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Weekly Update Weyes Blood, Clap! Clap!, WSR, Coil, Zap Francis, and more...

Do you like concrete? Electronic music? Then you might enjoy the Concretism ‘Town Planning’ LP that we’ve just released with our own money. It’s been out on CD before but never on vinyl... and this time it’s got an extra track. Not to blow our own horn but all of our previous releases on Public House have sold out. See what we’re saying? You’ll need to be an email subscriber to get it before 11am tomorrow morning but if you are reading this from your inbox then you’ll be fine.

Elsewhere we were very struck by the Drape album on Riot Factory. Now we have no financial investment in this - just the emotional weight of knowing a good record when we hear one then praying we can persuade other people to enjoy it too. Think (early) Tame Impala, Melody’s Echo Chamber and Broadcast. Great ear-snagging songs.

If neither of those polishes your coal scuttle we have plenty more below to choose from. Hope you have some time to kill as it’s a long ‘un.

This week’s all important Things That We Have™:

  • King slack the golden boy Alex G releases his first big label record and it’s sad. Comes with bonus live EP if you are quick.
  • Much loved but musically jarring crooner John Grant releases a messy, nauseating third album. Terrifying sleeve too.
  • Why would you call a band Pigeons? At least they make nice music full of un-pigeonlike folky coo-ing.
  • Promised Land Sound are five guys from Nashville and one of them has a beard. They sound like all your country rock greats rolled into one.
  • Radar Men From The Moon release their own form of goth psych on Fuzz Club.
  • Sunflower Bean make Spacemen 3 type psych with the odd pop melody flown in.
  • There are four new things out on the Golden Lab label including two by house band Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura.
  • We were so disturbed by Jodie Landau’s low cut shirt we filled it in with pen on our promo edition of his new record. Sounds like sophisticated chamber pop by the way.
  • Protomartyr’s new album isn’t as good as the last one….we don’t think. Maybe we’re wrong.
  • Evil Blizzard. On paper they look quite entertaining. It’s a shame music isn’t played on paper.
  • Andrew Weatherall and pals have been drafted in to sort out New Order’s latest mess by remixing it. Comes on 12” and late ‘80’s vintage CD single.
  • Some people from Electric Wizard hang out with dude from Napalm Death and make entertaining doom trip as With the Dead
  • Nice Portland folk poppers The Decemberists are back with a 10” of tracks that didn’t make it onto their last album whatever it was called.
  • Tim Krog’s ‘Boogeyman’ soundtrack is in on coloured vinyl.
  • Two albums in from the Tango Saloon. Mike Patton is on one of ‘em and they mingle tango and cowboy music.
  • Pixx isn’t the Pixies (Phil genuinely got confused) but is on 4AD. Her debut is full of promising plangent pop.
  • Two re-stocks. the WELLER album is back in affordable clear vinyl and that Mike Garry & Joe Duddell ode to Tony Wilson is back in.
  • Two things in on Folklore Tapes and you have your choice of counties. Sam McLoughlin and David A Jaycock do a 2 x 10” about waterways in Devon and Rob St John, Sam Mcloughlin (again) and David Chatton Barker have collaborated on this multi-media project about Lancashire.
  • Joke: Why does everyone in the world’s largest nation make a mess of things? Because they’re Russian (rushing). Ok, moving on there’s a 12” from Weyes Blood.
  • Terrible corner. In the terrible corner this week are new albums from The Enemy, Reverend and the Makers and Hurts.


  • All the greats get the re-issue treatment this week - Love’s ‘Forever Changes’, Television’s ‘Marquee Moon’, Blur’s ‘Parklife’ and Starsailor’s ‘Love is Here’.
  • Loads of Hendrix re-issues (Jimi).
  • Massive great bloody Unwound box.
  • The Sunset Strip created melodic, sludgy, guitar-heavy alt. rock in 1995 but have had to wait until now to release it.
  • Faust/Swell Maps like experimenters Milk From Cheltenham get their sole LP re-issued

Ant’s Electronic Roundup:

A MASSIVE week for electronic things. Let Ant tell you all about them:

