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Weekly Update Sauna Youth, The You And What Army Faction, Various, Surgeon, Sabbatical, and more...

  • Here is our Album of the Week with 10% off until that clock strikes midnight. What could it be? Click to find out.
  • Please consider purchasing these marvellous This Heat re-issues.
  • Just arrived. Two new things on the the Great Pop Supplement.
  • Please note that while we are taking orders for David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ there are severe delays particularly on the vinyl. Read here for full information.

Meanwhile new stuff is here already! Let’s take a look at what is in this week….

New Things

All-new records for 2016.

  • Piano Magic man Glen Johnson makes musical tapestry with Kristina Pulejkova on visceral, pace-altering album on Second Language.
  • Some Joanna Gruesome folk have formed indie slackers Grubs. “Look at dog!” I bleat.
  • Members of Fashanu, Martha, Jazz in My Pants and Bear Park (I have made none of these up) get together as No Ditching for some politically-conscious DIY punk.
  • Evocative and non threatening trio Daughter promise us not to disappear.
  • Back after a one second gap are party starting Melt Yourself Down who provide a sax jam along with some remixes. More exciting than I’ve made it sound.
  • Castle Face repeato rockers Running ‘Wake Up Applauding’. This morning I woke up appalling.
  • Earnest Manchester rain- folkers Money are like Morrissey crossed with the Pogues. They tease out a 12”.
  • Before christmas we were too lazy to review Oren Ambarchi and Johan Berthling (Tape)’s debut collaboration. We’re idiots as this ambient stumble-rock could appeal to fans of latter day Talk Talk.
  • All Them Witches answer Robin’s sitcom question “What if Jose Gonzalez like, was a psych rock dude?”
  • Odd and eerie folk tangles from James Yorkston, John Thorne (of Lamb) and singer / sarangi-player Suhail Yusuf Khan.
  • Sweet country rockers Kontiki Suite unleash their nicely crafted second album.
  • The You and What Army are a team of post punkers from Athens GA. Bet they listened to This Heat.


All-old records re-badged for the modern age.

  • Well what is left to say about This Heat? We’ve got three of our best men reviewing each of their essential re-issues. They come to similar conclusions. “Amazing ideas, discombobulated” says one.
  • Earl Brutus were oddball 90’s glam popsters who once wrote a ditty called ‘Life’s Too Long’. Their two albums made before one of them died (thus disproving their theory) have been re-issued.
  • Listen again to Sunn O))) lather their drone all over the Bergen Cathedral
  • Finally the cream of music (Eric Clapton, Huey Lewis and the News) team up on this ‘Back to the Future’ picture disc.
  • Dereck Higgins (nice additional ‘c’) goes home from playing in a rock band to faff with Durutti Column style textures.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

How can he still be dancin’, at his age? It's not proper.

  • Franck Vigroux & Matthew Bourne remake Kraftwerk classic ‘Radio-Activity’.
  • Lo-fi Detroit inspired techno and grubby breakbeat hardcore from Rezzett plus blurry house from Coni. Both on The Trilogy Tapes.
  • Muslimgauze / Underspreche 12” on Optimo Music is almost a goner. Move fast.
  • Limited hand-stamped Invisible Darning 12" on brokntoys in screen-printed sleeve. Inc. Crystal Maze, Dez Williams, Echo 106 and The Pulse Projects.
  • KETEV aka Yair Elazar Glotman takes advantage of EMS studio Stockholm for an LP on Where To Now?
  • Tasty Khotin ‘Baikal Acid’ 12” on 1080p (soon to be superseded by 4k).
  • Brendon Moeller in techno mode as Echologist on Lanthan.audio inc. Deepbass and Antonio Ruscito remixes.
  • Sabbatical and Intersound LP’s just missed last weeks mega ambient extravaganza.
  • “Imagine Industrial Records commission a Rap album to James Ferraro and Spencer Clark's Skaters... or Wolf Eyes jamming with Wu Tang Clan” say Black Moss of the Sammartano LP.
  • Chevel remix plate on Stroboscopic Artefacts inc. Paula Temple, Lee Gamble, Perc and Minor Science.
  • Weird 7” action from Paid Reach aka Kassem Mosse.
  • Ace proper mucky techno/ electro/ acid 12” from Savage Grounds on Lux Rec. Check if you’re into Helena Hauff, Bunker etc.
  • Fresh from a 12” with Funkineven Shanti Celeste drops a 12” on Future Times. Over 28k plays on SoundCloud - blimey!
  • Nico Motte LP on Parisian label Antinote with big posh car on the cover.
  • Pre-order the forthcoming Surgeon album!


As small as Phil’s head, as serious as your life.

