Weekly Update Cowbell, Powell, Blurt, Lost Twin, Ormonde, and more...

Its Chriiiiiiiiiiiiistmas!!! Actually no it bloody well isn’t - its ages away. Weeks! Anything could happen in a few weeks. So this week we are concentrating on things you actually can buy now. You never know - Christmas might not happen….we may forget. Stranger things have occurred.

Did you catch our SALE? It would have saved you pence on all the latest releases. Anyway it's all over now. Gone. And did you get the Bracken LP? That’s gone too. All 400 sold out. Thanks for your amazing custom - if you did miss out please add it to your wishlist and we *might* re-press. Also this week we published our Staff Top 10s, so look for your favourite and shake your head sadly.

Onto this week's stuff and we are certainly gearing up for Christmas as the biggest things are re-issue/box set type things. More of them later but first up some new things….

  • The oddly monikered FF are straight out of Seattle and straight out of 1989 with their Sonic Youth meets MBV guitar manglings.
  • Also oddly monikered are Mega Bog whose album ‘Gone Banana’ (I’m not making this up) is a delightfully warped affair (says Robin).
  • Range of Light Wilderness make inventive folky lo-fi.
  • Rhodri Davies plucks at a harp indefinitely.
  • The Knife re-work some of their ‘Shaking the Habitual’ tracks. “Why?” asks Brian.
  • Leeds droney psychesters 3reece (thats Threece to you and me) get weird on spooky new album.
  • Lost Twin make dreamy, hallucinatory instrumental hip hop.
  • Nasally legends Smashing Pumpkins release a new one. Cheers.
  • Mr Christmas himself Yellow 6 releases lovely new album of guitar ambience for crimbo.
  • Maurizio Abate creates hypnotic ambience out of guitar strangulations.
  • Ex-Trespassers William folk Ormonde make beautiful, twinkling slow-core on Gizeh.
  • David Shrigley writes sweary words over Malcolm Middleton’s beautiful compositions on their ‘Music and Words’ collaboration.
  • Johann Johannsson & BJ Nilsen create an eerie and mesmerising soundtrack for ‘I Am Here’


  • Ben Frost issues a remix 12” ‘V A R I A N T’ with Regis, Evian Christ, Kangding Ray and Dutch E Germ mixes. Our Brian reckons its E X C E L L E N T.
  • More remix action from motorik electronic oddball Powell; or you can round up his recent groundbreaking 12”s on a catch-all 2CD both on Diagonal.
  • Also on Diagonal is a 12” from Prostitutes: squiggly acid, chopped electro and cuddly bottom end says Ant.
  • More tardy spookiness from Luke Vibert’s ‘Halloween’ series, this time with mixes from Tom Demac and Falty DL.
  • Frozen wasteland techno from Thomas Koner.
  • Harbinger Sound get back to basics with an album of abstract electronics from Phil Julian.
  • Techno legend Terrance Dixon bows out with a superb Population One album, 20 years after the debut.
  • Gunnar Haslam’s ‘Mirrors and Copulation’ marries rhythmic techno and ambient synth on L.I.E.S
  • Theo Parrish’s long awaited new one is just in at time of writing.
  • Two gorgeous cv313 12”s have just arrived on echospace. Dub techno of the highest order.
  • A massive 33 track 3CD compilation of Robert Hood’s influential techno has just landed.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year……

  • Those gruesome folk at Death Waltz have issued two Santa/slasher soundtracks for the season when its acceptable to be jolly. Firstly ‘Silent Night’ Deadly Night’ and secondly ‘Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out).
  • If Jaga Jazzist are 20 years old how old am I? That makes me about 150. They celebrate by issuing a vinyl box set featuring a special reissue of the landmark album ‘A Livingroom Hush’.
  • Nick's old mum Molly Drake releases a delightful album of her delicate songsmithery.
  • Public Enemy's ‘Fear of a Black Planet’ classic has been re-issued.
  • Where is Mike when you need him? His favourite band Motorpsycho get their third album ‘Demon Box’ reissued on 2LP/4CD+DVD
  • Post rockers 65 Days of Static’s ‘The Destruction of Small Ideas’ gets another vinyl re-issue
  • Pixies ‘Doolittle 25’ treat is in on vinyl. Even the demos are better than pretty much anything anyone has done since.
  • Spiritual synth music from new age protegee Ariel Kalma who gets top marks from Brian.


In a special feature in the run-up to Christmas we will be highlighting some of the box sets that have been arriving in time to be squeezed into a stocking...


Loads of baby records out this week including ones by Cowbell, Blurt, Black Lips (x2), Cornershop, Reigning Sound, Communions, Eels, Songhoy Blues, Dracula Legs and Christmassy things from Hannah Peel and Nancy Wallace.

Finally, some of last week's records fell under the radar with the double whammy of our sale and our End of Year list. Records by The Advisory Circle , September Girls, Tyrannosaurus Dead, Seamajesty, Insecto, Mogwai and the ‘Hannibal Soundtrack’ are certainly worth a re-look. And, of course, the beautiful Gravenhurst re-issues take on an extra significance following the sad and untimely passing of Nick Talbot. But you bought them anyway didn’t you?

