Weekly Update The Missing Brazilians, Chain of Flowers, Shocking Pinks, Hand Of Dust, Revolutionary Army of The Infant Jesus, and more...

With less than a week until my birthday, we approach one of the most important times of the year. However, it’s not just the yearly anniversary of me getting closer to death that we should be celebrating. This week sees some fantastic new records in stock that have seen our reviewers dish out the 9s like confetti.

First up, we were all so taken with the Phantom Horse record that it made us wish we still had an album of the week to award it. Gnoomes too would be close to the accolade with their sprawling psych rock. They are from Russia you know.

Due tomorrow: some big things. The second Beach House record in five days is due to land and the long awaited issue of Levitation’s second record ‘Meanwhile Gardens’s will be in. That will keep us busy if you are worried about us just sitting about.

Oh and to deflect any accusations that we know sell stuff, we have made this lovely interview with the Constellation folks which contains not one but two podcasts and we must guide you towards this year’s Dead Albatross music Ted Maul’s special report here.

This week’s all important Things That We Have™:

  • Esmerine sounds exactly what you might imagine something with members of Godspeed and A Silver Mt Zion to sound like. Grandiose sweeping chamber rock.
  • Surprise of the week is Dmitry Evgrafov’s ‘Collage’. Will appeal to fans of Max Richter or Nils Frahm.
  • Right, this Phantom Horse record. Polyrhythmic, hypnotic, and highly recommended. For fans of Cluster and Moondog. We really like this.
  • The Spook School are from Scotland and play catchy songs laced with twee and venom.
  • Is !!! ‘As If’ our least search engine friendly record? At ‘One’ runs it close.
  • I’m not sure what was the most dull, Deerhunter’s new record or the endless discussion we had about why. It’s not bad as such - just unsatisfying. Yet a customer has just awarded it a blazing 9/10…..maybe you should buy and decide.
  • Small Black chill wave like it’s 2011 and we’re all Bruce Springsteen.
  • NEWSFLASH! The Here We Go Magic album is growing on me. Tight ‘80’s harmonies and Arthur Russell failure pop.
  • Cuntz…...OH COME ON!
  • Chain of Flowers are on earth to blend shoegaze and early 80’s raincoat rock. They do it seamlessly.
  • Legendary folk guitarist Michael Chapman is 75 and he’s still making great records. See, Bloc Party? It can be done.
  • New one from Hand of Dust. General vibe: overwrought.
  • Fuzzy psych-ers the Black Tambourines are not indie poppers Black Tambourine by the way. Nor are they Jeffrey Tambor.
  • How did you celebrate national no bra day?
  • Good to see orange back. Orange Revival celebrate it by sounding like Brian Jonestown Massacre having a long lunch.
  • Gnoomes. Why do people from Moscow get so much done? Because they are Russian.
  • Gun Outfit celebrate big blog indie with a bit of War and Drugs here, Kurt Vile and with a nod to the printed word of yesteryear, R.E.M.
  • Former Dead Texan Christina Vantzou hires a 15 piece micro orchestra and does some processing.
  • Luke Haines realises his latest ludicrous rock opera. This time about the dystopian grit of a nuclear winter in the UK.
  • Back after two decades of silence are Revolutionary Army of The Infant Jesus with some lovely understated chamber music. Fans of Piano Magic and This Mortal Coil should cock an ear.
  • Dan Friel plays psych rock on lo-fi keys and is not as annoying as all the reviews are trying to make out
  • Skylar Spence gets his funk on with some groovy disco that is compared to people as good as Chic and as bad as Chromeo.
  • She plays our Bradford on Sunday - what will she think? To celebrate, the Spacelady has released a split with fellow West Coast woozers Burnt Ones.
  • No terrible corner this week as everything is generally ok.


  • Loads of Bert Jansch re-issues including his high water mark ‘Moonshine’.
  • Masses of Fela Kuti re-issues as he would have celebrated what would have been his seventieth somethingth birthday this week.
  • Horn blower Miles Davis has some of his parps re-pressed.
  • There’s a nice collection of our old scribe Mike’s favorites Motorpsycho. Someone has trawled through their bulbous back catalogue and picked the best bits.
  • Fuzztones fans- all your christmases have come at once. Huge splurging box set available.
  • Trader Horne are one of those interestingly twisty early ‘70’s folk bands. Those flutes are soooo 2015.
  • Adrian Sherwood gets all anxious over the nuclear war threat and finds solace in the dub of his Missing Brazilians project
  • ‘Slicer’ is a great name for a record. You could call a particularly savage dog Slicer. Anyway this early Wolf Eyes cassette is now here on vinyl.
  • Don’t be slovenly and go get a copy of the Shocking Pinks re-issue. This is amazing post punk/shoegaze/NZ pop/dub and funk that should live in more people’s homes.
  • A shedload of Francois Hardy re-issues. Easy on the ear and eye.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

Here he is…founder of the Menston bleak-tech scene with all your beatz…..

