Weekly Update Tall Ships, Daughn Gibson, Boddika & Joy Orbison, Various, Sun Kil Moon, and more...

Yet another four day week. Great for putting our feet up for an extra day, but rubbish for getting all our work done in time. But we’ve done it - we’re geniuses! To 'celebrate', we’ve got a 20% OFF SALE this weekend - not a biggie, just some of the stuff from the past few months - so get in on the action if you are sat at home and not at Primavera with all the cool kids.

One way around the vinyl delays we told you about last week is to pre-order your records and get them delivered on or around the release date (hopefully!). In order to help you out we’ve listed our Top 50 pre-orders for June and you also may be interested in getting your mitts on the new Four Tet record due in July. Look at all of our pre-orders here.

Phil has also been busy updating the Known Delays page so please check here before emailing us.

Onto this week's stuff and...there’s loads. Sun Kil Moon babbles on indefinitely, Jamie XX makes dance-lite, Rachel Grimes makes disconcerting neo-classical and Daughn Gibson goes all ‘80s on our ass.

This week’s best stuff:

  • Noisy shouty people So Stressed release their debut on Perfect Pussy’s label. Time to get angry.
  • Former country lilter Daughn Gibson goes all sleek and ‘80’s on new album. He could slot quite easily into Bryan Ferry’s dinner jacket.
  • Two new things on Cardinal Fuzz. Cathode Radio Eyes is the cinematic side project of Cult of Dom Keller lad whilst prolific psych rock guys White Manna have a blustery new one out.
  • Rachel’s lady Rachel Grimes releases her second solo opus full of beautiful if sometimes disconcerting neo-classical compositions.
  • Bruce Brubaker has spent ages studying the work of Philip Glass and has made an album of some of Glass’s best piano pieces.
  • The Frozen Vaults combine sweeping, cinematic arrangements with field recordings and electronic sound manipulation.
  • Doddery Beach Boy Brian Wilson’s latest mixed bag opus the puntastic ‘No Pier Pressure’ is in on vinyl.
  • Beardy London Springsteen & co Danny and the Champions of the World bluster through some more widescreen rock.
  • Fiction make arch ‘80’s pop for sad lads.
  • Listening to the Baby Dee album is like being trapped in a half empty theatre watching some dubious musical theatre. Still…..
  • James Welburn makes a right old racket somewhere between shoegaze and black metal. The Necks bloke is on drums.
  • Sun Kil Moon drones on and on and on.. Some of the music is gorgeous but surely even the staunchest fan will scream “enough” by the time the 70 minute mark rolls around.
  • Bright and optimistic ‘90’s jangle from Eternal Summers.
  • Like every other band does these days, Kid Wave channel ’90s American indie.
  • Girlpool have made a heartfelt jangle-pop record focused on moods and emotions.
  • Scuzzy and coarse post punk, even noisier and messier than before from Spray Paint.
  • That woman off Jools Holland Soak has an album out.
  • Jamie XX. Hmmm...ok for cleaning the windows to or summat.
  • Slint-like slow burning mathy rock from Aidan Baker and Idklang.
  • Lark makes indescribably grim electronic industrial pop like being at a party with those ‘80’s misery guts The Birthday Party and Cabaret Voltaire
  • Wolves and Horses are both good animals aren’t they? They get together and made an album of mood setting.
  • Old Sarah Records indie-poppers never die, they just have records released on Elefant. The latest is Heavenly types The Catenary Wires.
  • The Quietus bloke John Doran reads bits from his book over music by Nicky Wire, British Sea Power folks and Perc on his Hubris record.

Electronica round-up

Ant is on holiday so it’s up to an idiot (me Clint) to try and work out what the hell going on.

  • One of the most unusual releases of the week comes from Evol who have made acid house without the house and very little acid. Just some 303 squiggles
  • Mark Fell is busy isn’t he? This week he has teamed up with Berlin club music pioneer Erik Wiegland as Errorsmith
  • Post-techno acoustic cycles and open-minded electronica from Dawn of Midi on Erased Tapes.
  • Nozinja has relentlessly vibrant, high energy soul music to counteract all the grey music we have to listen to.
  • Indie-jazzy-hiphop beatmaker Slime releases a nicely chilled out debut 12” on Weird World.
  • Boys Noize is such a pro he’s limited himself to just one drum machine and one or two synths on banging new 12”.
  • Anton Zap veers from rich house to jazzy breakbeats to techno space dub on ‘Subculture’ EP.
  • Nicolas Jaar fresh from his Darkside project returns to his warming spacious solo stuff on new 12”.
  • Mysterious upcoming London producer Throwing Shade releases her second 12” of postmodern electronics,
  • Highly acclaimed techno/house/acid wizard Robert Leiner has a long awaited new album on the shelves.
  • I see Herbert’s gone back to straight dance music after years being experimental.
  • Leftfield electro duo Xamiga (aka aka Legowelt + Xosar) have crafted a dreamlike soundscape of broken, foggy sonic textures.
  • High-grade coffee-table-standard hardback book and a 60 minute disc of new sonic material from Mika Vainio and photographer Joséphine Michel.
  • Boddika and Joy Orbison are together at last for a preposterously limited 10” ONE PER CONSUMER!
  • Three decent Italo house re-issues from Sensitive and Dharma on La Discoteca and Loui$ on Blow Up.
  • Ambient types Offthesky and Pleq are together in ambient electric dreams on a collaborative new ear soother.
  • What do these words mean? Kara Lis Coverdale and LXV? I think they are together in order to make sample heavy dronescapes.


