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Weekly Update Nots, Hodge, Floating Points, Ride, Arash Moori, and more...

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Remember, remember… oh what was it again? Anyway let’s get on with why we are here. Bringing you the best and less best of the weeks releases. Service, if not with a smile, with an attempt to move our mouths in an upwardly direction.

Let’s start…

This week’s all important Things That We Have™:

  • Teeth of the Sea make vicious, seething post-rock for fans of 65daysofstatic. 9/10 says the returning Robin.
  • The long awaited Floating Points album will only disappoint you if you are after bangerz.
  • The Leaf Library come over all krauty, like a gentle Stereolab.
  • Here come slow ol’ Dusty Stray with their Red House Painters-ish sadcore.
  • The most interestingly named record of the week is ‘The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971’ by Fossil Aerosol Mining Project on The Helen Scarsdale Agency. It’s looping Caretaker/Boards of Canada like ambience. You’ll like it.
  • It even beats ‘A Castle Popping’ by Sean McCann.
  • Dead Ghosts are one more from that fertile garage-punk-psych-indie-pop scene.
  • Nasal songster Darren Hayman is here with further acoustic pop.
  • There’s the ‘Jurassic World’ soundtrack.
  • Former sk8boarder Duane Pitre now makes drones. He’s just completed a trilogy of them.
  • J Dilla’s ‘Dillatronics’ is a must buy for fans of the man, coming on 3 separate LPs or the lot on one CD.
  • Bjork makes an even sadder version of the sad ‘Vulnicura’. Bleak.
  • Found are a folktronica/synth group from Scotland and one of them is called Ziggy.
  • Graphic designer in good at ambient stuff shocker: Christopher Bisonnette.
  • If you like mournfully played cellos and Max Richter, you are going to enjoy Julia Kent.
  • Even more things from the likes of shouty noise-rock grinders, USA Nails, electronic pops Gems, teen punks Archie and the Bunkers, Tim Cohen’s Magic Trick and Newcastle folkies Ajimal.


  • The Monkees of shoegaze have their debut LP re-hashed in glorious 2LP or big book CD versions.
  • Courtney Barnett’s biglongtitlethingy is back with bonus stuff bolted on.
  • Fans of post-punk obscurities should check out this ‘Cease and Desist’ compilation on Optimo.
  • Classic Carcass.
  • Lamb re-issue ‘5’ which was their...ummm….just check...yup 5th album.
  • Unholy avant triforce Sun City Girls’ high point ‘Torch of the Mystics’ has been re-revealed.
  • Kindness’s ‘World You Need a change of Mind’ showcases the singer at his best before he disappeared completely up his own arse.
  • Noveller’s ‘Glacial Glow’ gets a swift re-issue on the topically named Fire Records.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:
From the edges of the city where the land rears up it’s the king of electronic...

  • Scored some copies of Greg Beato’s ‘When Monkeys Attack’ 12” on Apron. One each - cuz we don’t like flippers. We like dolphins though.
  • Aaron Dilloway ‘Psychic Driving Tapes’ LP on The Trilogy Tapes finally arrived after the distro woke up from cryogenic sleep.
  • SKAM have dug out a dirty old skanky effort from Anodyne.
  • Recondite get you ready for wintery bleakness.
  • Floating Points has finally dropped an album after like 6 years or something of putting out tracks.
  • Behold a clutch of limited 12”s on Berceuse Heroique from Kowton / Marshallito & Billebob, Japan Blues, Hodge, and a late arrival from Marco Bernardi.
  • NYC techno man Anthony Parasole has a 12” on Levon Vincent’s Deconstruct label.
  • Teenie weenie mini CD + poster from Janek Schaefer ‘World News’. You’d have thought it’d be massive with that title eh?
  • Kode9 has an album apparently about ‘Nothing’. Apparently nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.
  • Limited tape of raw acidic techno jams from from J M S Khosah / Brassfoot (Apron). Already sold out at source.
  • Second 12” EP from Spaces on Bleep. 350 copies with Mark Fell Remix.
  • Robert Hood remixes Mumbai Science - his first ever remix as as Floorplan! One-sided stamped white label job.
  • Debut LP of heavy Pan Sonic flavoured electronics from Arash Moori on Type.
  • Steel clad beats and orchestral electronica action from Kangding Ray on Raster Noton.
  • Tasty EP of dubby psychedelic krautrock/ synthwave wonk outta Glasgow’s Green Door studios from Sordid Sound System.
  • Duane Pitre closes that there ultra-chilled trilogy he’s been at on Important Records.
  • Reissue of Berlin School electronic music from Bernd Kistenmacher on Bureau B.
  • Lest we forget gear from Luke Hess, Spatial Relation, Makeness, Mr. Mitch, T.Raumschmiere... blah blah blah.

7 inches of utter desperation:

  • A split between Harkin (Sky Larkin) and Cinerama. For charidee.
  • Scary horror meets disco from Hologram Teen on Deep Distance.
  • Big freakin’ massive Ghostface Killer 7” vinyl box of ‘Adrian Younge presents 12 Reasons To Die II’.
  • Nots are from Memphis...not Nottingham (ha!.....?...)

That’s it from us. Enjoy the bonfires!

