Weekly Update A Grave With No Name, Spires That In the Sunset Rise, Henry Blacker, Can, Kerrier District, and more...

Hello everyone. For the first time in many weeks there is no big cultural or political event to rattle on about in the intro so rather than us wasting your eye muscles dribbling on about something or other we’ll get straight down to business. We sell records and below is a list of the best of them from this week. Oh before we go there, please note that we are now selling tickets for Golden Cabinet who as you may know put on wonderful gigs in Shipley each month.

Please also note that our lord and leader Phil is on holiday next week, we’ll try and the old place going without major incident in his absence but please be gentle with us ok?

With no further ado here are this weeks big, best (and worst) things.

Out now:

  • There’s some super strength psych rock from Les Big Byrd.
  • Hideous sleeve art but lovely intense dark folk from Sarah Mary Chadwick.
  • Mohammad deliver the final part of their much enjoyed geographical trilogy.
  • Demian Castellanos is the guy from The Oscillation and here is his chilling hints of what bedroom psych rock from his hometown of, yes, Lizard.
  • Ilyas Ahmed makes the one of the albums of the year with the hazy ‘I Am All Your Known’
  • Flyying Colours play some nice ‘n’ easy-gaze on Club 18-30.
  • Jim O’ Rourke has made his first album of songs for many years. Our jury is currently out.
  • The Pre-New feature members of ‘90’s eccentrics World of Twist and Earl Brutus.
  • Another serene desolate soundtrack from Bad Seeds blokes Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.
  • Weedeater do what it says on the tin, i.e Sleep style stoner rock.
  • Analogue based kosmische from Cosmic Ground on Deep Distance.
  • Noise pop double bill on Fuzz Club from The Telescopes and A Place to Bury Strangers.
  • In another example of pop eating itself Cinerama cover the Wedding Presents ‘Valentina’ in its entirety.
  • Nick Jonah Davis fiddles around pleasantly with a guitar set to John Fahey.
  • Reverb drenched krautrock from Pretty Lightning on Cardinal Fuzz.
  • Du Blonde is the new name for Beth Jeans Houghton who has swapped sprightly folk for Hole-like grunge and the tigers mask for a carefully placed cod piece.
  • Free jazz that sounds like a bee getting ready to sting from Spires That In the Sunset Rise.
  • Total Babes are distorted indie punx with the bubbliest of tunes.
  • Turtle are completely different to Tortoise. They make billlowy atmospheric British Brit-rock for rain.
  • We have splattered vinyl live LP’s in from some perhaps dubious source by the likes of Can, Joy Division, Kraftwerk and Jesus and Mary Chain.
  • If Paul Weller’s new album is said to be an ‘experimental classic’ then God help us all. Still, if you like ‘the modfather’ then you’ll probably think it’s a work of genius.
  • There’s no ‘shit’ section this week so here’s the point well we tell you that comical funsters Hot Chip have a new album out.
  • Ceremony do 80’s goth like The Cult were still alive and well.
  • Portland lot The Helio Sequence make bright and cheerful indie rock. Imagine living in Portland?
  • Eccentronic Research Council make a conceptual album about a mythical Sheffield band narrated by Maxine Peake’s very Lancastrian tones. We can’t work that bit out.
  • Misery guts A Grave With No Name went to Nashville to record their new album. It’s still sad though.
  • And in delightful news, Faith No More have made their first album in 18 years. We’re not just here for the nasty things in life.


  • Crimea X re-work some John Carpenter tunes into downbeat techno/electronica.
  • Office discussion. What is best - pies, corners or audio? Perhaps you can decide whilst listening to Pye Corner Audio.
  • Pretend you are watching ‘Tomorrow’s World’ in the 1970’s by giving the new Listening Center a spin.
  • Ekoplekz releases a new album of innovative electronica that we can all agree has something of the Aphex Twin about it.
  • From brooding atmospheres to howling harsh noise it’s Prurient of course.
  • Bathe your ears in 14 tracks of goodness from Luke Vibert (aka Kerrier District).
  • Fresh from her Crack magazine fashion shoot it’s the new queen of the avant garde Holly Herndon.
  • Visionary Hours cozy warmth on Hibernate should have been out weeks ok but we forgot ok?
  • Truss takes an acidic take on their latest on Perc Trax.
  • Ivory tinkler Bruno Sanflippo gets his music reworked from the likes of Olan Mill.
  • Prolific retro-tronic funster Scape One appears on the ever great CPU.


