Weekly Update Eyedress, Sandro Brugnolini, CHI, Heron Oblivion, The Third Eye Foundation, and more...

Not to start banging on about it too early but you may be interested to know that Record Store Day releases are scheduled to go live on Tuesday 8th March at 6.15pm. We are already making our orders for what we think are the best titles so watch out for them going onto our site very soon.

Back in the normal world it has been a very busy week with loads of orders exiting the towers via the man we know as the postman. His sack is absolutely enormous.

Let’s take a look at some of the stuff we will be shipping….

New Things

  • Witching Waves make incendiary post-punk with nods towards Sleater Kinney and Sonic Youth.
  • They do Polica in different voices. Heavy synth poppers pay tribute to their home town of Minneapolis.
  • Palehound - the first song sounds a lot like Ought, and the rest of the record sounds pretty much exactly like Speedy Ortiz. Fine.
  • Big Ups are angry men who do razor sharp post punk like Fugazi or Minutemen.
  • Short pop from Fir Cone Children and their psychedelic garage/distortatwee.
  • Hot Chip and Scritti Politti dude makes swamp-funk as Black Peaches.
  • DIY wit punk from Sleaford Mods approved scoundrel Mark Wynn.
  • Anna Meredith takes enormous horns and electronics on a thrilling sonic journey says Jamie.
  • Thao & The Get Down Stay Down are on their fourth record of ridiculous caffeine-pop.
  • Almost genre-less scratch punkers Violent Femmes are back after a long break doing whatever it is bands do when they go away.
  • Indie dream poppers Day Wave try to C86-ize New Order’s ‘Technique’
  • Weird and joyful electronic odyssey from Mica Levi as Micachu.
  • We have lots of customers who are fans of Adele. If you too like really bad music like that you could check out Lapsley.
  • Some folkies (Meg Baird and pals) get together and just make a fuckin’ psych rock record as Heron Oblivion.
  • Robin gets conditions just right for exquisite harp pluckee Mary Lattimore by breaking his headphones.
  • Need more shoegaze? Try this split album by Presents for Sally and 93MillionMilesFromTheSun. Both go gaze by way of shoe.
  • Nada Surf give us more streamlined sunshiney guitar pop with lyrics about sad stuff.
  • Guess what kind of music Henge make? Go on. Yup it’s stoner doom.
  • Brit folk rockers the Hanging Stars release a nice album of spangling guitar melodies on the Great Pop Supplement.
  • Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante’s ‘The North Green Down’ is here on vinyl and there’s a split LP of improvised guitar probings from Tashi Dorji/Marisa Anderson and we have vinyl copies of Brave Timbers ‘Hope’ which contains a bonus CD of mixes by Chihei Hatakeyama, The Declining Winter, Fieldhead and more.


“When I was young I'd listen to the radio. Waitin' for my favorite songs, when they played I'd sing along.

It made me smile”.

  • ‘Semtex’ the incendiary debut from drum ‘n’ bass ‘n’ shoegaze collective Third Eye Foundation is back out with 23 (count ‘em) extra tracks.
  • Hookworms self titled debut is out on format of the future CD with bonus stuff. On Faux Discx.
  • Devo’s once fan club only collection of easy listening covers have been re-issued on absurdly coloured vinyl.
  • Lights in the Attic have re-issued Gimmer Nicholsons wonderful proto Big Star guitar experiments.
  • Frickin’ genius Max Richter’s ‘Songs from Before’ is back out on long playing vinyl and a rather compact disc.
  • Two re-issues from experimental/ambient/krautrock duo Circles who made 70s krautrock….in the ‘80’s.
  • Sandro Brugnolini’s previously unobtainable soundtrack from 'Fantabulous' is now obtainable.
  • Quality drone-outs easing us into the space age from Chi.
  • Egisto Macchi from legendary Italian ensemble Gruppo d'Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza,has a box set of film soundtracks and library music.
  • Further experimental percussion work from Egisto Macchi. Should you claim to have the original pressing you’re probably lying.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

There’s a new daddy in town….a discotheque daddy.

  • Micachu’s pixie Grime banger ‘GO’ finally on wax among other tracks and a Demdike Stare remix.
  • Cracking pair of tapes on The Helen Scarsdale Agency: ghostly field recordings/ drones from Kate Carr and claustrophobic noise from Himukalt.
  • Batch of Opal Tapes made to make your ears water (sorry) from $$$TAG$$$, Body Boys, CAO and D. Glare.
  • Matthew Bourne twiddles his Moog on The Leaf Label.
  • Nicola Ratti tweaks Serge and Arp Modular Synthesizers on Where To Now?
  • Astral Industries dig up old ambient stuff from CHI from 1985, when the Commodore 64 was studio king.
  • Lo-fi electro-sound sculptures from Vancouver’s Precipitation - limited 12” on Get The Balance Right!
  • NA aka Nguzunguzu returns to Fade To Mind sounding like Joker on steroids.
  • Acid House mixtape from Mantra (Bunker) digging deep into the foundations of Chicago acid/ house. Edition of 50 copies on Cataclyst in laser-cut/ etched package.
  • 8 hours of sleepy ambient music from David Tagg - collecting his ‘Pill Series’ onto a USB stick in sleeping pill jar, plus he has a new tape too.
  • Pantha du Prince returns after like a four year kip.
  • Jamal Moss is living that Gherkin Life on a 2x12” of raw warehouse trax.
  • Fatima Al Qadiri album on Hyperdub. Warning: Teletubby in riot gear on sleeve.
  • That there Eyedress LP is shitting out the door. Many came with spine splits but no panic - we’re getting some more.
  • Two new things just in from sound artist, and general musical experimenter, Francisco Lopez.
  • Really good friends and neo-classical composer/performers Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds had a film made about them. This is the soundtrack they did themselves.
  • Night School label chap Michael Kasparis has a tape as Apostille.
  • Lest we forget 12”s from Astronomy Domine on Kapvt Mvndi, The Orb on Kompakt, Guy Andrews on Houndstooth, Ricardo Donoso remixes, Truce on Keysound.


