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Weekly Update Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Stereo Total, Outfit, Jonathan Snipes, XAM, and more...

There have been lots of things happening at the Towers this week. Phil has, yet again, spent almost his entire time sifting through our 7” shelves looking for lost records. He’s found just the 400 of them. Most of them are on this list here….and there are further reduced items here. Happy sifting!

We’ve also reduced a bunch of Soundtrack vinyl by a generous 10% (which we’ll keep going over the weekend) and we’ve made a list of the Top 50 best pre-orders for July to make your life just a teeny bit easier.

Oh and there’s a bunch of great records too. Two new things on Ghostbox by The Advisory Circle and Pye Corner Audio lead the way, whilst a brace on Deep Distance by Xam (man from Hookworms) and Autumn of Paekward have been flying out. In re-issue news there’s a big pile of the Fall vinyl in from one of their golden periods.

Loads more too, please read below:

This week’s best stuff:

  • We have some of the GOLD vinyl edition of the new Evan Caminiti (Barn Owl chap) in. There’s only a tiny handful so be quick.
  • Record of the week is the new 12” by Cheatahs. Four tracks of superb forward thinking shoegaze. If you think Ride are good…..
  • It’s ‘80s sophist-a-pop week at the towers with smooth ‘80s sounding records from (in order of listenability) Outfit, Jaakko Eino Kalevi and the terminally appalling Azure Blue.
  • Peptalk make ambient pop and baroque dub on the ever eclectic Home Assembly.
  • Dean McPhee lives in West Yorkshire but his guitar instrumentals have a snaking quality of somewhere a bit hotter.
  • Gengahr make 6 Music friendly pop like Avi Buffalo or Leee John fronting Flaming Lips
  • Thee Oh Sees leader John Dwyer’s synth operation Damaged Bug of soundscapes and pop songs.
  • The Classical do something different - wa-hey! They make cinematic disjointed stuff with nods to Kate Bush and Scott Walker.
  • Neurosis chap Steve Von Till extracts wonderful twang from his guitar.
  • The piano man Nils Frahm tinkers with techno on Music for the Motion Picture Victoria.
  • Kathryn Williams returns with an album of brooding folky indie rock in the vein of Sharon Van Etten.
  • Finnmark are from Leeds and make humorous C86 styled indie pop to eat lollipops to.
  • England’s answer to Philip Glass David Sheppard adds a ‘John’ to his name but keeps with the polyrhythmic minimalist compositions.
  • Saint Etienne is a hard name to spell. Spell it. ‘I T’. Ha! Seriously though I can never spell it right. Luckily I can spell Sarah Cracknell far more easily and it is she who has a new album out this week.
  • One man indie pop from the devastated sounding Jay Jay Johanson.
  • It Hugs Back make drifty dream pop with nods towards Tindersticks and Butterfly Child.
  • Hubby and wife (or wife and hubby for anyone about to pick us up for casual sexism) team Mates of State unleash a sugary ball of twee-pop joy and melodrama.
  • Czarface make the sort of old school rap music we ain’t heard for ages.
  • We made two spelling mistakes in the description for the new Bristol LP. We’d like to issue a full and frank apology. That member of staff has now been sacked. Anyway, as it says on the tin they make music from Bristol. It’s headed up by the Nouvelle Vague fella who knows how to do covers and that.
  • Gemma Hayes has been around awhile but she still makes pretty pop rock with plenty of shoegaze touches.
  • Premium Peruvian sound here, from Kanaku Y El Tigre.
  • Versatile queasy emo riffers Elk make freefalling math rock.

Electronica round-up

We’ve got an expert. Ant’s here - he knows his stuff….

  • Opal Tapes’ sister vinyl imprint Black Opal has given birth to triplets, with three limited 12”s of mutant house/ techno hybrids from Nathan Melja, J. Albert and Life’s Track. Stamped sleeves - 300 copies.
  • Container’s third LP for Spectrum Spools is determined to break your BPM counter.
  • Colossal bell end Kanye West’s mate Hudson Mohawke has a new album for Warp called ‘Lantern’.
  • Charles Cohen busts out his Buchla Music Easel for some new recordings on Morphine (the label -- we are not suggesting he was high.)
  • Soul Jazz compile tracks from limited art edition 12”s on Sounds Of The Universe: Art + Sound featuring Hieroglyphic Being, Tevo Howard, Ras G, Kassem Mosse, Aybee, DJ Stingray etc.
  • Vatican Shadow’s Death Is Unity With God is out as a 3CD set including all the tracks absent from the vinyl edition.
  • Pangaea’s vision of modern dance music can be heard on the third release on his Hadal label and might just have you throwing ‘New Shapes in the Air’.
  • Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer join forces as Vilod (see what they’ve done there) for Safe In Harbour - an album of efficient German sex electronic music on Perlon.
  • Ghost Box unleash vinylizations of The Advisory Circle’s ‘Other Channels’, Mount Vernon Art’s Lab’s ‘The Seance At Hobs Lane’ plus a spanking new 7” from Pye Corner Audio!
  • The limited ‘Unseed’ CD of lovely glitchy ambient from Øe comes with Japanese Sakura seeds so if you don’t like the music you can grow a cherry tree.
  • Spacey synth music this week comes courtesy of Ken Camden’s ‘Dream Memory’ on Kranky.
  • Stefan Schneider of To Rococo Rot and Jay Ahern are Hauntologists with an album of slightly smart machine grooves, sexy loops and tribal techno.
  • Xam is a man. A man from Hookworms called Mr Benn. He makes his debut on Deep Distance with some krauty longtronica.
  • Also on Deep Distance majestic synth wash and ambient drone from Autumn of Paekward.
  • Not many labels do what they say on the tin as well as Shimmering Moods. We have three new releases by them in stock full of blissed out ambient shimmering moods. Limited hand made CDrs.


