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Weekly Update Oppenheimer Analysis, Thee Oh Sees, The Sly and Unseen, Kutmah, Wolfgang Voigt, and more...

Well, we got through it without him. No fires, no emergencies, and as far as we can tell Norman Records is still up and running. We hope Phil has enjoyed his week off - a week he probably spent staring at our website forlornly wondering what on earth we were up to.

There are a few things to tell you about before we crack on with the week’s releases. Firstly, as you may be aware already, lots of vinyl is delayed at the moment. This is causing headaches for both you and us. Please spend some time reading about the reasons for this - Record Store Day is only partly to blame - and do please use our Order Checker and Known Delays list before you email us wondering where things are. Indeed, to be frank, the more you email us the worse the delays get - because we have less time to chase things up, etc. - so we really do appreciate your patience in this matter.

We’re also selling tickets for a few events including this weekend’s exciting-looking Threadfest event in Bradford with the likes of Richard Dawson, Michael Chapman, Vision Fortune and Circle.

Finally check out our label feature on Hibernate, home of one of this week’s recommended albums by The Sly and Unseen.

On with the show…...

This week’s best stuff:

  • We thought Thee Oh Sees were splitting up at one point but they haven’t. Instead they’ve unleashed their second blast of garage punk in a year. Read what Hayley thinks here...
  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra will get that summer party started so long as it’s lopsided and worships Stevie Wonder and Prince. Fantastic album.
  • Valet play lovely drifty late period Slowdive and Beach House influenced stuff on (where else?) Kranky.
  • The Fall’s ‘Sub Lingual Tablet’ appears on LP with the promise that these are different mixes from the CD. Clever, Smith, clever.
  • Sharron Kraus’s lovely creaking folk is best listened to outside. Be quick - Clay Pipe stuff sells out.
  • Ouch - ear alert. Merzbow, Mats Gustaffson and Thurston Moore have teamed up to make noise.
  • Drifter Konntinent has made some gloriously melodic electronica on Home Normal.
  • There’s a new album by the Vaccines. They’re acceptable aren’t they? Do they harm anybody?
  • Unlike Summer Camp who have a new album out of wish wash.
  • In news that will please people from the ‘90s, Ash have a new CD in the racks.
  • Former ambient bloke turned tattooed crooner Jon DeRosa has his second album of Richard Hawley-isms out on Rocket Girl.
  • The Sly and Unseen feature Hibernate boss Jonathan Lees alongside Isnaj Dui lady Katie English and make meditative music with squeeze boxes, bells etc. Limited 2CD with remixes by all sorts of good folk.
  • Slow Steve isn’t anything to do with Seasick Steve, instead he comes across a bit like Ariel Pink, Air and other people beginning with the letter ‘a’.
  • You’ll love the new the KVB if you’re into Drokk or that Mega-City One sound.
  • Allie Hanlon’s bubblegum pop solo project Peach Kelli Pop follows up her ‘I’ and ‘II’ records with the delightfully titled ‘III’.
  • Zone Six on Deep Distance make psych rock with more twiddles than a twiddly twiddler.
  • Energetic, hazily produced dance-pop from Doomsquad on Bella Union.
  • New-new-age for post-psych minimalists from Wume.
  • You should hear the King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizzard album -it’s great. Fun psych. Now there’s two words that I thought wouldn’t go together.
  • Little Wings make twanging, sighing alt country. Good news for your future Sunday mornings. Nice horse too.

Ant’s Electronica round-up

Yup...we’ve got an expert in now….

