Weekly Update Country Teasers, Creeping Pink, John Foxx, Ossia, Yung, and more...

Sleaford Mods, Sleaford Mods, Sleaford Mods, Sleaford Mods, Sleaford Mods, Sleaford Mods. We are infested with the damn things - they're in the stockroom, in the kitchen, down the toilet, in the vestibule, in my ears. It’s certainly been a long time since we stood as a unit repetitively packing the same thing for hours on end. Anyway, they are away in the post now and so we can breathe nice and easy.

It’s not just t’Mods out this week though, Ducktails, The Declining Winter, Omar Souleyman, Vinyl Williams all have discs that should be of interest - as should everything listed below. Do read on...

This week’s all important Things That We Have™:

  • Where else to start but Sleaford Mods? ‘Key Markets’ looks like it’s the album to take them ever closer to the mainstream despite a plethora of ‘F’ and ‘C’ words within. When it’s experimental it’s certainly spectacular.
  • Vinyl Williams is the grandson of John Williams and the son of the guy from Air Supply. He makes woozy, hazy pop a la Unknown Mortal Orchestra.
  • Stephen O’ Malley is the guy from Sunn O))). He’s headed in an orchestral composition direction with doomy bits.
  • Ah Ducktails. Their new album is so nice. Just pleasant, jingly-jangly summer pop to have a lie down to.
  • Kind of a re-issue but not as it didn’t get past pre-sales last time. The new album from former Hood types The Declining Winter is now widely available on vinyl and CD. Melodic and meandering smudge-pop says a 9/10 wielding Robin.
  • Gurgles are a prog pop outfit from Bradford who are simultaneously enraging and brilliant. Definitely worth a listen as no-one sounds like this.
  • Gwenno is a Welsh lady who makes Broadcast-like electronic pop….in Welsh.
  • Hippo Campus are produced by Alan Sparhawk from Low. Why then do they sound like the Libertines playing Vampire Weekend?
  • Holy Esque are a big new Scottish enormo rockers following in the footsteps of Glasvegas.
  • Owl and Mouse play sweet indie-pop using electronics and ukeleles. How can you hate on this?
  • There’s a massive Carpark records compilation on picture disc vinyl with basketball stuff on.
  • The Eleventh Dream Day album sounded a bit like ZZ Top.
  • Imandra Lake are Estonian shoegazers who have roped Seeland, Bill Wells and the Declining Winter in on remix duties.
  • Alvarius B is a bloke from Sun City Girls (important fact - they aren’t girls). Nice when it’s pretty.
  • 10000 Russos are a Portuguese crew of smoke ‘n’ mirrors rockers on Fuzz Club. waaay better than 10,000 Things.
  • Omar Souleyman teams up with Four Tet, Gilles Peterson and other pals for a positive, funky record of big feelings
  • Ol’ whiner Conor Oberst returns with his Desaparecidos crew. Shouting on in an emo style.
  • New school indie rockers Seconds and Joya share a split LP of mindless romps and messy garage.
  • If your previous band was called Guided By Voices, there’s only one way down in the name stakes as Robert Pollard’s new Ricked Wicky project shows.
  • Recent 'The Wire' cover stars, West Yorkshire’s Ashtray Navigations, release a 100 minute opus of exotic fuzz raga on VHF.
  • Label boss and Thee Oh Sees guy John Dwyer reckons Creeping Pink sound like Silver Apples meets Vangelis meets Arthur Russell. They do.
  • Kinda punks Strange Wilds make a Sebadoh-ish noise on Sub Pop (natch).
  • If you like J dilla/Madlib then you simply must listen to Knxwledge. Ignore the ‘x’ it’s head noddingly great.
  • Umachunga make grey, melancholy ambient with moments of colour on Hibernate.
  • ‘Esperanza de OTO 2’ is a madcap compilation of musics from Japan and beyond curated by the ever fascinating Aritomo.
  • Jim Williams composed the music for ‘A Field in England’, he’s at it again with some terrifying soundscapes for ‘Kill List’.
  • Birth Defects are a gnarly garage rock ‘supergroup’, containing members of Thee Oh Sees and produced by Ty Segall.
  • We’ve got the LAST EVER COPIES of that coveted Trust Fund/Joanna Gruesome split LP.
  • Luscious doom tones for bored ears from Yair Elazer Glotman and his massive double bass. Best thing all day reckons Laurie.
  • If you’re into things like Blanck Mass, Shit & Shine or Akatombo buy Liberez on Night School.

