Weekly Update Zed Bias, I-LP-O IN DUB, Rozi Plain, Barbarossa, Golden Teacher meets Dennis Bovell, and more...

It was a tumultuous night here at the Towers as we waited to find out the future of our country (actually some of us just went to sleep and prayed). So as we deal with the fallout of what should forever be known as Black Friday by making jokes on Twitter to try to cheer ourselves up, let’s bury our heads and see if music can get us through eh? Certainly something we’ll be needing to get us through the next few months is a new album from Sleaford Mods and you can now pre-order it as some kind of outlet for any seething anger.

Onto this weeks things and there’s plenty of good things in to ease you through the weekend such as a squelchy new albums by Prefuse 73, Blanck Mass, Manyfingers and The Fall (actually they aren’t all squelchy but it’s a great word).

Out now:

  • Former Movietone guy Manyfingers release a wonderful album of neo-classical compositions with added grit. Well recommended….even by Phil.
  • Ben Chatwin was born Ben Chatwin but professionally known as Talvihorros but he is now again called Ben Chatwin. His solo debut is a lovely thing of dark atmospheric neo classical.
  • Delicate and twangy, loudly amped and carelessly played. This is Dead Ghosts.
  • The Fall’s 31st album ‘Sublingual Tablet’ is brilliantly (and sometimes dreadfully) uncompromising.
  • Nu-gazers Fever Dream release their much anticipated ‘Moyamoya’.
  • Blanck Mass is one of the guys from Feck Buttons with a marvellously intense, glitched out LP.
  • Winchester’s finest Rozi Plain returns with some simple yet potent folk rock.
  • Bonnie Stillwater is Bonnie Prince Billy alongside Watter doing some brooding post rock.
  • That Prefuse 73 new album is a return to ‘One Word Extinguisher’ type form we reckon. Perfect summer listening.
  • Novella make ‘90’s ish krauty indie pop for fans of Electrelane and Lush.
  • The Holydrug Couple make some home-made summery pop vibes a la Unknown Mortal Orchestra.
  • Image what the Merzbow and Xiu Xiu collaborative albums sounds like. Yes, that’s right a relentless barrage of loud and abrasive sound textures. Thank you.
  • O V Davey plays interesting bedroom pop with a disasterous voice.
  • ‘60’s legends The Sonics now sounds totally silly and gleefully dated.
  • Improv minimal dance from Dans Dans.
  • Surfer Blood make Weezer-like indie rock with quirky bits
  • Lilting country folk from Canadians The Weather Station.
  • Bernard and Edith on Bella Union make some haunting late night soultronica.
  • The new album by The Tallest Man On Earth has a touch of the songs of David Brent about it.
  • 80’s post punk legends the Nightingales are back with a brand new album.
  • Lovelorn duck-voiced crooner Patrick Watson mopes about and wonders about stuff.
  • Charlemagne Palestine and Grumbling Fur make a vinyl document of a mind-blowing collaborative set called ‘Ggrrreeebbbaaammmnnnuuuccckkkaaallloooww!!!’ Imagine asking for that in your local Our Price.
  • The dude from MONO it says in enormous letters on the front, Takaakira 'Taka' Goto for it is he, brings us some gloriously morbid post-rock, you’ll love it if you like Godspeed.
  • Unexpected collab of the week is Scots 808 dance lot Golden Teacher meeting Dennis Bovell.
  • Now out on vinyl are the James Blackshaw and Death albums.
  • “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” bloke Shaun Ryder has a new 12” out.
  • Les Sorciers Du Theil are a psych rock band obsessed with repetition of patterns and ever-so-slight modulations over a long period of time.


  • Our Jim is rarely one to give top marks but he’s been knocked off his Anglesey perch by the new record from Mark Fell and Gabor Lazer which he describes as the most rhythmically radical and seizure-inducing futurist electronica being made on planet Earth right now.
  • On a slightly less esoteric note Jamie xx releases the first taster of him summer festival-aiming LP.
  • Controlled noise and insistent beats on Lakker’s intense new album on R & S.
  • The Green Kingdom perfectly fuse the atmospheric drift of ambient electronica with crystalline guitar melodies
  • There’s some delicious home-made techno by Antenes on L.I.E.S
  • Barbarossa was a folkie, now he’s an electronica-ie.
  • The iDEAL label won’t be ideal for everyone but iDEALISM showcases their particularly disturbing brand of harsh experimental music full of withered voices and pissed off drones.
  • Oren Ambarchi brings to town solid example of his more modern classical slant.
  • Low-end and vintage drum machine clap’n’clatter from Zed Bias.


  • One of the most interesting re-issues this week is David Kauffman and Eric Caboor’s ‘Songs from the Suicide Bridge’ a kind of minimal dark folk that predates Red House Painters/American Music Club.
  • Incredible Public Enemy meets My Bloody Valentine noise-niks Dalek have two of their finest albums re-issued on Ici D'ailleurs.
  • There’s a seven LP Johnny Cash deluxe box set of all his American Recordings.
  • ‘Live at L'Étrange Festival 2004’ by Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson has been re-pressed on white vinyl with a bonus CD.
  • All the out of print Eleh albums have been collected into a luxury box….just for you.
  • Maybe Pan Sonic bloke I-LP-O IN DUB is onto something with his exhilarating ‘Communist Dub.


