Weekly Update C Duncan, Stefan Wesolowski, Tame Impala, Sunn O))), Leonardo Martelli, and more...

This week I saw something so disturbing and grotesque on the internet that I wished that I had never have seen it. It was a Pitchfork news story about Rod Stewart appearing on the James Corden show. This was swiftly followed by a The Quietus article on Kim Kardashian. On the other end of the scale, say what you want about The Wire but few mainstream magazines would put Ashtray Navigations on the cover. It’s in this spirit of devil-may-care publishing that I’ll devote this opening paragraph to telling you about this weeks Mamitori Ulithi Empress Yonaguni San record which sounds sort of like two bands playing at once at either end of a corridor. It has single-handedly negated all the glossy commercial dross we are drip fed each week and it’s moments like this that keep us turning up for work each day. Amongst the list below we hope you find something that makes life worth living for you. Happy listening!

This week’s all important Things That We Have™:

  • There’s a new record by Tame Impala. Pitchfork gave it 9.3, we gave it 5.0. Who is right? You decide.
  • Instead buy the new C Duncan album which has track after track of summery Grizzly Bear -ish laid back pop glory to get your teeth into.
  • Flying Saucer Attack are back back back to headline the inaugural rural shoegaze get together in Chipping Sodbury. Actually no, but instead we get an album of pleasing drones with bonus CD if you are quick.
  • Tanlines hit the sweet spot between Wild Nothing and A Flock of Seagulls.
  • Celer let your mind drift off to some distant wheat field.
  • Ratatat do their lead guitar electronica thing. They aren’t robots but they should be.
  • Ex York University lassie Emily Hall collaborates with a Bjork collaborator and writes about pylons.
  • Zomes include a Lungfish person and make a hazy kind of folk.
  • One of the most bizarre records we’ve ever heard is by Mamitori Ulithi Empress Yonaguni San. Is this what ‘Trout Mask Replica’ sounded like on first listen?
  • Sara Forslund not only sings nicely but puts pages from her own journals, poems in Swedish, leaves, moss, tobacco, and ‘lipstick smudges’ in quite alarming box.
  • Teen Men are members of The Spinto Band making pleasant enough electronic pop.
  • Peacers is a Sic Alps man doing something between early Elvis P and Ty Segall garage rock.

Ant’s Big Electronic Roundup

  • Fail miserably at emulating techno legend Jeff Mills with the first part in this DIY Detroit Wizard DJ kit that collects 4 tracks used in his forthcoming ‘Exhibitionist 2’ DVD onto one 12” on Axis.
  • You won’t have heard much like the Chrononautz 12” on The Quietus Phonographic Corporation before unless you’ve listened to ‘Caustic Window era Aphex or the ‘drugs’ music off Brasseye.
  • Factory Floor man Gabe Gurnsey brings the gurning fuel to the party with his debut solo 12” on Drone.
  • Kerridge keeps things heavy and doomy on a 7” on his Contort label that has him whipping out his 3.5” floppy of Amen samples.
  • Hunee’s ‘Hunch Music’ album on Rush Hour offers some sweet deep and mystical house straight outta Amsterdam.
  • Previously thought redundant format-- the 7” square flexi-disc somehow seems like the obvious vessel to carry CM von Hauswolff ‘Plays John Cage II’ on iDEAL Recordings.
  • Fans of all things KDJ should could grab one of a few remaining copies of Israeli producer Obas Nenor’s ‘My Way Home’ 12” on Moodymann’s Mahogani Music. Soon be a goner.
  • Franck Vigroux has an EP of crushing rhythmic noise/ hard as nails techno complete with Shapednoise remix. Play it for your Granny.
  • There’s a 2LP of archive recordings from late Serbian electronic music pioneer Rex Ilusivii. Spanning 1980-1991, fusing his native folk sounds with the circuits.
  • Jahiliyya Fields returns to L.I.E.S. with a 2LP of avant-techno/ ambient, chocka degraded sonic textures, trippy rhythms and spannered synths.
  • Not Waving pimps up his ‘Voices’ tapes for a reworked vinylization. 500 copies on his eponymous label.
  • Celer has a CD of ambient bliss, with a gob-full of a title on Japan’s White Paddy Mountain.
  • The Leonardo Martelli 12” on Antinote, and U 12” on Technicolor both sound decent and all.

New Reissues:

  • Those pasty loving (really?) Scottish kings and queens of dream pop Cocteau Twins have re-issues of two early compilations out that you
  • Southern Lord re-issue one of the classic Sunn O))) records.
  • And while they are at it they’ve stuck out our former Album of the Year Om ‘Pilgrimage’ again.
  • First time on vinyl for Dead Meadow’s ‘Howls from the Hills’. Comes with orange + white swirl.
  • Tattooed Springsteen-lite troubadours The Gaslight Anthem have several of their dreadful albums re-issued.
  • The latest unknown psych treasure from the mid ‘70’s comes from Jon Michael Roch.
  • A decade ago Calexico and Iron and Wine got together collaborate on an album. They’ve not been allowed to forget it - it’s back outl.
  • Neo classical droner Stefan Wesolowski get’s his 2006 album re-pressed. Could appeal to fans of A Winged Victory for the Sullen.
  • Midnight made some rock/prog in 1970’s Illinois. I’m sure their members are amazed that Drag City have re-issued their private press (i.e no-one bought it) LP from the era.
  • Bonkers distorted math rock crew Gum Takes Tooth have their future-rock debut ‘Silent Cenotaph’ re-issued.

Here are some 7”s that exist

Two 80’s people are back in the format which made them ‘famous’, ex The Loft and Weather Prophets bloke Pete Astor continues making homespun indie whilst the Godfathers make good old fashioned guitar rock. Aussie punkers Ausmuteants make no frills punk.

That’s it from us. Not sure what the weather is like over the weekend but you can rest assured that air will be involved. See you on Monday!

Words by Clint

Work by everyone else

And at the piano... Richard Vranch.


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How could you believe me when I said I loved you when you know I've been a liar all my life

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Sara Forslund

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Jahiliyya Fields

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