Words by Clint with Ant and things stolen from Robin

The Normanites this week were: Phil, Laurie, Kim, Ian, Guy and Nathon.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


New Lines

9/10 from Laurie

M. Geddes Gengras has been doing the modular thing for a while now, much longer than most who’ve heard that it’s the way to make music nowadays. Those folks aren&r...read on »

Built To Spill

There's Nothing Wrong With Love

9/10 from Li'l Biz

I feel a bit weird having to commit some critical words to Built To Spill’s second and arguably best record “There’s Nothing Wrong With Love” twenty on...read on »

Christopher Bissonnette

Pitch, Paper & Foil

9/10 from Laurie

The people from the fine art world that decide to make music are actually really good at ambient-ish stuff. Christopher Bissonette did exactly that, transitioning from weird a...read on »

Floating Points


9/10 from Laurie

How long have we been waiting for this for? Since the release of the monumental ‘Shadows’ EP back in 2011, probably. Yes, he’s released a few little things s...read on »

Teeth of The Sea

Highly Deadly Black Tarantula

9/10 from Robin

Is this fucking fantastic or am I being scared into agreeing with it? Teeth of the Sea’s hybrid of Godspeed end-timesing and 65daysofstatic’s more industrial elect...read on »

Sun City Girls

Torch of the Mystics

9/10 from Robin

Sun City Girls were responsible for getting yours truly into the conceit of experimental music, while also keeping me at a sizeable distance for many, many years: for every cl...read on »

J Dilla


9/10 from Clinton

You wouldn’t think that there was too much left to lick out of the J Dilla mixing bowl but this collection of his electronic works shows off his versatility whilst confi...read on »

My Disco


9/10 from Jim

Australian trio MY DISCO have a reputation for obsessive, compulsive, minimalist rock that’s stripped down to the Nth degree. ‘Severe’, their first album in ...read on »

J Dilla

Dillatronic Vol. 1

9/10 from Clinton

Splendid instrumental jamzzz from the hip-hop wooze lord himself curated by his mother. Minimal electro-hop with warm tones and gliding beats. This is part one of three vinyl ...read on »

J Dilla

Dillatronic Vol. 2

9/10 from Clinton

You may think the bottom of the barrel has been reached but this is the best Dilla unheard material release for some time. His mother Ma Dukes has curated this album which sho...read on »

J Dilla

Dillatronic Vol. 3

9/10 from Clinton

Released in three album editions (or on a one CD collation for your ease) this is an essential issue of unheard material from the hip-hop production master. Showcasing a wide ...read on »



8/10 from Laurie

Insomniacs and nightcrawlers unite, Phase90 has released a big record! We would call it an album, but it’s actually a 2x12”, which is pretty different. It’s ...read on »

Benoît Pioulard


8/10 from Laurie

*** Weather-based review intro incoming *** So the weather, right. What’s that all about?? It’s been shit and rainy for the last 3 days here in Leeds and my feet ...read on »

Gabriel Saloman

Movement Building Vol. 2

8/10 from Laurie

Bowed guitars? Resonant percussion? Speaker rattling? This all sounds too good to be true. Part 2 of (former?) Yellow Swan Gabriel Saloman’s Movement Building sees the m...read on »

Kangding Ray

Cory Arcane

8/10 from Jim

Some precision engineered techno here on the fifth album from Berlin-based French producer David Letellier, aka Kangding Ray. As with most stuff on Raster-Noton, you get ske...read on »

Arash Moori


8/10 from Jim

This debut album of heavy electronics from Arash Moori reaches back to the early naughties when Moori and Type honcho John Twells were both art students in Birmingham. Since t...read on »

Julia Kent


8/10 from Clinton

It's fucking cold. But part of that reason is because I'm sitting here with the window wide open (don't ask). The fog hasn't lifted for days and everything is gloomy. I may be...read on »


[Cease & Desist] DIY! (Cult Classics from the Post-Punk Era 1978-82)

8/10 from Clinton

This could be worth squeezing into the stockings of discerning post-punk fans. Compiled by JD Twitch this is a collection of unheard by pretty much anyone who wasn't around to...read on »


Rogue EP

8/10 from Laurie

This suddenly came from nowhere. Before even releasing a single piece of wax bigger than 7” with his band Fun Adults, Kyle Molleson has taken to making things on his own...read on »


Coherent Abstractions

8/10 from Ant

Adam ‘X’ Mitchell returns to Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. imprint as ADMX-71 following the ‘Redacted Files’ 12” EP. ‘Coherent Abstractions&...read on »

Sean McCann

A Castle Popping

8/10 from Robin

Recital is That Label, the one that’s rather magnificent and very capable indeed of putting out albums by sing-song droner Ian William Craig. Among their roster they als...read on »

Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation

Horse Dance

8/10 from Robin

I fear Josefin Ohrn and the Liberation may have the same high-minded ideas about revitalising psychedelic music as everyone else who makes psychedelic music, but that doesn&rs...read on »



8/10 from Clinton

Winter is a coming and the world is getting bleaker. It’s the perfect time then for a new release by Recondite. The German producer excels is frosty soundscapes that cap...read on »



8/10 from Laurie

What comes after one? It’s time for a maths lesson with Spaces, which is John Flynn which is half of Ordinate which is someone that I don’t know. Discogs says they...read on »


Restarter Hazard X

8/10 from Laurie

What do you do in the winter months? Gather round the fire and talk about brighter times? Try to ferment as many berries as possible to get pissed rustic-style? Gather round t...read on »

Sordid Sound System

In A Year Of 13 Moons EP

8/10 from Ant

This here 4-track EP is the debut from Glasgow’s Green Door Studio’s resident engineer. Responsible for committing the likes of Golden Teacher, The Amazing Snake H...read on »

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project

The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971

8/10 from Robin

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project are pals with Newcastle’s ambient top trumps :zoviet*france:, and they’re after a similar scratching of the surface: field recordings...read on »

The Chills

Silver Bullets

7/10 from Clinton

I'm not going to add much to what Hayley has said but this is really worth persevering with. Martin Phillips is such an unusual songwriter and I'm absolutely delighted to repo...read on »

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