Weekly Update Cult of Youth, Fucked Up, Alex G, Various, Adrian Crowley, and more...

Urgghh. November. Cold, rainy, dark. Bleak. But never mind, we’ll soon cheer you up with some fantastic things to keep your ears amused during the long nights.

First up, the long-awaited Hookworms album is out and in stock for you to buy. Our Reviewbot reckons it’s as good as, if not better, than ‘Pearl Mystic’ so check out our review here then proceed to ‘buy’ should you wish. Not heavy enough for ya? Then head straight towards the Mugstar/Cosmic Dead split LP on Evil Hoodoo or you could check out the latest offerings from ‘our’ Anton Newcombe with a new 10” EP from his Brian Jonestown Massacre.

There are two VERY exciting 7” records coming up early next week by Sleaford Mods and Spacemen 3 so keep your ears peeled on the site or follow us on Twitter for bang up-to-date news. Expect an email when it lands.

In staffing news, we wave a (hopefully temporary) goodbye to reviewing lord Mike who is taking his chances with a proper job in the real world though we hope he will still be submitting reviews from time to time. Big hello’s to freelancers Andrew and Hayley who will fill some of the rather large Mike shaped hole that exists as a result.

Other things out this week…..

  • Dream Police consist of the Men men and kindly bring us a dizzying blend of cop show rock, krautrock experiments and INXS homaging.
  • Nadja make a right old distorted racket on a harshly ambient new LP.
  • Check out Alex G’s one lad Pavement-isms on very strong debut full of slacker rock instant gems.
  • Ought sound a little like an excitable Slint fronted by David Byrne. Check out their latest 10” on Constellation.
  • 18+ are just filthy on their debut album of post-watershed slinky r&b.
  • Otley lad Michael Chapman releases a new album that showcases his various and varying folky styles including tough listen Thurston Moore collab. .
  • Our new lad reviewer Andrew enjoys the Odd Nosdam produced Serengeti.
  • Our new lassie reviewer Hayley takes a peek at the brooding post-punk of Cult of Youth.
  • Irish crooner Adrian Crowley comes on all Leonard Cohen on a poetic new album for Chemikal Underground.
  • I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness, as well as having the greatest name in rock, release a great new album of gothy post-punk which will appeal to fans of recent Interpol and Twilight Sad records.
  • Keiji Haino, Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O’Malley make a discordant mess of percussive power as Nazoranai.
  • There are albums out by big lads Foo Fighters, Basement Jaxx, Royskopp, Kasabian, Tim Wheeler, The Voyeurs and Antony and the Johnsons.

In the crazy world of ELECTRONICA……

  • There’s a debut album of jittery, stuttery textures from synthetic conjurer Tallesen.
  • Zonked out Namlock/Fax style bliss from Neel who you may know as 1/2 of Voices on the Lake.
  • Minimal, atmospheric bloopery from Recondite.
  • Lovely cloudy ambience from the masterful Marsen Jules.
  • Vladislav Delay wasn’t allowed into America so instead he sat down and made his first album of ambient music for 10 years.
  • Chet Faker comes up with some decent song-tronica, better than the irritating name suggests.
  • What is Jon Hopkins up to? Well…he’s made ‘Asleep Versions’, a re-working of some tracks from ‘Immunity’. Buy it as a separate thing or tacked onto a christmas-friendly version of ‘Immunity’.
  • We’re feeling old again. ‘Pop Ambient 2015’ is out. These compilations from Kompakt are always worth a listen.
  • Hyperdub have released ‘Next Life’ a compilation of the freshest footwork artists from Chicago. We’re down with it.

Plenty of good RE-ISSUE stock...

  • Firstly these Bedhead re-issues are worth a pick up for fans of mumbly slowcore. Get all the albums on one 5CD box set or as individual vinyl albums.
  • Check out Bay Area Retrograde (BART) Vol. 2 great compilation of great 70s/80s San Franciscan krautrock, synthpop and no-wave that Brian has gone apeshit about.
  • He’s also pretty enamoured by the Metronomes, an Australian synth outfit with some fascinating archive gear.
  • There’s a few vinyl re-issues from wibbly psych-sters Of Montreal.
  • Bis sound better in 2014 than they have any right to expect so why not re-visit their new wave charms with this compilation ahead of as string of re-issues.

Unusually there’s a slew of 7” records this week from the varied likes of Bonnie Prince Billy, two from Fecked Up - this one...or this one , Body/Head (aka Kim Gordon), jangly poppers Mantles, folkster Julie Byrne.

An' that is it. All over for another week. Loads more stuff that we might have not mentioned above is available on our website thing.

See you next week when we’ll be unveiling our heartfelt, guaranteed-to-make-you-weep Christmas advertising campaign.


