Weekly Update Plastic Mermaids, Naturkunde Museum Ostkreuz, Jack White, White Noise Sound, Al Cisneros, and more...

Well this was the week that the Record Store Day list was announced and by jiminy were you split on the quality of what was on offer. With 600+ titles there’s bound to be a bunch of absolute toss amongst it but there’s plenty of stuff in there to get excited about so take a look at the full list here. You can indicate titles you are interested in (which will help us out in knowing what stuff to order) but please, please, please don’t ask us to reserve stuff or ask us to sell 'em online. Come and see us in sunny Holbeck on April 18th and throughout the following week. Any unsold stock will ONLY be sold online from Saturday 25th April onwards.

Aaaaanyway...there’s still loads to be getting on with this week. The long-awaited and superb new album from Bjork is in (on CD at least), there’s a filthy new Sh!t and Sh!ne record to weird you out, and a whole host of other goodies. Goodies you won’t have to queue up at 5am for. Let’s take a look shall we?

  • Odd couple Scotsmen Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat reconvene once again for another album of Bill’s exquisite melodies married to Aidan's grisly Scottish bark.
  • The Frames/Once/Swell Season man Glen Hansard makes a beautiful job of covering the songs of the dearly departed Jason Molina.
  • Guess which style of music Weedeater make? Yup, it’s stoner rock in a Sleep/Om style.
  • Plastic Mermaid make our reviewer redundant with a sticker on the front of their record that reads “Mercury Rev on a road trip with Flaming Lips”.
  • Former Hood guitarist Mark Wright is back with the extraordinary indie meets Bollywood inventions of his Maggie8 project.
  • Unique packaging of the week again comes from Immigrant with 12 songs 3” on a CDr inside a folded-up card thing inside an envelope.
  • Ach, eyebrows aloft veteran indie types Monochrome Set have a new album of arch, knowing, sophisticated guitar pop.
  • There’s a second dollop of avant folk in a Nick Cave, Tom Waits style from Stone Jack Jones.
  • Tobias Jesso has nice curly hair and does impressions of solo Beatles.
  • Nic Hessler makes jangly introspective American power pop on Captured Tracks.
  • Sacred Paws on Rock Action make the Slits post punk moves fun and danceable.
  • Papir exist seemingly just to keep our Ian happy. He’ll love their new kraut-tastic new live album.
  • Dick Diver feature members of Total Control and play sweet, straightforward indie-rock.
  • Lilacs and Champagne are both nice things aren’t they? Lilacs look nice and champagne tastes nice. Put together Lilacs and Champagne make idyllic hip hop instrumentals somewhere between Madlib and Scott Herren.
  • Cardinal Fuzz release the Dead Meadow Peel sessions showcasing their early raw psych rock sound.
  • Eternal Tapestry make monolithic psych jamzzzz (yup, with that many z’s).
  • Joey Fourr have released one of the years secret pop gems with the funky and smooth ‘To the Floor’.
  • Lilting folkie Brigid Power Ryce recorded her second album ‘I Told You Twice’ in a church whilst hiding from the vicar. Premise for ‘70s sitcom alert.
  • A strange mix of jazz-kraut and Pixies from Planes of Satori. Tight as trousers.
  • The new Modest Mouse didn’t last long on the office stereo. The first track is smart enough there’s something.


  • Houstonian bigshot beatslimer Rabit plays ping pong with Laurie’s ears.
  • Xosar’s ripped out euphoria and tunneling techno impresses a 9/10 wielding Ant.
  • Laurie’s face was pale as he emerged from listening to Hacker Farm types R.O.C.
  • MNLTH is the latest great record on the ever great Central Processing Unit imprint. Recommended for all who like their dance music intense, mad and melodic.
  • If super-mysterious techno projects from Germany whip your waggler try this Shards 12”. Warning: sheep on sleeve.
  • Martial Canterel perfectly recreates noisy 80’s cold wave.
  • Weird gurgling electronics and off-kilter, jackin’ rhythms from Naturkunde Museum Ostkreuz. Remember the name.
  • Big manly pumping techno for ur legs n ears from Matrixxman.
  • Spectre’s ‘98 mix tape is back out on 2LP version showcasing experimental mid ‘90s hip-hop.


There’s a thick-as-sausages, deluxe-as-double-glazing-windows 2LP version of Cannibal Ox’s classic ‘The Cold Vein’ in stock and one time composer now hermit, always French Jean-Pierre Decerf has his 70’swork re-issued.

...and that’s it on the reissues front. But don’t worry - there’ll be millions of them on Record Store Day.


