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Weekly Update Max Richter, Perc, Willis Earl Beal, Abul Mogard, Jay Dee aka J Dilla, and more...

Anyone??? Nope thought not. Our plaintive cries for someone to write this week’s update have fallen on deaf ears so you are stuck with us again. We’ll try to make it exciting! Let’s cut to the chase!

First up we have a small number of those Beach House white vinyl LPs in stock - them with the soft-to-the-touch felt sleeves. Oh, and these are the LAST ONES EVER!

Onto this week’s other biggest news-style stuff and Helena Hauff’s brutalist coldwave techno vignettes are refreshingly spooky, Max Richter send us to sleep nicely, Grouper’s Liz Harris introduces her shoegaze band Helen, and we party like its 1996 with The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

This week’s all important Things That We Have™:

  • Jeff Lynne mini me and Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr bloke Lou Barlow has his first album in ages out.
  • Blank Realm do the biggest and most smoke machined post punk they can manage. ‘Raspberry ripple’ vinyl if you are quick.
  • Diane Coffee is nothing to do with any ladies...or hot drinks. It’s the man from Foxygen doing grandiose ‘70s pop.
  • Willis Earl Beale switches tack on with some deep slow moving space-soul. ‘Lionel Richie goes ambient’ said Ian.
  • The Clientele are one of the loveliest bands ever so you need a ‘best of’ especially as it contains unreleased stuff.
  • The Public Image Limited album has a few reasonable moments if you are prepared to skip past the clunkers.
  • Pop punker Mike Krol wins worst sleeve of the week.
  • Cold Wave repetition from Lightning Glove on Gnod’s label. Just 100 of these.
  • In news that will excite even the heaviest of hearts the former Zutons frontman Dave McCabe gets his synth on.
  • With the sounds of oud, buzuk and some darling keyboards Alif have absolutely no genre discipline. Good thing says Robin.
  • A supergroup featuring Dan Auerbach, Richard Swift and loads of people I haven’t heard of release their debut as the Arcs.
  • Phaedra has made a folk record tinkling with Bjork like twists and turns,
  • Fidlar make comical skate punk but don’t despair because on the plus side it comes in a die-cut sleeve.
  • Grouper’s Liz Harris pretends she was in a 6th form shoegaze outfit out of Kettering in 1988 with her Helen project. “Heaven” says Robin.
  • Sea & Air mix worrying moustaches with soft acoustic pop.
  • Someone (Cooking Vinyl we’re looking at you) let the View make a new album.
  • Sundays & Cybele make meandering yet well rounded psych all the way from Japan.
  • There’s a massive great bloody box set called ‘Side Effects’ on Fruits De Mer where various artists are given an entire side to cover a ‘60’s/’70’s classic of their choice. What could possibly go wrong?
  • If anyone has nailed the sound of a particularly bleak and threatening underpass in Manchester in 1983 then the Undergound Youth have.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup (Feat. Ant “Man Of Faith” Locke)

  • Helena Hauff’s dystopian electro has spawned an album called ‘Discreet Desires’ which has united the office in its greatness. Group hug.
  • New York’s DJ Richard (White Materials) urged you to grind to his techno on debut album errr… Grind on Dial.
  • Everyone’s favourite dancehall masher The Bug joins forces with Burro Banton for red vinyl 12” ‘Zim Zim Zim’ on Ninja Tune.
  • Avant modular synthesizer action from Robert Piotrowicz with ‘Old School Made of Gold’ red vinyl 12” on Bocian / Musica Genera. Edition of 250 copies.
  • Also part of the new wave of modular synth explorers is Abul Mogard with an album fuzzy soundscapes on Ecstatic; ‘Circular Forms’. 300 copies job.
  • Scored a lush haul of deep space dubbed out ambient techno from echospace [detroit]. Three limited edition CD’s from Variant (one per customer) plus crystal clear vinyl 12” from Intrusion.
  • Perc’s ‘Gob’ brings the industrial strength techno on Perc Trax while there's some David Cronenberg inspired electronics on Danny Passarella & Perc’s ‘Videodrome’. 250 copies on transparent blue wax.
  • Not had a chance to spin Beatrice Dillon’s ‘Face A/B’ or the one from Natalia Martinez Ordonez (N.M.O) both on Where To Now? but I’m sure they’re decent.
  • Rrose takes us deep into slooow liquid metal techno on ‘Vanishing Pools’. Limited white vinyl 12” on Eaux 500 copies.
  • Planet Mu celebrate 20 years of existence with µ20 2CD compilation featuring all the usual suspects or if you’re feeling flush a 3CD edition with 100 page book. Happy Birthday to µ.
  • Lumisokea last spotted on Opal Tapes and now on Alter with ‘Mnemosyne’.
  • Mint’s ‘Fable and Fantasy’ ambient pop album on Boltfish was half jokingly described by our Laurie as “Bryan Adams meets Boards Of Canada”. Hopefully the first and last time those two artists are mentioned in the same sentence.
  • Originally a cassette on Gnod folks Tesla Tapes label; Lightning Glove’s ‘Raving Peacocks Tail’ gets vinylized in an edition of 100 copies.
  • Robert Hood’s minimal techno blueprint/ masterpiece ‘Minimal Nation’ is back on white vinyl + CD on his own legendary M-Plant label.
  • Shit & Shine album on Editions Mego due to arrive any moment… review to follow...
  • Fans of Blawan, Tessela, Boddika etc. ought to check Dreams Twisted Karma EP.
  • There’s a much needed reissue of Mike Huckaby’s ‘Baseline 87’ on his S Y N T H label.
  • Plus… Olivia Block ‘Aberration Of Light’ cassette on NNA tapes. 18+ They Remixes on Houndstooth including Suicideyear, Mr Mitch etc. Cute tape of playful 70’s-children’s-TV-esque electronic collages on Kit Records. Elysia Crampton ‘Bound Adam’ 7” on Total Stasis. Faces of Drums / Steve Poindexter 12” on Chicago’s legendary Muzique label, featuring Jamal Moss.


