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Thursday March 10th 2016

So this is Thursday. And what have you done? Personally, we’ve had a sale, fixed a leak and tolerated one another’s sneezes. Nathon ruined everything. What I can tell you is we’re all still here.

Which is just as well, because… it’s that time of year, y’all. Like Christmas if it was a disaster movie, it’s time for Record Store Day. It rolls around again and you -- yes, you -- have the opportunity to tell us which of the RSD goodies you're likely to be interested in buying from us. Remember this absolutely does not mean that you have secured the item. It’s just to kinda help us out with stock levels.

And since you’ve been so kind to us, we will now run you down a list of this week’s corporeal musics, such that they are:

The General Round-up Of Basically Decent Sound In Recorded Form:

  • Massive Attack live up to their name by charging you £18 for four songs.
  • The album art for Tashi Dorji and Marisa Anderson’s split is real tranquil; it’s like if Borimir had never died. Listen to them trade plucks.
  • Just in: several things on Cardinal Fuzz.
  • In the great tradition of pop-punk, Washer sheepishly care about things.
  • Amounts of saxophone used on Chris Forsyth’s excellent new rawk record: some.
  • The Oscillation have got as much attitude as Poochie the rockin’ dog.
  • Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante lull Norman Records post-grad Jamie into a state of sad bliss.
  • Yeti Lane make crunchy cloud music, also known as psych rock.
  • Stately piano man Richard J. Birkin rests on his very good laurels.
  • Laurie listens to the new Thomas Koner record and coins new genre “mini drone”.
  • Industrial synth punx the KVB are kinder to our ears than we remember.
  • Baba Naga sound like Deep Purple, Hawkwind and the worst parts of your brain.
  • No Floyd homage -- just post-techno, then -- from Astronomy Domine.
  • They surf and rock, probably not simultaneously: it’s Holy Wave.
  • Rhododendron make this week’s Actually Good psych album.
  • Here’s a live cut from the Band Whose Name Is A Symbol, interspersed with a man who breathes and says things into a microphone.
  • Please let us compare every album ever to Boards of Canada, including this one from MMOTHS.
  • Rabit and Chino Amobi released the best thing this week but it sold out. I just wanted to let you know. Listen on Soundcloud, because I’m a philanthropist.
  • Tangible Excitement! one-up splitmates Ginnel with an exclamation mark.
  • You aren’t in church but Vanessa Amara would like you to have this organ.
  • Elliott Power leads seminar in Looking Forlorn On Your Album Cover.


When he’s not looking at cakes, he’s making music. Here’s an old Steve Reich record; it’s probably very repetitive. This record here documents a summer holiday teacher-pop crew the School once enjoyed. Additionally, hfdfngojsdiofhgsdhfoi (at this point in my attempts at writing about the new Punk 45 Comp, Nathon started fucking with my keyboard - Ed).

We have fun. Bleak, impossible fun.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

He likes the bleeps, and also has favourable opinions about the bloops:

  • Cindytalk and Ancient Methods join forces as In The Mouth Of The Wolf for three cuts of powerful, sweaty, EBM fuelled, grinding industrial leaning techno.
  • Timeless dub techno from Chain Reaction period Fluxion reissued on wax by Barcelona's Subwax.
  • Fhloston Paradigm is not a dental themed videogame but an alias of King Britt who’s second ‘Cosmosis’ 12” has landed on Hyperdub.
  • Thomas Köner returns to Denovali to tinkle the ivories - this time he’s got his Triangle out.
  • Brilliantly freaky MC Sensational spits over some Kruton beats on Power Vacuum complete with remix from Bintus who also has a 12” on Bedouin complete with eye popping Zeke Clough artwork..
  • Red Axes drop some percussive, tropical, sun-drenched club music on Permanent Vacation.
  • Tasty Khotin ‘Baikail Acid’ repress on 1080p.
  • Pair of limited self-released CDr’s of field recordings from the farthest reaches from Francisco Lopez.
  • Number 7 in Pat Murano’s Decimus project dedicated to the zodiac of Decimus Magnus re-defines the word ‘weird’.
  • Proggy videogame VHS soundtrack inspired tape from Astrokade on Kitchen Dweller.
  • PRR! PRR! label chief DJ David Coquelin mixtape on Low Jack’s Editions Gravats.
  • Bunch of represses on Young Male and DJ Richard’s NYC/ Berlin label White Material.
  • Inhalants LP and repress of that Terekke 12” everyone is after on L.I.E.S. plus a Voiski banger on Russian Torrent Versions.
  • 100 copies sold out at source ‘Goofin’ Drones’ tape on Alter from Marshstepper/ Destruction Unit sound-worker JS Aurelius.
  • Techno action: Deep’a & Biri 12” on Derrick May’s legendary Transmat label. Party plate from Tessela on Poly Kicks.
  • House Music: Spanking new tracks from Mr. Fingers aka Larry Heard! Avalon Emerson 12” on Whities, Jordan GCZ, Theo Parrish, Marcellus Pittmann and Mike Huckaby DJ secret weapon from City People / 20 Below repressed. Detroit wonderkid Kyle Hall’s ‘From Joy’ 3LP on Wild Oats is finally here.