  • Ultra chill Italian duo Donato Dozzy and Neel’s Voices From The Lake ‘Live at MAXXI’ album on Editions Mego has found its way onto vinyl. As has Tomasz BudzyÅ„ski and MichaÅ‚ Jacaszek’s Rimbaud album on Gusstaff.
  • Speaking of Donato Dozzy his ‘The Loud Silence’ album on Seattle’s Further Records has more twangs than case of Lilt. Also Jonas Reinhardt brings his new skool Kosmische to the same label.
  • Grubby warehouse bangers from Drvg Cvlture with a limited hand-stamped white label 12" - edition of 300 copies with Specter Remix.
  • Real deal electro on Central Processing Unit with 12”s from Mikron and the fourth on the label from Autechre’s current warm up man Cygnus. Sound like a pair of Transformers don’t they?
  • One time Coil and Psychick TV chap Drew McDowall cuts-up samples and twiddles his modular synth’s for an album on Dais which sounds bloody great from what little I’ve heard.
  • Coil’s legendary ‘Backwards’ has been unleashed by Cold Spring via Danny Hyde and is basically the original version of the remixed ‘The New Backwards’.
  • Also on Cold Spring some classy power electronics from the UK’s answer to Prurient; Iron Fist of The Sun. Plus if you dig “noise” there’s a remastered CD edition of Kleistwahr’s ‘The Return’ aka Gary Mundy (Ramleh, Broken Flag etc.).
  • Rashad Becker, Laurel Halo, Julia Holter, Kouhei Matsunaga etc. combine their special powers for a picture disc LP on Other People as Terepa.
  • Dark grooving bass manoeuvres on Raster Noton from Senking.
  • Laugh your ass off at the mug that paid £100 on Discogs for Paranoid London’s contemporary acid houser ‘Eating Glue’ while snapping up the limited repress.
  • Zomby found time between talking shite on Twitter to knock out a pair of 12” EP’s on XL.
  • Female’s Jeff Mills school tribal techno double pack from 1999 has been remastered and pressed on to clear vinyl in an edition of 300 copies on Downwards.
  • Analog Solutions fella Eduardo De La Calle appears on John Talabot’s Hivern Discs for 3 servings of techno tapas.
  • Daniel Avery and Volte-Face team up as Rote and get remixed by Semantica’s Svreca and Japan’s DJ Nobu.
  • Stamped white label of party smashers on Rubadub from Shawlands Arcade, also via the land of Haggis a split 12” on Optimo Trax from The Golden Filter and MC Hammer’s cousin (not really) Morgan (Hammer).
  • Bobby’s brother (also not really) Max McFerren wonks out on Vancouver’s 1080p as the label plunges from tapes into the vinyl realm. From the very same city comes new age ambient type gear on Mood Hut from Slow Riffs.
  • LP of Serge and Bulcha twiddling’s on Type from one half of Lumisokea; Andrea Taeggi.
  • Martyn Hare 12” with remixes from He/aT, Inigo Kennedy, Sawf and that slamming mix from JoeFarr everyone’s caning.
  • Useful CD compendium of collected singles and remixes from Celer & Machinefabriek.
  • Repress of Recondite’s ‘On Acid’ 2LP plus a spanking new 12” with Lawrence remixes.
  • Samuel Kerridge’s Contort label shifts into dark electroacoustic terrain with the ‘Stainless’ EP from WSR.
  • Instrumental spage age hip-hop gear on Warp sister label Bleep from someone using the handle Zap Francis -- most probably Black Milk (?)
  • Deconstructed experimental techno rhythms sans percussion on Shifted’s Avian imprint from Litüus.
  • Andy Votel and Sean Canty’s Dead-Cert dig up some 1984 Spanish new wave concrète dance/ tape music/ proto-techno from Mecanica Popular.
  • Three new things on handmade, home-made ambient label Shimmering Moods….which also explains what they sound like.

Lest we forget… COMA 2x10”/ CD on Kompakt, Capracara & JTC 12”, Various Artists Part II 12” on Pris’s Resin label outta Berlin, 12” from Elysia Crampton on Falty DL’s Blueberry Recordings, Moire EP on R&S, Clap! Clap! 12” plate on Black Acre, Bass Communion / Freiband split LP on Important Records, oh and a clear vinyl Co La LP on Daniel Lopatin’s Software Recording Co… That’s yer lot.

7 inches of desperation:

  • Vertical Slump feature at least one person from Shopping and have played some discordant post punk.
  • Argentinians Modular have re-worked creaking indie- poppers the Primitives
  • Who is the best drummer in the world? Shirley Collins (surely Collins - get it?) No, ok then buy a 7” of two Alan Lomax recorded Shirley Collins tunes from way back in the hazy past of 1957.

That’s it for now. Remember if you are in the Leeds./Bradford vicinity next week that the Recon festival next week. You can go and see Hookworms, Mumdance, Plaid and loads of others and the best thing about it is….we have tickets! Phil says he’s going to most of the events. If you spot him there, be sure to take him off our hands. Thanks.

Words by Clint with Ant with some stuff nicked from Robin.

The Normanites this week were: Phrantic Phil, Laurie, Kim, Ian and Nathon.