  • UK rave warrior Luke Vibert is still at it with ‘Bizarster’ - another album on Planet Mu with hip-hop/ jungle/ electro and whatnot ‘to make yer brain’s dance.
  • Grischa Lichtenberger‘s ‘La Demeure; Il Y A Peril En La Demeure’ is in on Raster Noton. Gotta love CTRL+P cuz there’s no bloody way I was typing that out.
  • Nu-skool krauty/ kosmische gear on Umor-Rex from Hamburg based Phantom Horse - which our Phil described to me as being ‘Mint’. 300 copies
  • Warp continue to survey the vibrant Portuguese underground electronic dance music scene; with the third installment in their ‘CARGAA’ series. Also straight outta Portugal a plate from DJ Firmeza on Principie.
  • Did Genesis Breyer P-Orridge really get his/her hands dirty for this ‘Dreamachine Mix’ of Blanck Mass? 500 copies one-sided 12” on Sacred Bones.
  • Perception of time altering LP of lush ambient soundscapes on Root Strata from Byron Westbrook aka Corridors.
  • Minimal Wave resurrect obscure Japanese synth-pop artist Tomo Akikawabaya’‘s ‘The Castle’ and ‘Anju’ releases from the mid ‘80’s - newly remastered as ‘The Invitation of The Dead’
  • Move fast for our few remaining copies of Mall Grab ‘s ‘Elegy’ 12” on 1080p. Recommended for fans of Black Opal etc.
  • Posthuman are in acid house mode with remix action from Nexus 21 bossman Mark Archer.
  • Limited ‘Letting Go’ 12" on Get The Balance Right inc. Ever Moving, Mutual Attraction, Itpdwip and Jeremiah R. Already sold out at source.
  • Move with Hi-NRG last few copies of Pender Street Steppers limited repress of Lo-NRG cuts ‘The Glass City / Golden Garden’ 12” on Mood Hut.
  • Terminator techno from Scalameriya & VSK on the ever reliable Power Vacuum.
  • Limited Mio Mio 12” of wigged out left-field house music on Anthony Naples Proibito. Designed to make your posterior wiggle.
  • Luca Lozano updates classic UK bleep ‘n’ bass sounds and takes them cosmic on Super Rhythm Trax.
  • December 12” EP on Where To Now? With Legowelt reminiscent Low Jack Remix.
  • Saskatchewan avant black metal band Wold’s Fortress Crookedjaw brings the distortion and rudimentary electronics on The Death of Rave as Black Mecha. First track sounds like he’s stuck in a washing machine!
  • Powell ‘Insomniac / Should’ve Been A Drummer’ 12” on XL - the one promoted with a stunt straight out of Nathan Barley. The idiots are bloody winning!

7 inches of deep desperation:

Who else saw Manic Preacher James Bradfield slaver over his indie 7” collection on telly last week? Heartwarming. This lot too might mean something to someone one day……

Batteries is Bis guy Sci-fi Steve - remember them? Seratones do southern tinged garage rock. That’s the American south not Eastbourne. Simon Love is so zany he’s put an apple on his head and covered Oasis. It’s not every day we can say that there’s a new Tricky 7” in town. This time it’s with his Skilled Mechanics clan. New singles from folks as diverse as Courtney Barnett and Wolf Eyes on Third Man. Finally The Great Pop Supplement unleash The Hanging Stars and their twangy indie.

That’s it from us. Another big week next week with big new shiny things from Mogwai, Joanna Newsom and the Heads coming in. How are we going to cope? Well don’t worry your pretty little heads about that just leave it to us.

Finally, let’s wish Robin a wonderful trip to America where he’s going to convince naive shoegazers that he’s Mark Gardner and the hat was all just a terrible nightmare.

Words by Clint with Ant with some stuff nicked from Robin.

