Weekly Update Low, The Dutchess & The Duke, Jaill, Loop, Peter Zinovieff , and more...

Please do not adjust your watches - this is indeed the Norman Records Weekly Update. It is exactly the same as your usual Friday update but now on a Thursday. The reason for this is that in just two weeks the Global Release Day will shift from a Monday to a Friday. This is good news for you in that you can get your shiny new records in time for the weekend. It makes it slightly more frantic for us, so we’re starting two weeks early to a) get you used to it and b) get us used to it. The only bad news is that it’s not now Friday (unless you are reading this on a Friday). Actually best check the calendar to be absolutely sure.

To supplement the big weekly update - now on a Thursday, remember? - we are also going to introduce a shorter update on Monday of Tuesday. That way no-one misses out on any of the juicy stuff that misses the cut on Thursday...

Anyway, enormo-gratitude to Robin who held the fort last week while I concentrated on cutting a lawn. I’m back now and am delighted to bring you the best of the week’s releases. A couple of other bits of business before we delve in: we are having big 7” and CD sales and also Phil is rooting through the CDs and has found 100s of lost things in there which he is compiling into alphabetical order here.

And just as we go to press we’ve received copies of the ‘evening’ re-issue of Jon Brooks long sold out ‘52’ very, very quick!

This week’s all important Things That We Have™:

  • Loop have made their first new recordings in 25 years and it’s really rather good indeed.
  • Robert Pollard hasn’t had a record out for three months but his new one is tuneful and consistent.
  • Jaill have put an extra ‘l’ in their name and made some fine, bouncy power pop.
  • Native Lights rocky shoegaze was gobbled up by our ‘90’s retro lord Ian.
  • Walter TV sound like Mac Demarco on a rollercoaster.
  • Tess Parks has collaborated with ‘our’ Anton Newcombe.
  • The Dutchess and the Duke and Peter Walker have Third Man live album type things out.
  • No Form have form and make furious, energised punk and accidental avant-garde.
  • With Grimm Grimm a Screaming Tea Party guy goes lovingly acoustic.
  • Happy man Mark Kozelek releases his ‘Live at Biko’ on LP. Since ‘bitchgate’ all bantz has been edited out.
  • Life is confusing enough without Circle releasing ‘Pharoah Overlord’ and Pharoah Overload releasing ‘Circle’.
  • Michael A Grammar don’t help the confusion by being a band not a man. They make good anthemic indie though.
  • Curly haired virtuoso’s Mucky Sailor play unhinged skronk rock on new 10”.
  • Psychsters Lay Llamas recently toured with Goat and have released a live document of what they did on stage.
  • The smooth pop of The Legends ‘It’s Love’ is the first since their singer turned 40. Shiiiiit!
  • Slippery Parisian composer Onra releases an album dedicated to ‘90’s smooth funk.
  • Ashtray Navigations collaber Mel O'Dubhshlaine produces remarkably bizarre music.
  • LA Priest’s debut matches smart smooth pop hooks with experimental treats.
  • Echo Fisk make a noisy jazzy punky record in the John Zorn tradition.
  • Timeworn, rustic and melancholy compositions on Hibernate from Spheruleus and Friends.

Ant’s Electronic Roundup

  • Sleeparchive provides four heady tracks of deep and dark bleepy techno minimalism with ‘Senza Titolo’ on Bas Mooy’s Mord.
  • High Wolf pulls out the flurries on Leaving Records. Not the McFlurries.
  • A Made Up Sound’s ‘Archive III’ 12” on Clone Basement Series is the perfect antidote to our Clint’s rigamortis.
  • AnD’s ‘Cosmic Microwave Background’ gets reworked by JK Flesh / Black Rain / Sleeparchive / Zeitgeber. and O/H across two 12”s on Electric Deluxe.
  • Material Object and Atom™ are No Inc. Atom™ also has a DVD on Raster Noton.
  • Post Scriptum makes deep immersive techno/ electronica from down under on Function’s Infrastructure label.
  • Footwork don RP Boo is back on Planet Mu with a record to tie your legs in knots.
  • Whirling Hall Of Knives get messy with a tape on Fort Evil Fruit.
  • Detroit house repress action from Kyle Hall with his ‘Must See’ EP back in print on Third Ear.
  • Martyn keeps the spirit of Rave alive on Dolly Dubs.
  • Wen’s in demand ‘Swingin’’ gets a coloured vinyl pressing complete with Facta Remix.
  • Clint dusted off the word ‘hypnagogic’ for his review of Rosen and Spyddet’s dreamy synthesizer music on Posh Isolation, who also have this Olymphia record out.