Best records this week

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9/10 from Robin

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Relax / Relapse

9/10 from Clinton

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Ben Frost

Steel Wound

9/10 from Laurie

A new pressing of the 2012 reissue of the very first Ben Frost album, or ‘Frost’ as he was known then. It tracks his artistic outing pre-rasp, before the wolves sn...read on »


Unbeknownst To The Participants At Hand

9/10 from Laurie

Drekka is somewhat of an experimental/ambient/sound art veteran by now. The common thread throughout the years has been the concept - rarely one to release a record ‘cos...read on »



9/10 from Ant

I have a strange relationship with the music of Coil. Some of their work I absolutely adore and is among some of my favourite music ever created. Music of unparalleled beauty....read on »

Euros Childs


8/10 from Robin

I always thought twee pop could do with more flute where the songs are, so thank god for Euros Childs. Sounding somewhat like Fran Healy fronting a more contentedly pantomime ...read on »


Kiddy Pool Dreams

8/10 from Robin

Russian lifers Pinkshinyultrablast have been spending their recent years endeavouring to convert their nougat-centered shoegaze into heavy math ‘n’ metal, and on &...read on »


Sleep Paralysis

8/10 from Laurie

Someone I know gets sleep paralysis pretty regularly, and by the sounds of it, it isn’t nearly as fun as this makes it out to be. Bouncy 808 beats? Nope, the sonic equiv...read on »

Sam McLoughlin / David A Jaycock

Devon Folklore Tapes Vol. III - Inland Water

8/10 from Robin

The folks who make the luring tapes are back with the folklore tapes, now in its third edition for Rule Of Three propriety. As is custom for this series, each release offers c...read on »

Sapropelic Pycnic

See Sun Think Shadow

8/10 from Robin

Of Spires In The Sunset non-fame, Kathleen Baird has created some of New Weird America’s most nuanced works, honing traditionalism into psychedelia and vice versa. In th...read on »

(Sandy) Alex G

Beach Music

8/10 from Robin

The peaking whispers of Alex G return for all to enjoy on ‘Beach Music’, and while it might have seemed like the boy was doing nothing but releasing albums for a m...read on »

Weyes Blood

Cardamom Times

8/10 from Robin

You may well remember Weyes Blood, AKA Natalie Wiseblood, as a contributor of rackets in Jackie O Motherfucker -- at this point, though, you’d better start considering h...read on »

Promised Land Sound

For Use and Delight

8/10 from Clinton

On the inner sleeve four vaguely stoned looking young men fiddle around on an assortment of instruments. To the right wheezing an organ is a man in a pointy hat and a cape. Ev...read on »

Paranoid London

Eating Glue

8/10 from Laurie

I don’t know much about acid house and our resident Techno/House maestro Ant probably roars at his keyboard with every 12” I attempt to inform you about. But here ...read on »


Angel Plague

8/10 from Ant

Downwards have remastered and reissued Female’s 1999 ‘Angel Plague’ 2LP on clear vinyl in an edition of 300 copies with revamped Throbbing Gristle inspired a...read on »

Drvg Cvltvre

The Right Knife In The Right Back

8/10 from Ant

Vincent Koreman has been producing and releasing techno/ house/ acid etc. for some years with releases on Bunker, Viewlexx, Mighty Robot, Pinkman Shipwrec, Porn Wax and Perc T...read on »

Drew McDowall


8/10 from Clinton

We’ve sold an absolute ton of these on pre-order. It’s the debut LP from former Coil and Psychic TV member McDowall and seeing as though he has been making music s...read on »

Slow Riffs

Gong Bath / Virgo Dub / Peace Arch

8/10 from Clinton

Gosh this is nice. After Donato Dozzy’s attempt to make techno music using just a jew’s harp, this is another wildly off piste taste of techno. On ‘Gongs Ba...read on »

Armando Sciascia

Sea Fantasy

8/10 from Laurie

What’s your fantasy? Take a moment and transplant yourself into that mindspace of desire. Wait, don’t get too carried away - STOP! Jeez, people are predictable. If...read on »

Donato Dozzy

The Loud Silence

8/10 from Ant

Perhaps reading about this album’s creation before listening would have better prepared me for what on first listen came as somewhat of a shock. I’m a big fan of l...read on »



8/10 from Ant

Samuel Kerridge’s Contort label hits its fifth release, branching out into dark electroacoustic terrain with a four track EP from WSR aka Emanuele Porcinai. So...read on »


19805. -_ 19905,

8/10 from Ant

You remember those records on Avian sister label Mira right? 10”s from Bleaching Agent, Covered In Sand, Prostitutes, Zov Zov, Worn, Burma Camp and Faugust. Distinctivel...read on »

Mecanica Popular

¿Qué Sucede Con El Tiempo?

8/10 from Ant

Andy Votel, Sean Canty (Demdike Stare) and Doug Shipton’s Dead-Cert label have unearthed and reissued this curious record from Mecanica Popular. Originally coming out of...read on »

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