They just aren’t good, but some of the music on them is; in that spirit, please listen to this one by Kraftwerk alumni Karl Bartos. Emotional Response have set up the tag team of Shark Toys / UV-TV and they’ve also given goth nihilists Primitive Calculators something to do while there’s another the Brian Jonestown Massacre thing.

Okay bye. Thank us for the music.

Words by Robin and Ant under the guidance of editor/canal boat enthusiast Clint.

The Normanites this week were Kim, Phil, Jamie T, Nathon, Ian & His Work Son, Laurie.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante

The North Green Down

9/10 from Jamie

Appropriately mournful and sorrowful in tone this, as the themes in the music reflect the events in Chris Hooson's life surrounding the death of his sister-in-law. "The North ...read on »



9/10 from Jamie

It has been one of those mornings so far, today. You know the type - mournful and filled with smooth, soulful electronica. Amongst other bits. Those three adjectives most accu...read on »

Richard J. Birkin


9/10 from Jamie

Richard opens as he means to continue, with stately piano pursuing a straight line though opening track "Vigil 1"; wispy strings provided and majestically played Iskra Strings...read on »

Thomas Koner

Tiento de la Luz

9/10 from Laurie

It was over a year ago now that one Thomas Koner provided his first Tiento with Tiento de las Nieves, a sparse, snowy wasteland in which the only object for thousands of miles...read on »

In The Mouth Of The Wolf

In The Mouth Of The Wolf

9/10 from Ant

Cindytalk and Ancient Methods join forces as In The Mouth Of The Wolf for three cuts of powerful, sweaty, EBM fuelled, grinding industrial leaning techno. ‘Need of Ange...read on »

Tashi Dorji / Marisa Anderson


8/10 from Jamie

Sometimes, you can really tell how a record will sound from the cover art on the sleeve. So Robin and I thought when Clinton -- I mean, Robin -- passed me this record to revie...read on »


Reincarnated Savage

8/10 from Jamie

"Reincarnated Savage" on the 'A' side really IS a savage beast. It's an elechno monster that will have you swearing it's Arthur Baker and Afrika Bambaataa jamming in a Brookly...read on »

The Oscillation


8/10 from Robin

The Oscillation, a psych rock band whose name is essentially a tautology (they may as well be called Demian Castellanos and The Psych Rock Band), are now four albums deep...read on »


Here Comes Washer

8/10 from Robin

“This sounds interesting”, Clint exclaims, for he’ll forever be pulling a chair up in order to listen to the latest band with a sad grungy riff and a voice f...read on »

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band

The Rarity of Experience Pts. I & II

8/10 from Clinton

That rarest of things, an album Kim likes. I worry though as albums Kim likes usually have copious use of the saxophone. I’ve scanned the liner notes for any warning sig...read on »

Massive Attack

Ritual Spirit

8/10 from Clinton

Always innovators, Massive Attack have become the first band in history to price a 12” at £17.99. You get four tracks for your hard earned loot however. Open...read on »

Fhloston Paradigm

Cosmosis Vol 2

8/10 from Laurie

To osmose the cosmos. How do you do it? A black hole gun? Drugs? Or, as Fhloston Paradigm suggests, with that thing called music. Electronic music, of course. And who better t...read on »

Kyle Hall

From Joy

8/10 from Laurie

Someone call an ambulance, Kyle Hall’s head has separated from his shoulders. Perhaps he’s trying to say that he’s losing his mind, but looks especially unim...read on »



8/10 from Robin

Some of us are into space; some of us hide away in the garage; some of us are just looking for something as numbing as our morning coffee. Me, I like my psych rock to have the...read on »



8/10 from Clinton

Absolutely loads of Fluxion re-issues in this week  - well three actually. I’ve picked this one out of the three to review as….well… we have the most ...read on »


Of Desire

8/10 from Robin

When he’s not tweeting swears, Geoff Barrow is putting out music, and you’d better believe he likes the KVB, a prolific duo who themselves are partial to synths, p...read on »

Featured albums

City People / 20 Below
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol
Red Axes
Rabit & Chino Amobi
In The Mouth Of The Wolf
DJ David Coquelin
JS Aurelius
Richard J. Birkin
Holy Wave
Avalon Emerson
Astronomy Domine
Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band
The Oscillation
Elliott Power
Massive Attack
Shark Toys / UV-TV
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Tangible Excitement! / Ginnels
Karl Bartos
Primitive Calculators
Vanessa Amara
Yeti Lane
Jordan GCZ
Mr. Fingers
Fhloston Paradigm
Thomas Koner
Baba Naga
Deep'a & Biri
Tashi Dorji / Marisa Anderson
Kyle Hall
Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante
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