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Weekly Update Gondwana, Erase Errata, Taylor Deupree, Mamuthones / Evil Blizzard, Immigrant, and more...

We’re back with another update full of fun-packed pop hits for your turntable to devour like it’s never been fed...

First up, if you haven’t done so already then carefully consider following us on Twitter where we post all the breaking news such as this week's Aphex Twin and Sufjan Stevens pre-order announcements. Yup, it’s true. Oh, and here are 40 things we’re excited about in 2015.

Onto this week's new stuff and while indie veterans Belle & Sebastian and Sleater-Kinney have very strong new records out, Viet Cong take our weekly biscuit for best album with their dark, dingy and dank debut which receives a previously unseen 10 from our reviewing maestro Robin. Mmm, biscuits.

Also out….

  • This week’s second best record for fans of warped distorta-indie could be the second album from NZ style pop mangler Alex Calder.
  • There’s some late-career dad noise from Thurston Moore alongside new pal, Sunburned Hand of the Man’s John Moloney.
  • Wear a t-shirt over your sweatshirt and celebrate your inner ‘90s indie kid with the new Menace Beach album.
  • Lesser spotted Slits-a-likes Erase Errata return with their first album in yonks. Sh!ts all over Sleater-Kinney, says Brian.
  • Tunng’s Sam Genders returns with some pleasant middle of the road dad-coustic strumming as Diagrams.
  • It’s not often we have the pleasure of hosting a Golden Globe winner but Johann Johannsson’s pop classical workout for ‘The Theory of Everything’ is now in.
  • Alt-country troubadour and son of Steve Justin Townes Earl returns with an ambitious double LP set.
  • Shoe salesman and genius/idiot straddler Mac DeMarco releases his lovely, hazy demos for the ‘2’ and ‘Salad Days’ albums.
  • Black Lamps make ambitious long raincoated ‘80s style rock with plenty of post-rock ambience to boot.
  • Raggy Aussie Garage rockers Living Eyes blast out some rootsy punk rawk!
  • The 12” split between Italians Mamuthones and Brit eccentrics Evil Blizzard is both musically rewarding and proves psych rock has its sense of humour intact.
  • Nigel Farage’s least favourite band Immigrant return with an amazingly packaged album. Every CD is different and you get incense sticks and all sorts housed in a cloth bag.
  • BC Camplight celebrates swapping sunny Philly for rainy Manchester by releasing an album of harmony pop and ‘70s piano ballads.
  • The latest Fuzz Club split single sees hypno rockers The Black Angels and Sonic Jesus out fx each other.
  • Sweet chanteuse Via Tania’s melodious chamber folk is the perfect ear soother.
  • Mantra-ish acoustic songwriting from Amen Dunes on a new, well decent out-takes 12”.


  • Taylor Deupree has delved into his archives and found some early versions of future works and released them on a CD collection.
  • Deupree also appears on this Ryuichi Sakamoto remix disc also including smooth remixes by Fennesz, Alva Noto and a slew more.
  • Melodia make a stunning record full of cyclic picking and gentle plucks on Home Normal.
  • Guitar & electronics duo Charles Sage and Tim Diagram (Maps and Diagrams) appear as Hessian and peddle sweet haze on their latest offering Your Empire, In Decline.
  • Italian doomsters Gondwana make gruesome tech-noir on Opal Tapes.
  • Weirdos Fourth World Magazine Vol. II make tropical-flecked sonic mayhem and transgressive sonic new age.
  • Another wonderful 12” from Deepchord. Why does the on-the-surface generic dub techno genre still work, time after time? We dunno, but enjoy it while you can.
  • There’s a bag of ‘90s referencing bangers from ‘next big thing’ (says Phil) Paranoid London.


  • Woahhh there… the Melvins have four of their more sought after albums re-issued; ‘Ozma / Bullhead‘ are released together and so are ‘Eggnog / Lice All‘.
  • Another week, another batch of lavish Ennio Morricone re-issues.
  • The Stalin were a bunch of staunchly political hardcore punkers. Check out their ‘Stalinism’ re-issue. Out today.
  • Altogether now… ’Seether’… ‘la la la’. Find out what else Veruca Salt did on their re-issued pop/grunge classic ‘American Thighs’.
  • Two Roberto Cacciapaglia re-issues are in stock ‘The Ann Steel Album’ sounds like a ‘happy Kraftwerk’ whilst ‘Generazioni Del Cielo’ contains fresh sounding modern classical compositions.