New Reissues:

  • Bardo Pond have had all their Record Store Day titles compiled onto 3CDs. Just two songs per CD but they are long ones.
  • Swedish stoner psychs Sgt Sunshine have their sought after self titled debut re-issued to save you...oooh about ffty quid getting an original.
  • M Zalla is a collection of film composer Piero Umiliano’s experimental, politically charged tunes.
  • There’s the first complete retrospective of the experimental electronic work of pioneering composer Peter Zinovieff.
  • Don Robertson gets some of his cosmic zither music re-issued.
  • Big, fat, feck-off heavy stoner metal reissue on Southern Lord by Goatsnake.
  • Bir Savid Dowie has his ‘Hours’ LP reissued. Coloured vinyl version have long gone.
  • True fact: I once sold a Tobin Sprout record to one of the Delgados. They can buy as many Tobin Sprout albums as they like if you all buy this reissue of their classic ‘The Great Eastern’.
  • Please don’t get too excited - we have the soundtrack to ‘Maniac Cop’ in stock.
  • STOP PRESS! Just in...a re-issue of Jon Brooks ‘52’ LP on Clay Pipe.

Here are some 7”s that exist

  • Funniest record of the week is the new Twilight Sad single where on the B side Robert Smith from the Cure covers their ‘There’s a Girl In The Corner’.
  • The latest release on the excellent Box Bedroom Rebels is by the Grouper-ish Tiny Vipers.
  • Night Dials make forlorn psych.
  • In exciting news for me, dancing goons Future Islands have a single of brand new 1985 style pop out.
  • Big sales will happen on the Sleaford Mods/Pop Group 7” of two sets of noisy angry men.


Loads of them this week - we have Claire Potter & Bridget Hayden (the latter from Vibracathedral Orchestra) offering spoken word discomfort, Hand of Stabs fill a c60 cassette with improvised ambience, Whirling Hall of Knives mash over-gained and distorted electronics together and folkster C Joynes and his pals The Restless Dead & Bird People make an album crafted from edited-down field recordings of a Sufi Dervish event in an Egyptian cemetery. Cast this is not.


We don’t normally do this but there are big pre-orders from Low, New Order and John Grant up on the site now.

That’s it! Remember that it might not be Friday when you awake from this. Enjoy what remains of your week, the weekend will be here soon enough we reckon. Night Night.

Words by Clint
Work by everyone else

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Michael Head and The Strands

The Olde World

9/10 from Clinton

A friend of mine after witnessing this macabre footage of Fourtet DJing Joe’s despairing ‘Thinkin’ About’ to a roomful of goons at the Boiler Room on »

High Wolf

Growing Wild

9/10 from Laurie

An extremely bouncy and colourful record here from French psych electronic guru High Wolf. Apparently it’s ‘African-Influenced’ according to the sleeve, on »


Senza Titolo

9/10 from Ant

Roger Semsroth is pretty reliable when it comes to banging minimalism, his Sleeparchive dancefloor tracks always get dancefloors moving with driving energy and this 12" on on »


They Haunted Most Thickly

8/10 from Jim

Seabuckthorn is the solo project of a British acoustic guitarist called Andy Cartwright. ‘They Haunted Most Thickly’ is a highly accomplished blend of shimmering on »

Vault of Blossomed Ropes

Vault of Blossomed Ropes

8/10 from Robin

Vault of Blossomed Ropes are a Greek recording crew creating something between prog rock and electro-acoustic, somehow coming out the other end with the chillest music you on »

No Form

No Form

8/10 from Robin

Ah, No Form. You are true to your name. I mean, kinda: you have form, but you also have no form, so it just about evens out. On the Leeds-grown punkers’ new record, the on »

Don Robertson

Celestial Ascent

8/10 from Laurie

Another forgotten tape pressing here - there will always be lost tapes, I guess it adds some sort of magic, not that this record needs it at all. Nashville resident Don on »

M. Zalla

Problemi d'Oggi

8/10 from Laurie

This is a rare treat - a film composer’s experimental, politically charged tunes that span the sprawling Western styles (that got him lumped into the same category as on »

Walter TV


8/10 from Clinton

This lot have toured with Mac DeMarco (God help them) and they play a kind of music which is described as ‘surf metal’ on the press release. I hear neither surf on »


Brain Cream

8/10 from Clinton

This is fun...and a customer has already bought it so that has to be recommendation enough that you should buy it too. They’ve already made two records on Sub on »

The Twilight Sad

It Never Was The Same

8/10 from Clinton

Aha! Miserable Scottish buggers The Twilight Sad as re-worked by rotund English bloke Robert Smith. Should be fun. But first the A side 'It Never Was the Same' is taken on »


Array 1

8/10 from Robin

Loop have been away for a very, very long time, but as their name suggests, they’ll always return, and with much thanks to our collective, fervent love of alt rock on »



8/10 from Clinton

“Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind”. It would be nice if that were true and we could spend the days wiping the car down and shooting to the on »

Blood Music

Chicks / Badgering

8/10 from Ant

Blood Music returns to Diagonal for a heavy 3-track session complete with Helm remix. First up is 'Chicks' with a rumbling kick drum that sounds like a motorbike engine on »

The Pop Group / Sleaford Mods

Nations / Face To Faces

8/10 from Clinton

Whoever out these two groups together knew what they were doing. Both are (relatively) elderly but they say more than all the more youthful anodyne groups put together. on »

RP Boo

Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints

8/10 from Laurie

Kevain Space, the man behind RP Boo, is one of the kings of footwork. I however am a footwork peasant, living in the slurry with all my half-formed preconceptions of what the on »

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