  • Cut Hands applies his Afro Noise techniques remixing new wave dark electro-poppers Azar Swan. Plus Dominick Fernow reworks them under his martial techno/ electronic alias Vatican Shadow on a reassuringly expensive posh 180g vinyl 12” on Handmade Birds. 400 copies.
  • Luke Abbott showcases a more intimate side on the ‘Music For A Flat Landscape (Original soundtrack to The Goob)’ LP on Border Community.
  • Stellar OM Source brings some wriggling 303 action with her vision of Detroit techno/ Chicago acidhouse with the ‘Nite-Glo’ 12”on RVNG Intl.
  • Akkord gets two contrasting remixes on HTH040 with Regis serving up steely, icy dubstep compatible techno and Fis creating hazy ethereal soundscapes smeared with the ghosts of drum & bass.
  • Thomas Brinkmann attempts to erase himself from his music with some extreme looping that sounds like the sonification of a Pantone catalogue on ‘What You Hear (Is What You Hear)’. Jim gives it a straight 10/10.
  • Meanwhile General Magic & Pita’s ‘Fridge Trax’ gets an expanded 20th Anniversary 2LP reissue.
  • Kutmah’s first beat tape gets a vinylization on limited 10” red vinyl. A RSD2015 release finally arrived. Go to bed… No sorry don’t sleep I believe is the correct term.
  • GASman Wolfgang Voigt turns to the lush timbres of the orchestra to create pastoral scenes on the ‘Ruckverzauberung 10 / National Park’ CD on his Profan label.
  • Italian racket-peddlers Urashima have a batch of ear-destroying LPs from Lyoto Music, Mauthausen Orchestra and a 2LP from Maurizio Bianchi with ultra-rare recordings from 1980 presented on vinyl for the first time. All editions of 199 copies.


  • Terry Riley’s classic ‘A Rainbow in Curved Air’ gets re-mastered and re-issued.
  • I’d love to tell you the tale of Nathon’s car and the Mohammad CD but I don’t have time. Suffice to say, its strange drones and whirring nearly caused a traffic incident in the Leeds morning rush-hour.
  • Smokey (not the ‘Living Next Door to Alice’ people) make stoner jams and feature The Stooges, King Crimson, Quiet Riot, The Motels and Tin Machine people. How can it not be good?
  • Steve Gunn and Hiss Golden Messenger got together to make Steve Messenger….no they didn’t they made Golden Gunn which has been re-pressed onto silver vinyl…. SILVER!? .
  • Ben Watt’s early solo albums now appear to credited as Ben Watt and Robert Wyatt. Wyatt did play on ‘Summer into Winter’ EP but did nothing on ‘North Marine Drive’ Still it’s some of the best music you are likely to hear so why quibble?
  • Oppenheimer Analysis are more of those early ‘80’s sci-fi obsessed coldwave blokes.
  • Exciting news...the Stelvio Cipriani ‘La polizia ringrazia’ vinyl comes on light beige vinyl.
  • Kenji Kawai’s soundtrack for the undisputed masterpiece ‘Ghost In The Shell’ is in.


Little fellas from The Debutantes, Yak, those bloomin’ Lids, Hailu Mergia, Os Noctambulas and The Germs

Remember that it’s yet another UK Bank Holiday on Monday so we’ll be back with you on Tuesday, with added Phil. Cripes.

Words by Clinton.
Other work done by Everyone Else.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Thomas Brinkmann

What You Hear (Is What You Hear)

10/10 from Jim

Just a couple of weeks ago I was waxing lyrical about a collaborative release by Mark Fell and Gábor Lázár; praising them for liberating their mercurial r...read on »

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard


9/10 from Robin

Clint’s insistent belief that psych rock is the greatest genre of all time and that we must protect it at all costs became suspect to me long ago, and the final nail in ...read on »

Unknown Mortal Orchestra


9/10 from Robin

Behold ‘Multi-Love’, wherein Unknown Mortal Orchestra get out of the psych pop game and take up a nice suburban retirement listening to Prince; wherein they forget...read on »


Empire Line

9/10 from Laurie

It looked like that was gonna be it for Anthony Harrison’s Konntinent project. After a supposedly a final ambient peep in 2012, his new project Paco Sala would replace y...read on »