Clint/everyone else

Best records this week

According to our review team at least...

Virginia Wing

Measures Of Joy

10/10 from Nathon

Wow, Brian isn't kidding. Not sure I'll be refunding anyone's postage if they disagree, but this is a very smart album. *makes mental note to include in forthcoming yearly on »


Bay Area Retrograde (BART) Vol. 2

10/10 from Brian

Second total bang-on treat for little Brian this week. I don't know why I love weird late 70's/early 80's music so much, possibly because I grew up listening to so much on »



9/10 from Jim

Louis Johnstone continues to fascinate and confound with this latest offering under his WANDA GROUP guise. Put to together as the soundtrack to 'Symirroretry' a on »


Once More With Feeling

9/10 from Robin

When Ought first appeared on Constellation this year, they looked like a rough fit: a conventional, workmanlike band uncomfortably sitting next to some of the greatest on »

Dream Police


9/10 from Robin

Known colloquially in the office as ‘The Album That Broke Nathon’s Brain’, Dream Police’s ‘Hypnotized’ is a dizzying blend of cop show on »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

+ - EP

9/10 from Nathon

And so the BJM's recent fine form continues. 'Revelation' is one of those albums that I've had to force myself to stop listening to for fear of ruining it by overplaying, on »

The Metronomes

Time Keeping (1979-1985)

9/10 from Brian

There's been a pretty comprehensive re-issue set of stuff by this cult Australian synth outfit a few years ago on the Italian Mannequin label but this neat new white vinyl on »

(Sandy) Alex G


9/10 from Brian

At least three of us here absolutely love this record to bits, It's become much like an old friend in the last couple of months since Lucky Number sent us the promo. It's a on »



9/10 from Ant

I just sent our man Phil an email: "Gonna try and remain vertical to do this Neel review. Have you heard it? Proper good Namlook/ Fax style ambient from 1/2 of Voices Of The on »

Kemper Norton


9/10 from Brian

I had the pleasure to briefly meet Dave from Kemper Norton a few months ago in Oxfordshire, a truly nice chap and also the only musician I've ever seen moved to tears by on »

Chet Faker

Built on Glass

8/10 from Laurie

Having gained notoriety on Youtube with some soulful covers of big electronic/hiphop tracks including Burial (sans gritty percussion), Aussie songsmith Nick Murphy drops his on »

Kim Deal

Biker Gone / Beautiful Moon

8/10 from Clinton

Although she’s quite possibly completely insane, these Kim Deal 7”s are always worth picking up though you sorta know they’ll all be collected on an album on »

Vladislav Delay


8/10 from Laurie

It turns out that that the exclusive gates of US immigration have had an unexpectedly positive effect on Finnish producer Sasu Ripatti. According to legend, a full two week on »


Bliss Torn From Emptiness

8/10 from Robin

‘Bliss Torn From Emptiness’ is tough as nails, the result of Aidan Baker and Leah Bucakreff’s harshest and noisiest composing. Compared with recent Baker on »

Edwyn Collins, Carwyn Ellis & Sebastian Lewsley

The Possibilities Are Endless

8/10 from Clinton

Weeping myself into a sodden mess just watching the trailer, the film 'The Possibilities are Endless' about Edwyn Collins recovery from a stroke is sure to be one of this on »

Marsen Jules

Marsen Jules At GRM

8/10 from Clinton

The press release uses the word ‘drown’ to describe how you may lose yourself in the two lengthy pieces Marsen Jules (in real life German composer Martin Juhls) on »

Adrian Crowley

Some Blue Morning

8/10 from Clinton

I can’t spend ALL morning looking for the missing Adrian Crowley promo but just as I was about to give up a CD appeared in my hand. Thank God. I was really starting to on »

Automat & Schneider TM


8/10 from Laurie

In a world where unique sound sources are steadily getting harder and harder to find, audio wizards Automat & Schneider (trademarked, so beware, name pirates) come up on »

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness


8/10 from Clinton

Rejoicing in one of the most wonderful names in todays rock canyon, post rockers I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness have veered away from their roots into a dark on »


Stills Lit Through

8/10 from Laurie

The next release in the Lopatin Chronicles clearly bears the stamp of the Software label boss, albeit beatier. New York-based synesthetic conjurer Cayman Johnson aka Tallesen on »


Kenny Dennis III

8/10 from Andy

I've not encountered Kenny Dennis before, Serengeti's scarred everyman who across this album relays the story of his band Perfecto. With partner in crime Ders they embark on on »

Happy Meals


8/10 from Brian

Happy Meals are a musical and romantic partnership from Glasgow who have casually stuck out this really enjoyable mini album on the consistently fine Night School. Not Night on »

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