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Weekly Update The Ramones, Ras G, Panda Bear, The Kinks, Liam Hayes, and more...

Welcome one, welcome all to the first Norman Records Weekly Update of the brand new year. Happy New Year to you!

The good news for anyone who feels that we drone on just a little too long is that this week we will be brief - not because we don’t like talking to you but because we are still in a collective foetal position after the biggest sale of our entire history. What we thought might interest a select few bargain hunters went completely off the scale over the course of Wednesday, culminating in us pulling the plug prematurely at 9pm. Sorry about that! Anyway, thanks to all those who snapped up a bargain. We are just about up to speed now, and so here are a few of the best and brightest things out this week.

New stuff

  • The first big hitter of the year is a new album by Panda Bear. Read Robin’s verdict here.
  • Noisy lady Heather Leigh improvises with pedal steel - reminiscent of dragging a chair across the floor according to this review.
  • Cotton bud your ears, there’s a new squeaker in town. King of Cats screeches like a young-and-in-pain Daniel Johnston on an album of DIY indie.
  • Soothe those ears with another album of soaked ambience from Olan Mill.
  • Mark Templeton and Kyle Armstrong make a stuttering album of conceptual electronica.
  • Look! You can now buy Metronomy’s ‘The Upsetter’ as remixed by Mogwai’s John Cummings.
  • Ras G unleashes a sweet album of crate-digging hip-hop.
  • Clinical German lot The Notwist let us hear some of their compositions for radio and theatre programmes.
  • Legendary producer Mr Oizo gets the funk started on new album on Brainfeeder.
  • One of this weeks biggest releases was the HTRK 12” which has now sold out. No point in me mentioning it then so I won’t.
  • There’s a new record from curly haired, piano-bothering crooner Liam Hayes (aka Plush).
  • Sean McCann’s self explanatory ‘Ten Impressions for Piano and Strings’ brings to mind the haunting music of A Winged Victory for the Sullen.
  • Stones Throw presents Multiply: Duppy Gun Productions Vol. 1 - a joyous compilation of some of the most eccentric dancehall productions you’re ever likely to hear.


  • Staffordshire pastoralists Epic 45 have brought out their delightful ‘Against the Pull of Autumn’ album on gorgeous double vinyl.
  • Mid-90s rock/electronics crossover crew ROC get their legendary-in-some-quarters debut re-issued. I say, "meh"; you may say, "yeah"!
  • Expo 70 celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their 'July 18, 2004' by re-issuing it on album and tape….and probably having a smoking treat too.
  • The Ramones' first televised concert has been issued on vinyl (LP contains sound, DVD contains both sound and vision)
  • 60s smilers The Velvet Underground get a live concert from the Boston Tea Party reissued. Did they consume just tea do you think?
  • Impressive hip hoppers Shabazz Palaces' 2009 self-titled debut is back in on red wax.
  • And those Kalamitous Klowns The Kinks get their Krazy ‘Arthur' album reish'd. Or, try this album of Kontroversial Kinks Kovers.

And that's it. Hope that didn’t hurt your eyes too much, but did find something to excite your ears. We’ll be back full fat next week. Particularly in Phil’s case.

See ya!

Clint and the Exhausted

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

The Twilight Sad

Nobody Wants To Be Here & Nobody Wants To Leave

9/10 from Clinton

On first few listens I agreed completely with Mike's review above. The album seemed to be a competent update on the Twilight Sad sound of murky, moody post-punk. A pleasa...read on »

Will & Florian

Will & Florian

9/10 from Brian

Willie Burns and Florian Kupfer, as Will & Florian, combine their usual deft house and techno revisionism into an altogether stranger and more psychedelic electr...read on »

Mahogany Brain

With (Junk-Saucepan) When (Spoon-Trigger)

9/10 from Brian

Right, this is one of those crazy faced old Arrrggghhh! The lunatic asylum has burst open!!! Help!!! style records that either encourage you to viciously murder the friend or ...read on »

