Weekly Update WOO, Bonnie Prince Billy, Chuch, Weedeater, White Manna, and more...

After last weeks release-a-thon, it’s been almost a relief to have a slightly quieter week. Except it’s not actually been that quiet at all. The new releases never stop coming in, the pipe continually spewing forth wonderful records to keep your ears feeling very pleased with themselves.

This week’s big event was the arrival of The Heads box set. You really need to see this thing, it has literally everything you could wish for if you are a fan of their legendary heavy, fuzzy psych. Or if you are skint, we have an affordable double LP or CD. It’s also worth noting before we get going that Sleaford Mods ‘Loan Shark’ 7” is back in in limited numbers.

What else? Well...loads. here goes:-

  • There’s a new Bonnie Prince Billy album out, kids. We got a surprise bonus version with an extra LP, but there are only 3 left in stock so, be very nimble with those fingers.
  • “An exceptional record from start to finish” says Ian on the latest from Swedish post rock/electronic dreamers Tape.
  • Sprawling, Eno-esque, grainy ambience from the matchless Matchess.
  • Veteran Scottish pop duo The Vaselines have a catchy new album on the shelves.
  • Swim Mountain have one stunning song, and a few other good ones in a Tame Impala style on their new 12”.
  • Legendary psych-gaze innovator Nick Nicely has a wonderfully unhinged new album for you to get obsessed with.
  • Veteran folkie Mark Fry is back with a new album on Second Language.
  • White Manna unleash an incendiary live album of repeato-psych on Cardinal Fuzz.
  • Retro-gazers The History of Apple Pie move things forward on smart new album.
  • King Tuff are like Ty Segall’s goofy, glam-obsessed little brother. Check out their ‘Black Moon Spell’ album on Sub Pop.
  • Crunching slowed down distorto-riffs come from Electric Wizard, who tell us it’s ‘Time to Die’.
  • Estrogen Highs do the much in vogue New Zealand scratchy pop thing.
  • Busy man Max Richter unleashes another record, this time a 12” of his pretty orchestral gear remixed.
  • More delicate folk pop from pixie-like chanteuse Olof Arnalds.
  • Just as we go to press, a lovely new Woo album has appeared in stock. On past form, sure to be good.

Lots of ELECTRONICA/left-field stuff including.....

  • A rewarding album of abstract electronica from Lee Gamble.
  • One half of Postal Service Jimmy Tamborello aka DNTEL returns with a new disc of skittering electronic goodness.
  • Another decent 12” release from Caribou with his catchy brand of electro fun (with Daphni aka.. um.. Caribou).
  • We have the Function/Vatican Shadow collaborative album of marvellous twilight techno in at last.....
  • Spaces make some fresh future electronics on a debut 12”.
  • Stewart Walker’s ‘Ivory Tower Broadcast is full of dark unclassifiable electronics.
  • Techno fiends rejoice: SHXCXCHCXSH have a new 12” out.
  • Check out these amazing Deepchord re-issues including the Intrusion alter ego. The finest in atmospheric dubby techno.
  • Daedelus returns with a surprising downbeat album of Bibio-like dreaminess.
  • Red Snapper are back with ok new album.
  • Chuch release a lovely tape of textural tumult on Cataclyst. Just 30 copies

Loads of RE-ISSUE type things knocking about. There’s a Nirvana live album recorded in Buenos Aires, if that’s the sort of thing you’re after, or there’s a new pressing of Ennio Morricone’s ‘The Link’ soundtrack. There’s also some raunchy looking soundtracks from Nico Fidenco, a new re-issue of Big Star’s classic ‘Radio City’ and of Pulp’s ‘Different Class’. There’s a neat comp of singles and ephemera on vinyl from NZ abstract post punker’s The Terminals and Arnocorps modestly titled ‘The Greatest Band of All Time’ gets a vinyl re-issue. Pre-punkers The Stroke Band made ramshackle psych weirdness possibly before you were born, and Weedeater’s stoner rock debut gets a vinyl re-issue at last. Causa Sui’s ‘Pewt’r Sessions 1 and 2’ get compiled onto one CD or 2LP’s, and finally, there’s a new Soul Jazz compilation out, this time presenting the Gwo Ka music of Guadeloupe.

That’s it for us for the week. Over and out.

Clinton and the merry bunch

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