  • Brian Jonestown Massacre’s ‘Thank God For Mental Illness’ was made for the equivalent price of buying the new Lou Barlow CD.
  • Classic Pig Destroyer re-issued.
  • Electronic music pioneer K. Leimer’s Savant project gets a much needed re-issue.
  • Loads of early productions in one place from the unimprovable Jay Dee (J Dilla)
  • Those three EPs from when the Beta Band weren’t a complete waste of space are all back out on vinyl.
  • Random old bands of various genres Leatherface (Sunderland gravel rockers) and Soul Coughing (Phil-approved US oddballs) have stuff back out.
  • We have acres and acres of Psychedelic Furs re-issues.

7 inches of desperation:

  • Swooning big rock man and BBC 6 Music sponsored crooner Richard Hawley is back.
  • Slaves try to do ‘79 style punk from their Tunbridge Wells base.
  • Hooton Tennis Club release a third single from their recent album with a title so long I can’t be bothered to type it.
  • American artist Elysia Crampton makes three mini-soundscapes inspired by her relationship with her Ford Ranger SUV. Weirdo.

Words by Clint with Ant and some stuff nicked from Robin.

The in-store Normanites this week were: Phil, Laurie, Limahl, Kim, Ian, and Nathon.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...



9/10 from Laurie

Lumisokea is a combination of an Italian and a Belgian, some pre-Wham synths and murdered instruments. When you encounter the words ‘Berlin’ and ‘Opal Tapes&...read on »

Helena Hauff

Discreet Desires

9/10 from Robin

Laurie is taking a techno nap, so he’s requested backup for the final edition of today’s electronic releases, Helena Hauff’s wonderful ‘Discreet Desire...read on »

The Clientele

Alone & Unreal: The Best Of The Clientele

9/10 from Clinton

Suffering from our current policy of not having anything in stock at all, The Clientele release what could be said to be a 'greatest hits' collection. On one hand I could say ...read on »


Vanishing Pools

9/10 from Ant

Rrose emerges from the dancefloor wreckage left in the wake of the recent ‘For Aquantice’ 12” for another session on the artist's own Eaux imprint. Taking us...read on »


The Original Faces

9/10 from Robin

As time trundles slowly onward, so does my uneasy relationship with Liz Harris’ final Grouper album ‘Ruins’. Though it first felt like a different kind of dr...read on »

Isnaj Dui


8/10 from Laurie

A new CD from Isnaj Dui is always a treat, particularly for the cause of proving that the flute has a life far beyond the likes of Debussy and Jethro Tull. Katie English succe...read on »


Personal Computer

8/10 from Laurie

Kody Neilson is a crazy figure, a point that the media has insisted on making, this heralded as his ‘maturation’ compared to past monkey antics. Well sure, this is...read on »

Asmus Tietchens

Ornamente (zwischen Null und Eins)

8/10 from Jim

A new album by Asmus Tietchens can be quite an intimidating prospect. The Hamburg-based acoustics professor has been investigating the inner and outer realms of electronic sou...read on »

Blank Realm

Illegals In Heaven

8/10 from Robin

I’m starting at the end of all things, because I like “Too Late Now” a darn sight more than any guitar pop song I’ve heard this year. An unwavering pla...read on »

Willis Earl Beal


8/10 from Clinton

When this was played in the office last week I somehow got the initial impression that it was the album where Sam Smith finally ‘does a Scott Walker’. Instead...read on »

F ingers

Hide Before Dinner

8/10 from Laurie

This is the Hammock / Dead Can Dance collab album that should have been. Cautiously chilling, this set of quietly sung spook meditations tries to occupy a space within all of ...read on »


Artificial Dance

8/10 from Laurie

As our faithful descriptive hound Tom points out, this is a somewhat challenging name for an LP. It’s not really artificial, the introductory track confronting you with ...read on »

St. Julien


8/10 from Laurie

Ok, so we’re in the chicken shop, the guy behind the counter is fed up and wants his money. “U gonna pay for that m8?” Funkineven looks back his compadre, op...read on »

DJ Richard


8/10 from Laurie

This DJ by the name of Richard is following just a couple of 12 inchers with a full blown LP of dingey proportions, briefly shedding lights on the darker corners of the club t...read on »

Dam Funk

Invite The Light

8/10 from Andy

Dam Funk has been the flag bearer for funk on Stones Throw for approaching a decade. Whilst his boogie jams seemed incongruous initially when filed alongside the more straight...read on »



8/10 from Ant

I can happily enjoy listening to full on techno at home in small doses but when all is said and done, music like Perc’s is constructed for an environment far removed fro...read on »

Sundays & Cybele

Gypsy House

8/10 from Robin

Sundays & Cybele go down the pointlessly meandering route on their own take on psych magnificence. Listening to “Mystic Ocean”, the opener to their record &lsq...read on »

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