  • The belated Record Store Day re-issue of Swans self titled debut 12” is in finally.
  • Similarly late for Record Store Day is the re-issue of Psychedelic Furs ‘Mirror Moves’.
  • There’s a pile of Bevis Frond re-issue for all you psych fans.
  • Henry Blacker’s two albums have been collected on one long CD.
  • Virginia Wing’s fine debut from last year is now back out on orange and black vinyl with bonus stuff on the download.
  • Steve Moore’s dark and brooding soundtrack to ‘The Guest’ is out on Death Waltz.
  • As is Michael Perilstein’s original soundtrack to ‘Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers’.
  • As is Alessandro Alessandroni’s bizarre score to Giulio Berruti's video nasty ‘Killer Nun’.
  • There’s a street smart 20th anniversary edition of NWA’s classic ‘Straight Outa Compton’.
  • Orgasmo Sonore’s ‘Revisiting Obscure Library Music’ does what it says on the tin.
  • Turkish folk and protest singer Selda gets another album re-issued.
  • An essential piece of minimal music history is rediscovered with Arnold Dreyblatt’s ‘Nodal Excitation’ on Drag City.
  • The latest ‘private press’ re-issue of a lost classic is a good one. Kenny Knight once made wry country rock for fans of Tim Hardin and Gene Clark. No-one was interested then...but they are now.


Tons of the buggers with new ‘little records’ from Arborist (with Kim Deal), Sauna Youth/Monotony, Shlomo, Adult Books, Ezra Furman, The Vaccines, C Joynes, Lake Komo and more that I’ve probably forgotten.

That’s it. Have all good weekends everyone. See you all on Monday.

Words by Clinton.
Other work done by Everyone Else.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Demian Castellanos

The Kyvu Tapes Vol.1 (1990-98)

9/10 from Robin

Mr. Oscillations himself, Demian Castellanos, has crafted something quite personal with ‘The Kyvu Tapes’. While it might seem like yet another downward spiral on »



9/10 from Laurie

Now a full citizen of Planet Mu, Nick Edwards turn his attention to populating the place. It seems fitting a home for Mr. Eko, whose processed grooves and space layers have on »

Ilyas Ahmed

I Am All Your Own

9/10 from Robin

Dreaming for acoustic guitar and voice, Ilyas Ahmed has made one of this year’s most stunning records, one that’s two total bait genres -- ambient and on »

Holly Herndon


9/10 from Jim

Holly Herndon has generated a considerable buzz since she released ‘Movement’ on RVNG intl. in 2012. Her music seems to straddle progressive electronica, on »


Segondè Saleco

9/10 from Ant

Greek chamber doom trio Mohammad have been operating since 2009, releasing albums on their own Antifrost imprint and brought to a wider audience in 2013 with their excellent & on »


Frozen Niagara Falls

9/10 from Ant

Dominick Fernow has become somewhat of thee “noise” poster boy in recent years. If such a thing would appear to be anti-noise then you can blame the internet for on »

Kenny Knight


9/10 from Robin

Bless this man. Can I leave it at that? The narrative around Kenny Knight’s ‘Crossroads’ is as heart-melting or eye-rolling as your tolerance of PR allows, on »

Pretty Lightning

A Magic Lane Of Light and Rain

8/10 from Robin

Pretty Lightning seem to think they’re some sort of psychedelic meteorology duo with total control of the weather, but actually what they are is a couple of krautrock on »

Spires That In the Sunset Rise

Beasts In The Garden

8/10 from Robin

Wisconsin crew Spires That In The Sunset Rise carry on weirding on ‘Beasts In the Garden’, a record that shows off their obsession with folkloric sounds and on »

Mannerfelt / Haydo

Radio Mohave

8/10 from Laurie

Dark ‘n’ dirty technopushers Avian have invited Peder Mannerfelt and Simon Haydo to make some grumbly dance stuff for you. And they have. On Radio Mohave, you on »

Visionary Hours

Footfalls Echo

8/10 from Laurie

Original review from Laurie back in 2015 which we somehow didn't notice.   Well, isn’t this lovely. The down-to-earth ambient folk at Hibernate have uncovered a on »

A Place To Bury Strangers / The Telescopes

Split Single No. 6

8/10 from Clinton

Although the world doesn’t really need another version of ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ (the original is perfectly fine thank you), The Telescopes at least make a on »

Thomas Leer

Private Plane / International

8/10 from Laurie

What’s this then? A 12” repress of some super-rare punky electronic bedroom pop from Scottish cult musicker Thomas Leer? Yep, and there’s a newspaper cutout on »

Sarah Mary Chadwick

9 Classic Tracks

8/10 from Clinton

Right, I have a decision to make. To talk about the sleeve art to not talk about the sleeve art. Well it doesn’t improve the record let’s say but thankfully this on »

Cosmic Ground

Deadlock / Decay

8/10 from Robin

Let’s kick back with some komische, folks. Cosmic Ground is the project of Dirk Jan Muller, a psychedelic artist more interested in the genre’s stretched out on »

Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury

Ex Machina (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

8/10 from Laurie

Hmmm. How to review a soundtrack for a film that you really want to see? Well, for starters, I’m going to confine it to the ‘score’ disc only, the bonus on »

Nick Jonah Davis

House of Dragons

8/10 from Clinton

There are not quite as many sensitive guys plucking at acoustic guitars in the style of John Fahey these days as may have been perhaps a couple of years ago. Nick Jonah Davis, on »

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