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Weekly Update The Sprawl , Scott Fagan, Mute Forest, Sunburned Hand of The Man, Physical Therapy, and more...

Other notable things this week

  • The latest release on the collectible Clay Pipe by Vic Mars is up to pre-order.
  • Phil says this: please remember about all our money saving features like Normanpoints, free shipping for orders over £50 (UK only), etc. They might just help you out!
  • Vouchers…Christmas is coming up!

As we get closer to the time of year when everyone tells you to buy stuff there’s loads of re-issues and old things out so in a bold - some might say foolhardy - move we are starting with re-issues this week. If you want to try something new then scroll down a bit.


Listen to records you already know…..guaranteed enjoyment!

  • Beat Happening were the band that invented primitive strum-pop. Their new collection on Domino is well worth getting.
  • Synth pop originators Yellow Magic Orchestra have their first two albums re-made.
  • Guided By Voices release ‘Suitcase 4’. We hear bottoms of barrels getting scraped.
  • There are two re-issues from the band Phil could have joined (true) Spiritualized.
  • To celebrate their new LP, Six Organs of Admittance ‘Dust and Chimes’ LP gets a re-press.
  • Lashings and lashings of classic Bob Dylan is out on execu-vinyl.
  • Not only did Scott Fagan make winsome late ‘60’s pop but it turns out he’s Stephin Merritt’s dad.
  • We have two albums of late ‘70’s bedroom pop from Ilitch on Superior Viaduct.
  • There’s a 30th anniversary edition of Ruth’s oddball 80’s pop in stock.
  • 80’s proto post rockers Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus get their debut re-waxed.
  • Wild-ridin’ collective Sunburned Hand Of The Man’s debut ‘Mind of a Brother’ is discharged again.
  • Wapassou are experimental bods from early ‘70’s france. Think Faust, think United States of America.

This week’s all important New Things That We Have™:

Listen to some new music, therefore creating new memories for future re-issues!

  • Mute Forest create an electro acoustic elegy for the destruction of trees
  • What…...is an Adele?
  • Bill Wells presents an album of ‘Nursery Rhymes’.
  • Ringo Deathstarr play mix and match shoegaze on their sturdy third album.
  • Ramshackle post punk anthems for moving feet from Nots. Future album title suggestions: ‘Tied up in Nots’, ‘Nots Forest’
  • What happens when Marry Waterson gets married. Does the vicar say to the groom “Will you marry Marry?”
  • Brooding stylistic choices and odd pop from Molly Nilsson.
  • The Comet is Coming is the sax honker from Melt Yourself Down performing a jazz-jewelled dance party. Ian claims to like this.
  • The Shoes aren’t the classic US power poppers. Sadly that’s where my interest ends. Coldwave thumps and post Chris Martin vox combine apparently.
  • We are contractually obliged to tell you about a new Public Service Broadcasting remix release. Sounds equally bad in the office, at a party or in your own home.
  • Brand new Six Organs of Admittance.
  • The Naturals are part of Bristol’s Young Echo Collective.
  • The latest album by Australian jazz lot the Necks is now in on vinyl.
  • Drone harpist Mary Lattimore in releases new tape shenanigans.
  • MAG! We have the new Ablaze! mag in stock with a massive feature on Sleaford Mods and small one on us.
  • Two new Fabio Frizzi’s out on Death Waltz.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

He moves his feet to the beat on his street….

Christmas Watch!

The start of a new festive feature showcasing the sounds that might well soundtrack your open fires…..

  • We have more copies of slowcore’s response to Noddy Holder, the Low Christmas album.
  • Smoke Fairies wish everyone a melancholy Christmas.

….and that is your lot. Cold snap on the way. Wrap up warm now.

Words by Clint with Ant and things stolen from Robin.