Roughly the size of the head of a Border Collie.

  • Oscar is a man who does radio friendly garage -pop. Terrifyingly he has an earring.
  • Dangerously catchy post-hardcore DIY pop from Audacity
  • Matt Valentine and Nick Mitchell see how long they can play one chord on split 7” on Golden Lab.
  • ...and lest we forget PJ “pyjamas” Harvey with her brand new (and excellent we must say) ‘The Wheel’ 7”. One side is a song, one side is an etch.

That’s it for this weeks edition. Tune in to KMAH on Saturday for The Norman Records Radio Show. Clint and Phil takes the reigns.….Finally has anyone ever seen anything quite as terrifying as this?

Words by Clint with Ant and things stolen from Robin.

The Normanites this week were: Phil, Kim, Laurie, Jamie, Ian and Nathon.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Mary Lattimore

At The Dam

9/10 from Robin

Before listening to this record we made sure conditions were absolutely perfect: we broke our headphones, fucked up our computer’s sound system and generally invoked as on »

The Third Eye Foundation


9/10 from Clinton

Fuck. Twenty years since ‘Semtex’. I’m an old old man. Listening again to the opening drum and bass clatter of ‘Sleep’ I’m led to on »

Kate Carr

It Was A Time Of Laboured Metaphors

9/10 from Ant

I’ve often fantasized that the earth, rocks and even the air could capture and record past events in the same way as magnetic tape stores audio and video. Kate Carr& on »


The Original Recordings

9/10 from Laurie

A space age label unearths a long-forgotten space age band’s magnum opus to help usher in the long overdue space age. I’m still not convinced it’s here, on »

Matt 'MV' Valentine / Nick Mitchell


8/10 from Jamie

OK, let's get right into it. Matt "MV" Valentine's side first, then: fluctuating analogue synth, wah-wah guitar and sitar combine and interplay to trance-inducing effect and on »

Anna Meredith


8/10 from Jamie

"Varmints" - what a word, very Elmer Fudd! - is Scottish composer and multi-instrumentalist Anna Meredith's debut album, and it starts very strikingly with "Nautilus"; looped on »

Matthew Bourne


8/10 from Jamie

Something of a departure for Bourne, this; in that, as a hitherto unquestionably supreme tinkler of the ivories especially within the arena of improvised jazz, this album on »

The (Hypothetical) Prophets

Around The World With

8/10 from Jamie

This is a remastered and freshly re-issued new wave classic, no less, from 1982! This revelation is made all the more exciting when you consider The (Hypothetical) Prophets on »

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

A Man Alive

8/10 from Robin

This is Thao & The Get Down Stay Down’s fourth record, and without having previously listened to an iota of their recorded output, I can tell. This is a fourth-y on »

Heron Oblivion

Heron Oblivion

8/10 from Robin

Sitcom idea number twenty eight: some folkies get together and just make a fuckin’ psych rock record, man. I know it’s been done a hundred times before but that on »

Witching Waves

Crystal Cafe

8/10 from Clinton

I remember this lot, I liked their earlier ‘Fear of Falling Down’ LP which sold out in roughly the time it would take you to eat a super noodle. They are a three on »

Fir Cone Children

The Age of Blastbeatles

8/10 from Robin

Awesome album title and a total failure to deliver on its promise? Sure. Fir Cone Children sort of do some blastbeats occasionally but they aren’t doing grindcore on »

Gimmer Nicholson

Christopher Idylls

8/10 from Clinton

There is a lesson in here somewhere to all self doubting musicians. Just publish and be damned. Larry 'Glimmer' Nicholson made this gorgeous shimmering album of guitar on »

Big Ups

Before a Million Universes

8/10 from Robin

Here… are some angry dudes. A fairly common feature, and their noise rock does things that will appeal to fans of That Kind Of Thing: you like Metz, it’s got the on »


Dry Food

8/10 from Robin

When this played to the inattentive ears and fickle hearts that comprise our cold office, I observed two separate truths: the first song sounds a lot like Ought, on »


Conditions Of Acrimony

8/10 from Ant

Since John Olson declared noise as being a dead, I for one have never given up hope that it’s an artform that still has a future. It’s true that the quality of on »


Taz and May Vids

8/10 from Ant

Micachu’s ‘GO’ has been resigned to Youtube for the last 5 or so years and now finally gets the vinyl treatment from Demdike Stare’s DDS label. You& on »

Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm

Trance Frendz

8/10 from Laurie

Arnalds and Frahm, once billed as the Bonnie and Clyde of piano by Phil (or words to that ‘effect’), here continue their intimate tinklings while taking it to the on »

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Fir Cone Children
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PJ Harvey
Astronomy Domine
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Mary Lattimore
Body Boys
Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
Guy Andrews
Heron Oblivion
Black Peaches
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Presents for Sally / 93MillionMilesFromTheSun
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