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Thursday March 17th 2016

Welcome to this week’s wonderful scripture. We’ve been really busy here at the towers releasing records, spilling other people’s lunches and generally having a middling time of it. So let’s crack on and list all of the sensational records we have in stock this week. Here we go. You’ll like it (not a lot!).

The General Round-up Of Good Sound

  • Surface To Air Missive manage to magically combine Steely Dan and Pavement. Clattery complicated songcraft. Very good.
  • There’s a new Primal Scream album. Isn’t it time the authorities got involved?
  • Here’s a band that Ian likes, but hear us out because Causa Sui provide more prog sadness for your 2016.
  • The Lucid Dream’s “Bad Texan” is kind of like Deerhunter’s “Nothing Ever Happened” in reverse, says Robin.
  • The Magnetic North write an album of glistening folk pop about Lancs new town Skelmersdale. Why not eh?
  • Meilyr Jones is a baroque Welshman who has named his album after one of the world’s greatest years.
  • Holy Wave get dangerously dreamy and marvellously lazy.
  • Reuters are reporting that James have a new album out.
  • Yearning alt country men with hair Richmond Fontaine reveal their swansong.
  • Damien Jurado does his own version of Cosmic American Music. Warning: walrus on sleeve.
  • Lust For Youth are from Denmark yet sound like the Southern Death Cult.
  • United Sounds of Joy wear sunglasses and make textural music like a less ‘difficult’ Scott Walker (who is also known to ‘sunglass’).
  • La Sera is the lady from Vivian Girls with an album where the weather is always good.
  • Yoko Ono (now 142) releases preposterous collaboration projects with Sparks, Death Cab For Cutie, tUnE-yArDs and thousands more.
  • Our prayers have been answered and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Bill has finally hooked up with Bitchin’ Baja’s.
  • Liima are a few guys from Efterklang and one of them has a moustache. Yak on sleeve.
  • Mean, abrasive and inventive experimental metal from the Body.
  • Dusty and dramatic guitar toters Gun Outfit who feature a Growing person.
  • Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan makes thankfully unrecognisable re-works out of his recent solo LP.
  • Recipe idea. Take one Jon Brooks (the Advisory Circle), stir in some Tim from Broadcast/Seeland and hey presto... Hintermass.
  • This week’s most ridiculous record. Merzbow + Boris. One record each. Play them both together to make your very own noise-blast.

The Round Up Of Old Sound Renewed:

  • As we mentioned before...3 x Flying Saucer Attack re-issues. You know you have to have them don’t you?
  • We haven’t mentioned Manyfingers enough have we? If you like Four Tet AND Yann Tiersen you’ll like this. We promise.
  • The Death Cab For Cutie re-issue program continues, this week step forward ‘Codes and Keys’.
  • Thrill Jockey fingerpickee Glenn Jones gets re-strung.
  • Squawking post punkers Pere Ubu get a box set treatment which includes ‘New Picnic Time’, ‘The Art Of Walking’, ‘Song Of The Bailing Man’ plus a disk of extras.
  • Sauna Youth’s debut ‘Dreamlands’ has been re-issued mere seconds after it first appeared….ok four years. Time moves fast.
  • Speaking of Sauna Youth, their other band Monotony have their self titled record re-issued in an edition of just 40 copies. Fewer than the years in my actual age.
  • Recordings of 1950s folk-blues-gospel music from inmates of the Louisiana State Penitentiary on Angola Prison Spiritualists.
  • How long do you get for murder? Just askin’.
  • ‘80s era British leftfield pop duo Rexy have influenced people like Ariel Pink and Connan Mockasin. Now you can find out why.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

He likes the bleeps, and also has favourable opinions about the bloops:

  • Resin bossman Pris brings some monochrome techno gloom to Avian.
  • L.I.E.S. / Confused House regular Bookworms drops his debut album of grubby techno on new NYC imprint BANK Records.
  • Grumbling bass and textured electronic noise from Noumeno on Portals Editions with Shapednoise and FIS getting busy on the remixes.
  • LP of dark dubby electronics from Memotone on Black Acre. Has me convinced Bristol smokes more weed than anywhere in the UK. Stop me if I’m wrong.
  • Immix Ensemble & Vessel - Experimental electronica producer teams up with sax blower.
  • Prins Thomas tune gets some mesmerising mystical house/ techno treatment from Hieroglyphic Being.
  • Blawan’s back on his Ternsec label for some bangin’ modular twiddling techno.
  • That Clark fellow’s gone and done a soundtrack. LP and posh CD on Warp.
  • Spanish electro producer Synth Alien lands on Last Known Trajectory with decent tunes despite the comedy name.
  • Sub Rosa compile early experimental electronic works from Henri Pousseur.
  • Appleblim & October back at it on Tempa. 300 copies.
  • Ital Tek gets multifaceted on impressive new record on Planet Mu
  • Solar Bears do that Boards of Canada thing.
  • Alien Galaxy Builder 3LP on Light Sounds Dark came and went in a flash. Apologies if you missed out.
  • Re-issue of Nurse with Wound’s ghost ambient 2005 release ‘Echo Poeme: Sequence no 2’
  • We re-scored a wee handful of Alessandro Adriani’s Lata Ramasar remix white label 12”.
  • Three limited, mysterious white label 12”s of wonky experimental house on Wah Wah Wino landing next week. Don’t go to bed, or whatever it is they say.