William S. Burroughs

Nothing Here Now but the Recordings

9/10 from Jim

One of the coolest records ever made gets some long overdue reissue treatment from Dais. Originally released on Throbbing Gristle’s legendary label Industrial Records in...read on »

Delroy Edwards


9/10 from Laurie

L.A based house geeza Delroy Edwards follows his streak of weighty releases on L.I.E.S with Can U Get With on the newly-emerged Gene’s Liquor label. It’s a co...read on »

Sir Richard Bishop / Bill Orcutt

Road Stories (Kali)

8/10 from Clinton

Like Les Ferdinand, Richard Bishop seems to have taken on the title of Sir without ever having been knighted. Like Les he is expert in his particular field, Sir Les as towerin...read on »


You Better Lie Down

8/10 from Laurie

This new one from UK floorshaker Hodge follows the path of the dubstep splinter group led by Loefah & chums which shifted the genre from the dirtiest corner of British dan...read on »

Ghostwriter & Michael Paine


8/10 from Robin

Ghostwriter and Michael Paine dedicate the bulk of ‘Morrow’ to Phyllis Paul, an obscure literary figure shrouded in mystery whose works have only recently been unc...read on »

Shield Your Eyes


8/10 from Robin

Firstly, and most importantly: this shit is tight. Shield Your Eyes are a strange, technical band that can freewheel with the best of them, swinging like a metronome between s...read on »


Black Wave Tapes Vol. 2

8/10 from Brian

If a track is called Untitled, does it still have a name? If Kutmah stands in a forest and there is nobody to hear him, does he still make sick beats that will scrat...read on »


Black Wave Tapes Vol. 1

8/10 from Brian

Kutmah is thrown into grey London from the shining sun of L.A. These thumpers were previously on tape. Now pressed and squeezed onto limited edition coloured vinyl&n...read on »

Gene Hunt

Freddy's Dead

8/10 from Brian

Eerie Nightmare on Elm Street themed Chicago house comes from the golden age of raw and jackin’ drum machines. Protege of Chicago legend Ron Hardy, Gene H...read on »

Heather Leigh


8/10 from Robin

‘Nightingale’ is a hastily recorded and unfussy improvisation that captures Heather Leigh at her most conceptually minimal; abandoning her voice, she uses this par...read on »

Mark Templeton + Kyle Armstrong


8/10 from Laurie

In an attempt to dissuade us from ever posting on Twitter again, conceptual electronica bandits Mark Templeton and Kyle Armstrong combine forces on Extensions, an audio repres...read on »

Expo '70

July 18, 2004

8/10 from Robin

Bless Justin Wright for reminding us that the world is impure and imperfect and that there’s no such thing as bliss, because we’re always fidgeting; we always have...read on »

Olan Mill

Half Seas Over

8/10 from Laurie

Half Seas Over is a phrase used by ye olde sailors to describe that “oh shit” situation where waves are washing over into your ship. Rather than dwell on the peril...read on »


Against The Pull Of Autumn

8/10 from Clinton

This lavish double album re-issue of one of the Staffordshire pastoralists high water moments is well worth picking up if you fancy a bit of melancholy sighing to your new yea...read on »


Multiply: Duppy Gun Productions Vol. 1

8/10 from Jim

Here’s a joyous compilation of some of the most eccentric dancehall productions you’re ever likely to hear. Duppy Gun Productions came about as an unintended conse...read on »

Shawty Pimp (featuring Red Dog)

Comin' Real Wit It

8/10 from Ant

Delroy Edwards' L.A. Club Resource label offer up this vinylization of Shawty Pimp feat. Red Dog's 1995 demo cassette 'Comin' Real Wit' It', offering a glimpse into a byg...read on »

Kawabata Makoto

In The Lodge of Prince Frederick

8/10 from Jim

Kawabata Makoto manages to channel the distilled spirit of Hebden Bridge in this solo set of electric guitar and what sounds like a slew of pitch shifter, ring modulator and d...read on »

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Expo '70
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The Kinks
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