  • 'Keep Calm and Carry On' tea towels Public Service Broadcasting get remixed by Errors on a new 7”.
  • Keroscene sound like a shoegaze Smashing Pumpkins channeling Kurt Cobain.
  • Tauchsieder have a Wire guesting on their nicely packaged 7” of hazy soundscapes.
  • ‘Legendary’ “long at the sides, short on top” modfathers Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher unleash exciting new singles for a seachange in British politics.
  • Cornerstone of early English psychedelia Kaleidoscope have their delayed Record Store Day 7” finally released.


A quite unusual release from Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance, a book, detailing a mystical-sounding new approach to compositional craft that involves use of a deck of cards.

That’s it from us. Keep your chins up.

Words by Clinton.
Other work done by Everyone Else.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Mark Fell + Gabor Lazar

The Neurobiology of Moral Decision Making

10/10 from Jim

If you already know Gábor Lázár’s music then you’re probably already a Mark Fell fan and so you won’t be surprised that this on »


The Spectacular Nowhere

9/10 from Clinton

Manyfingers is the nom de plume of Chris Cole, who has a history of playing in some of the finest bands Bristol has produced. Search the internet carefully and you’ll on »

Blanck Mass

Dumb Flesh

9/10 from Robin

Much of our office discourse surrounding ‘Dumb Flesh’ has been about what flesh in particular we’re looking at on the front cover of the record, but it& on »



9/10 from Laurie

Their now-native R&S sees the release of Ireland-based Lakker’s next LP, and it’s a proper melee. Controlled noise and insistent beats coalesce on Tundra to on »


Test Pilot Volume 1

8/10 from Laurie

Back to the primal for I-f’s Viewlexx imprint, this time round a reissue of rowdy EP Test Pilot Volume 1, originally released back in ‘96. It looks like he’ on »

Prefuse 73

Rivington Nao Rio

8/10 from Clinton

We’ve run out of different people to keep reviewing these new Prefuse 73 releases so the parcel has been passed back to me. Old Scott has been quiet over the last few on »

Bernard + Edith


8/10 from Clinton

Today is a momentous day my friends.... a day they said would never happen. The day I finally liked a record on Bella Union. Ok, ok I have liked records on Bella Union before& on »

Ben Chatwin

The Sleeper Awakes

8/10 from Robin

As Talvihorros, Ben Chatwin made scorched-earth ambient styled after Tim Hecker and the OO Ray, leaving permanent scars on perfect droned surfaces. Under his real boy name, on »

Dans Dans


8/10 from Robin

Named Dans Dans even though they should be called Dans Dans Dans for conceptual symmetry, this Belgian trio take jazz as a reference point and then dance about it, delving on »

Rozi Plain


8/10 from Robin

It is well that this record is named ‘Friend’, as Rozi Plain has written it to You. This is one kind of folk rock traditional, in that sense: all of its songs are on »

Dead Ghosts

Dead Ghosts

8/10 from Robin

There are none quite as chill. Dead Ghosts, drenched in lo-fi production like it’s a ray of light, rather than a forecast for torrential rain, are loving the fact that on »

Oren Ambarchi

Sleepwalker's Conviction

8/10 from Laurie

Oren Ambarchi’s made some more stuff. After his triumphantly overpowering Live Knots, also known as Chairs, he returns with this new work People for Orchestra and on »

The Weather Station


8/10 from Robin

Tamara Lindeman is a country rock throwback of the highest order, and on ‘Loyalty’ she references places she’s been more than artist’s she’s on »

Charlemagne Palestine & Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra


8/10 from Ant

Vinyl document of a mind-blowing collaborative set from the legendary brandy swiggin’ Teddy Bear man and Alexander Tucker and Daniel O’Sullivan’s Grumbling on »

Les Sorciers Du Theil

Polyte Deshaies

8/10 from Robin

Actually I think you’ll find that psych rock has the most seats in parliament. But whatever, BBC: I guess you don’t even care what Les Sorciers Du Theil have to on »

Takaakira 'Taka' Goto

Classical Punk and Echoes Over Beauty

8/10 from Robin

I officially decree it a fantastic time to like boilerplate post-rock again. In this time of despair and making jokes on Twitter to make ourselves feel better, the second on »


Communist Dub

8/10 from Jim

While he’s certainly nowhere near as prolific as his Pan Sonic partner Mika Vainio, Ilpo Väisänen’s solo work is just as distinctive and will hit all on »

David Kauffman and Eric Caboor

Songs From The Suicide Bridge

8/10 from Clinton

Here’s a cautionary tale. Back in 1984 David Kauffman and Eric Caboor were making lonesome sad and beautiful songs which every single record label ignored in favour of on »

Fever Dream


8/10 from Hayley

Fever Dream’s debut EP demonstrated the London trio’s predilection for noise and fuzz – a familiar aesthetic that seems to be doing the rounds of late. It on »

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