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Ah Easter. It falls but once a year but at different time, just to keep us on our toes. Life is hard enough without trying to figure it all out. Anyway, it means good news for us in that we have a long weekend to look forward to! But bad news for you in that we will be closed from this evening (Thursday) until Tuesday morning. Although Phil The Martyr will be here on Monday sorting out your orders, so you have no excuses not to while away the long break by sitting in the house buying things on the internet.

We’ve also chosen this week to put our Record Store Day page up so you can browse through that if you are really bored and we’ve got a Record Store Day event page on Facebook too just so you won’t forget all about it.

Oh and our latest podcast from Lawrence English is now available for you to listen to, look at or indeed lick.

A big thank you to all who bought the Jon Brooks album - it’s now sold out. But don’t panic there’s lots of decent stuff out this week with new albums from Colleen, East India Youth, Wand, Young Fathers and loads more. Let’s take a peek to see what is on the shelves shall we?

Out now

  • Mercury Music Prize victors Young Fathers promptly unleash a new album and it’s as good as, if not better than, the last one says Clint (me).
  • PJ Harvey-type lady Nadine Shah’s ‘Fast Food’ is full of darkly gothic cinematic pop that keeps on giving.
  • East India Youth release a brassy and bold follow up to the much loved yet disastrously titled ‘Total Strife Forever’. If you buy it you’ll go into the hat to win a test pressing.
  • Whispery, twinkly lady Colleen has signed to Thrill Jockey and has released a tinkling new album.
  • Los Angeles psychedelic warriors Wand make some heavy, heavy jams on the psych tornado ‘Golem’.
  • Sparse folkie Joanne Robertson gets a little help from Dean Blunt on her long-awaited new album.
  • Tongue twisting Sore Eros dude Robert Robinson plays some gentle post rock and pastoral folk.
  • In haunting moment of the week (part one) Phil played the Marriages album for himself, myself (Clint) and Kim in tribute to all our marriages which had broken up.
  • We are all people of the north and so are People of North who are also Oneida and Sightings people.
  • Nils Frahm declared last Sunday international piano day. Mere minutes later he releases his ‘Solo’ album of piano compositions.
  • The Tamborines make some winsome twee-pop and party like it’s 1988. Razorcuts revival anyone?
  • Haunting moment of the week (part two), Phil asked us if anyone else got told by their mothers that they had “a face only a mother could love”.
  • Ogre make caveman era rock, says Robin.
  • Does Edward Lear and William Blake poetry sung over English quirktronica float your boat? Try Cosmo Sheldrake.
  • According to the window there summer’s here and Sarah Bethe Nelson makes some Belly-ish sunshiney-pop just in time.
  • “Alt rock that most members of parliament mistake for hardcore punk” - Robin on the new Drenge
  • We have all three of the You & the Explosion Band ‘Lupin III’ original soundtracks’ in stock.
  • Experimental, dour and distraught folk from Joshua Burkett on Golden Lab.
  • Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack for ‘Interstellar’ is in on 2LP gatefold.
  • White Noise Sound make huuuuge big shoegazepsychpostrock crossover.
  • Drugon are a stupendousness free jazz supergroup featuring members of Acid Mothers Temple. You know what’s coming.


  • Over-exposed everywhere-guy Aphex Twin has another 12” out. Will he just go away now?
  • Lapalux delivers another cartful of dreamy jazzy squelshy soulful electronica to the good people at Brainfeeder.
  • Minimal synth darkwave with ‘sexy’ sleeve. It’s Broken English Club.
  • Warp document the best new things coming from the Lisbon electronic scene on CARGAA 1.
  • Creepy sound art from visual artist Felicia Atkinson.
  • Tim Hecker, Kuedo, Bibio and Nathan Fake all turn up prompt and on time on this Dorian Concept 12’ on Ninja Tune.
  • Recontextualised, unhinged ‘swamp music from Mutamassik.
  • Marsen Jules provides your gateway to a lush, calming sleep. Get it in your cart!
  • Lush swelling pads, heartwrenching basslines and skittery beats - Sun Glitters are perfect for the oncoming spring.
  • Paradise jazzers Polar Bear give us some soft reflective free jazz full of cool percussive thrills. Nice.
  • Marsen Jules creates your gateway to a lush, calming sleep.
  • Grandbrothers make an atmosphere-drenched forward thinking slices of modern classical


  • Wu Tang Clan ‘Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers) is out (for possibly the 36th time).
  • White Lung re-issue their as- fast-as-a-shit-in-a-drainpipe punk rock debut.
  • I’ll eat my own face if anyone buys this Frank Black and the Catholics CD box set.
  • Sleep’s ‘Sleep’s Holy Mountain’ stoner-rock classic has been remastered in full dynamic range!
  • Shortly after the release of this album, they coined the word mullet


  • Ultra Violent release an ‘83 era blistering document of UK punk at it’s best.
  • Magnetic Fields-ish laptop pop from high school drop out Oscar.
  • Not prepared to risk the Pinkshinyultrablast album? Then try this 7” two tracker instead.
  • Scarboroughs finest the Crumplehorns release a new 7” of indie-pop like yer dad used to make.
  • We’re desperate for some ‘T Shirt Weather’...Circa Waves breezily bring it to us.


