Weekly Update Dead Fader, Jack J, Kamixlo, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Dez Williams, and more...

Two BIG releases out this week from mop-top Scottish pops Mogwai and squeakily twisty-willowy songsmith Joanna Newsom to keep us busy with the packing and in the stockroom. Our own wordsmith Robin is Stateside right now so we are 35% less clever this week We hope our simple child-like prose does not offend your eyes as we tell you all about all the other treats in store this week.

Before we do...we briefly got our hopes up when the Mercury shortlist was announced this week. Aphex! Ghostpoet! C Duncan! What was going on? But then everything returned normal and got all Radio 6 on us. As an antidote, do remember to check out the Dead Albatross Music Prize. 10% off, folks. That's 10% more than 0%.

This week’s all important Things That We Have™:

  • Joanna Newsom. A brand new album on CD, record or tape. We didn’t have anyone in the office clever enough to write about it so I had to do it. Looks like she’s got into difficulties with a peacock on the CD cover.
  • This week’s big question: Should Mogwai go in the re-issues section or not? Weeeeelll, though there’s nothing new on it it’s a new release so it’s in this spot...and why not? It’s a great compilation for new and old fans alike. On large, expensive 6LP vinyl or smaller, cheap as chips CD.
  • We have a small quantity of the Heads ‘Time In Space’ in on vinyl. You need to be as quick as an agile mouse to get one.
  • From that hotbed of indie music Chorley come Then Thickens. I like that name. Are they referring to Angel Delight? We must be told.
  • The fourth installment of of crate-dug cosmic space music from The Amorphous Androgynous is in on clear vinyl.
  • Ty Segall’s Fuzz lot have their ‘II’ issued. No time spared in thinking of that title. They put all their energies into riffs.
  • Girl Band have a 12” out. They’ve called it ‘Paul’. Why not eh?
  • R.E.M non-singer Peter Buck has the latest in his mid life crisis albums out.
  • Nuneaton’s finest long running art punk duo Eyeless in Gaza have a new album out.
  • The Oscillation scoop up loads of rare and unreleased tracks for self-describing new compilation.
  • Lusts are kind of ‘80’s and kind of widescreen. They are produced by that guy from the psych boy band Hookworms.
  • Supergroup Black Dirt Oak (Pelt, No Neck Blues Band,& pals) collab with Jantar on vaporous folk.
  • New lo fi guy on the block Michael Stasis is like a one man R.Stevie Moore.
  • Paul Metzger makes side-long improvisations using a 23 string banjo.
  • Big beards Aidan Moffat and Bill Wells combine them on the curiously titled ‘DILF_77 Would Like To Talk’.


  • There’s a very worthy re-issue of Gang Of Four’s high water mark ‘Solid Gold’.
  • One of the finest American songwriters Townes Van Zandt has his ‘Flying Shoes’ re-unleashed on blue vinyl.
  • It’s about time people realised how good Lungfish are. Their ‘Pass and Stow’ has just got the re-issue treatment.
  • All I want for christmas is two monumental performances from Tangerine Dream.
  • Motorpsycho have ‘Child of the Future’ re-released. Or will it be a child of the past now?
  • Six Organs of Admittance gloomy ‘98 album ‘Dust and Chimes’ is back.
  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s ‘Multi-Love’ is back out on vinyl. Blue this time,
  • Yoga guy Laraaji’s Eno-produced ‘Ambient 3: Day of Radiance’ gets a welcome re-issue.
  • Ellen Fullman has the biggest longest instrument in the world. 90 foot long it is. She uses it to create the most delicious drones.
  • There’s a big 3LP set of all Thee Headcoats 1990’s singles.
  • Laraaji’s 1980 Eno collaboration ‘Ambient 3: Day of Radiance’ gives a good name to the words “spiritual zither experimentalist”.
  • Mono/Poly’s pre- Brainfeeder ‘Paramatma’ gets a nice re-issue. Lush stuff.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