  • Krautrock-inspired pop from Night Beats.
  • Sauna Youth finishing off their 2015/starting 2016 with a new song and an old one.
  • Boys Forever is a Veronica Falls chap making catchy C86 indie.
  • Dracula Legs singer sounds like a cross between Robert Forster (the Go Betweens) Calvin Johnson (Beat Happening) and Reverend Timothy Lovejoy (the Simpsons).
  • The Spook School educate and inform by way of catchy punk pop.
  • Just in is a new Dean and Britta 7” with an awful drawing of them shagging on the sleeve.

That’s it for now. We’re off to roll about in the ‘snow’.

Words by Clint with Ant and things stolen from Robin.

The Normanites this week were: Phil, Kim, Laurie, Ian and Nathon.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Anthony Pateras / Erkki Veltheim

Entertainment = Control

9/10 from Laurie

A bold statement from these two composeur folks, Entertainment = Control is a recent addition to the smartly-dressed CD releases on the Immediata label. The titular statement ...read on »

Oren Ambarchi & Johan Berthling

Tongue Tied

9/10 from Robin

Here’s an album so good we all point blank refused to review it at the time of release, deigning instead to critically assess the latest Acid Person Solos Psychedelicall...read on »

This Heat

This Heat

9/10 from Robin

Listening to This Heat is honestly just great sport. You can see how they would’ve set an example for those cleaner post-punk bands with the winding riffs, how the Disme...read on »

Kristina Pulejkova / Glen Johnson

My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath

8/10 from Robin

Wayward ghost goth Glen Johnson, famed for harshing the vibes up with Piano Magic, has taken a different route down the corridor this year. ‘My Heat Has Run Out of Breat...read on »



8/10 from Robin

Credit to Bloodiest for constraining the doom to just two sides of wax: sometimes this music needs compact space in which to find its inner chaotic self, and this record is, d...read on »


It Must Be Grubs

8/10 from Robin

Well yeah, Grubs. It must be Grubs. Also, who are Grubs. If we do the usual comparative mixology, Grubs are members of the thankfully very sentimental pop band Two White Crane...read on »

This Heat


8/10 from Clinton

Absolutely essential re-issue of the second and final album by these Brixton post-punkers who were one of a clutch of bands around the turn of the '80's who completely re-shap...read on »

Sunn O)))


8/10 from Robin

This ever-so-slightly special entry in the Sunn O))) kanon sees the band lathering their drone all over the Bergen Cathedral, extending to us a few mysteries beyond the evil w...read on »

The Spook School


8/10 from Clinton

The sound of this Spook School record is a quite cool mix between Iggy Pop and Stephen Pastel. One of their best songs ’Binary’ has been re-recorded to reflec...read on »

Boys Forever


8/10 from Clinton

On a brand new label (run by a chap who has something to do with Domino I think) this is a lovely way to get started. ‘Poisonous’ is dangerously catchy indie pop w...read on »


EP 2

8/10 from Ant

‘EP2’ despite the potentially confusing title is actually the fourth vinyl outing on The Trilogy Tapes from this London duo. Opening with the Detroit techno of &l...read on »

This Heat

Health and Efficiency

8/10 from Laurie

Before health and safety, there was health and efficiency. Before health and efficiency, there was a band called This Heat, an early post-punk outfit that liked to smash thing...read on »


Imaginarium Essai EP

8/10 from Ant

4-track EP of blurry house music from Nicolas Olier whose previous output has come via Parisian label ClekClekBoom. ‘Into The Silly World’ goes to work with submer...read on »


_aural architecture

8/10 from Laurie

Do androids dream of audio routes? Do you? Does anyone?? What’s an audio route??? Well, if you know, and they appear in your dreams, then we’ve found the record fo...read on »

Yorkston / Thorne / Khan

Everything Sacred

8/10 from Clinton

In which our favourite M&S jumpered singer songwriter teams up with Lamb man John Thorne and singer/sarangi-player Suhail Yusuf Khan for an album of gently meditative...read on »



8/10 from Clinton

Sabbatical are very patient people in a world where snow trends on Twitter as the first flake falls. They’ve sprint six years honing their deep dark ambience and as a r...read on »

Kontiki Suite

The Greatest Show On Earth

8/10 from Clinton

I’ve got me in the mood for some country rockin’. Don’t know what brought it on but let's not worry about that right now and lets dip into this excellent tun...read on »

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Paid Reach
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Kristina Pulejkova / Glen Johnson
Boys Forever
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The You And What Army Faction
Oren Ambarchi & Johan Berthling
The Spook School
Shanti Celeste
Yorkston / Thorne / Khan
Savage Grounds
Night Beats
All Them Witches
Muslimgauze / Underspreche
Dracula Legs
David Bowie
Kontiki Suite
Sauna Youth
Nico Motte
Franck Vigroux & Matthew Bourne
Sunn O)))