The Normanites this week were: Phil, Laurie (briefly), Kim, Ian and Nathon.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Anna von Hausswolff

The Miraculous

9/10 from Robin

Well, one thing’s for sure: Anna Von Hausswolff should have been in Interstellar. I think we can all agree Matthew McConaughey is not the dude you want to travel through...read on »



9/10 from Laurie

Arca is the man of the hour/year it seems. Having successfully helped Bjork make some captivating electronic weirdpop for her release earlier in the year and a lil stint with ...read on »

Dag Rosenqvist


8/10 from Robin

You’re going to hear a lot of preposterous things about contemporary dance, but Dan Rosenqvist’s new record isn’t much to dance to; rather, these pieces...read on »

Molly Nilsson


8/10 from Robin

Even if you’ve never listened to Molly Nilsson before, which it will become abundantly clear that I have not, ‘Zenith’ is shock pop. Emerging on a new wave o...read on »

Mary Lattimore

Luciferin Light

8/10 from Robin

Mary Lattimore flagged up her personal philosophy with the opener to her solo record ‘The Withdrawing Room’, a track simply and dismissively titled “You&rsqu...read on »

Revolutionary Army of The Infant Jesus

The Gift of Tears

8/10 from Robin

One day you’re waiting in the doctor’s office for a routine check-up and oh no it turns out your doctor’s really into neo-folk, so they put Revolutionary Arm...read on »

The Comet Is Coming


8/10 from Robin

Clint is continuing to occupy the role of teacher who tells his class their homework for the week is to go out and have fun, so he’s sent me over this jazz-jewelled danc...read on »


We Are Nots

8/10 from Robin

They are Nots; we are not. Chanting their fury atop a torrent of no frills punk songs comprised of guitar scuzz, headaching basslines and gloopy synths, Nots create a sound th...read on »


Off E.P

8/10 from Ant

This is purely speculation and by no means official confirmation, but I’m willing to bet my wife and three children that this here Phlekz tape on Mordant Music is the wo...read on »

The Sprawl


8/10 from Ant

The trio of Logos, Mumdance and Shapednoise team up as The Sprawl for 4-track EP of sci-fi inspired industrial-robo-tronix on The Death of Rave. Deconstructing old tech-step a...read on »

Beat Happening

Look Around

8/10 from Clinton

We all know that Crabstick was the best shamble band of the 90’s but when it was pointed out to me how much they sounded like Beat Happening it was like they took santa ...read on »

Eric Feremans

The Antwerp Killer

8/10 from Laurie

This is a synth soundtrack to an 80s B-movie that you’ve never seen and probably never will. Does that story sound a bit familiar? It’s the 2010s (or teens, or tee...read on »

Six Organs of Admittance

Hexadic II

8/10 from Robin

Despite his staunch improvisational chops and our image of him as American Primitivism’s greatest contemporary, Ben Chasny has twisted his Six Organs of Admittance proje...read on »

Space Afrika

Primrose Avenue

8/10 from Laurie

Space Afrika’s new record tracks a path from cosmic retreat to cloudy dubbed-out techno, sounding like a gentle techno version of Concretism, with all the gloss taken fr...read on »

Anstam / Monolake

Dolores / VT-100

8/10 from Laurie

Haven’t heard much Anstam for a while, and the brooding beats of the A side of this latest 50Weapons 12” are asking me why. There is no answer to your question, oh...read on »

Featured albums

Leon Lowman
Joan Bibiloni
Gaussian Curve
Vic Mars
The Sprawl
Space Afrika
Physical Therapy
Anstam / Monolake
Besombes Rizet
Dag Rosenqvist
Mordant Music & David Rudkin
Anthony Child
Hugo Massien
Mary Lattimore
Jimi Bazzouka
Bill Wells & Friends
Terence Fixmer
Ringo Deathstarr
Smoke Fairies
Marquis Hawkes
Harmonia & Eno '76
The Shoes
Six Organs of Admittance
Nuno Cananvarro
The Comet Is Coming
Seven Davis Jr.
Marry Waterson & David A. Jaycock
Sunburned Hand of The Man
Scott Fagan
Revolutionary Army of The Infant Jesus
Guided By Voices
The Naturals
Oskar Offerman
Public Service Broadcasting
Christopher Bissonnette
Beat Happening
Mute Forest
Shoc Corridor
Patrick Cowley
The Necks
Aïsha Devi
Paranoid London
Gigi Masin
Six Organs of Admittance