  • Heavy, apocalyptic, narcotic rumblings on Andrea Parker's always on point Touchin’ Bass from Dead Fader.
  • Addison Groove transforms back into Headhunter for the first time in yonks.
  • I love old John Carpenter but I thought that new record sucked ass. I must be in the minority cuz Prurient, JG Thirlwell, Silent Servant, Bill Kouligas, Blanck Mass, ohGr etc. have gone and remixed it. They couldn’t make it any worse.
  • Mika Vainio & Franck Vigroux LP/ CD on Cosmo Rhythmatic with cute cover art. Goes without saying that’s proper decent. Our Jim will tell ya.
  • Visionist turns an anxiety attack into sound with ‘Safe’ on PAN. Plus there’s a 12” of heavy industrialized reggaeton type gear on his Codes label from Kamixlo.
  • Kloke ’P.H.O.N.E.’ 12” of mesmerising tribal percussion with epic Hieroglyphic Being acid mix.
  • DMX Krew expands his RAM and sounds like old Aphex.
  • Does Legowelt get any kip?
  • Jack J limited repress on Mood Hut came and probably went by the time you read this.
  • Holyhead’s finest Dez Williams pops up on Dutch imprint Shiprec with the Sleight Of Hand EP.
  • Air Max '97 ‘Core Work / Expenditure’ 12” apparently getting spins from Ben UFO, Bill Kouligas, M.E.S.H. Dro Carey, Tzusing and that lot.
  • Finally an album from excellent Italian producer and Zooloft man Giorgio Gigli on Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe. He took his bloody time.
  • 3CD/ 3LP box set reissue of Apparat’s first 3 albums. 3 - that’s the magic...
  • Number(s) 12” from Sparky. That’s Dave Clark not Dave Clarke… or maybe he just dropped the E?
  • ‘Slant Deviations’ tape of spannered modular synth and computer music from Calum Gunn / Sebastian Camens. Recommended for fans of Hecker, EVOL etc. 50 copies job.
  • Twelve inches of busy grime/ techno hybrids from Why Be on Rabit’s Halcyon Veil label.
  • White vinyl 12” from the late Elodie Lauten on Wild Calm. New version of proto-house tune, originally co-written by Arthur Russell. Remixes from Gifted and Blessed and Bryce Hackford.
  • Combo Skin EP on Broken Call with tracks from Person of Interest, Mondkopf, Rosemary Arp, Gaul Plus and erm.. The Wet Taxis. You what?
  • Rhythmic Theory 12” on Idle Hands that precedes one on Blackest Ever Black sister label A14.
  • That Wen feat. Riko Dan tune got remixed by Khan and Neek on Keysound. Well grimey innit bruv.

7 inches of utter desperation:

Loads of them in this week. Why? We don’t know!

  • The best single of the week is this incredible Eerie Summer 7” on Box Bedroom Rebels. Imagine the best of Sarah Records with the production values of Grouper.
  • Jane Weaver splits her new single nicely with Cardiff 3 piece Tender Prey.
  • The Death of Pop prove that their name is a misnomer with the jangliest poppiest thing since that Lotus Eaters/Ride collab.
  • Tobias Jesso wants to be a curly haired ‘70’s John Lennon.
  • Trevor Dandy chucked all his singles in the bin. Lucky old bin. It’s now worth a fortune so it has had the re-press treatment.
  • Kevin Morby the guy from Woods has another 7” out.
  • Today’s most topically named band. The Fallen Leaves.

That will be your lot from us. It’s been mega busy here at the Towers so we apologise if we’ve not been quite as attentive as usual. Next week threatens to be even busier but we’ll keep on fighting the good cause.

Words by Clint, with Ant.

The Normanites this week were: Phil, Laurie, Kim, Ian, Jon and Nathon.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Mika Vainio & Franck Vigroux

Peau Froide, Léger Soleil

9/10 from Jim

It’s always a bit scary putting on a new Mika Vainio release because you never know quite what you’re going to get; it could be anything from a brutalisingly cold ...read on »

Ellen Fullman

The Long String Instrument

9/10 from Laurie

There comes a time when instruments become furniture, when they run their ordinary course and all sorts of experimentalists try to record themselves sitting on them in the hop...read on »



9/10 from Li'l Biz

Hey. So, FUZZ return with the aptly titled "II", the follow up to the trios outstanding debut on In The Red. And audacity of it all! Only a bunch of kids as young as Ty S...read on »

Eerie Summer

7 Track Micro LP

9/10 from Clinton

How did I just know that this would be good? Well there are some early clues - Box Bedroom Rebels simply does not release bad records and  the word ‘eerie&rsqu...read on »



9/10 from Clinton

Last night I sat down to watch 'Psychedelic Britannia' but unfortunately for all concerned I fell asleep. Probably in the middle of a Soft Machine jam. How could I not? Had an...read on »



