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Weekly Update Useless Eaters, David Allred, Tuff Love / Lazy Day, MG, Colin Stetson And Sarah Neufeld, and more...

They think it’s all over...it is soon. We’re onto the last lap of our Record Store Day shenanigans as everything that is left over will go online at 00:01 on Saturday 25th April 2015. Just to be clear, that's one minute after midnight on Friday 24th April. OK? Good stuff. So stay up late or set your alarm clocks and get clicking. You should read our rules and tips first, and it will also help you greatly if you already have an account set up with us with a shipping address stored. Good luck! And please be patient if, as our Nathon is nervously dreading, the site decides that this is the year when “enough is enough” and decides it needs a little break.

Speaking of breaks...coffee. Did you know we have our own Norman Records coffee? Well we do and, as of tomorrow morning, you will be able to buy that online too.

Meanwhile, away from all that RSD gubbins, there are plenty of releases about to prove that Record Store Day didn’t kill music after all. Take this Death and Vanilla LP for example. It’s on orange vinyl and comes with a bonus 4 track CD…and it’s great, and it is available nearly two weeks before the official release! In other news...they’ve been away for awhile but now they are back - yes it’s a new album from Blue…sorry Blur. It took me over a day to come with that joke. We also have more copies of our number 2 album from last year Ian William Craig’s ‘A Turn of Breath’.

Also out now:-

  • Those famed raggle-taggle psych-sters (fronted by the man who called our Laurie “Pingu”) The Brian Jonestown Massacre have a new soundtrack-styled album out.
  • Colin Stetson has done something that I never thought possible. He’s made the saxophone enjoyable to listen to. He’s collab’d with Arcade Fire’s Sarah Neufeld for what a 10/10 wielding Robin describes as “the most exciting work of their respective careers”.
  • Useless Eaters’ new album is called ‘Singles 2011-14’. Guess what it contains...no go on.
  • Sonic Jesus create dark, heavy, psychedelic/kraut music reminiscent of The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Dead Skeletons.
  • Revitalised ahead-of-their-time garage punks Death have released an unexpected new album.
  • Mark Tranmer from Gnac releases a gnice CD of piano-led gninstrumentals.
  • More pianos to be found on Delia Gonzalez’s hurried and unrelenting music.
  • Want to be happy? Randolph’s Leap seem super happy on this live album of Belle and Sebastian on uppers pop.
  • Noir-pop wizardess Ela Orleans has released a new album of super electronic pop. Free copy for anyone who can read every word of Brian’s mammoth review.
  • Ian’s enjoyment of his first review in ages of the new Braids album is ruined by ‘cloth-eared’ office idiots.
  • Local lad Eaves is loud then quiet then loud on his debut album of folky pop.
  • Prepost-a-rockers Mew make another album of “Yes meets ‘90s indie” clever clever stadium pop.
  • American Wrestlers reference all four of Bruce Hornsby, Mark Knopfler, Sparklehorse and Sarah Records on enjoyable new LP.
  • William S Burroughs in dub. Sounds exactly how you’d imagine.
  • Where is ex-Normster Mike when you need him? He’d have loved this epic sonic pantomime from Motorpsycho.
  • The psychedelic rock mountain shows no sign of abating. Here’s a new one from White Hills.
  • Quiet coos and strums in the vein of Jose Gonzalez from David Allred.
  • Foot Hair are angry lads from Newcastle. We don’t know why they are angry - could it be Mike Ashley?
  • This I Speak Machine album will go down well with fans of Death Waltz, John Carpenter and Gazelle Twin.
  • Stranger Cat followed Sufjan Stevens around on tour. Now she’s wringing out grandiose choruses with spinning theatre synths.
  • Old Man Gloom are a crew of sludgy old men birthed from many a Hydra Head, Deathwish and Southern Lord act.
  • Morricone-influenced overtures on the Various Artists ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night’ on Death Waltz.


Welcome to the future. Here are the robots:

  • There’s another Caribou remix 12”. This time Shed re-wires it under his Head High alias.
  • Also in alias mode is Robert Hood who splits a 12” with himself as Floorplan. Who needs anyone else eh?
  • Electronica and horses make strange bedfellows but the Falty DL guy under his own Drew Lustman name doesn’t care about that. He bravely sits on top of an equine thing on the front cover to this new album of old school Bukem -ish breaks.
  • Music for pickaxes from Detroit techno influenced Jared Wilson.
  • Skilled technerds Mark Broom & James Ruskin have given you a nice 10” taster for what could be to come as The Fear Ratio.
  • Terrifying, electro-acoustic, dark ambient vibes by Shampoo Boy on Blackest Ever Black.
  • Oni Ayhun (The Knife), Jaguar Woman, rRoxymore and Aquarian Jugs get together, put all their ideas in a hat, make mind-bending electronica and techno experiments, and call it ‘Decon/Recon’.
  • Remember Leftfield? Well they are back with a one sided 12” taster for a forthcoming album.


