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Weekly Update Jan St. Werner, Sonic Youth, Caribou Vibration Ensemble, Al Lover, Mark Fell & Sandro Mussida, and more...

It’s been a week of records here at t'Towers. The record coldest temperature has been recorded in our stockroom (-22C), Phil has reached a world record age (44), and we have been selling some records.

A notable one has been by that digi-rascal known as the Aphex Twin. “Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EP” is released today and can be played on both 33rpm and 45rpm. You decide but you should check out Laurie’s expert analysis here. We’ve also had a Home Normal/Nomadic Kids Republic and Komu super sale with record low prices on a whole heap of ambient goodness and naughty Brian was sent into the stockroom to sort out the mess that is our tape shelves and he found a bunch of lost stuff much of which we’ve reduced for quick sale.

Also out….

  • Scottish folk maestro Alasdair Roberts has a new album out for those cold winter nights sat alone by the fire. His “most pure and beautiful work” says Robin.
  • Blustery psych lunatics Zun Zun Egui start to learn the concept of “song” on striking new LP on Bella Union.
  • American multi media guy Jib Kidder gets signed to Domino and his Panda Bear-ish debut showcases shards of brilliance.
  • Tinderstick-a-likes The Chemistry Experiment release a new album of hushed acoustic pop.
  • Ex Supergrass Gaz Coombes makes complex and histrionic Jeff Buckley type bluster.
  • Elephant Micah, fine picker and a very compelling sad boy, moves as slowly as early Songs Ohia on new album.
  • Oorutaichi reference AmCo circa ‘Sung Tongs’ on the freak folky ‘Drifting My Folklore’.
  • 90’s baggy maestros The Charlatans are back with a brand new album of hits and misses.
  • Caribou fans..you gotta check out this limited Caribou Vibration Ensemble LP Featuring Fourtet and James Holden. Proceeds to good cause and it comes with a psychedelic poster.
  • Pinkshinyultrablast are the latest Europeans to jump on the shoegaze rollercoaster.
  • Perfect Pussy have issued their first demo one one sided etched LP (or non-etched CD) and photo booklet.
  • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith impresses Robin with her intelligent sonic puzzle of an album referencing Grimes, Laurel Halo and Vampire Weekend.
  • Noveller makes the record that saved January says Brian.


  • Al Lover is kinda like J Dilla using fragments of Thirteenth Floor Elevators back catalogue to create another ‘Donuts’.
  • Plastic Palace People is a collaboration between Christoph Heeman and be-cardiganed sound experimentalist Jim O’Rourke who also pops up on the latest impossi-listen collab with Oren Ambarchi and Keiji Haino.
  • Restraint is a new fuzzy techno project of Vereker dude Oliver Vereker.
  • Chihei Hatakeyama releases an album all about his favourite weather condition ‘Mist’.
  • Arandel goes all over the place from near-cheesy synth washes to abstract sound collage to chiptune.
  • Lawrence English recorded the antarctic wind at temperatures of -44. Similar conditions in fact to our stock room.
  • L/F/D/M have made some sizzling squiggly downtempo acidy house.
  • Two new things on DFA from Ninos Du Brasil and Marcus Marr.
  • Claude Speeed adds that extra ‘e’ to be sure to certain zip to his hazy sunbathing synth sound.
  • The words ‘poet’ and ‘experimental musician’ in the same sentence usually fill me with fear but Brian assures me Louise Landes Levi LP on Sloow Tapes is as transcendental and sublime as he says it is here.
  • Brian blasted Demdike Stare’s latest ‘Testpressing 007’ at 8.30am Wednesday morning the insisted on playing it again as it was so gruesome, grimy and dark.
  • Mouse on Mars lad Jan St Werner makes a dazzling concoction of electronic oddnes. Truly weird shit.


Actually…..not a lot. You could pick up an old Built to Spill album here or a Half Japanese box set there but the Sonic Youth and Primitives re-issues though well worth owning are CD only. There’s two items on the ever interesting Lights in the Attic - the smooth 80’s soul of Supreme Jubilees and the gentle ‘60’s psychedelic folk of Arthur. There’s two soundtracks for ya though...we have The Walking Dead OST with bumper poster and the jazz/orchestral fusion that is Marty Manning’s soundtrack to The Twilight Zone.