  • Shoegaze, acid house, ‘60’s psych and trip-hop on Smiling Disease aka Evans the Death bloke Oliver Moss. Includes download for 4 (four) albums.
  • We have more copies of Sleaford Mods lager drinker/laptop presser Andrew Fearn’s EXTNDDNTWRK cassette.

That’s it for now. Enjoy the big long thing we call the Easter weekend.

Words/record packing by Clinton. Other work done by Everyone Else.

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...


Symbols Follow

9/10 from Laurie

So apparently science is just another religion, or so ‘swamp musician’ Mutamassik puts forward in the liner notes for her latest opus Symbols Follow, a record with...read on »


Captain Of None

9/10 from Robin

With the treble viola da gamba as her primary source of sound -- plus a lot of big ideas about looping the strings until they’re off the grid -- Colleen makes a record o...read on »

Daniele Ciullini

Domestic Exile : Collected Works 82-86

9/10 from Brian

Daniele Ciullini's 'Domestic Exile' is a timely reissue/reduxe of an incredibly rare early 80's cassette release, now expanded with a whole side of extra archive tracks, ...read on »

Nadine Shah

Fast Food

8/10 from Clinton

This is a very good record. I’ve never been a massive fan of PJ Harvey but it’s probably best if I use her as a mind numbingly obvious reference point to get you s...read on »

Young Fathers

White Men Are Black Men Too

8/10 from Clinton

I remember it well. I was sat in my easy chair about to turn on ITN news when I heard that Young Fathers had won the Mercury Prize. I almost choked on my Shreddie I can tell y...read on »

Nils Frahm


8/10 from Robin

Only Nils Frahm could, with complete sincerity, declare the 88th day of our year Piano Day, and have us all (some of us - Clint) enraptured in the idea. Launching right into c...read on »



8/10 from Robin

Friendly ghosts Wand released their last effort on Ty Segall’s God? and did what they were supposed to: swirling around the place in a hi-def psych tornado, they proved ...read on »

Robert Robinson

Connecticut River

8/10 from Robin

He’s got an impossible tongue-twister of a name but I don’t care -- he’s my son, and I love him. Robert Robinson’s ‘Connecticut River’, is ...read on »

Joanne Robertson

Black Moon Days

8/10 from Robin

Joanna Robertson’s last record, ‘The Lighter’, was a sparse folk record that resisted the urge to go pitch black. Dynamic and compellingly told, it suggested...read on »



8/10 from Clinton

Lapalux is that rarest of things -  a British artist signed to Brainfeeder. His debut the despairingly titled ‘Nostalchic’ was a rag-bag always-on-the-move Fl...read on »

Felicia Atkinson

A Readymade Ceremony

8/10 from Laurie

The cover art for A Readymade Ceremony, the latest audible meditation from the primarily visual artist Felicia Atkinson, contains a screengrab of her macbook. This fragment is...read on »

Polar Bear

Same As You

8/10 from Brian

Must admit I've never been that familiar with Polar Bear other than they are one of the country's most pre-eminent exponents of modern avant-jazz or something. Plus the drumme...read on »

Sun Glitters

Scattered Into Light

8/10 from Laurie

Sun Glitters is an electronic paradise dreamt up by Luxembourghini Victor Ferreira, who has now ushered Italian vox demon Sara Cappai into his indeterminate musical circuit bo...read on »



8/10 from Brian

The only time I've seen a full-sized grand piano with it's workings exposed and an excitable European auteur tinkling inside was when I saw Hauschka live. casually tossing a t...read on »

Marsen Jules

The Empire Of Silence

8/10 from Brian

Twelve years of releases and the only ones I've heard have been 'Herbstlaub' and 'Les Fleurs'. The fact that one of them was released a decade ago makes me feel rather old and...read on »


Sleep's Holy Mountain

8/10 from Robin

Well yeah, Sleep. Lords of weed chords and at least 99% responsible for every single metal band that has the word bong in their name. Masters of that thing that most stoner ba...read on »

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