  • Vintage synth gear from the wibbly prog-tastic Bruce Ditmus.
  • Vintage synth stuff from high-concept electronic manipulator Beatriz Ferreyra.
  • Vintage synth music from splashy synth surfer Michel Redolfi.
  • Pity Sex’s ‘Feast of Love’ has been out before. In 2013 when the emo revival was new and scary.
  • Oh...don’t forget the last ever re-issue of Ian William Craig’s ‘A Turn of Breath’.
  • Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore as MG chooses making sturdy sci fi electronica over eating gold or whatever it is rich people do.


Amazingly The Lovely Eggs are grown-ups and not children. Their latest 7” comes on onion green vinyl. There’s got to be another one...there just has to be! Yup it’s this summer-ready split between Tuff Love and Lazy Day.


Hazy London 5 piece Dignan Porch win tape of the week ahead of...erm no competition with their ‘creme’ cassette. What’s your favorite creme - egg or Lol?

That’s it - see you on the site just after midnight. Or you could go to sleep instead. I know which I’d choose...

Words by Clinton.
Other work done by Everyone Else.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Colin Stetson And Sarah Neufeld

Never Were The Way She Was

10/10 from Robin

“No overdubs” is the phrase to watch with Colin Stetson, an artist who intones on saxophone to create sounds vocal and percussive, melodic and destructive. The rea...read on »

Death And Vanilla

To Where the Wild Things Are

9/10 from Clinton

Death and Vanilla are pretty close to being the perfect band for those who worship the ‘60’s exotic electronica that so influenced the music of Broadcast. Opener &...read on »


Plot Defender

9/10 from Jim

Before assuming his Nochexxx moniker, Dave Henson used to play in post-rock group Gwei-Lo and put out experimental electronica as Ascoltare before abandoning the overly rarefi...read on »

Lightning In A Twilight Hour

Fragments Of A Former Moon

8/10 from Hayley

Back in February our anorak-clad Clinton went all fan-boy over Field Mice’s Bobby Wratten’s new project Lightning In A Twilight Hour, reviewing the EP ‘Slow ...read on »


A Gentle Embrace [Variant Reshapes]

8/10 from Laurie

This is a duo of CDs featuring Stephen Hitchell reimagining Stephen Hitchell. Those that are familiar with Echospace know exactly what they’re getting themselves into an...read on »

Drew Lustman

The Crystal Cowboy

8/10 from Laurie

With a cover consisting of a dusty apartment block and presumably Mr. Lustman sitting nonchalantly on top of a horse, you could easily assume that this is the electronic versi...read on »

Michel Redolfi

Pacific Tubular Waves / Immersion

8/10 from Laurie

Editions Mego are continuing to unearth forgotten synth explorers from the early days, traversing the old ways of the bleep and bloop. In a sense it’s the bleep & bl...read on »

Beatriz Ferreyra

GRM Works

8/10 from Laurie

Beatriz Ferreyra is another high-concept electronic manipulator responsible for destroying various comfortable musical features, apparently alongside the mighty Pierre Schaeff...read on »



8/10 from Clinton

Old synth guys never die - they just escape from their big stadium bands for a while and make interesting electronica. Martin Gore is famous for two things: Firstly he is a de...read on »


Deep In This Iris

8/10 from Ian

Ooh a rare treat for me to review a new release this week being as the horror of RSD 2015 has finally subsided. So this is the newie newness from Canada’s Braids which g...read on »

William Basinski


8/10 from Jim

Ambient minimalist William Basinski returns with a new album featuring a single forty-minute track (plus an exclusive download) of his deceptively simple but immediately recog...read on »

The Fear Ratio


8/10 from Laurie

I don’t think Mark Broom & James Ruskin need any introduction at this point, the weight of their collaboration speaking for itself. This is a slightly more lightweig...read on »



8/10 from Robin

“They’re named after something I never want to happen to me” - Phil, forlorn. Protopunks Death never really got a chance to be the proto, considering that m...read on »

Mark Tranmer

[ Further Woodland ]

8/10 from Clinton

Pianos here, pianos there pianos everywhere. People love to tinkle on them and release records of the sound of them so much so that one of the chief protagonists Nils Frahm re...read on »

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