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Weekly Update The Lovely Eggs, Django Django, INHEAVEN, Mac McCaughan, Refrigerator, and more...

Aaaaaaannnndddd relax. It’s OK. Everything’s back to normal...

As you may have heard, the online part of Record Store Day was disastrous tumultuous at best. We were truly mortified - Monty Python dirty fork kind of mortified. But thanks for all your words of kindness and support. We’ll let our web folk out of their iron maidens soon.

Oh, and there are still a few bits and bats of Record Store Day stuff on our shelves so please have a look and feel free to help yourself.

Onto this week’s fun though, and we have big new records in from Joanna Gruesome, Mikal Cronin, Super Furry Animals, Jacco Gardner, Django Django, Actress and loads more which you can read about below...

Oh, and please check out this new charity compilation from our good friends at Hibernate Records - all proceeds go to the Nepal disaster fund.

Out now:

  • We’re still not sure which kind of peanut butter Joanna Gruesome eat but they make a perfect noise rock/twee-indie sandwich.
  • Jacco Gardner knows how to psych-pop and if you get in early he’ll give you a bonus 50 minute CD.
  • Twee-pop mums and dads The Lovely Eggs have become slightly less annoying, says Robin.
  • Slow-core folkies Refrigerator are back after many, many years.
  • Blurring the lines between hip-hop, electronica, abstract sound pieces and r'n'b is the superb Nosaj Thing.
  • Piano man William Basinski releases a new album containing just one track. Comes with bonus live stuff too.
  • Superchunk leader Mac McCaughan thankfully tars his own name rather than the bands with his so-so solo effort.
  • Melodic pop craftsman Mikal Cronin steps up the big on his new guitar rock opus.
  • Paul de Jong was in the Books now he uses strings, samples and beats together for something of an art dance record.
  • It says something when Mumford and Sons are only the third worst album of the week. Best Coast have made an awful new album of Katy Perry-styled pop tunes. But for the ultimate accolade in uselessness step forward Palma Violets.
  • We have an election coming up in the UK where, hopefully, a bad man will be replaced by a marginally less bad man. Hear Richard Youngs’s timely rants about the state of the nation.
  • Bonnie Stillwater is a collab between Will Oldham and members of Grails and Tortoise. Nothing to do with late ‘70s southern rockers Stillwater...or Bonnie Tyler.
  • Les Big Byrd are fuzzy Swedish psyche types.
  • Roots Manuva has a new 12” out with tracks produced by Fourtet and Machinedrum.
  • Sweeping rockers My Morning Jacket are back with more of that thing they do.
  • Tal National are Niger’s favourite band, not Nigel as how I originally read it. That will be Skrewdriver.
  • Metz make a big dissonant racket a bit like ‘Bleach’ era Nirvana.
  • I’m confused about all these new Prefuse 73 records. I *think* this new one is the mini album before he drops the big album. So what was that recent thing on Temporary Residence? Something else maybe that’s now sold out. Anyway they are all good so just get them all.
  • Rose Windows do a dramatic folk/psych crossover thing for ya.
  • Just in at time of going to press is the new Django Django record. Sounds vibrant.


  • Mix Mup says ‘Skip Intro’ but Laurie reckons it’s all good
  • DJ Spider and Marshallito give us a esoteric techno binge
  • Devon Loch is a horse which suffered a mega fail at the 1956 Grand National but has picked itself back up to make minimalistic organ and piano acoustic collages. Guest rider: Ela Orleans.
  • Hazy, freefalling electronic fugs from Cankun.
  • Francisco Lopez gets up to 300 on his untitled series with a colony of seagulls (side A) and underwater creatures clicking and buzzing (side B),
  • PMM makes his vinyl debut with some pounding kicks, noisy loops and trippy bleeps on Berceuse Heroique
  • Meditative calm and proper old skool drone on Rrose plays James Tenney.
  • My goodness these limited CDs on Echospace will shift quick, deep dark dubby techno from cv313, Variant and Intrusion.
  • London artist K15 returns to the dance floor with a new debut 5-track EP
  • Eugene Ward also known as Dro Carey/Tuff Sherm releases some tracks taken from a series of performance collaborations.
  • Chugging low slung deep house replete with samples of elephants from Jack Pattern
  • The eclectic and unusual Actress releases his DJ Kicks mix with tracks from Lorenzo Senni, Mark Fell, John Beltran,, Beneath, Shit and Shine and an exclusive track from the man himself.


  • Able Tasmans would win the re-issue of the week award if we had one. They are another example of why New Zealand is grrrrrrreat. They have their debut LP & 12” re-issued on Flying Nun/Captured Tracks this week.
  • Everything The Liminanas have ever done has been re-issued. Everything.
  • Two albums of 1960s era experimental pieces for tape and electronics from Richard Maxfield are out on Slowscan.
  • White Eyes were hard rockin’, hard tourin’, hard livin’ psyche guys from the late 60s. They finally get their break courtesy of The Numero group.
  • The Et les Nouveaux Jeunes tribute to Erik Satie is back out in extended form with tracks from Max Richter, Peter Broderick, The Boats, Dustin O'Halloran, Nils Frahm, Pan American, Rachel Grimes and more.
  • Guitar picker Loren Connors ‘Blues The 'Dark Paintings' of Mark Rothko’ is back out on vinyl. His stuff always sells out y’know.
  • Canadian stoner rock doomsters Sheavy have 2 LPs re-issued on big fat stoner-friendly vinyl.
  • Ex At the Drive In folks Sparta have their 2001 debut re-issued.
  • Barking,clanking Manchester post-punks Tools You Can Trust have a welcome vinyl re-issue out.
  • Micachu aka Mica Levi piles on the wooziness on this re-issue of an early cassette on Demdike Stare (label).
  • What were you doin’ back in ‘88? I was still trying to master the 14th hole at Wetherby Golf Club. John Savage looks back at the time when aspects of acid-house and aspects of guitar music fused on Perfect Motion: Jon Savage’s Secret History of Second Wave Psychedelia 1988-93
  • There’s a couple of re-issues in from French disco boogie lads Cerrone.

