Weekly Update These New Puritans, Thurston Moore, Fennesz, Dauwd, Chemotex, and more...

Good afternoon and welcome to this week's Norman Records update. It’s been all change at the towers this week, as we wave a sad goodbye to Li'l Biz but give a cheery hello to Robin and Laurie who are now with us on a more full time basis. A nicer couple of lads you couldn't wish to meet and unlike us wizened old sods they have youth firmly on their side. We made them listen to the entirety of the new Scott Walker and Sunn O))) record, which is this week's biggest -- if perhaps least palatable -- release. You can read Jim’s full-marks musings here. Other big things in this week include a new album from ex-Sonic Youth member and official tallest man on earth Thurston Moore, one from tobacco eatin' and whiskey sloshin' (and still gravel voiced!) Mark Lanegan, and a brand new mini LP from repeato-mavericks Sh*t and Shine. There’s also another repress (this time with an added poster, for all you lucky people) of Boards of Canada’s legendary ‘Hi Scores’ 12”.

Also in:

  • A very, very limited Caught in the Wake Forever/The Sly and Unseen split LP on Rural Colours.
  • An impressive, lengthy recording of These New Puritans live in concert.
  • Nice bontempi-pop from Ian Dury soundalike -- and son -- Baxter Dury.
  • Some smart ‘80s sophisti-pop from Lukas Cresswell.
  • Rejoice! There’s a fantastic new Half Man Half Biscuit album.
  • Tindersticks release the bleak soundtrack ‘Ypres’, which is sombre even by their standards.
  • Old funny hairs The Melvins return with what we think could be their best album yet.
  • Jane Weaver welds folk to kraut on her pulsating new album.
  • The Budos Band’s brand of psych influenced afro-soul is right up Reviewbot’s street.
  • Hushed electronica outfit Lamb drift back to us with their new album. Ewe know you want it.
  • And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead get themselves all cluttered up on their newest and ninth LP.
  • Woods-man Kevin Morby channels the ghost of the not dead Sir Bob of Dylan on his second full length.
  • Mirfield area sonic madcap Neil Campbell, going as Astral Social Club, releases a brilliant new LP of ecstatic electronic whirls, squeaks and bleeps.
  • Leeds Big Wow um… wow us, with an excellent debut on Northern indie/punk.
  • Repeato-rockers Cave kindly provide us with a mop up of their singles/splits, etc.
  • Who says the supergroup isn’t dead? Silver Servants are comprised of half the Second Language roster and serve up enticing improvised folk.
  • Welsh lady Cerys Matthews releases an album of Dylan Thomas’ poetry.
  • The Oren Ambarchi/Jim O'Rourke/Keiji Haino album is a surprisingly relaxing listen.
  • The Body and Sandworm are two rising sludge and black metal acts -- check their split LP. Trust me on this.
  • Cooly G gets sexy on Reviewbot’s ass.
  • Inspiral Carpets have a new one out -- their first in 20 years. What have they been doing?

In the world of the discotheque…

  • We have an exclusive on this new Dalglish 12”. Did we tell you about this last week? If not -- well, we’re telling you now.
  • Dauwd returns with a new 12” on Kompakt.
  • Manchester techno/noise-sters aNd scare and thrill Laurie, and bully him into proclaiming it a possible techno record of the year.
  • A Witch 12” is the first release on new label PT5, and what we have is an updated take on ‘90s style techno, augmented by remixes from Truss and Shifted.
  • Arcing Seas give us a sombre album of primal techno.
  • Lapalux gets his ‘Many Faces out of Focus’ 12” re-issued.
  • Cut Hands ‘Festival of the Dead’ is a great overview and insight into their vision of primal rhythm fused with contemporary electronics.
  • Some things just in at the last minute: acid-drenched techno from Dez Williams, as well as a nice bit of techno, house and assorted euro junk from 2562. There’s also some repeato-techno out on Trilogy Tapes from Chemotex.

A few RE-ISSUES to get you lookin’ back with lurve…

  • There are a whole pile of Nightmares on Wax 2LP re-issues to get you longing for those mid ‘90s smoky afternoons.
  • Fennesz classic ‘Venice’ album has been given the 2LP-with-bonus-stuff treatment.
  • The next installment of Slumberland’s Aislers Set re-issue campaign is in, and has been placed on shelf.
  • Someone has kindly put out They Might Be Giants ‘Flood’ album out on vinyl, to the satisfaction of sad old nerds like me.
  • Meanwhile, the re-issue of Jawbreaker’s ‘24 Hour Revenge Therapy’ takes Ian back to his angst-ridden youth.
  • There’s a third installment of the re-issue campaign for the spacey and elegant George Edwards Group.
  • Who wants the theme music to Doctor Who from 1989? Loads of you? Ok, here it is.

Finally, there are a few good 7”s in this week which, makes a refreshing change. Check out the Broadcast-in-a-blender Storms or the British Tame Impala-isms of Purple Heart Parade. Or try the grungy types Dilly Dally, a re-issue of a lost jazz classic ‘La Maison Fille’ by Francois Tusques & Don Cherry, and Ukrainian loop-mongers Waltz.

And that’s almost it from us. Check out our special feature on one of our favourite bands Warm Widow. We really aren’t kidding, you know -- they’ll change your life.

Right then, I’m off on holiday for a week. God knows who will be doing this next week -- it could be anyone but I’ll leave it in their no doubt capable hands.

Clint and the all-new gaggle of bodies.

Featured albums

Dez Williams
Purple Heart Parade
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Arcing Seas
Lukas Creswell-Rost
Caught In The Wake Forever / The Sly and Unseen
They Might Be Giants
The Body / Sandworm
Jane Weaver
The George-Edwards Group
Francois Tusques & Don Cherry
Dilly Dally
Cerys Matthews
Cooly G
Half Man Half Biscuit
Mark Ayres
Thurston Moore
The Budos Band
Astral Social Club
Kevin Morby
Cut Hands
Inspiral Carpets
These New Puritans
Mark Lanegan
Scott Walker & Sunn O)))
Big Wow
Silver Servants
Baxter Dury
Witch (techno)
Keiji Haino / Jim O'Rourke / Oren Ambarchi
No image available
The Aislers Set
Boards of Canada