9/10 from Laurie

Rather than dizzying with considered production, Baltimore duo Wume strip back to the tried and tested synth ‘n’ drum combo, garnering obligatory Kraftwerk-related...read on »

Ben Watt & Robert Wyatt

Summer Into Winter / North Marine Drive

9/10 from Clinton

Ben Watt’s first two solo records the Robert Wyatt collaboration ‘Summer Into Winter’ and ‘North Marine Drive’ are two of the most beautiful &lsq...read on »


Moonlit Invocations

8/10 from Robin

White Paddy Mountain's latest is a far cry from the inescapable drone fog of label mainstays such as Chihei Hatakeyama and Federico Durand; Fjordne's 'Moonlit Invocations...read on »

Elysia Crampton

Moth / Lake

8/10 from Jim

Elysia Crampton is a half-Latina, transgender artist currently based in rural Virginia. She has a pretty unique take on the complexities of American history and identity that ...read on »

The Sly and Unseen

All Similarities and Technical Difficulties End Here

8/10 from Robin

Hibernate, the winter scarf of drone labels, continue to fend off nature’s cold bite with this gorgeously comforting record. ‘All Similarities & Technical Diff...read on »


Mirror Being

8/10 from Robin

Nothing says cold and calculated like a grayscale picture of pillars holding up a huge empty room, so props to the KVB for accurately prefacing their record. As someone who ha...read on »

Jon DeRosa

Black Halo

8/10 from Robin

The most variable and happily spontaneous of artists Jon DeRosa has opted once more to halt his tendencies towards ambient and country (I know, right?) in favour of his more d...read on »

Golden Gunn

Golden Gunn

8/10 from Robin

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Steve Gunn and Mr. Hiss of the Golden Messengers had joined the Strokes, on the basis of that album artwork; in reality, though, they...read on »

Vatican Shadow / Cut Hands

Azar Swan Variations

8/10 from Laurie

Some of you might recognise these lads, one of which cast his Vatican Shadow all over Function last year for a dark, punishing LP while the other can’t get enough of his...read on »

Wolfgang Voigt

Ruckverzauberung 10 / National Park

8/10 from Laurie

To sum up - this sounds like the cover. It seems that when presented as natural a setting as a national park, German stargazer Wolfgang Voigt turns to the lush timbres of the ...read on »


Stay Home

8/10 from Laurie

Last I heard of Submerse was in 2013, after his relocation to Tokyo and domination of chill R&S sublabel Apollo. He’d rode the future garage wave, and emerged with a...read on »


Pageantry Suite

8/10 from Laurie

Robin doesn’t know what dancing is so he gave me this. For a squad of doom, they’re actually quite fun, making energetic, hazily produced dance-pop that might make...read on »

Thee Oh Sees

Mutilator Defeated At Last

8/10 from Hayley

Prolific Californian noisemakers Thee Oh Sees are back and thankfully sounding louder than ever: 2014’s ‘Drop’ was a comparatively mellow and varied offering...read on »


HTH040 (Regis / Fis Remixes)

8/10 from Ant

Uncompromising Brummy techno master Regis and Kiwi grime bludgeoner Fis both take elements of ‘Gravure’ and ‘Continuum’ for the second set of Akkord re...read on »



8/10 from Clinton

The opening track ‘Sunday’ on this unassuming looking album sounds so much like a track off Slowdive’s ‘Pygmalion’ that you can see why the peopl...read on »

The Debutantes

Adams Apples / Kids

8/10 from Clinton

When I reviewed the Debutantes previous tape I said they sounded a bit like September Girls...little knowing that actual September Girls were involved in it somehow. Anyway l...read on »

Stellar OM Source


8/10 from Laurie

Remember when day-glo was a thing? Sickly, brighter than bright versions of pedestrian colours would adorn jackets, glow sticks and paints that you could just about throw over...read on »

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Stellar OM Source
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