Quite a few of these little buggers out this week from the likes of Aussie shoutlady Courtney Barnett’s self reviewing ‘Pedestrian at Best’, nu-gazers White Noise Sound, Northern 50-something shouters Interrobang, Om fella Al Cisneros and a nice remix 7” from The Vacant Lots with music industry legends Alan Vega and Anton Newcombe re-works and a new one from big fat expensive bluesman Jack White.

Weekend weather outlook: grey.

Words from the pen of Clinton
All Work done by Everyone Else

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...



10/10 from Robin

‘Vulnicura’ is so unconditionally painful. It is above and beyond the call of duty of any sad singer-songwriter album. It is a full consumption of heartbreak; an on »


The Noise Made By People

9/10 from Hayley

It’s impossible to name a bad Broadcast record, because everything Trish Keenan's voice touches turns to gold. Their debut album The Noise Made By People, however, is a on »

Eternal Tapestry

Wild Strawberries

9/10 from Robin

Featuring creation stories about sleeping under the stars, recording by the river and wading through the treeline, you’d better believe ‘Wild Strawberries’ on »

Touche Amore / Self Defense Family

Self Love

9/10 from Robin

Get fifteen post-hardcore kids in the same room and get them making music together and you’ve got something quite special indeed: gruffcore. Touche Amore are known for on »



9/10 from Clinton

Maggie 8 are the on/off long term project of former Hood guitarist Mark Wright and singer Nivedita Pisharoty  - a kind of East meets West cross pollination of clever on »


Ruff Kutz

9/10 from Ant

‘Ruff Kutz’ was originally a mixtape by WordSound founder Spectre (aka Sikz Fernando Jr.) released on cassette back in 1998 and now presented as a double vinyl LP on »

Shit & Shine

54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral

9/10 from Laurie

This morning I placed a lukewarm cup of coffee in the microwave and marvelled at the whirring grind drone for a good 30 seconds before realising that the microwave was on »


Let Go

9/10 from Ant

Sheela Rahman aka XOSAR instructs us to ‘Let Go’ with her latest set of trax for the esteemed Black Opal imprint. Previously she’s had output on L.I.E.S. on »

Brigid Power-Ryce

I Told You The Truth

8/10 from Robin

Acoustics really do shape everything. Brigid Power-Ryce has described the recording of ‘I Told You The Truth’ as a soothing and meditative time, one of on »

The Vacant Lots

Remixed by Alan Vega + Anton Newcombe

8/10 from Robin

Psychedelic clerks the Vacant Lots get two masters of disorientation and disillusion in to remix their tunes, getting Alan Vega of synth-destroyers Suicide on a cover of & on »

Joey Fourr

To The Floorr

8/10 from Robin

This funk twee band/strawberry ice cream fandom community are hard to hate on, unless you also hate joy, which I consider a reasonable but temporary stance. Joey Fourr’ on »

Stone Jack Jones

Love & Torture

8/10 from Robin

Stone Jack Jones is not making Americana. Not really; not the kind you’re thinking of. He is a hard-worn traveller, and he sees the open road as a potential song, but on »

The Belltowers

Here To Stay / Lovin’ You (Leading Me On)

8/10 from Clinton

I’ve always had a dream to live in a small town somewhere, find three or four like-minded people and spend time trying to sounds like The Byrds. The Belltowers are more on »


God Luck & Good Speed

8/10 from Robin

I still don’t really understand why stoner metal isn’t a totally chill genre, all things considered, and Weedeater aren’t doing much to set me straight: on »

Glen Hansard

It Was Triumph We Once Proposed… Songs of Jason Molina

8/10 from Robin

This is a really lovely release, but mainly, it’s a relief: there have been a plethora of artists queuing up to cover Jason Molina’s beautiful, downtrodden folk on »



8/10 from Laurie

You would be mistaken if you thought that Dave Monolith was pandering to the trendies with the vowel-less take on his usual moniker - the binary catalogue numbers on the CPU on »



8/10 from Laurie

I’m not that big on this grime thing, but I’ve heard it’s the new dubstep so let’s go. Who else to get initiated by than Rab the Baptizt? Apparently on »

Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat

The Most Important Place In The World

8/10 from Robin

More lounge music that makes you feel like an absolute piece of shit, please. This is only the second collaboration between contemporary pianist (and all-round awesomely on »

Martial Canterel

Gyors, Lassú

8/10 from Clinton

Disciples of early ‘80’s post punk and electronic darkness are going to have a field day here. This sounds like some relic dredged up from the dark recesses of on »

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