  • Fascinating home-made loops and and hypnotic exotica on a compilation of the best bits from Leicester sound mongrels Fish For Tahiti.
  • SWR is Happy Mondays snaggletooth Shaun Ryder, the last edition sold out in an instant. Try again here.
  • Can you believe it’s been ten years since the first the Rifles album. Ah those heady days of 2005. Re-live them with this re-issue of ‘No Love Lost’
  • Excellent Spiky post punk/funk from the Mothmen who featured people from the Durutti Column and Simply Red!


Slaves are appalling in every conceivable way but we have anthemic indie-rock from Tall Ships’s it.


Best Available Technology is an unearthing of bedroom tapes circa the 90’s -lo-fi drum machine beat jams and experimental atmospherics. Low sludgy Northern punk rock from Liverpool lot Bad Meds.


We have tickets for two upcoming events at The Kirkgate Centre, Shipley courtesy of our friends at Golden Cabinet. First up Vessel on Saturday June 6th and then a showing of the film ‘Salad Days’ on Wednesday 11th July.

That’s it from us. Enjoy your weekends.

Words by Clinton.
Other work done by Everyone Else.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Errorsmith & Mark Fell

Protogravity EP

9/10 from Jim

Hot on the heels of his amazing collaboration with Gábor Lázár, Mark Fell teams up with Berlin clubmusic pioneer Erik Wiegland in his first outing as on »

Dawn Of Midi


9/10 from Laurie

You won’t find any Midi here. Unless this Brooklyn trio are masters of sonic lies, all of the music they create is pulled from the combination of drums, piano and bass, on »

Kara Lis Coverdale and LXV


9/10 from Laurie

The mythical pantheon of Crystalwave was only discovered a couple of months back with Raica’s Dose, a record that blinded with sparkly shine and crystalline growths. on »


Before The World Was Big

9/10 from Hayley

Philadelphia - not exactly renowned for having a particularly vibrant music scene, but the city’s home to one of the most interesting duo’s of recent times. on »

Fish From Tahiti

Decal Baby

8/10 from Clinton

It was whilst searching the internet for some Puff Tube song or other that once again the extent of John Peel’s influence became apparent to me. Basically, no Peel, & on »

Rachel Grimes

The Clearing

8/10 from Clinton

Having only just recovered from a dream where I was forced to call our web guru Nathon in order to get rid of an earthworm that had landed on my desk I was hoping that the on »



8/10 from Clinton

Let’s have a big slice of monolithic post rock shall we? ‘Out of Reach’ the first track on this EP from the outfit featuring kosmische guy Ken Camden is the on »

Bruce Brubaker

Glass Piano

8/10 from Clinton

I do like a Philip Glass pun. The man himself has already used ‘Glass Works’ but ‘A Touch of Glass’ would be a nice ‘best of’ title I on »

Spray Paint

Punters On a Barge

8/10 from Hayley

Austin trio Spray Paint exhibited a predilection for scuzzy and coarse post punk with their debut album Clean Blood, Regular Acid. With new follow-up Punters On A Barge they& on »


Nozinja Lodge

8/10 from Jim

If you’ve ever felt in need of an antidote to all the moody, greyscale techno, up-its-own-arse electronica and leaden dubstep that currently proliferates, I’d on »


My Company

8/10 from Laurie

With a name like Slime, I expected the most German necrotechno filth, not a dusty laid back downtempo groover. You can’t exactly get chilled-out slime, or jazzy slime on »

offthesky & Pleq

A Thousand Fields

8/10 from Laurie

This is an ambient album with a really ambient name that is quite nice. A thousand fields is a lot of fields, and perhaps the number that Offthesky & Pleq trekked through on »


Bohemian Grove

8/10 from Clinton

It’s been a while since I’ve heard some decent atmospheric techno so I’m hoping that this collaboration between Legowelt + Xosar people will fill a hole. It& on »

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