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Weekly Update Gunnar Haslam, Daniel Pemberton / Various, The Pop Group, Venetian Snares, Atlas Sound, and more...

On the week when a dog delighted us with its presence in Norman Towers we’ve found it hard to come back down to earth and deal with all the mundane day-to-day activities. We are pro’s, though, and against all odds we’ve managed to rush these scribblings into your inbox in time for your Thursday teatime.

So let’s take a look at all the things we’ve been dealing with in the short gaps when we aren’t answering the goddamn bell.

New Things

  • 100’s of copies already sold, it’s the new full lengther from Stereolab’s Tim Gane and his Cavern of Anti Matter. Read our 9/10 review.
  • “Two men yell jibberish at each other at 78rpm”. That’s how Robin doesn’t describe the new Animal Collective Instead he yaks about mashed potato.
  • Channel 4’s Mark E Smith and his the Fall have a bits and pieces EP out.
  • Oh Wild Nothing Wha ‘appen?
  • If you’ve been feeling cold try Thundercat’s lovely new mini LP. Guaranteed warmth….
  • Submotion Orchestra make gorgeously scrubbed jazzy skittering-tronica
  • Personally documented mid-fi warm pop from Joe Volk.
  • Long running psych men Motorpsycho have a new CD out. CD! Vinyl to follow.
  • Chris Corsano, Sir Richard Bishop and Ben Chasny re-gather as Rangda,
  • Niklas Sorensen is the guy from Papir doing prog on his own. Sad.
  • The National and Beirut fellers prove they can make good music as LNZNDRF.
  • Teen make fizzy synth pop with a flick of the head towards B52s.
  • Mmoss mman Doug Tuttle makes hazy West Coast pop like my dad used to listen to.
  • I mention Michael Nau’s ‘Mowing’ only because I’m looking forward to cutting the grass this year.
  • So Pitted keep their hazy psych noisy and nasty on Sub Pop.
  • Rejoice! New Foo Fighters and Wolfmother in stock now.
  • Bulbs keep taunting me that I keep forgetting to buy a bulb for my landing light.
  • Snotty, no wave electro-pop from Dan Sartain unleashing his inner Suicide.
  • We have a new guy. He’s kindly reviewed the Beacon album so you don’t have to.
  • The Owl Service are not, I repeat not when Owl City met the Postal Service. Instead they do hard-folk.
  • Not only have we Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto’s soundtrack for The Revenant bt also Breaking Bad sequel Better Call Saul and the one for the film about Steve Jobs. This is what we’ve become.


The past is now better than it was at the time.

  • Angry, dissonant post punkers the Pop Group.
  • Bradford Cox’s Atlas Sound have their album with a long title re-vamped.
  • Pat Fish’s Jazz Butcher indie collective get re-issued.
  • Re-issue of “the Holy grail of library music” Stringtronics ‘Mindbender’.
  • Last week we advised you to buy the Pig Destroyer re-issues as a valentines gift. Did it work for anyone?
  • Soul stirring re-issue of Charlemagne Palestine’s delicious piano opus ‘Godbear’. Teddy on sleeve.
  • More Death Cab For Cutie re-issues come tumbling in.
  • Mastodon release some music they gave to Game of Thrones.
  • On my gravestone it will say “here lies a man who once was paid to write a snippet about this record”.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

Mashed Potato…...

  • Before his Ninja Tune album drops; Ash Koosha’s ‘GUUD’ finally appears on wax courtesy of Olde English Spelling Bee. White vinyl with download code - recommended for fans of Arca and Lotic.
  • Matmos have an album constructed entirely out of the sounds generated by a Whirlpool Ultimate Care II model washing machine.
  • Big Canadian bear Venetian Snares busts out his modular synths for some ‘Traditional Synthesizer Music’ on his own Timesig label.
  • HD sound design collides with hardcore and trance tropes on Brood Ma’s record on Tri Angle. Yes I said trance.
  • Ye olde cold-wave reissue action; Domestic Landscape Vol. 2 comp LP on Domestica and Mystery Plane LP on Color Tapes.
  • Industrial/ EBM ‘So-Low’ 2LP/ CD compiled by JD Twitch inc. John Bender, Throbbing Gristle, The Klinik, Chris & Cosey, Colin Potter, Eric Random, Front 242 etc.
  • 12” from Black Zone Myth Chant aka High Wolf on Low Jack’s Editions Gravas - Influenced by Sun Ra and DJ Screw is the word on the street.
  • Rhythm & Sound flavoured electro-dub on Jack Sparrow’s newly minted label from Submotion Orchestra man Leo James.
  • R&B spiked Grime action from MssingNo on XL Recordings.
  • Noam Kamal footworkin’ 12” inc. remix from chart topper Jlin.
  • The Soft Moon get the techno goth remix treatment from Ancient Methods, Phase Fatale, Blush Response and Codex Empire.
  • DJ Katapila “in da house” on Awesome Tapes From Africa.
  • Pair of Shimmering Moods CD’s from Valanx aka Arne Weinberg and Parallelism. 50 copies, handmade covers, ambient gear.
  • Pete Swanson faves Bulbs get all Chain Reaction on your ass.
  • Moodymann has gone and done a DJ Kicks.
  • Prins Thomas slips back into 90’s ambient/ IDM mode.
  • Grotty, grungy LP of technoid filth from Innsyter on Delroy Edwards L.A Club Resource.
  • Bunch of techno/ house DJ ammo/ party compatible 12”s from Binny on CFFT, Legowelt on Unknown To The Unknown, Monolith on Sonic Groove, Clouds on Electric Deluxe, Anno Stamm on All City, Inoue Shirabe on Antinote, Special Occasion + Maxxxbass on Born Free, Bruno Belluomini on Lux Rec offshoot MRT, Ma Spaventi on MOS Recordings plus Gunnar Haslam LP on L.I.E.S.


