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Weekly Update Clara Mondshine, The Twelve Hour Foundation, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Mac DeMarco, and more...

We’re playing catch-up this week in the Norman household, in that we only just realised our webmaster, director and general bossman Nathon welcomed his newborn daughter into the world two weeks ago. In our defence, it was a pretty exciting time: the new Mac DeMarco had just come in, with a slipmat to boot. A bunch of other stuff was ostensibly happening. I don’t know. In any case, he can now blame any faulty HTML breakage on his baby. Well played.

In news that doesn’t concern zero-year-olds, there were a lot of spinnable circles hoping for temporary motion this week. Chief among them was a long-overdue new AFX release from prolific monster Richard D. James, a record he has not at all annoyingly defined as playable at 33/45 RPM -- naturally, Laurie listened to both speeds simultaneously. We’ve got a rare reissue of some early drone by gatekeepers La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela, who hummed with their tongues and then slithered along gongs. Peluche’s triumphant new single keeps us wondering what the fuck Speedy Wunderground are doing, and

We’re writing this update as a duo this week, because it’s always safer when two pairs of hands are at the wheel of a car.

Thanks Robin. Let me (Clint) just tell you about two promos this week. First up, 20% off about 70 recent items to make your summer cheaper. And, secondly, we’ve found hundreds of records we naively thought out of print but are actually available to buy. We hope you find it useful. Back to you, Robin.

Thanks Clint. Let’s run down the week’s beautiful bullet points:

This week’s all important Things That We Have™:

  • Deradoorian offers up some sleepy hallucinations and sounds kind of like all those bands she’s in, but better.
  • Cate Le Bon and White Fence’s Tim Presley get together for a band called Drinks, who assure you everything is fine when actually it’s all on fire.
  • Isaiah Owens crafts a sparse ode to the Lord with his lovely new record, which is the only non-techno Laurie has heard in twenty-three years.
  • He is neither Al Stewart nor the lover you’ve been looking for: Al Lover is just a dude who makes beats and psych rock.
  • John Cusack’s films are now a power-pop band called Terrible Feelings.
  • As far as I know, Leeds post-punkers Autobahn are not health goths.
  • Public Image Limited release a new 10” record ahead of their new album. Clint wishes they hadn’t.
  • Paul Smith is here with an album of sparkling Maximo Park style indie made whilst wearing a hat at all times.
  • The Bohicas sound like Mud held together with sticky tape and fuzzy production.
  • If you like bleak Radiohead,James Blake weep-step and the haunting ethereal Olafur Arnalds types then Gwilym Gold is for you.
  • The original Vibracathedral Orchestra are back with their classic rattling sound of drone and heavy percussion.
  • Wavves and Cloud Nothings hook up to be ramshackle together.
  • Crooning London indie starlets Spector release an LP that comes with a 7”. You can’t lose. Can you?
  • Is ‘Music For Dogs’ by Gardens and Villa terrier-able, melan collie, or shih tzu? It’s safe to say Robin doesn’t labradore it. [Editorial note from Nathon: well played, whoever wrote this.]
  • Challenging and lengthy neo-classical compositions from Kenneth Kirschner.
  • Whiskey-stained growler Mark Lanegan releases his demos from way back when he barked exclusively for Screaming Trees.
  • File the Sankt Otten / Majeure split somewhere between your blade runner soundtrack and your Brian Eno.
  • No-one told me there was a new Fratelli’s album on ‘the label where bands go to die’™, Cooking Vinyl.
  • An album of the parent-soothing music of the popular children’s (and adults) building block game ‘Minecraft’ is now available on vinyl.
  • Some post-apocalyptic Swedish drone has landed from Saturn and the Sun.
  • Ever managed to accidentally make an album? Well it turns out Herbcraft have managed to do just that. Woodsist then accidentally released it.