York’s noisiest people Fawn Spots unleash a new 7” complete with zine and Joy Division cover. Mark Fell and pal make music for cello and Linn drum and we welcome back Scarboroughs ‘80’s pop sensations The Crumplehorns who unleash a devastating Fall-esque racket. Nu-shoegaze purveyors Engineers release a cheap as chips 7” of their lush-gaze and bearded wonder Bonnie Prince Billy releases a new 7”.

So there you go. Hopefully there’ll be something you want in that little lot. Have a great weekend everyone and you can rest assured that we’ll be back next week.

Clinton and whoever else is around

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

H Hawkline

In The Pink Of Condition

10/10 from Brian

I adore the name Huw. I really like most things Welsh apart from Stereophonics. Or climbing Mt. Snowdon in an icy gale in January with a poorly knee. This album is made by a m...read on »

Chihei Hatakeyama


9/10 from Robin

Chihei Hatakeyama is fascinated by physical illusion. Last November he released ‘Too Much Sadness’, a record expressing the overwhelming emotions wrought by the 20...read on »

Aphex Twin

Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EP

9/10 from Laurie

If there’s one thing we have learned about the cyborg known as Richard D. James, it’s that he is a complete rascal. Not only has he emblazoned his frankly worrying...read on »

Alasdair Roberts

Alasdair Roberts

9/10 from Robin

Alasdair Roberts has been paying due diligence to the folkie lifestyle for many years now, having just released his ninth full-length under his own name with little to no fanf...read on »

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith


9/10 from Robin

‘Euclid’, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s debut record, is a bubbly and striking record, a playful experiment that sounds more suited to a party than a deconstructio...read on »

Louise Landes Levi

From The Ming Oracle

9/10 from Brian

With seemingly only a couple of tapes (released years ago) to her name ever available in the aural medium (however, these older releases are available digitally); poet an...read on »


Fantastic Planet

9/10 from Brian

Strange one this. It's a truly great LP but it's also initially one of those where you forget who the hell you're listening to as it traverses various moods and is rather drea...read on »



9/10 from Hayley

Indie-pop can perhaps sound the most primitive of the indie sub-genres, but there's a method to its naivety - it's not always easy to pull off with such conviction. Tigercats ...read on »

Scott Twynholm

Alasdair Gray, A Life In Progress

8/10 from Robin

‘A Life In Progress’ is a forthcoming film by Kevin Cameron that celebrates the life and impact of Alasdair Gray, a writer who has melded politically inclined work...read on »



8/10 from Laurie

From the InFine label comes forth a record that spans almost the complete breadth of electronic music. What an outlandish statement, eh? But it’s close to the mark - Fre...read on »

Demdike Stare

Testpressing#007: Rathe / Patchwork

8/10 from Laurie

The latest in Manc duo Demdike Stare’s testpressing series continues the melding of their nightmare dark ambient tones with some uptempo beats, Side A ‘Rathe&rsqu...read on »

Elephant Micah

Where In Our Woods

8/10 from Robin

With the sorrow of Jason Molina and the resilience of Will Oldham in his voice -- as well the next-gen acoustic rock dramatics of Ben Howard in the arrangements department -- ...read on »

Al Lover

Cave Ritual

8/10 from Clinton

On vinyl which could be described as chocolate in lime jelly in colour, this is the latest release from this San Franciscan producer who (it says here) has been compared favou...read on »


Dreams and Images

8/10 from Clinton

For me, you can keep your noise, your weird, discordant music, your beatery, your shrill modern day production techniques. The music I actually like seems to eminate from the ...read on »

Claude Speeed

Sun Czar Temple

8/10 from Laurie

It’s the 20th anniversary of Planet Mu, and to celebrate the fact that the time since the label was founded is currently divisible by 10, they’re plonking stickers...read on »

Perfect Pussy

I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling

8/10 from Robin

You might not know it, because how the fuck would you, but Meredith Graves is one of punk’s finest lyricists. If that wasn’t clear from Say Yes To Love and it...read on »

Lawrence English


8/10 from Ant

The creation of ‘Viento’ involved sound artist Lawrence English venturing into extreme climates, into conditions which are the polar opposite of Australia where he...read on »

Caribou Vibration Ensemble

CVE Live 2011

8/10 from Laurie

Dan Snaith’s got friends. Powerful, musical, numerous friends. These friends also have an arsenal of gear at their disposal, a feature that is most evident from the busy...read on »

Jan St. Werner

Miscontinuum Album (Fiepblatter Catalogue #3)

8/10 from Brian

God I got another weirdy art-faced album from that man over there. He wears a scarf, has spectacles and actually runs the show like an octopus throwing all manner of rand...read on »

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