Weekly Update Debris Slide, British Sea Power, Prinzhorn Dance School, Institute, Interrobang?!, and more...

What is that big orange ball in the sky? Why, of course, it’s the sun. Phil hates it you know - he says that it stops people from ordering records - let’s prove him wrong shall we? Especially when there are brand new things from the likes of Sauna Youth, Prinzhorn Dance School, Sharon Van Etten, Bong, Boys Next Door (featuring a young and gangly Nick Cave), Arthur Russell and FFS.

Phil, meanwhile, has been hiding away from the light in the stock room looking for lost 7”s. He’s found a worrying amount of them some of which he’s reduced to bargainous prices (as low as 49p!). All the warehouse finds can be found here.

It’s kind of pointless from a selling point of view now but in SOLD OUT news there was a new Jon Brooks album in stock which has now gone, and the Joe 12” on Text has been bought by you in your millions. It does feature a Bobby McFerrin sample though so we can see why.

This week’s best stuff:

  • FFS is the ‘supergroup’ collaboration between the once excellent Sparks and the barely ever excellent Franz Ferdinand.
  • Pins are from Manchester, feature four people of the human variety and make melodically straightened out grungy punk.
  • Prinzhorn Dance School are invented for the ears of our former nutcase Brian. Spindly minimal post punk like ESG, Young Marble Giants and Joy Division.
  • Debris Slide sound like… you guessed it Pavement, MBV, Dinosaur Jr. Their debut is out on the reactivated Fluff imprint.
  • We thought the Daughn Gibson album was out last week. We were hopelessly wrong - it’s out now though!
  • Sharon Van Etten is worries she’ll let us down. Oh Shaz you’ll never let us down. Here’s her new EP.
  • Sauna Youth make gnarly but catchy pop punk. Next week the new album from My Bloody Valeting.
  • Umberto, Umberto they drink it in the congo AND they have a new LP out on Death Waltz in collaboration with Anton Miaovvi. Let’s go over to our reporter Ant to see what he thinks.
  • The Safe Distance feature people from Boyracer and Sarandon and make shambling C86 including Saxon, Human League and Wire covers (in reverse order of critical acclaim).
  • If you like the DIY/punk/noise pop thang there’s a great little compilation out on Emotional Response with tracks from the likes of Hard Left, Mia Schoen, The Cannanes, The How and American Culture.
  • I forgot Bong were from Newcastle. Clean forget. I remembered when I read Jim’s review of their new record.
  • Lolina is Inga Copeland of Hype Williams making oddball R&B on the hipster-friendly retro format of CD single.
  • Dawes are not the Doors but Dawes and they have a new album out called ‘All Your Favorite Bands’ (none of which are The Doors).
  • Old-school scowling no frills garage feckery from Institute on Sacred Bones.
  • Laurel Halo, Sharon Van Etten and Josephine Foster all appear on this compilation of songs made from found Karen Dalton lyrics.
  • Jenny Hval’s music is somehow more uncomfortable and invigorating than ever on ‘Apocalypse, Girl’ argues Robin.
  • Rolo Tomassi have certainly impressed our customers - less so Robin but one persons beef is another persons bourguignon.
  • Wei Zhongle create random slapstick jams that recall Animal Collective three albums in.
  • One bit of the French group Air has made some lovely ambience in the vein of A Winged victory for the Sullen as Darkel.
  • Muse are one of the biggest bands in the world but also one of the worst. Hold your nose, close your ears and you might just make it through their terminally dreadful new record.

Electronica round-up

We’ve got an expert in - Ant’s here - read his words:

  • Detroit dub techno wizards cv313 unleash ‘Live Extracts’ from Tokyo and Russia on limited clear vinyl 12” on echospace.
  • Cha-os vs Bassing Guild Super Bass Traxx serve up some proper electro/ Miami Bass featuring Lon Alonzo (Dynamix II), Bass Junkie and Dexorcist.
  • Retro soundtrack synth men Umberto & Anton Miaovvi team up and ‘Are Law Unit’ on Death Waltz Originals - Orange vinyl copies.
  • There’s a pair of limited FABRICLIVE 80: Mumdance - Album Sampler 12” featuring Acre, Fis, Mumdance x Novelist and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma.
  • Moritz von Oswald Trio replace Vladislav Delay with Afro-beat skin thumper Tony Allen for their fifth album ‘Sounding Lines’.
  • Leafcutter John is back with a melodically rich and emotionally stirring long awaited effort.
  • Minor Science follows up his 12” for The Trilogy Tapes with the slightly abstracted techno of Whities 004 which we think gave our Laurie a “semi”.
  • Beau Wanzer has another limited ‘Untitled’ 12” of deranged techno on his own label. Plus we’ve a small handful of his limited 7” LP sampler (2 exclusive cuts) back in stock.
  • Surgeon’s ‘Rare Tracks 95-96 (2014 Remaster)’ does what it says on the tin. Includes a couple of tracks from the mythical THX1139 white label + a download.
  • The zillionth Legowelt 12” -- ‘Anaconda Flow’ is more of his lush cosmic techno. We’re not complaining.
  • Ye Olde Italian Industrial outfit Musumeci get remixed by An-i on Mannequin. Check the EBM flavoured mix if you’ve been freaking to his 12”’s on Cititrax.
  • 45 ACP (aka D.K) is the latest noob to grace L.I.E.S. with some raw lo-fi techno/ house on the ‘Change of Tone’ LP.
  • New kid on the block Mosey has a lovely 12” of melancholy house and dreamy techno on Washington DC’s Future Times.
  • Terence Fixmer’s ‘Aktion Mekanik Theme Versions’ come courtesy of Kobosil, Norman Nodge and Marcel Dettmann via Ostgut Ton.
  • Some fine deeply layered hypnotic electronic music with an EP from Serbia’s 33.10.3024 on Second Circle.
  • Software present a 31-track anthology of Ben Zimmerman’s personal brand of electronica spanning 1992-2002.


