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Weekly Update Viet Cong, R Stevie Moore, Sylvain Chauveau, Odd Nosdam, Cozy, and more...

REJOICE! This will be our last update before the Christmas break. Never again will you hear our whines and woes and whinnies...until the New Year, of course, when we’ll be BACK BACK BACK like we’ve never been away.

What a week it’s been, what with shipping four-hundred Bracken albums out and playing Santa by making sure all your Christmas gifts are given at least a chance to turn up before the Big Day. Speaking of which, the suggested last shipping dates have now been and gone but if you want to chance it we’ll be shipping on Monday and Tuesday. Or, if you prefer, we’ll be open on Monday and Tuesday for visitors - and you might even get a mince pie for your trouble. Simply click, then wade through the snow and tinsel to collect. It will be like a Richard Curtis film or something.

Our Gift Guide now shows only in stock items so that’s less hassle for you. Still completely stuck? We have loads of Gift Voucher options including a print your own version. Royal Mail? Who needs ‘em.

Oh and if you put in an order for over £60 before Christmas, you’ll be in a hat for a chance to win £250 bloomin’ quid! Aren’t we nice?


We’ll be taking a well-earned break over the festive period. We’ll be closed on from 24th onwards, back open with a skeleton staff between 29th -31st, closed on the 1st for hangover recuperation then we open properly again on 2nd. Got it? I’ll be asking questions later.

Onto this week’s stuff and yes there’s still the odd thing coming through our doors by big snowy men on reindeer…

  • Parquet Courts are called Parqay Quarts on their new record. It still pulls of the same slanted indie-rock tricks.
  • Post-Women guitar manglers Viet Cong’s ‘Cassette’ is a brilliant precursor to their soon-to-be-adored self-titled debut (out Jan).
  • Teho Teardo makes a beautiful new album shorn of Blixa Bargeld - and it’s even better reckons Brian.
  • TV On the Radio unleash a brand new album which ‘does a job’ says Clint.
  • Cozy make 70s glam rock/power pop and their singer is called Bonkers Waddington.
  • Zoltan do wibbly prog a bit like a stoned and spooky Goblin.
  • Kraut-influenced drones from Alex Cuervo as Espectrostatic.
  • Bronnt Industries Kapital have made a record Kim liked so much we had to hide it from her to stop here playing it.
  • The soundtrack to the second season of Utopia is in on CD only.
  • Heavy sludgy demented metallic punk rock from former Faith No More, The Melvins and Mr Bungle types Fantomas in big box.
  • Black Sites make tweaked, gurgling, caustic acid which makes our Ant grin.
  • There’s a new Amen Andrews 12” called ‘News of the World’.
  • Just scored our copies of the Puce Mary album which has already garnered Quietus praise. It's weird, sinister industrial music - tribal and captivating.
  • Loads of stuff in on Hozac including Timmy’s Organism, Games, Miss Destiny and a whole pile of their ace re-issue 7”s.

RE-ISSUES. They’ve been out before and now they are back out again.

  • Neo-Classical twinkler Sylvain Chauveau re-issues his 2001 album ‘Nocturne Impalpable’.
  • The Afghan Whigs release their “seminal” album ‘Gentlemen at 21’ with a kaleidoscope of bonus stuff.
  • Old Smoothie crooner Lewis get’s his second album, the trembling and tremulous ‘Romantic Times’ re-issued by Lights in the Attic.
  • Professional idiot and Paris Hilton school pal Ariel Pink picks his favourite R. Stevie Moore tracks
  • Khrist there’s more Kool Kinks Krap Kicking about.
  • Huerco S gets his legendary impossi-buy techno four tracker ‘untitled’ re-issued by Boomkat editions.
  • Aquatic techno legends Drexciya’s ‘Digital Tsunami’ 12” gets a much needed repress to accompany their ‘Harnessed The Storm’ re-issue.


We have one copy of the ridiculously deluxe Pixies ‘Minotaur’ box set in stock. This really is the real Deal (ha!) with all their golden era albums on a variety of formats plus unseen Vaughan Oliver artwork, books, DVDs etc. Expensive but you’ll Love(ering) it forever.


We have a pile of tapes in on Baro Records. Now these were the people who brought you the cassette pressing of our Album of the Year Bracken’s ‘Exist/Resist’ so they obviously have good taste. We have cassettes in by Odd Nosdam (cLOUDDEAD), Andrew Broder (Fog) and ambient drifters Br’er.

Finally, we’d like to thank each and every one of you for your custom this year and wish you all a fun packed Christmas, New Year and the bit between Christmas and New Year.

Merry Christmas!
Santa Clint and his merry elves

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

The Humble Bee & Players


9/10 from Clinton

Former Hood and Remote Viewer man Craig Tattersall is a one man cottage industry what with the painfully limited edition releases on his Cotton Goods imprint and as his releas...read on »

Viet Cong


9/10 from Robin

We owe Chad VanGaalen our lives, our legs and a lot of money. The Calgary producer and gruesome fairytale songwriter is responsible for mastering Women’s snowstorm maste...read on »


Digital Tsunami

9/10 from Ant

To accompany the reissue of Drexciya’s classic 2002 album ‘Harnessed The Storm’, German techno institution Tresor have also repressed the ‘Digital Tsun...read on »

The Dentists

Strawberries Are Growing In My Garden (And It's Wintertime)

8/10 from Clinton

The Dentists are one of those completely out of time bands who existed in the ‘80’s but made music like it was the ‘60’s. Unlike my other favourites fr...read on »

Parquet Courts

Content Nausea

8/10 from Robin

Indie rock has never stopped looking towards the dusty, gnarly South. Silver Jews have checked in, Deerhunter have made cow-punk, and as the genre waxed and waned and entered ...read on »

Sylvain Chauveau

Nocturne Impalpable

8/10 from Clinton

It’s all getting a little fraught out here in Record Shop land. We’ve had a Secret Santa in the middle of what is pretty much the busiest day since records began (...read on »

Black Sites

Unit 2669

8/10 from Ant

Golden Pudel residents Helena Hauff and F#X return to PAN with a couple of epic grotty tracks. First up ‘Unit 2669’ get simmering with degraded metallic chimes, co...read on »

Puce Mary


8/10 from Ant

This record may be old news to some of you but we only just scored our copies and I feel it’s worth bringing to the attention of any industrial fiends that may not of he...read on »

White Void

We’re Falling

8/10 from Robin

The goth crew at Posh Isolation have described 'We’re Falling’ as “young and unbalanced, heart-throbbing rock music”, and they’re fucking right: ...read on »

Bronnt Industries Kapital


8/10 from Clinton

How many times can you listen to a record before you get put off it forever? I’ve just listened to a track off the new Viet Cong album 6 times in a row. Better stop. Th...read on »

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