  • Remember 2004? We do. Emlyn Hughes and Ol’ Dirty Bastard died just days apart and Flotation Toy Warning release their floating, futuristic and very David Bowie ‘Bluffer's Guide To The Flight Deck’ which has now been re-issued.
  • In news that has made us all feel old Tom Vek’s ‘We Have Sound’ has reached it’s 10 year anniversary and has been duly re-issued.
  • All those The Fall re-issues for you. Five of them.
  • Cold Cave make miserable ‘80s sounding electronic synthwave with apologies to miserable people who we don’t want to discriminate against. Anyway they have their EPs collected.
  • ‘The Sea Swells a Bit’ said Aidan Baker back in 2006 (the year in which we mourned Lynne Perrie). It’s still swelling just that little bit with this re-issue on Ici d'ailleurs.
  • Is a best of a re-issue? Well it’s been out before so I’m sticking it here - Stereo Total have a massive 2CD anthology of their kitchy fun pop out on Blow Up.
  • Finders Keepers have been issuing the soundtracks of Alejandro Jodorowsky - this one has been composed by his son Adan Jodorowsky. Keep it in the family.
  • Zbigniew Preisner’s soundtracks to the ‘Trois Couleurs’ are all in on vinyl.
  • All of Air’s albums have been re-issued on those big round things we call vinyl.
  • Late seventies, early eighties 4AD London post punkers In Camera have some of their early material re-issued on Beggars Banquet
  • Sub Pop artist Jonathan Snipes delivers classic Goblin-inspired ominous synth soundtrack.


Child-friendly records from the cute likes of Circa Waves, Sarah Cracknell, Pye Corner Audio (on really thick vinyl this one). Adults can buy them too.

That's it from us for the week. I’m off on my hols next week so I’ll leave you in the capable hands of Robin for next week's ramblings. Be nice to him and you’ll forget that you and I ever had a ‘thing’. Enjoy the weekend!

Words by Clinton.
Other work done by Everyone Else.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Autumn of Paekward


9/10 from Robin

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9/10 from Clinton

Readers of these pages will regularly get tired of me moaning about some of the drab and second rate nonsense that passes for shoegaze these days. There is one band who is a t...read on »

Trust Fund

No One's Coming For Us

9/10 from Hayley

On Trust Fund’s debut album, Ellis Jones takes inspiration from myriad influences: see the urgent powerpop of opener ‘Sadness’– which is deceptively pu...read on »


Herd Songs

8/10 from Robin

Which guitar rock recipe book are we reading ‘Herd Songs’ from? Straight from opener “Guernica”, this thing sounds nauseatingly versatile, matching spo...read on »


Tone Systems

8/10 from Robin

First, a review in bodily functions: as I spin ‘Tone Systems’ my head has been moving in the way a head moves when it dances -- horizontally from left to right, fr...read on »

Giulio Aldinucci

Spazio Sacro

8/10 from Laurie

Not too long after his last study of garbled electroacoustic ambient ‘Aer’, Giulio Aldinucci fixes his gaze on the audible essence of spirituality and all we find ...read on »


The Fragile Present

8/10 from Laurie

This is the touching story of a cold christmas day where a dog gives a kid a present that’s really fragile and oh no he almost drops it but it’s fine he didn&rsquo...read on »



8/10 from Robin

The folks in Peptalk usually hang about with experimental artists who make transgression their first port of call: some of them have played with noise interrogators Thurston M...read on »

The Classical


8/10 from Robin

This album is confusing enough that the sonic think tank responsible for writing its press release had to stop and say “hmm, let’s see”, which actually turns...read on »

Michiru Aoyama

In a Dream

8/10 from Laurie

Shimmering Moods, the most honestly-named record label on the planet. No sooner had I hit the play button than I was greeted by a calming ambient swell, but what’s this?...read on »


LP (3)

8/10 from Ant

The third Container LP on Spectrum Spools is so intense I got a nosebleed just looking at the sleeve. Folks enjoying his previous noisy techno output on Morphine and Liberatio...read on »

Damaged Bug

Cold Hot Plumbs

8/10 from Robin

I guess this is as good a time as any to confess that I have never actually listened to a Thee Oh Sees record. Feels good to admit it. Please don’t take away my psych ba...read on »

Cold Cave

Full Cold Moon

8/10 from Clinton

In one of the most preposterous “outrage!!” complaints since records began we got told off by a customer for describing Joy Division as doomed. Therefore this week...read on »

David John Sheppard

Vertical Land

8/10 from Clinton

Massive changes are afoot in the world of former State River Widening sound sorcerer David Sheppard. In a fit of mid career bluster a ‘John’ has been added to his ...read on »

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