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Weekly Update The Hanging Stars, Errors, Sufjan Stevens, Blancmange, Robin Guthrie & Mark Gardener, and more...

We’d be lying if we said it has been a massively busy week here at the Towers - it’s been a little like the calm before the proverbial storm with massive records in next week from Godspeed You Black Emperor and Sufjan Stevens and a tonne of others. But there are still plenty of things to choose from, have no fear my friends.

This week's biggest things came from Lonelady with her Madonna meets Liquid Liquid pop funk, the deconstructionist indie pop of Aussie prankster Courtney Barnett, a new Deep Distance release from Sula Bassana (Electric Moon’s Dave Schmidt) and we were going to tell you about new The Declining Winter album but it has sold out completely now so we’d better tell you about some things you stand a chance of buying instead…

Out now

  • Canadian pianist, entertainer and writer of the ditty for the Apple iPad campaign Chilly Gonzales has a new one out which comes with a bonus 5 track CD.
  • There’s some emotive anthemic dream pop from Glaswegians Errors.
  • Yorkshire lads The Cribs have more of their perky pop up for sale.
  • Nisennenmondai. Try asking for that in your local Our Price. This Tokyo-based all-female instrumental trio have a new live record out.
  • Carlisle’s finest The Lucid Dream unleash their second batch of trance-like drone and feedback-drenched psychedelia on The Great Pop Supplement.
  • Ridiculous, obnoxious and quite often naked psych-sters Of Montreal are back in the game.
  • Got the new one in from underground hip-hop legends Cannibal Ox.
  • The ever-changing hair of folkie Laura Marling has unleashed some new luxury strumming.
  • Soko collabs with Ariel Pink on new album of reverby 80s indie.
  • Our idiot staff couldn’t ruin M. Ostermeier’s beautiful album of piano compositions for Laurie.
  • Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) teams up with Ride’s Mark Gardener on an album made in Ian’s wettest dreams.
  • Jam City’s new record kind of inserts smooth ‘80’s pop into post dubstep then chops it all up.
  • Aloa Input make euphoric backpacker indie which borrows from Animal Collective and Postal Service.
  • I never thought I’d see the day when I could tell you that we have a new Blancmange album in stock.
  • Former Beach Boys sidekick/Modest Mouse producer and now waste-of-space bluesman Seasick Steve has a new one out.
  • More predatory blues from Jon (Frank) Spencer Blues Explosion who pay tribute to their native New Yoik.
  • Eluvium and Explosions in the Sky folks hook up for some second wave post-rock as Inventions.
  • The Sidekicks nail the nasal glee of Built to Spill to the everywhere sadness of Snow Patrol, and the rugged guitar faultlines of Superchunk.
  • You wouldn’t think it from the sleeve but Uffe have provided us with jazzy late-night pleasure trove of seductive beats.
  • Charles Howl make some Brian Jonestown influenced psych.
  • The Staves have a new one out. Excited.


  • Warp (now) veteran Clark has a new EP out.
  • Jlin is a US beatstress with a penchant for alluring rhythms. Her new album is out on Planet Mu.
  • Tim Hecker-level fizzy undulating melody on Tegh & Kamyar Tavakoli’s ‘Through the Winmter Woods’ on Hibernate.
  • Slabs of rhythmic ambient melancholy from Yamaoka.
  • Seamless drones for synth, field recordings and creaking instruments from Federico Durand.
  • Scuba’s straight along the line techno is anything but boring says Laurie.
  • Oake’s perfectly crafted death ambient is a feast for dark ears.
  • Legowelt continues to toy with the house/technoheads on a new 12”
  • Wick Blaze re-shapes house music from his Baltic Sea hideaway.
  • Prolific disco/house champion Dauwd releases the latest in a series of must-have 12”s.


  • Two fabbo Alex G re-issues out of his previous albums to ‘DSU‘ which, unless you got in on the ground floor, you won’t already have.
  • Ariel Kalma eases you into a warm bath next to a series of differently scented candles.
  • Join the avant-tinged disco party by buying Arthur Russell’s Dinosaur L re-issue with legit NY disco hits.
  • Delia Derbyshire has her quite terrifying ‘Inventions For Radio: The Dreams’ LP re-issued.
  • Fabio Frizzi’s soundtrack to ‘Zombie Flesh Eaters’ is out on Death Waltz and there’s more scariness with Christopher Lee’s dracula re-issued for the first time since 1972 when I was the cutest 2 year old you ever saw.
  • You can’t turn your nose up at an 11CD Hawkwind box set for £28.89 can you?


The main news is that there are three new releases on the ever collectible The Great Pop Supplement from Snails, Hanging Stars and Mike and Cara Ganglolff (formerly of Pelt). You know you want them all. We have the new single from Slaves in (lucky old us, eh?) and for people with hair longer at the sides than it is at the front or back we have the rare mod of The Ossie Layne Show. And to round everything up nicely we have a new single from...yup...Faith No More.