Not much competition for Single of the Week this week it’s either Leeds quirk rockers Cowtown on Too Pure, Primal Scream’s career highpoint duet with Sky Ferraira or surreal art-rock music from Hiiragi Fukuda. We’ll let you choose.


Words by Clint and Ant. Some words lifted from text originally scribed by Robin.

The Normanites this week were Kim, Phil, Jamie, Nathon, Ian & work ‘friend’ Laurie.

Dunce of the Week and chief lunch spiller: Laurie

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


Our Worn Shadow

9/10 from Clinton

Good things do come to those who wait. At one point, implausibly, this album didn't even have a release. Then, in 2006, Spanish label Acuarela took a punt on it. And on »


The Apple Tree

9/10 from Jamie

Jon Brooks (the Advisory Circle) and Tim from Broadcast/Seeland - aka Hintermass - have released their first actual LP. It has apparently been over four years since their on »

Surface To Air Missive

Third Missive

9/10 from Clinton

Kind of helping relocate some southern boogie leftovers to a new more indie-friendly landscape are Surface to Air Missive which is actually one Taylor Ross generally on on »

The Body

No One Deserves Happiness

9/10 from Robin

You know them. If you like “metal” -- and square quotes are necessary for this band of genre scoffers -- then the Body have probably collaborated with a band you on »

Prins Thomas

D (Hieroglyphic Being Remixes)

9/10 from Ant

Jamal Moss turns in a pair of fast-track ticket to ecstasy remixes of Prins Thomas' 'D' lifted from his recent 'Principe Del Norte' long player.The first mix layers reedy on »

Quentin Sirjacq

Far Islands and Near Places

8/10 from Jamie

Monsieur Sirjacq is, it seems, a prolific composer, performer and multi-instrumentalist who has worked with the excellent Dakota Suite and it is the Frenchman's talents which on »



8/10 from Laurie

YYYYYYYYYYes this is a repress of a 2013 L.I.E.S hit featuring some low-slung house . This means that most of you die hards will have got hold of this during the first run, on »


Conquest Play / Clockwork

8/10 from Laurie

First time listening to Ramleh. Fucking. Hell. The needle had barely hit the wax when a full-on wall of grotesque industrial noise abruptly bursts forth from Lucifer’s on »


Warning Score

8/10 from Laurie

A rare full album appearance from CPU here, featuring the music of Mikron, who released their vinyl debut 12” Sleep Paralysis last year on the Sheffield label. So on »

Ian Humberstone, David Chatton Barker et al.

Black Dog Traditions of England

8/10 from Jamie

"There's a black dog on my shoulder again", as the guy in Manic Street Preachers once sang, "licking my neck and saying he's my friend." Well, these black dogs - three of on »

Stefano Guzzetti, Christoph Berg, Danny Norbury, and Ian Hawgood


8/10 from Jamie

This limited and exclusive CDr release marks the first date this year in Home Normal's new series of live recordings. So now the numbers make sense! 5th March 2016. Huh. on »



8/10 from Jamie

HKE (formerly Hong Kong Express) brings his vapourware / hardvapour(?) / skittering IDM sound to Olde English Spelling Bee. It's a little bit trippy, this one. There's a on »

Alice Cohen

Into The Grey Salons

8/10 from Robin

This lightly breezing but incredibly busy record is gonna have an audience, even if it’s not necessarily us, so I’ll ask: have you ever wanted Chvrches to dial it on »

Causa Sui

Return To Sky

8/10 from Robin

Here’s a band that Ian likes, but hear me out: it also happens to be Causa Sui. This band -- or as I’d rather look at them, a patch update to the prog rock system on »

Solar Bears


8/10 from Clinton

“New Boards of Canada”. A couple of ears pricked up but in fact what Phil said was “Someone’s just bought lots of Boards of Canada’. He mumbles on »

Ital Tek


8/10 from Laurie

Ital Tek - a semi-familiar name to those who traverse the strobing realms of electronic music, and one that I’d placed into the ‘ok glitchy dubstep’ on »

Immix Ensemble & Vessel


8/10 from Laurie

Alas, due to the lack of streaming for this aside from one track, I can only provide a brief glance-over, which is a shame because what is displayed in those 5 and a half on »


Exosomatic Artifacts

8/10 from Laurie

As the first wispy rhythms of Exosomatic Artifacts enter the Review Station headphones, all I can see is the purple hue of Phil’s lunchtime veggieshake as it cascaded on »

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Ital Tek
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Boris with Merzbow
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