New 7” records are out from Canadian post-chillwavers Drug Train, the preposterously monikered Aussie jangle/noise-sters Day Ravies, Norwegian/Mexican chanteuse Carmen Villain, Australian blues soul troubadour Fraser A. Gorman, an amazing 7x 7” box set from ‘Hotwire My Heart’ punk people Crime and sultry twilit synth pop from Kent Odessa.

And that’s yer lot. Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom. There’s no more. Goodnight.

Clint and the New Four Seasons

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Viet Cong

Viet Cong

10/10 from Robin

If both of Women’s records feel like masterful accidents -- either because the band were having too much fun to give a shit about time constraints and song structures, o...read on »

Sean McCann

Ten Impressions for Piano & Strings

9/10 from Robin

While its title suggests a sparser and altogether more organic affair than the hyperreal ambient arrangements of ‘Music For Private Ensemble’, Sean McCann still ha...read on »


No Cities To Love

9/10 from Robin

‘No Cities To Love’ sounds like a Sleater-Kinney record. I know: so it should. But this is unreal; nearly every other returning indie rock band of this band’...read on »


Diario de viaje

9/10 from Laurie

It’s now an ancient cliche, but the argument that a limitless source of amazement is available in just a few clicks is true for its sapping of inspiration. With so much ...read on »

Erase Errata

Lost Weekend

9/10 from Brian

Weird having both a new Sleater-Kinney LP and an Erase Errata mini-album out in the same week. Well in the UK anyway. Whereas the Sleater girls seemed to have totally lost the...read on »

Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski

110 Livingston

8/10 from Robin

Marcia Bassett’s work has chilled it on the noise extremities and become exponentially more minimal as time has marched on, and her most recent work -- another collabora...read on »

Mac DeMarco

Demos Volume 1

8/10 from Clinton

Fresh from the double whammy of having sold his shoes for a grand on ebay (for charity I must add) and playing the worst show I’ve seen in 25+ years of gig going at his ...read on »

Alex Calder

Strange Dreams

8/10 from Clinton

The last time I reviewed an Alex Calder record I spent the entire review trying to think of the New Zealand band his skewed lo-fi music reminded me of. It was, of course, Smal...read on »

Jóhann Jóhannsson

The Theory of Everything

8/10 from Robin

For his new biopic about Stephen Hawking, James Marsh opted to concentrate on the romantic history of the popular scientist, attempting to unveil the beginning, middle and end...read on »

Menace Beach


8/10 from Robin

‘Ratworld’ is a cosy little record. That’s no mean feat: considering that Menace Beach are making that type of fractured music that comes about when punk roc...read on »


Your Empire In Decline

8/10 from Laurie

Tracing the outlines of starry guitarry ambient we have guitar & electronics duo Charles Sage and Tim Diagram peddling sweet haze on their latest offering Your Empire, In ...read on »

The Decemberists

What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World

8/10 from Robin

This is folk rock we’re talking about, so let’s get one our priorities in order: between the olden times phraseology and occasional decision to skip out on verbs, ...read on »

Brooke Blair and Will Blair

Blue Ruin - Original Soundtrack

8/10 from Brian

Every fortnight or so, another esoteric transmission is released from the deepest, darkest bowels of Sheffield. This is definitely one of the most ambient things the legendary...read on »

Via Tania

Via Tania & The Tomorrow Music Orchestra

8/10 from Clinton

Via Tania makes slow burning smoky music that has nods towards Disney soundtracks and Joanna Newsom in equal measure. The chamber room orchestration sits on the right side of ...read on »


Electro Magnetic Dowsing: The Lost D Side

8/10 from Clinton

As the description suggests, dub techno is, on the surface, the most generic of genres yet artists like Deepchord come up with the goods time and again. This one sided 12&rdqu...read on »

Amen Dunes

Cowboy Worship

8/10 from Clinton

The last time I reviewed an Amen Dunes album I was having a particular issue with his voice. Doesn’t seem to be bothering me on this EP of stuff that didn’t fit on...read on »


Crayon Era: 2002 - 2014

8/10 from Clinton

Just one look at the pictures and a quick read of the description will tell you how lavish the packaging is on these very very limited cds. They truly look stunning and we hav...read on »

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