9/10 from Li'l Biz

Oooooo mystery never before released record by barely acknowledged Italian experimental electronic composer known mysteriously as LAMARTINE. Discovered and pressed b...read on »

Beach House

Thank Your Lucky Stars

8/10 from Robin

Robert Pollard, Prince, Buckethead… they’re all so fucking pissed right now. Beach House might just have undercut them in the runnings for quickest successive alb...read on »


Ambient 3: Day Of Radiance

8/10 from Clinton

Normally if you said the words "spiritual zither experimentalist” to me I would be running for the first Oasis LP as fast as my little legs would carry me but Laraaji&he...read on »

Calum Gunn / Sebastian Camens

Slant Deviations

8/10 from Ant

‘Slant Deviations’ is the inaugural release on Conditional, and comes in the form of a split tape, in an edition of 50 copies. Label boss Calum Gunn has previously...read on »

Why Be


8/10 from Ant

I know who Rabit is… Halcyon Veil is his label, but when I read the blurb for this I felt like some ageing dad that still listens to soft rock. “Why Be - a member...read on »



8/10 from Ant

The second release on Visionist’s rebooted label comes from Kamixlo who serves up four cuts of heavy, darkside industrialized reggaeton complete with a remix from the la...read on »

Joanna Newsom


8/10 from Clinton

On the front of the CD label she seems to have got herself into difficulties with a peacock but you would find everyday bird interactions difficult if your compositions were t...read on »


Central Belters

8/10 from Clinton

I wanted our shoegaze/post-rock expert Ian to write you a few words on this but he’s taken another day off after yet another Ride concert. I’m not going to review ...read on »

The Death Of Pop


8/10 from Clinton

If, like me, you like to jangle then this will be right up your leafy avenue. 'Gardens' is an absolute delight. It has the twirling guitar scapes of the likes of Cleaners from...read on »

Martin Courtney

Many Moons

8/10 from Clinton

Of course it’s blooming lovely  - what else did you expect? From the opening delicious acoustic guitar chords of ‘Awake’ this Martin Courtney’s de...read on »



8/10 from Clinton

Initially Young Husband seem to sit in a place that is half way between the Strokes and Deerhunter. They play a brand of strummy understated guitar pop that sometimes hits diz...read on »

Trust Fund

Seems Unfair

8/10 from Clinton

My initial impression of Trust Fund is that I want to stove their faces in with a rusty scythe. Initially singer and leader Ellis Jones appears like a squeaky modern day Steph...read on »

Connan Mockasin & Dev Hynes

Myths 001

8/10 from Li'l Biz

The world is a strange old place isn't it. Never would I have had Devonté Hynes down as a songwriting contender in it for the long haul. Test Icicles were outrageo...read on »

Steve Moore

Cub - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

8/10 from Li'l Biz

Really pleased to see Steve Moore getting some real soundtrack work, as opposed to having to invent his own films to soundtrack. The lad certainly deserves it after the years ...read on »



8/10 from Li'l Biz

Shigeto (a.k.a Detroit's Zach Saginaw) has been a busy man of late filling his time with a bunch of unusual/fun projects while he muses on what to do next with his Shiget...read on »

Sunil Sharpe


8/10 from Laurie

New label action here from Irish producer Sunil Sharpe, who has already started marking out techno territory having worked on the 6th release on that Brothers series among a f...read on »

Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm

Collaborative Works

8/10 from Clinton

This is a compilation of the 'Loon', 'Stare' and 'Life Story Love and Glory' releases plus some new stuff. As we've already reviewed two of them, we've just lazily pasted the ...read on »

Featured albums

Rhythmic Theory
Eerie Summer
Mika Vainio & Franck Vigroux
Why Be
Calum Gunn / Sebastian Camens
The Fallen Leaves
Dez Williams
Ellen Fullman
The Heads
Then Thickens
Air Max '97
Gang of Four
Girl Band
Jane Weaver / Tender Prey
Tobias Jesso Jr.
Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells
The Death Of Pop
Thee Headcoats
Wen (featuring Riko Dan)
Elodie Lauten
Kevin Morby
Paul Metzger
Tangerine Dream
John Carpenter
Dead Fader
Peter Buck
DMX Krew
Joanna Newsom
The Oscillation
Jack J
Michael Stasis
Black Dirt Oak / Jantar
Unknown Mortal Orchestra
The Amorphous Androgynous
Townes Van Zandt
Six Organs of Admittance