The Normanites this week were: Phil, Laurie, Kim, Ian and Nathon.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Michael Chapman


9/10 from Clinton

When stuck I like to think of Michael Chapman as a direct cross between John Fahey and Jim Bowen. Both masters in their particular field but Chapman is more than just a wise on »

Rival Consoles


9/10 from Laurie

OK I’ve been looking forward to this all morning because we’ve already had this album on a few times in the office and it’s garnered pretty much universal on »



9/10 from Robin

For better or worse, psych rock looks over the horizon. Western bands absorb the musical customs of cultures they’ve never belonged to, mix up different phenomenas and on »


Lost Voices

9/10 from Robin

The duo at the core of Esmerine have been making tense experimental rock music in one form or another since the old days of the long-absent Set Fire To Flames, carrying on on »

Phantom Horse

Different Forces

9/10 from Laurie

Umor Rex are taking 2015 by storm. That Kara-Lis Coverdale and LXV thing was beautiful, slightly more so than the James Place, a place where (rainy) dreams are made on his on »

Christina Vantzou

No. 3

9/10 from Robin

Muffled quietists Kranky have been having a banner year, delivering Steve Hauschildt’s new kosmische reality to our doorsteps, offering us fan fiction pitches like & on »

Shocking Pinks

Dance The Dance Electric

9/10 from Clinton

Well this is an interesting record and Shocking Pinks have a similarly interesting back story. Pitchfork were reviewing one of their records over ten years ago when they on »

Bert Jansch


8/10 from Clinton

A friend of mine was visiting his sister in London when she introduced him to a neighbour who was known locally as a musician. My friend liked the guy and listened intently on »

Shape Worship

A City Remembrancer

8/10 from Laurie

Here we have an album about London from an artist from London. London. LONDON. If you’re not there, you’re not anywhere, a sentiment that Shape Worship aka Ed on »

John Carpenter

Lost Themes: Remixes

8/10 from Laurie

If you weren’t born in the ‘70s/‘80s and raised on a diet of classic horror, there is a sort of invisible wall between yourself and John Carpenter’s on »

Be My Friend In Exile

Bound by an Endless Desire to Wander Down Avenues of Apathy

8/10 from Ant

‘Bound by an Endless Desire to Wander Down Avenues of Apathy’ is a lovely self released CD by this self-taught musician who since 2012 has had a few CD and tape on »

Etant Donnes


8/10 from Laurie

Right now, I’m being whispered to by a french dude in the most subtle soft tones while someone bangs an imaginary gong and dribbles water all over me. What is going on. on »



8/10 from Ant

London artist Louis Carnell has been putting out tracks as Visionist for the past four years or so but has taken until now to unleash his first proper full length album. And on »

Dmitry Evgrafov


8/10 from Robin

Remember that time you went to the forest to be one with nature and you got mud on your shoes but it was totally worth it because the trees swayed and the sun shone and you on »

The Spook School

Try To Be Hopeful

8/10 from Robin

You may or may not be aware that these lands are privy to a lot of really good pop slash folk slash orgcore -punk bands clamouring their way towards your heart, but if not, on »


Drumside / Dreamside

8/10 from Robin

Rodinia started this whole gnarly kosmische box social off by jamming out some deviations on their synth equipment: they saw were things were going and sailed away forever, on »

Hand Of Dust

Like Breath Beneath a Veil

8/10 from Robin

Coming described as “apocalyptic folk” sends up alarm bells, as I’m pretty sure it signifies neo-folk, aka kinda gloomy, quite barebones, often very on »

Black Mecha


8/10 from Jim

Here’s an LP of nicely fucked up electronica from Fortress Crookedjaw, the Saskatchewanian front man for Wold. As you’re probably aware, Wold are possibly the on »

Luke Vibert


8/10 from Laurie

Luke Vibert is one of the few veterans of the electronic scene that has actually managed to become more imaginative as time has gone on. Maybe it’s because back in the on »

Dan Friel


8/10 from Laurie

Clint handed this to me saying that he couldn’t help but think “that someone young would listen to it”. Well apparently I’m the token ‘young on »


On A Leash

8/10 from Ant

Paris based producer Tomas More aka December, was, as some of you may recall responsible for the inaugural-- and as yet only release on Blackest Ever Black’s techno on »



8/10 from Robin

Seems like you guys are already knee-deep in this distance, so far be it from me to explain the latest offering of psych drone to you. Kosmische is washing like waves on & on »

Revolutionary Army of The Infant Jesus

Beauty Will Save the World

8/10 from Clinton

Well it's not like me to not have heard of a band but Revolutionary Army of Infant Jesus have kept a low profile throughout their career (which began in the '80's) and this on »

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