Ant’s Big Electronic Roundup

  • Acre / Filter Dread join forces on PAN / Lost Codes new imprint PAN x Codes for a 12” EP of UK Bass/ techno mutations.

  • Seven Davis Jnr pops up on Ninja Tune for his debut album of funky wunky boogie woogie.
  • If you want to know what War of The Worlds would have sounded like had it been created in an early 80’s bedroom in Hull, look no further than Alan Jefferson’s ‘Galactic Nightmare on Trunk.
  • There a double platter of grimey bass action from Wen on Soundman Chronicles.
  • If you prefer to get your kicks at home then Darkside have a DVD on Matador.
  • ‘20th Century: The Noise’ is a compilation of tracks spanning 35 years of the legend that is John Foxx.
  • Debruit’s vision of ‘African Coldwave’ is realised on his ‘Outside The Line’ LP on ICI.
  • Valerio Tricoli’s ‘Miseri Lares’ is repressed on PAN.
  • Ipman pulls out his Amen’s and Deejay samples for a filthy one on Tectonic.
  • Jessy Lanza is joined by DJ Spinn and Taso on Hyperdub for some slow motion footworkin’ pop music.
  • Plus there’s an album from The Chemical Brothers which is probably like Kryptonite to me.

New Reissues:

  • Sonic Youth ‘Evol’ is out again on vinyl with bonus track. Get in!
  • Attention goth people. Sisters of Mercy’s ‘First and Last and Always’ is out in a big black box with three(!) full sides of B side stuff.
  • In exciting news we have a picture disc of Roger Waters ‘Amused to Death’ in stock.
  • If an experimental mix of electronic elements, jazz, trash and post-rock is your thing try The Coma Lilies on Denovali.
  • Imagine what an album called ‘Science Hat Artistic Cube Moral Nosebleed Empire’ which contains 40 songs sounds like and you are close to Country Teasers territory.
  • 3CD reissue of Nurse With Wound’s ‘Soliloquy For Lilith’ in red foil blocked box with new parchment insert. CLASSIC!!!

Here are some 7”s that exist

Absolutely loads this week for all you fans of small things including one with two brand new tracks by Wand, Girl One and the Grease Guns cool synth pop, brash melodic punk pop from Denmark’s Yung, young psychsters Telegram, childrens band The Strypes, Well(er) I never, a not bad (honestly!) new Paul Weller single. Those Pretty Wrongs single will be essential for fans of Big Star as it features Jody Stephens, the only Big Star left alive. Sunflower Bean make slightly-psychedelic slightly-punk indie rock, we have a few copies of the Wedding Present Welsh language Record Store Day 7” and finally Psychic Baos boast a singer called Will Fist.

Coming tomorrow….

Not here yet but on their way up from smoky old London is the William Basinski album ‘The Deluge’ and spooky delay scapes from Ossia on Blackest Ever Black.

They are your records for this week (and there’s even more here). We have been Norman Records.

Words by Clint

Work by everyone else

And at the piano... Andrew Fearn.


Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Nurse With Wound

Soliloquy For Lilith

10/10 from Ant

Essential reissue of Nurse With Wound’s epic 3CD masterpiece. Quite possibly my all time favourite Nurse With Wound release. Apparently so popular with fans at the time ...read on »

The Declining Winter

Home For Lost Souls

9/10 from Robin

On his latest record, ‘Home For Lost Souls’, Richard Adams receives a snowflake on a plate of caviar and says “no thank you very much”. So begins the s...read on »


All Tense Now Lax

9/10 from Laurie

Well, which is it? Tense or Lax? Judging by the impending percussion and escarpments of noise currently ushering my ears to an early grave, I’d say the former is where t...read on »

Ashtray Navigations

A Shimmering Replica

9/10 from Jim

Ash Nav’s psychoactive stream of cosmic consciousness flows unabated, hitting a sun-scorched plateau of ecstatic intensity that’s rare by even their standards for ...read on »

Yair Elazar Glotman


9/10 from Laurie

The double bass is an instrument that has struggled to escape from the world that created it - the ruthless traditionalist institution of Classical music. Jazz was its ray of ...read on »

Imandra Lake

Vood EP

8/10 from Laurie

This is a CD containing a single version of Imandra Lake man Rein Fuks’ ‘Kaks Vood’ and a megaremix extravaganza - a whopping 6 of them including versions fr...read on »

Stephen O'Malley


8/10 from Jim

I guess it was only a matter of time before Stephen O’Malley’s room hungry drones moved into the realms of orchestral composition. To be fair, ‘Guid&eac...read on »

Kawabata Makoto

Astro Love and Infinite Kisses

8/10 from Jim

Kawabata Makoto is back taking his listeners on cosmic voyages, without the more rock-grounded excesses of Acid Mother’s Temple for this double LP on VHF­. As a resu...read on »

Girl One And The Grease Guns

The Shatterproof Man

8/10 from Clinton

Just look at that nice price: £3.79, and you get a bonus CD (not anymore though as we've sold out of them... sorry!). Girl One and the Grease Guns are big on concep...read on »


Should Have Been Done By Now

8/10 from Laurie

The latest from Hibernate has arrived, and it’s from a relative newcomer to the world of released music, Tehran’s Umchunga aka Nima Pourkarimi. No guesses as to wh...read on »


Senary Cycles EP

8/10 from Laurie

Wen is one of those grime artists that has been pushing the definition of the genre the last few years, and definitely upping the ante when it comes to production. Future grim...read on »

Vinyl Williams


8/10 from Clinton

When your grandad is film composer John Williams and your dad was in Air Supply, how can you possibly fail in the world of music? Vinyl Williams (Lionel to his friends) has cr...read on »

10,000 Russos

10000 Russos

8/10 from Robin

I’ve got psych rock fever, in so far as I have hay fever and I’m listening to psych rock. The psych in question is the work of 10000 Russos, a Portuguese crew of s...read on »

Omar Souleyman

Bahdeni Nami

8/10 from Laurie

Well, would you just look at that production lineup. Hasn’t Omar Souleyman got some talented friends? That’ll bring in the punters. One mention of a certain Peters...read on »


Hud Dreems

8/10 from Andy

I should get danger money for doing these reviews - seriously, I need medical assistance after this one. Why? My neck hurts - this is just one long headnodder of an album. Do ...read on »

Seven Davis Jr.


8/10 from Andy

Seven Davis Jnr made quite an impact on Ninja Tune with the barnstorming 12" 'Wild Hearts' - pretty bold to then leave that off the album as it is a real killer tune. Having r...read on »

Acre / Filter Dread


8/10 from Ant

Visionist’s Lost Codes label teams up with PAN to become PAN sublabel PAN x Codes with the first release; a collaborative EP from Acre / Filter Dread. There's no room fo...read on »

Fennesz / OZmotic


8/10 from Ant

Fennesz of course is a cherished artist in electronic/ experimental music. OZmotic is a name that’s new to me but appears to be the duo of Stanislao Lesnoj (Soprano sax,...read on »

Alessandro Cortini


8/10 from Laurie

After an uninspired attempt at making some dank slow techno, Alessandro Cortini, one of the Nine Inch Nails, brings melody back to the forefront for this CD on Vatican Shadow&...read on »

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Seven Davis Jr.
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