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Weekly Update Polvo, Kowton, Rustie, Heinrich Dressel, The Duke St Workshop with Laurence R Harvey, and more...

Thursday April 14th 2016

As you may or may not know, Saturday is Record Store Day. Here are a few bit of info that may be of use:

  • We'll be opening the doors at 8:00am.
  • Please fill in and bring our RSD order sheet with you. You can print it here.
  • No more than 15 items per person.
  • Only 1 copy per item per customer.
  • You cannot reserve items in advance.
  • Remaining stock will go online at 00:00:01 on Saturday 23rd April 2016.
  • Have a look at Our Record Store Day picks - we’ve picked out the best bits!

Useful ways of staying in touch:

  • Our Record Store Day Page. It has everything we think we are getting in, and you can download your RSD order sheet from here.
  • Our Twitter account -- probably the best place to get up to date info, sold outs etc.
  • And there’s our RSD Facebook page. Tell us if you are coming along...and keep up to date with the latest news from the front line.

Anyway, all that aside it’s still a very strong week for ‘normal’ releases. Here we go...a one, two, three, four:

The General Round-up Of Good New Sound

A round-up of (generally) round non-RSD things:

  • Brand new one from PJ Harvey. The vinyl has sold out now so it’s CD only for the time being (sad face thingy).
  • Shoegaze people Lush have their new EP out on 10” and CD. It’s good -- try it!
  • Math guys Suuns get complex with electronics.
  • Iron and Wine guy Sam Beam collabs with Jesca Hoop to positive effect.
  • Woods and the Babies lad Kevin Morby gets grand(er) on third solo disc.
  • Rejoice! New Hawkwind.
  • Woodpigeon play a gorgeous strain of twinkling alt country from deepest Canada.
  • College rock super group East of Venus feature members of the Feelies, Winter Hours and Luna. Yay.
  • Pinback’s Rob Crow is back with a batch of new pop songs that aren’t that gloomy.
  • New Zealand youngsters Street Chant update that Flying Nun sound.
  • Causa Sui’s Jakob Skott gets some drums and some synths and stirs.
  • William Fowler Collins & James Jackson Toth position wobbly synth drones against a folkie vocal.
  • Mr Lif gets personal and political on new opus. On ‘storm cloud’ vinyl. Whatever next?
  • Choirs, saxes, slightly dodgy R&B -- it must be the new Wild Belle LP.
  • Cate Le Bon is Welsh isn’t she? Thank goodness Robin doesn’t give her LP ‘Crab Day’ a pasting. Pasting? Ha! Geddit?
  • Film soundtrack vet John Carpenter releases ‘Lost Themes 2’.
  • Ha! Dogs eh? Dr. Dog get all ambitious on new psych opus.
  • Phil is allergic to feathers. Who knew?
  • Sturgill Simpson is a country guy and that Nirvana cover is pretty decent.
  • We have the new Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex LP in with the hand painted sleeve.

The Round Up Of Old Sound Renewed:

Old things. Re-hashed. Re-cashed. Nothing to do with Record Store Day.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

He’s a dad but he likes techno? Complex.

  • Neil Cosgrove tape of fun acid trax created on his own LX Studio software. 40 copies on Conditional.
  • Neuroshima oldskool breakbeat hardcore flashback 12” on All Caps in shiny mirrorboard sleeve.
  • Kowton’s finally done an album.
  • Slick production and grime induced beats on Planet Mu from Silk Road Assassins crew.
  • What James K is a girl? Is this some kind of revenge for all the boys using girls names? She has an LP on Dial.
  • Get yer sub-bass orgasms from Alex Coulton.
  • That Rustie album you downloaded last year now exists in plastic form.
  • Secret Circuit EP on Invisible Inc. Don’t tell anyone.
  • Discofied jazzy deep house from Awanto 3 - The sought after ‘Pregnant’ remastered.
  • Limited white vinyl 12” of ‘Electronic Rock’ from The Assistant on Polytechnic Youth.
  • Maps & Diagrams bliss-out. Contains twinkles.
  • Tropical ambient action from Johnny Hawaii. True.
  • Good to see Kettel still ploughing away. We thought he’d vanished into one of them computer games.
  • Speaking of video games - 50% of Teengirl Fantasy; Logan Takahashi takes inspiration from Neo Geo for an LP on Ghostly.
  • If you copped the recent Bookworms album on BANK Records NYC, you can acquire more techno filth on the label from Enrique.
  • cv313 clear vinyl ‘Seconds to Forever reshapes’ 12” inc DeepChord and Intrusion versions.
  • Plus Klankman on Details Sound, Brassfoot on Apron, DJC on Night Slugs, Lucy on Samuari Horo, Fabio Monesi on Russian Torrent Versions, Jorge Velez and 33.10.3402 on L.I.E.S, Heinrich Dressel on Mannequin.