Just the one this week but it’s a good ‘un. Two Boys Alright contain members of the marvellous EIAFUAWN and make similarly ‘90’s influenced mystery lo-fi pop.

That’s it.

Weekend weather outlook: err..not looked yet

Words from the pen of Clinton
All work done by Everyone Else

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Courtney Barnett

Sometimes I Sit And Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit

9/10 from Robin

Australian prankster Courtney Barnett is back for the first proper record of her deconstructionist indie pop, in which she talks her way into songs and jokes her way out of do...read on »

M. Ostermeier


9/10 from Laurie

As I come to review a record full of minimal piano, the office idiots are blasting some screamo shite, forcing me to really crank an album titled Still. It’s days like t...read on »



9/10 from Laurie

Spring has sprung and the sun is out but my mind is clouded and grey thanks to the good people of Oake - a couple of shy Germans who want nothing more than to watch things bur...read on »

Federico Durand

Musica Para Manuel

8/10 from Robin

It’s a delight to hear Federico Durand again after being warmly comforted through the dwindling October days by 2014’s ‘La Estrella Dormida’, a patchwo...read on »

J.D. Emmanuel

Echoes From Ancient Caves

8/10 from Robin

This beautiful record sounds like it’s been found in an archaeological dig; its electronic innovations are now the sound of decay, the modular refinements creased and ar...read on »



8/10 from Laurie

DISQ AN are one of those no-bull old skool labels that puts all their CDs in the same blank white sleeve, with only 6 capital letters to tantalise. It’s all about the mu...read on »


Dark Energy

8/10 from Laurie

Footwork hasn’t quite reached the grim terraces of Burley yet so bear with me here. I guess it’s a new genre in which you….work your feet? Quality reviews a...read on »

Tegh & Kamyar Tavakoli

Through The Winter Woods

8/10 from Laurie

Through the winter woods, you will find tiny 3” CDs and shiver when you find out that there’s only 60 of them. 60! I’m nervous handling this one, with its ca...read on »

Ariel Kalma

Open Like A Flute

8/10 from Robin

I’ve got a good feeling about this. Ariel Kalma and his legion of ambient press officers like to go on about analog warmth and flutes and texture, as if easing you into ...read on »

Two Boys Alright

Hazy Realms

8/10 from Clinton

Regular readers to my ramblings will remember my constant endless and boring waffle about how good the EIAFUAWN album from last year was. Really, truly ...check it out. It&rsq...read on »

The Hanging Stars

Golden Vanity / Floodbound

8/10 from Clinton

We all like a bit of folk music played with guitars set to jangle. A Byrds-like updating of an old folk song is exactly what we get on ‘Golden Vanity’ - they found...read on »



8/10 from Clinton

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this new Lonelady album will appeal to many, many people. She has the funk, she has the pop, she has the icy cool and if Madonna met...read on »

The Lucid Dream

The Lucid Dream

8/10 from Robin

I actually think that if a film were made about my life at this point, the soundtrack would be a full order of psych rock. It may not be the score I want, but it is the one I ...read on »

(Sandy) Alex G


8/10 from Robin

Alex G’s ‘DSU’ ran through a collection of makeshift indie pop tunes from a famous old decade before melting my heart, last minute, with “Boy”, a...read on »


Flame Rave

8/10 from Laurie

Careful, Clark is going back to the old school. The grooves held within are as hot as their name, still definitely sitting in that comfy niche between dancefloor-revelation me...read on »

Cannibal Ox

Blade of the Ronin

8/10 from Andy

Cannibal Ox - Remember them? Keeping fans waiting longer than the Stone Roses did for their 'Second Coming'. Vast Aire and Vordul Mega return with 'Blade of the Ronin' some 14...read on »

(Sandy) Alex G


8/10 from Clinton

“Oh no, not more ‘90’s emo/slacker/complex-a-pop” I barked in the general direction of our Ian but for once he wasn’t playing some long lost (the...read on »



8/10 from Laurie

The proverbial word on the street hasn’t uttered Scuba’s name for a long time. This seems a bit odd as he was a figure about to take the world by storm circa 2011,...read on »

Charles Howl

Sir Vices

8/10 from Robin

Okay this is the final psych album. We’re done. No-one release another one. It’s cool. Thanks. Thank you. We’re reaching maximum capacity in psych rock, to ...read on »

Sula Bassana


8/10 from Robin

Despite their attempt to transpose hypnotically tense psych into electronic music -- it sounds kind of like someone yawning, by the way -- Sula Bassana’s ‘Kosmonau...read on »

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Seasick Steve
The Staves
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The Ossie Layne Show
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