If stuck think of them as shrunken LPs.

  • Dischord offer a new Red Hare 7” complete with Lungfish cover.
  • Speaking of colours Indigo are young lofi rawk whippersnappers. They’ve done well to keep the one with the frizzy hair out of the video.

Er….that’s all. And that’s all there is from us for the week. Hope you can manage to get through until Tuesday ok without us. Should that be proving difficult you can always watch the site or follow what we do on Twitter.

Words by Clint with Ant and things stolen from Robin.

The Normanites this week were: Phil, Kim, Laurie, Jamie, Ian, Robin and Nathon.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Ash Koosha


9/10 from Jamie

Opening in contemplative mood with glitchy electronics bubbling and percolating away and a soft male vocal, the "I Feel That" of the title - the sound drifts up and over you i...read on »

Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto

The Revenant

9/10 from Jamie

First off, let me just announce that I’m reviewing this album, a movie soundtrack no less, not having seen the movie.  Which is not necessarily a problem because I ...read on »

Cavern of Anti-Matter

void beats/invocation trex

9/10 from Robin

Sir Tim Gane of Stereolab goes back into hauntology hibernation here, which is the fancy way of saying he’s made a new Cavern of Anti-Matter record. It’s been awhi...read on »

Charlemagne Palestine


9/10 from Ant

First time official vinyl reissue of this classic 1987 solo piano recording from thee Brandy swigging legend that likes to hang out with teddy bears. Originally scheduled for ...read on »

All Them Witches

Dying Surfer Meets His Maker

8/10 from Robin

It seems just yesterday we were filling the void between our ears and silence with the latest All Them Witches record; in actuality it was a month ago, and the record was &lsq...read on »

Nicklas Sorensen


8/10 from Robin

The modern prog rock scene is alive and well even if it’s just Papir and Causa Sui exchanging overlong notes. We’ve seen Jonas Munk of the latter band strike ...read on »

Joe Volk

Happenings and Killings

8/10 from Robin

Joe Volk’s music has traversed the seasons and then cycled right back through them: he’s conjured up storms alongside Boris, made a plethora of guitar-abstracted h...read on »



8/10 from Clinton

So what happens when a couple of guys from the National meet a guy from Beirut? First of all they choose an impossible to say name just to confuse everybody. Next they spend t...read on »


Here Be Monsters

8/10 from Robin

It’s Motorpsycho, I think, but they don’t seem to be performing a three-hour avant opera or jamming for as long as it takes the tree they just planted to grow, so ...read on »

Leo James

Speak Back / Egoless Remix

8/10 from Clinton

Straight outta the mean streets of Leeds comes this 12" from Submotion Orchestra's Leo James which contains one original and two remixes of said original. 'Speak Back' i...read on »


The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam

8/10 from Clinton

Almost offensively full of warm vibraphones and equally warm vocals, it seems that Thundercat is taking the piss out of our cold corridors.   This is Thundercat in a muc...read on »

Alexandre Navarro


8/10 from Laurie

This man named Alexandre Navarro is the one behind the DISQ AN label, who’ve recently put music on little CD disc things for the likes of Darren Harper and Yamaoka. Ever...read on »


Angular Geometry

8/10 from Laurie

Here’s another Shimmering Moods card-dressed CD, and with it comes your bi-monthly dose of heavenly chord swells and bristling field recordings. They’ve become ren...read on »

Doug Tuttle

It Calls On Me

8/10 from Clinton

Let's face it, despite his long Kurt Vile hair, former Mmoss man Doug Tuttle is a pop guy. Cascading opener 'A Place For You' suggests a mop top from the Elephant 6 collective...read on »


Color Attic

8/10 from Laurie

The guitar/drums duo. An institution of modern music, solidified as the backdrop to the love-induced moans of some egotist, watered down and cornered on so many occasions by t...read on »

Venetian Snares

Traditional Synthesizer Music

8/10 from Laurie

Everyone’s fave electronic loose cannon Venetian Snares has slowly been building a modular synth. A natural progression it seems, considering the capacity for the modula...read on »

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