Just one 7” (from post punkers Inheaven) and no tapes this week. Weird.

That’s it from us. Remember it’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in the grey old UK so your weekend orders won’t be processed until next Tuesday.

Words by Clinton.
Other work done by Everyone Else.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Joanna Gruesome

Peanut Butter 

9/10 from Robin

Yes to this band. They are the reason I can’t tell the difference between noise rock and twee pop, and they are the reason I feel swathes of nostalgia and joy among...read on »

DJ Spider and Marshallito

Contest for Supremacy

9/10 from Laurie

This Trilogy Tapes 12” marks the two techers’ fifth occasion of locking musical horns, and things must be getting tense as their rivalry boils over. When combined,...read on »

Rrose plays James Tenney

Having Never Written a Note for Percussion

9/10 from Ant

Shit. I’d better knock this review out quickly because I’m in severe danger of nodding off. Rrose got me feeling like I’ve eaten fifty Valium such is the pur...read on »

Nosaj Thing


9/10 from Andy

Nosaj Thing is one of those producers that seems to have been on the periphery of my awareness without my ever getting round to listening to any of his work. Not due to lack o...read on »


feeling romantic feeling tropical feeling ill

8/10 from Robin

Those familiar with Micachu through her work with the Shapes will be expecting overblown pop arranged and presented only in the most ridiculous ways; the hooks should spew and...read on »

Super Furry Animals


8/10 from Clinton

It’s been 15 years since Super Furry Animals low-key Welsh language ‘Mwing’ album and as it’s been long out of print maybe now is as good a time as any...read on »

Paul de Jong


8/10 from Robin

Paul de Jong, sonic prankster to the stars, was one of those guys who confused us in the Books, an act revelling in the accidental rhythm of things people said when they thoug...read on »


MOCA/FM: Exhibition Of One Minute Soundworks From The Museum Of Conceptual Art, San Francisco

8/10 from Laurie

The sculptor Tom Marioni provides a spoken introduction to this original 1971 broadcast, a collection of 1 minute contemporary sound art pieces from 24 different musicians, po...read on »

Mix Mup

Skip Intro

8/10 from Laurie

Skip Intro? OK! With 15 minutes to review this it’s a necessity, but always nice to have permission. Another Trilogy Tapes release sees Lorenz Lindner pretend to be a fu...read on »

Able Tasmans

A Cuppa Tea and a Lie Down

8/10 from Clinton

Captured Tracks attempts to document every squeak that emerged from anyone who lived in New Zealand in the 1980’s continues on this very worthy compilation from “t...read on »

Jacco Gardner


8/10 from Robin

Jacco Gardner measures psych with a ruler. Unlike a lot of artists crafting tunes after their ‘60s heart and never worrying about the ramifications -- or acts like Foxyg...read on »


Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold

8/10 from Robin

Cankun’s created electronic fogs for Not Not Fun in the past, going after that hazy, freefalling drone pop hype with debut ‘Jaguar Dance’ -- now he’s g...read on »



8/10 from Robin

Sub Pop’s angriest noise rock revivalists Metz deafened with their first record, offering no real respite and sustaining themselves at the same volume at all times. Some...read on »


Fight Fire

8/10 from Robin

Pow! have impressed us once before and I’m pretty sure they’re threatening to do it again by either fighting fire or writing an album about the hypotheticals of fi...read on »

Tools You Can Trust

Working and Shopping

8/10 from Clinton

Hidden somewhere in mid ‘80s Manchester were Tools You Can Trust - a post-punk, post industrial band who barely used guitars but instead spent their time making fascinat...read on »

Devon Loch

Sleep Scale

8/10 from Clinton

Devon Loch was a horse which suffered an epic fail at the 1956 Grand National when it jumped over a fence that wasn’t there. This Devon Loch is a soundscapist working in...read on »


Serpent's Promise

8/10 from Ant

Following a couple of tapes with Tuff Sherm on Opal Tapes and Reckno, Peter Mines aka PMM makes his solo and vinyl debut on Berceuse Heroique, a label that over the past 18 mo...read on »

Prefuse 73

Forsyth Gardens

8/10 from Laurie

Guillermo Scott Herren, as a lot of you will know, is one of the beatmakers that pushed (mostly) instrumental hip-hop into glitchier, more complex territory, his sound setting...read on »

Django Django

Born Under Saturn

8/10 from Clinton

There’s definitely more difficult jobs in the world than this - I understand that- but having to review a record in real time is certainly a tricky proposition and so th...read on »

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