Ant’s Big Electronic Roundup, minus Ant (who's on hols)

  • As it turns out, that asteroid due to hit earth in 2036 has hurtled off course, so your Black Rain & Shapednoise record should be fine.
  • Riding the crystalwave this week is Metasplice, who make our favourite glass-kissed genre a little noisier.
  • So….AFX then….
  • Rumbles of deep, dark European techno on Mod Exist’s ‘Beef Chop’ cassette.
  • Antenna Happy’s Nathan Pope spent 20 years away from music. The break has done him good as he’s returned with some bright and shiny forward-pushing techno.
  • No Pain in Pop presents Bedroom Club III in which they give you techno-leaning tracks from six brand new artists.

Reissues that time forgot:

Here are some 7”s that exist

Actually, there aren’t any except chugging grunge from Tigercub, ex Beatnik Filmstars knob twiddlers The 12 Hour Foundation and Dave McCabe who you may remember from the Zutons.

To conclude, things are as they were, but not entirely.

Words and iconic back and forth by Clint and Robin.
The Normanites this week were: Kim, Laurie, Phil, Ian, a beach ball.
And isn’t it ironic; don’t you think?

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Black Rain & Shapednoise


9/10 from Laurie

Throbbing, visceral noise buzzes from Blackest Ever Black regular Black Rain and Berlin’s resident renegade Shapednoise. It’s named after the asteroid that may or ...read on »

La Monte Young / Marian Zazeela

The Black Record

9/10 from Robin

This landmark record helped develop drone (or, at least, it put some people onto the idea of it) while seemingly testing the waters of new age early into its existence. The fi...read on »

Ami Shavit

In Alpha Mood

9/10 from Laurie

This is one of those represses of highly sought after early electronic releases, this time from Israeli artist Ami Shavit, an LP that only had 500 made in 1977 with very littl...read on »


Minecraft Volume Alpha

9/10 from Clinton

For those who don't have children, it's really hard to imagine what their constant squawking does to ones ears. Their high-pitched perma-wailing is probably one of the reasons...read on »


The Guy With The Gammy Eye

8/10 from Robin

Blaring serenely out of the speakers this morning is Speedy Wunderground’s newest disorientating beacon of light, known in less stupid words as Peluche. As with many of ...read on »

Woven Skull

Lair Of The Glowing Bantling

8/10 from Robin

The first side of this folk freak storm sees the Woven Skull crew offer a prologue of oscillating guitar strums, plus marching percussion working on a couple of levels; the fo...read on »


The Expanding Flower Planet

8/10 from Robin

An affiliate of both the Animal Collective and Dirty Projectors campsites, Angel Deradoorian is no stranger to making that slightly weird but ultimately very catchy ...read on »


Bedroom Club III

8/10 from Laurie

The bedroom club assembles once every 2-3 years to provide a feast of post-club movements, a private take on the big-room phenomenon. This is the third of the No Pain In Pop s...read on »



8/10 from Laurie

You know that artists go abstract when they release an octet of untitled tracks. Metasplice however are keeping it real, not resorting to an album named after punctuation and ...read on »

AFX (Aphex Twin)

orphaned deejay selek 2006-2008

8/10 from Laurie

Not sure about you, but I can no longer keep up with this man-thing. New material is coming at a crazy rate, his sneaky tricks amongst them all. Oh wow, this user09784738 isn&...read on »

Isaiah Owens

You Without Sin Cast The First Stone

8/10 from Laurie

Sounding disarmingly older than it actually is, You Without Sin… is one man’s rough-hewn ode to the Lord with nought but an electric guitar, some old Alabama radi...read on »

Vibracathedral Orchestra

Rec Blast Motorbike

8/10 from Robin

Here they are then: the original Vibracathedral Orchestra, all together for maximum weirdo effect, churning their droned noise for VHF. The chances are that the Northerners am...read on »

Briana Marela

All Around Us

8/10 from Robin

Briana Marela’s ‘All Around Us’ begins in a swirl of vocal loops and damp keyboard notes, the two circling around each other until you can’t tell what&...read on »

Pere Ubu

Dub Housing

8/10 from Clinton

In our latest filing disaster, Pere Ubu was filed under U so in an attempt to redress the balance I shall say some nice words on what is generally considered to be their best ...read on »

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La Monte Young / Marian Zazeela
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