin

Neil Young has lost it. The Pono is weird; ‘The Montano Years’ was a bad record; he has spent too much time with Jack White. I say this because Krano’s new r...read on »

Puce Mary

The Spiral

8/10 from Ant

Puce Mary has been accused of diluting the original formula of noise/ industrial music with “weedy synth”. I can see the point, although I don’t see it as st...read on »

Whitney K


8/10 from Robin

The 4-track is the lunchbox of the music world. You can take it with you to work! You can have a sonic picnic! It is rucksack adjacent. In this case, though, Konnor Whitney ju...read on »

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