That’s it for this week and please do take care out there.

Clint and the team

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Ariel Kalma

An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972 - 1979)

10/10 from Brian

As spiritually enriching as his unusual name suggests, this is a very beautiful anthology of tracks from the proto-new-age legend that is Ariel Kalma. RVNG seem to be doing on »

Gunnar Haslam

Mirrors and Copulation

9/10 from Laurie

Judging by the title, you can only assume that Mirrors and Copulation is a concept album about inappropriately timed vanity. The main character will sing songs with catchy on »

Maurizio Abate

A Way To Nowhere

9/10 from Laurie

According to Maurizio Abate, listening to ambient records will get you nowhere. But that’s exactly the place that he wants to take you - a remote space far removed from on »

Eric Copeland

Ms Pretzel

9/10 from Brian

As far as boundary-pushing musicians go, warped hardware abusing miscreants Black Dice always took the time and effort to leap that extra sonic hurdle. Just because they were on »


Fanatic EP

9/10 from Brian

This guy William T. Burnett seemingly featured in my life almost every day over the last week. On Sunday I DJ'd out with an ancient 12" by Grackle, then on Tuesday, Ian, on »


Cartographer / Explorer

9/10 from Robin

Anna-Lynne Williams has tread a narrow path. Like a host of folk artists before and after her, she has languished and toiled without as much as a hint of making a change. on »

Robert Hood

M-Print : 20 Years Of M-Plant Music

9/10 from Jim

This anniversary collection spanning twenty years of industry from a true visionary of contemporary music couldn’t be timelier. With the current resurgence in on »

Ben Frost


8/10 from Jim

Ben Frost’s ‘A U R O R A’ caused enough of a stir to land it on many an end of year ‘best of’ list. This companion remix EP enlists the talents on »

Silk Rhodes

Silk Rhodes

8/10 from Andy

The last time Stones Throw released an album of funky R & B they gave us Dam-Funk’s 'Toeachizown' so the bar has been set pretty high, the Baltimore duo Silk on »

The Range Of Light Wilderness

The Range Of Light Wilderness

8/10 from Robin

A photo of the Range of Light Wilderness at work shows them in sepia-toned lockdown, hauled up in a room where the curtains are closed, the guitars are out and the drums are on »

Mega Bog

Gone Banana

8/10 from Robin

If the seas of chillwave overflowed and the beach sands got a little muddy, I would blame Mega Bog. Champions of violent holidays and imperfect good times, they offer up & on »

Molly Drake

Molly Drake

8/10 from Clinton

Nick’s mum. There is a school of thought that would say that nobody but nobody would be interested in Molly Drake’s music if it wasn’t for the haunting on »

Jóhann Jóhannsson & BJ Nilsen

I Am Here

8/10 from Clinton

Abstract composers Johann Johannsson and BJ Nilsen combine for a pretty sweet slow moving soundtrack for the film ‘I Am Here’ starring Kim Basinger. Its typical on »

Don Christenson, Joel Harris and Julia Heywood

Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out)

8/10 from Laurie

Christmas - a time for peace, goodwill, and death. Nope, not the death of ancient Pagan tradition, the death of people. Not to worry though, you can probably sleep tight this on »


Song, By Toad Split 12” V3

8/10 from Hayley

Independent Edinburgh label Song, By Toad’s latest vinyl release is a split featuring various artists alongside West Yorkshire’s very own David Thomas Broughton. on »


Flashlight Seasons

8/10 from Clinton

It took me awhile but I finally fell in love with Gravenhurst’s first two albums. In the early 2000’s I have to admit  my reaction to them signing to Warp on »


merry6mas 2014

8/10 from Clinton

Its the most wonderful time of the year. And how do we know because I’ve not heard it mentioned anywhere? Because the Yellow 6 ‘Merry 6Mas’ CD is out that's on »

Terrence Dixon

Theater Of A Confused Mind

8/10 from Ant

‘Theater of a Confused Mind’ arrives twenty years after the debut Population One album ‘Unknown Black Shapes’ appeared on Utensil. Terrance Dixon on »

Beau Wanzer


8/10 from Ant

I've been hoovering up this guy’s releases since he emerged on the Russian Torrent Versions label in 2013. His stuff seems to stand out amongst the onslaught of techno on »

Andrew Liles

Wanton Wives, Monstrous Maidens and Wicked Witches

8/10 from Brian

As my record player is being a git (who'd have one eh, bring on the digital revolution!) I have to review this from my bloodcurdled memories of Wednesday evening last and the on »

Peter Zummo (featuring Arthur Russell)

Lateral Pass

8/10 from Robin

This particular piece of Arthur Russell-related nonsense comes from the desk of trombonist Peter Zummo, who explores the Battery Sound venue as if it were an avant-garde on »


Under Starlit Sky

8/10 from Clinton

Just arriving into stock as we are about to go home are two lovely 12”s of ambient techno goodness from cv313. To be honest I could have picked either of them and they& on »

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