Like 12”s but with a lot less length...

  • Spinning Coin are possibly the future of Glasgow indie pop.
  • Fruits De Mer issues this incredi-cover of Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust’.
  • Also on Fruits de Mer Proud Peasant release these ‘impeccable’ (it says here) covers of Manfred Mann and Eloy.
  • Finally, on Regal Crabomophone (what?) Sicily’s finest Claudio Cataldi covers the Velvet Underground.

That’s it for now. Hope to see a few of you on Saturday. Remember, don’t get upset if you don’t get what you want. It won’t matter in the end when we are all dead.

Words by Clint and Ant. Some words lifted from text originally scribed by Robin.

The Normanites this week were Kim, Phil, Jamie, Nathon, Ian & sweet baby Laurie.

Customer Compliment of the Week:

It's GREAT, because Norman crew are PROFESSIONALS.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

The Assistant


9/10 from Jamie

News reaches us here at Norman's, in white vinyl 'super sound single' record form, of 'The Assistant'. A person, minus head on inspection of the sleeve, an enigma wrapped up i...read on »

William Fowler Collins & James Jackson Toth

Under Stars and Smoke

8/10 from Robin

Wherein the psychedelic man James Jackson Toth gets together with dark ambient man William Fowler Collins. In the mood to celebrate their full names, middle one and all, they ...read on »

Maps & Diagrams


8/10 from Jamie

Maps and Diagrams is the work of Tim Diagram, setting out here his roadmap of hazy, harmonic and watery sounds. Sounds which encapsulate the electronic and acoustic. Soun...read on »



8/10 from Clinton

From Canada originally but with Scottish connections, Woodpigeon have released six records and I’ve not heard a single one. From the sounds of the opening ‘Fence&r...read on »

Awanto 3

Pregnant / Star Butchers

8/10 from Clinton

Got a couple of housey things here as...well...there's no-one else to do them. House reviewed by an old man  - a very old man. I'm sat here wondering how long it took Aw...read on »

Silk Road Assassins

Reflection Spaces

8/10 from Laurie

This here is a group of bass assassins who have been taken under the wing of the Paradinas to meld the more straight beats of the modern club aeon with weird alien synth colla...read on »

Spinning Coin


8/10 from Clinton

As I drove in this morning the boom box I use in lieu of my broken car stereo started to run out of batteries and the tape I was playing (yes tape) started to slow down a tad....read on »

Jakob Skott

All The Colours Of The Dust

8/10 from Robin

“They’re just… they’re more of a collective”, intones Ian with italics in his voice, straining through his goatee to explain to me why every mem...read on »


Rave Archive EP

8/10 from Ant

Over the past five or so years, the All Caps label have gained a cult following; steadily building a catalogue of sought after releases, cherished by global disc jockeys. The ...read on »

Kevin Morby

Singing Saw

8/10 from Robin

I want nothing more than aspirational psych-folkie Kevin Morby to make a golden solo record. The sauntering and curiously hypnotic ‘Harlem River’ showed great prom...read on »


Beyond The Dance - Mr. Fingers Remixes

8/10 from Ant

House music legend Larry Heard turns in a solid pair of remixes of Simone Vescovo’s ‘Beyond The Dance’ from his ‘Abele Dance’ 12” also on L...read on »

Rrose x Tujurikkuja


8/10 from Ant

I think I may have reviewed every Rrose record ever? Ah well… Here’s another one the artists Eaux label. On this occasion a split with Tujurikkuja -- who you&rsqu...read on »

Kangding Ray / Rrose

Ardent / Swallows

8/10 from Ant

This has landed the same time as another Rrose split 12” - that one over there on his Eaux label. Both these guys have had stuff out on Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefac...read on »

Neil Cosgrove

Bum Montage

8/10 from Ant

The third tape from Conditional is by far the most accessible release from the label thus far. I was expecting a mental acid squelch noise assault but ‘Bum Montage&rsquo...read on »

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