  • Just like when the sons of famous footballers start plying their trade at the top level it makes us feel old when albums that don’t seem to be 5 minutes old start getting re-issued. This week...British Sea Power’s debut ‘The Decline of British Sea Power’ on a myriad of different formats.
  • Fans of library music and obscure synth soundtracks will want to check out this trio of new Bernard Fevre (Black Devil Disco Club) re-issues.
  • Boys Next Door are the first utterances into the world from the hulking figure of Nick ‘Dick’ Cave and pals who would later become the Birthday Party.
  • The Rolling Stones have their ‘Sticky Fingers’ album re-issued. The vinyl edition has the zip thing on the front. Vito Ricci was one of those mid ‘80’s New York Underground dudes who dabbled in synths stacked up in loft apartments. his work is re-issued.
  • More Arthur Russell stuff has been dredged up, ‘Corn’ is interesting as a historical document but best not start there I reckon.


  • New 7” from defiant stomping old-school punkers Interrobang. Recorded in Castleford.
  • No Ditching come from the Durham scene of the likes of Martha and make infectious DIY pop punk.
  • ‘Proper’ rock and roll from proper rock and rollers The Howling Hex
  • Confusingly monikered kids Thalassocracy channel Built to Spill via their dads record collections.

We’re off outside to not look at computer screens. Have a great weekend!

Words by Clinton.
Other work done by Everyone Else.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


Amusers and Puzzlers

10/10 from Jim

I think I’m slowly moving from anger to the acceptance stage in the process of mourning the break-up of Sightings. Over the last fifteen years or so, Sightings have on »

Jenny Hval

Apocalypse, Girl

9/10 from Robin

Despite arguably being Jenny Hval’s most accessible record, ‘Apocalypse, Girl’ is anything but linear. Hval continues to obsess with how songs are sound and on »


Rare Tracks 95-96 (2014 Remaster)

9/10 from Ant

Back in 1996 Dave Clarke had a show on Radio 1 that I used to listen to religiously, and that was when I first heard Surgeon’s THX1139. The problem though was that only on »

Leafcutter John


9/10 from Laurie

It’s been a while since this guy has had a proper release, instead preoccupying himself with contributing various electrobleeps to both Polar Bear and Melt Yourself on »


We Are, We Were And We Will Have Been

8/10 from Jim

I seem to remember reading something by Julian Cope where he describes Bong as the LaMonte Young of Stoner Rock. I thought it was a bit of hyperbole at the time but on on »

Sharon Van Etten

I Don't Want To Let You Down EP

8/10 from Robin

Last year ‘Are We There’ became the irrefutable high point of Sharon Van Etten’s discography, a record benefiting from self-assured production, high-quality on »

Hior Chronik

Taking the Veil

8/10 from Robin

Hiror Chronik’s newest record of dulcet symphonia begins with two different atmospheres meeting in the dark. As an anonymous voice sings a melodically astute rendition on »

Prinzhorn Dance School

Home Economics

8/10 from Clinton

For some reason I thought Prinzhorn Dance School were a ‘dance’ band. Maybe it’s the word ‘dance’ in their name. You could dance to them I on »

Minor Science

Whities 004

8/10 from Laurie

A day of OK releases and we come to Minor Science latest 12”, two tracks to rule them all. They are some sort of strange mix between softness and intensity, sounding on »



8/10 from Clinton

Slacker ‘90’s indie rock is waaay in vogue at the moment and when it’s done well it still has license to thrill just like the old days. The confusingly on »

Vito Ricci

I Was Crossing a Bridge

8/10 from Laurie

There will always be hidden gems of electronic music. These people tend to be revered for one of two reasons - either by their music being in line with current electronic on »



8/10 from Laurie

This record marks the first physical release not only for Etoka Records, but for Adverb themselves. The Spanish producer lends his/her hand to soundtracking their life so far, on »

Ben Zimmerman

The Baltika Years

8/10 from Laurie

Some real audio detritus here from geek-muse Ben Zimmerman courtesy of Software. I didn’t realise until recently how literal the label’s name is, brimming with on »



8/10 from Robin

Institute, the latest nihilist grumps on Sacred Bones, did a perfectly good job of sounding precisely like a punk band and nothing more on their debut EP last year. They were on »


Live Extracts

8/10 from Laurie

This record chronicles the dual smoky techno interplay of Deepchord & Intrusion in some underground bunker in Tokyo and Moscow. The two men share the Echospace, summoning on »

Antoni Maiovvi & Umberto

Law Unit

8/10 from Ant

Antoni Maiovvi & Umberto joining forces is a logical move. Both have been working in the Horror/ Giallo/ soundtrack/ synth zone for the past 6 or so years and on »

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