Weekly Update Atom TM, BEAK / KAEB, Yair Elazar Glotman, Syntoma, Moon Pool & Dead Band, and more...

First up, the big news is that we have a new bell sound on our intercom. It’s higher pitched than the old one but early reviews are encouraging (“a gleeful titter 9/10” said Laurie). Not only that but we released a record this week! It’s by Sela and it’s called ‘Anniversary’ and we are happy that at the time of writing we’ve sold about 150 of the 200 copies. It’s lovely woozy hip-hop in a Bibio/J Dilla style that we think deserves a way bigger audience than it garnered on its first release with Flau. There are loads of BIG releases out this week -- mainly, it has to be said, on the reissue front, with the exemplary Michael Head and the Strands and the expanded John Carpenter and Alan Howarth’s ‘Escape from New York’ heading up the biggest and most exciting releases. But never fear -- you want new stuff? Then read below.

This week’s all important Things That We Have™:

  • Spotlight Kid is a strange name for a shoegaze band but their blurry MBV stuff is made of girders.
  • Slow roasting psychsters The Myrrors and The Cult of Dom Keller get together at last on Fuzz Club split 10”.
  • Beak save time and back themselves as Keab on their split 12”. They are good -- twice.
  • Albert Hammond Jr was in the Strokes and his dad wrote ‘When I Need You’.
  • Long Distance Poison are the latest to make synth-kissed krautrock on Deep Distance.
  • Unbelievably, Camera Shy make twee-pop, as if they were on Sarah Records towards the end.
  • How long has this Heather Woods Broderick album been out? Anyway it’s here now so we can all reeeelax.
  • Red River Dialect’s brand of folk is knotty and plaintive, sounding like it was made in a living room with a disastrous people to sofa ratio.
  • Yorkshire jack of all trades Jon Collin has made a scintillating two sides of solo guitar.
  • Less is more Samantha. Samantha Crain’s no frill folk songs win over the arranged stuff says Robin.
  • To commemorate 10 years since the death of Robert Moog and to celebrate the building of a brand new Moog, producer Craig Leon has set Johann Bach’s music to Moog. It’s like Mach or something.
  • Snow in Mexico are deep Italians with dreamy, washed out landscapes. Creamy.
  • Blindness play a harsh racket of metallic post punk.
  • Olan Mill like floating… and they aren’t a lower division football club.


Yup there are a few in this week so they are getting a separate section this week… we just make the rules up as we go along!

  • John Carpenter and Alan Howarth’s ‘Escape from New York’ is back out in an expanded edition.
  • The Simpsons theme tune writer Danny Elfman has his ‘Nightbreed’ soundtrack out on what is described as ‘Burlap Mask with Blood Clot Splatter’ vinyl.
  • Henry Manfredini's score to the classic horror sequel, ‘Friday the 13th Part II’, is out for the first time on vinyl.
  • Surprise soundtrack of the week sees Matt Johnson’s long running The The project create a soundtrack for the film ‘Hyena’ -- gorgeous, unsettling stuff.

Ant’s Big Electronic Roundup

  • Limited L.I.E.S. 12” white label action from Pvre Matrix with some bangin’ Jeff Mills ‘Waveform Transmission’ flavoured techno.
  • Alessandro Cortini’s ‘Risveglio’ on Hospital Productions is now in on wax.
  • Evol bring their comedy sound art rave computer music to Diagonal with the deranged ‘Flapper That’ 12”.
  • Karen Gwyer gets groovy with her machines with some cosmic techno on Nous.
  • Young Echo head Ossia brings his dubbed out dread and spooked ambient to Blackest Ever Black on ‘Red X’.
  • Experimental electronica label Minimal Resource Manipulation are back with CDs from Matthew Atkins and Platform.
  • Koreless make what I can only describe as big party ‘Hurdy Gurdy Man’ house on Young Turks.
  • Lo-fi dystopian techno funk from Detroit’s Moon Pool & Dead Band comes via a 2x12” on Midwich Productions, featuring remixes from fellow Detroit heads, JTC, Nate Young, BMG etc.
  • Cool tape of murky electronic soundscapes and decayed techno from Tengui on Broken60.
  • Uncle Billy Basinski has gone loopy again with ‘The Deluge’ white vinyl LP on Temporary Residence.
  • Aisha Devi’s ‘Conscious C*nt’ 12” on Houndstooth had our Laurie bust out a 9/10 and he even used the K word.
  • Yair Elazar Glotman (aka KETEV) gets his bass drones out on Subtext with the ‘Études’ LP.
  • Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm’s Record Store Day ‘Stare’ 10” has now transformed into a 12”.
  • That ‘I Dream of Wires’ modular synth documentary is back on DVD plus further eye candy from Floris Vanhoof with a DVD of experimental films and music. 245 copies on Taping Policies.
  • The first 3 of 6 Bjork remix 12”s have landed; single-sided, etched, translucent vinyl jobs on One Little Indian, in die-cut 'Vulnicura' wound sleeves. Mica Levi, Kramphat and Lotic on this lot.
  • Plus a clutch of 12”s from the likes of Atom ™ on Raster Noton, O$VMV$M on Idle Hands, Jack Sparrow on Deep Medi Musik, Antenna Happy, Simo Cell on Livity Sound sister label dnuoS ytiviL… Blah blah blah...

New Reissues:

Loads of the buggers……

  • Let’s start with the wondrous Michael Head and the Strands re-issue. I’ve described it as “a scouse scally cross breed of Nick Drake and Arthur Lee with a string section” and for once I hope I’m right.
  • Underwhelmed by the New Order track? Then console yourself with some Joy Division re-issues.
  • Old ‘70s men Led Zeppelin have their last three LPs re-issued.
  • In one of the most disturbing pieces information available on the internet it turns out that Placebo have sold 12 million records. Make it 12 million and 1 by picking up the second re-issue this year of their self titled debut.
  • In further Brit pop era news. King Tweet and the Golden Boys The Charlatans have their ‘best of’ thingy re-issued on vinyl.
  • Fancy some Mexican synth pop from the early ‘80s? Then Syntoma are here.
  • Desolation and lonely folk from the bleak early ‘70s from Goldberg. He spent ages making it and no-one bothered to listen to it. Tut.
  • Is there any better collab in the world than Madlib and J Dilla? Here are Jaylib...even better than FFS.

Here are some 7”s that exist

  • Spliced odd pop from coming and up producer Semi Precious. Really nice this.
  • The Clean Cut Kid 7” comes on orange scented vinyl. Crazy times.
  • Baby Strange are from Glasgow and wish for the California Sun. Don’t we all?
  • Out of hibernation, Kingsley Chapman of The Chapman Family, now plays with THE MURDER (our capitalization).
  • Presents For Sally make shoegaze with tunes.

They are your records for this week (and there’s even more here). We have been Norman Records.

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Post production by Robin

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